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Friday, February 29, 2008
James has been so into books lately. He doesn't have the attention span yet to let you actually read the books to him but he loves looking through them, turning the pages and babbling ("reading") them himself. He will bring you book after book, sit in your lap, and read.

I think James is going to be a dog person. He just loves Dagur. He's always going over to lay on the dog, cuddle with the dog, pet the dog and just generally love on the dog. It's pretty cute to watch. James also always points out the dogs in his books and says "Duh". He doesn't have the 'g' yet but he's got the beginning of the word.

James has started spinning! Kris or I will turn on music and if James likes it, he'll stand in the middle of the room and spin in a circle. His dancing used to be him holding on to a table or something and then he would bounce up and down. Now, he spins. So cute!

Annika is pretty much healed up from her tonsillectomy. She goes in on Tuesday for a follow-up. Now she's milking it. "Oh, my throat hurts. I think I need some ice cream. That will make it feel better." Yeah, she can be a little scam artist.

Annika is still really enjoying her dance class. It's basically just ballet with a little tumbling thrown in. She's really picking up the moves too. She still bends her knees when they should be straight or doesn't have her arms in the correct positions but whatever, she's 3, she absolutely loves going and she's adorable in her leotard, skirt, tights and ballet slippers. She even brought her ballet slippers to school today for show and tell. Her dance class has a little in-studio recital at the end of this session. I can't wait!

I signed Annika up for swimming lessons! They start March 31st and run for seven weeks. This will be her first class where she's in the pool all by herself. Yikes!

Monday night Krystle and Pierce came over to babysit for a bit. I told Annika they were coming and she told me in response "Mommy, you go away for a big time. Auntie Krystle and Uncle Pierce stay here for a long time." Gee, thanks Annika. :)

The time has come. Annika has turned the corner. She always wants me to sing all the time - sing her lullabies at bedtime, sing with her CD in the truck, sing with the radio at home, etc. Today Kris and the kids were listening to the radio when a new song came on. Annika turned to Kris and said "Mommy doesn't sing this song so good." The girl is just now noticing that I am a terrible singer. Ah well. She would have realized it some day. We'll have to see when she asks me to stop singing for the first time. :)

Posted by Kristina at 2/29/2008 09:16:00 PM

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Thursday, February 21, 2008
Tuesday Annika just about broke my heart. Kris was upstairs changing James' clothes and Annika and I were sitting on the couch reading a book. Annika stopped me from reading and asked me where Dagur was. I told her he was sitting right there on the floor and pointed to him. Oh, she said and then a minute later said "No, I mean our white dog. Where did our white dog go?" Oh. My. God. Mara's been gone for almost a year now (so fast it has gone!) and Annika still remembers her. I told her that our white dog got really, really sick and died (um, was that the wrong thing to tell her?) She asked why the doctor didn't help her and I said the doctor tried but she was just too sick that even the doctor couldn't help her. (um, was that the right thing to say?) Then I asked her if she remembered the white dog's name and she whispered very quietly "Mara." You all know I'm a baby right? Yeah, that had me in tears. We hugged and then started reading again. Heart. Broken.

James did the cutest thing tonight - he blew his food as if it was hot! Often you'll find us blowing our hot food before giving it to James and apparently he's picked up on that. Kris said that today at lunch he put some vegetables on James' high chair tray and before he would eat James had to blow his whole tray. Too, too cute.

Posted by Kristina at 2/21/2008 08:42:00 PM

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Did you notice? I put up new pictures on Sunday.

Annika continues to recover from her tonsillectomy. She's still on pain medication nearly round the clock. If we go too long without giving her something she gets very sore and sad. And she's not eating and drinking very much either. We're making sure she's eating and drinking enough to not get dehydrated but even that much is a struggle sometimes. Poor girl. It was encouraging tonight when she asked for seconds at dinner! And she felt well enough to attend dance class tonight. Auntie Krystle came with us even. After dance class I don't even think we were out of the parking lot yet when Annika was asking to go back for another class. I'm glad she is enjoying it so much.

James just could not get any cuter. After a long, hard weekend with him (he's working on two molars and they made him miserable this weekend) he is back to being his adorable charming self. While Annika was dancing tonight James was charming the ladies. He has this adorable side grin he gives you sometimes. He was also testing out walking up and down an incline on a ramp at dance class. He would walk up it, lose his balance and fall down. Then he would walk down it, get too much momentum, lose his balance and fall down. Little by little though he would make it farther up until he was all the way at the end of the hall. Then he would stop, turn around and grin at me before putting his head down and barreling back down the ramp to Krystle and I. At least it kept him entertained for a nice portion of dance class and he wasn't really in anyone's way there either.

Posted by Kristina at 2/19/2008 08:59:00 PM

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Thursday, February 14, 2008
All is well. Annika's tonsillectomy went about as well as it could have today. We were late in getting the procedure started due to others being late getting there because of the nuisance snow. And when it was time to go back and get the anesthesia started I got a little choked up. I'm such a big baby, I know. But it went so well. Annika sat on my lap with her back to me and her head resting on my shoulder. Kris sat next to us. The anesthesiologist and her assistant were out of this world. They talked in calm tones and told Annika exactly what was happening at all times. The assistant even blew bubbles for Annika as she was breathing through the mask. Annika slowly fell into a deep sleep and I was able to stand up and put her gently down on the bed. I kissed her good-bye, as did Kris, and we walked out. I cried for a second before pulling myself together (told you I was a baby) and we headed to the waiting room. The surgery went really fast and before I knew it the doctor was out telling us that everything went as expected and that she was in recovery. We had to wait until she woke up before we could go see her. That didn't take that long either and they brought us back to the private recovery rooms. Annika woke up really fast from the anesthesia so they gave her some morphine, expecting her to be in some pain. She then woke up really fast from that first dose so they gave her some more. That second dose knocked her out and she slept for about an hour and a half in my arms in the recovery room. When she did rouse though she was absolutely perfect. She ate two popsicles, drank some apple juice, took some medicine and watched a movie. Once she showed them she was stable and keeping food/liquids down we were released. She's spent the afternoon on the couch watching more movies and resting. She's been such an angel about taking her medicine, even the kind that doesn't taste very good. And she's eating and drinking a lot - a very good sign. We have to make sure she keeps doing that. It's almost bed time for her now so another dose of medicine and some water and off she goes. I'll be up at least once overnight to give her more pain medication. I don't want that wearing off at all for at least another 24 hours.

I want to publicly thank my mom for being incredibly awesome today. She came over really early, reassured me James was doing great at home each time I called, cuddled and loved on Annika when we got home and just generally made my day less stressful. Thank you mom. I think James thanked her too. When Gramme put her coat on to leave he crawled down off my lap, walked over to her, put his arms up and gave Gramme a hug and kiss good-bye then got down and came back to me again. And Annika loved it too. Gramme brought a Valentine's bear and some sticker books for Annika this morning and Annika, my sweet but incredibly shy Annika, told the nurses at the hospital that she had new sticker books. And when we got home she wanted Gramme to sit down and cuddle and watch a movie with her. Gramme couldn't stay that long but she stayed long enough to cuddle and give Annika the love she wanted.

The day could not have gone better. Now I'm off to take care of my baby girl some more..

Posted by Kristina at 2/14/2008 07:04:00 PM

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Last Wednesday was James' 12 month check up. My boy is 24.1 pounds (74%), 31.3 inches (93%) and has a 18.1 cm head (43%). The pediatrician declared him fit and healthy in every way and ahead of the development curve too. According to the worksheet, James is acting like a 15 month old. Go James! The pediatrician poked around in his mouth and confirmed that two molars are making their way in. One in the upper left of his mouth and the other in the lower right. Boy might be lopsided for a little bit. Poor boy received 4 shots that day. He even still has a bruise on his arm from one of them! He was such a brave boy though. He didn't cry or even wince during the first two. It wasn't until the third that he wimpered and the fourth that he cried. He calmed down a minute or two after it was all done and he was dressed again.

And then a day later I came down with a stomach virus and stayed home from work on Friday. Then Saturday night James woke up with it. Poor baby had thrown up in his crib and had it all over his pajamas, blankets and head. I took him and quickly bathed him and got him redressed while Kris stripped the crib and remade it. Then we took turns holding James and rocking him. He threw up a bunch more times that night too. Eventually I brought him to bed with me and by 1am he was done throwing up, was a complete wiggle worm and won a trip back to his own bed. Sunday he was still feeling a little down and was a complete snugglebug all day long. I loved the snuggliness of course but still wanted him to feel better.

Monday morning at 3:30am was Annika's turn to get sick. At least by this point we knew it was a short-lived (12 hour or so) stomach virus. Annika came running down the hall saying she had ickies in her mouth. She then spent the rest of the morning in our bed - it was at least easier to get to the bathroom that way. She spent a pretty lazy day resting to regain her strength.

Monday night the kids and I toured the outpatient facility Annika's tonsillectomy will be performed at tomorrow. I'm really glad we went. Annika was able to see, touch and practice with the "magic mask" that they use to give little kids anesthesia. She was also able to see all the rooms and I was able to ask questions. It made me a little less uneasy about tomorrow.

Tuesday night was Annika's second dance class. You can certainly tell that she is the youngest and least experienced of all the girls in the class. She doesn't care though. She loves it! She even asked me that night if she could go back to class the next day. I assured her we would go back but that we would only go once a week. She was okay with that as long as she got to go back.

Tonight James was pretty clingy with me and seemed under the weather again. It took his temperature and it was at least 102 - that was as high as it got before James wouldn't let me take it anymore. A dose of motrin and he was his normal self again. I wonder if those molars are bothering him or if he is having some additional tummy troubles. He's slept pretty well so far tonight. I hope that continues! I don't want to have two miserable babies to take care of tomorrow.

Tonight at bedtime Annika and I read her book about tonsillectomies. I really tried to impress on her that she was going to go through the same things Juliana in the book goes through. She was listening very intently and said "Oh" each time I would reiterate something to her. I'm hoping this helps her tomorrow. There is one page of the book where Juliana has the "magic mask" on her nose and mouth. Annika pointed to the picture and said "That's not cool." I wasn't sure I heard her correctly so I asked her to repeat herself. Sure enough Apparently "that's not cool."

Keep Annika in your thoughts tomorrow morning. I'm hoping the procedure goes smoothly and that there are no complications. I'm trying not to worry excessively. I don't do that so well though.

Posted by Kristina at 2/13/2008 09:40:00 PM

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008
Happy 1st birthday James! (Or Baby James or Buddy as Annika calls him) I took today off work to spend with James and Annika. And we had such a great day! We woke up, sang Happy Birthday to James and played for a while (balls, cars, books) until James' nap time. After nap it was lunch and then Annika and I ran to the store for birthday cupcakes while James stayed home with Daddy. Then Daddy left to go to work and the kids played for a little while and I put laundry away. Then it was bathtime for the kids (they LOVE bath time!). After bath James went down for another nap and Annika and I relaxed. Before I knew it, it was dinner time and time to get ready for dance class!

James showed us some new tricks today. This morning while we were still in bed we brought James in with us. He would then stand up on the bed and fall down on his butt and bounce and laugh and giggle. He thought he was hilarious. He's seen Annika do the butt bounce on her bed too many times I think. And he stacked four blocks this afternoon while playing with Daddy. That's pretty good hand/eye coordination there young man! And he's making more and more consonant sounds and babbling all day long. I'm so excited for him to put more sounds together and say more words. Mama and uh-oh are all he says so far.

Tonight was Annika's 1st dance class. She was so cute in her little black leotoard, pink skirt, pink tights, pink ballet slippers and ponytail. We were rushed so I didn't get a picture. I'll make sure to take one next week. Kris met us at the dance studio so we could both see her first class. (BTW, how cute is it when your husband leaves for work extra early because he "doesn't want to miss any of her first class?") And the class was so cute! There are three dance studios and two of them have one way mirrors so the parents can see into the class but the class can't see back out. Annika did pretty darn well for her first time. All the other girls were in the fall session (you have to be 3 1/2 to start so she's not only the only rookie but also the youngest) so they all knew what to do and how the system worked. Annika was always a step or two behind but she caught on pretty quickly. And she told me three or four times after we got home how much she liked her dance class and that she wanted to go back. She also told me that she talked to her teachers. This is big for Annika because she's usually really shy around new people and won't talk to them. She must have really liked it! Yay!

Saturday James and I went to Sadie's and had 1 year pictures taken! They turned out so cute! And James was in such a good mood that we got 5 different poses/set-ups! I ended up purchasing pictures from 4 out of the 5. I don't see them online at Sadie's so I sent an e-mail asking that they be posted. If you check out their website in the next few days I expect they'll be there.

Saturday night Mike and Sarah came over to visit. We haven't seen them since their wedding in October! They are so cute together and we had fun hosting them for dinner and some Wii playing. I hope we get to see them again soon.

Sunday morning I went with Krystle and Gramme to the Ann Taylor bridal event. Did you know Ann Taylor has bridesmaid dresses? A whole line of them including shoes, jewelry, and flower girl dresses? Me neither! But they do and the dresses are fabulous and I think Krystle likes them too.

Sunday afternoon was the big first birthday party! I think it went pretty well. We were complimented on our food (I've heard from several people that they like coming to our house for parties because we always have good food - I hope that's true! And I hope people like coming over because Kris and I really like entertaining!). And James was the star of the afternoon. He did really well opening up his presents. His sister (the one who hates to share or take turns) had a big tantrum during gift opening. She wanted to play with one of his brand new toys that he had just been given after it was taken out of the box and she tried to take it away from him. I told her she had to wait her turn and she pitched a big one. Good thing Daddy was filming Jamesy opening his gifts at the time so we could get that on tape! Ha! I hated having to discipline her in front of everybody like that though. She just needs to learn to share and take turns though! Anyway, James mashed his piece of cake up good too, putting on a good show. I purposely gave him a slice with blue and red frosting on it so he would get nice and messy. And boy was James spoiled for his birthday! He received so many cool new toys (trucks, tractors, trains, books, sand toys from Nika with a sandbox to come this spring from Mommy and Daddy and more!) and lots and lots of spring and summer clothing. There is no need to go shopping for that boy until fall. His wardrobe is now bigger than mine I think! After gifts people started saying their good-byes. Nana and Papa stayed to watch the Super Bowl with us though. That was a nice treat! And James and Annika loved it too.

Posted by Kristina at 2/05/2008 08:38:00 PM

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