Birth – 1:25pm Update

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Here we are – at the hospital for baby#3′s birth.

We arrived at 7am and got checked in to our room.  By 8:15am they had started my IV antibiotics (for Group B strep) and the pitocin at a 2 level.  Kris and I wasted time watching TV, reading a book (him) and reading magazines.

At 10:15am, after all the antibiotics had been in a for a while, Midwife Dawn broke my water.  I was 4cm dilated, 80% efffaced and the baby is at 0 to +1 station.  All systems go.  Oh, and they also upped the pitocin to a 4.

At 11am, the nurse took a blood pressure reading, made sure I was OK and upped the pitocin to a 6.  Hopefully this is as far as we need to go.  I’m having contractions that, um, hurt and have to breathe through them.  I’m trying to relax and picture calm waves at the ocean through them…just a minute, here comes another one…OK, back.  That one wasn’t quite as bad as the previous one.

So far we’ve walked the halls, I’ve paced my room, I’ve sat and rocked on the birthing ball and now I’m rocking in the rocking chair.  Kris is going to turn off the TV now (man, daytime TV sucks) and we’re going to put on some music.  Counting Crows…just a minute…is up first with their CD “August and Everything After.”  All sing along with me “Mr. Jones…”

OK, I’ll try and update this post with more as it happens.  Or, my next post will be an announcement!

1:25pm Update

At noon I asked and immediately received an epidural.  Because, you know, contractions hurt.  I know – newsflash, huh?

At 1pm Dawn checked me and found me 9cm and 100% effaced!  Yay me!  There’s still some on the right side in the way so I’m currently laying on that side to move it out.  Also, the baby is at +2 station.  We’re almost there!

A Date

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I have a date with pitocin at 7AM tomorrow morning!  This baby is officially being evicted!  Tonight I’ll pack the last of the hospital bag (camera, cell phone charger, etc.), give the kids an extra big hug and kiss good-night and probably cry a little bit.  Our family of four will be forever changed tomorrow into a family of five.  While I’m excited and happy, I’m also scared and nervous all at the same time.  I know Annika and James will LOVE this baby but at the same time it’s a huge change for them, for all of us, and I’m a bit nervous about that.

My midwife this morning didn’t hesitate a bit in scheduling an induction for tomorrow morning.  She’s worried about this baby getting any bigger and with gestational diabetes (and the increased head and shoulder size that comes with it) and a history of large babies, she’s more than happy to induce this little guy.  All other 40week doctor appointment stuff went well (blood pressure, weight, dilated to 3cm, etc.).  Here we go!

No Baby Yet

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No baby yet.  Getting a little crabby about that!  So, let’s talk about why I think 4/24/10 would be a great day to have a baby.  First, to appease my OCD side, 4/24/10 is an even numbered day.  What, you think I’m kidding?  Nope.  Even numbers or multiples of 5 appeal to my numerical, engineering, OCD side.  So, 4/24/10 – perfect.  Then, let’s get even a bit deeper into that OCD-ness and you will notice that 4+2+4=10!  4/24/10!  Even more perfect!  Other less, uh, nerdy reasons to have this baby tomorrow – I could go into labor tonight and not have to worry about Kris missing any work.  He doesn’t work on Fridays and we’d be home from the hospital on Monday.  He only has one student all next week so he could go in each night (M-Th) and it would be for less than two hours with driving.  I can probably handle that little bit of on-my-0wn time each day with the three kids.  Plus, I’m sure I could wrangle some loving family and friends to come help during those hours if necessary (think bed time).  OK, another reason to have the baby tomorrow – no Machine game this weekend.  It’s a bye week for them and we don’t have any plans this weekend.  No conflicts there!  Another reason – Sunday people could visit at the hospital since they’ll mostly be off work and I’ll have had a chance to take a deep breath after the birth and maybe not feel so overwhelmed (with being tired from the birth, with those first few breastfeeding tries, maybe even get a shower in, etc.).  Another excellent reason – Krystle, the most awesome sister ever, would only have to stay home from work one day (Monday) to help with the kids since that’s the day we’d most likely be coming home from the hospital.  And she could work from home (our home) if she wanted too.  We could get her set up with our wireless internet and her work laptop.  I like not having to make her take any days off work.   And last, I don’t know anyone with a 4/24/10 birthday.  In Kris’s family there are a few cousins with the same birthday, same as in my family.  There are a lot of April birthdays on both sides of the family and with other people I know but none of them are 4/24.  Let’s give this baby a unique day!  (Not that this really matters which is why it’s the last thing I mention.)

OK, so what am I doing to try and get this started?  Well, yesterday I walked about 1.5 miles throughout the day.  And today I’ve already taken a 1/4 mile walk (there’s a big loop in the basement of my work building that equals about 1/4 mile) and I plan on doing that a few more times today.  If it’s decent out tonight, I plan on another walk tonight with the kids like I did last night.  And I’ve broken out the raspberry tea today.  I’m not sure what this will do to my blood sugars, but I’m going to drink as much of that today as I can stand and see if that old wives tale will help me out a bit.  C’mon baby – get out already!


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Just as I suspected, my irregular but frequent contractions have completely fizzled.  I’m still having some but they are farther apart.  They’re still more intense than the contractions I’ve been having in the last couple months but my hopes have been dashed that the membrane stripping yesterday is going to result in labor.  Boo!

Keep thinking “go-into-labor” thoughts for me.  I am ready for this baby to be on the outside!

39 Weeks

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I’m 39 weeks today.  I had a doctor appointment this morning.  I’ll tell you all about that in a second.  First I have Annika news – she has another loose tooth!  This time it’s her other bottom middle tooth.  Her adult tooth is coming in very quickly right next to it so maybe that helped loosen the second one.  At this time it’s just a bit wiggly so we’ll have to see how long it takes to fall out.

OK, and now on the doctor appointment news.  Stop reading now if you don’t want to know all the gory details!  You’ve been warned!  OK, weight up one pound, blood pressure excellent at 112/62.  Non-stress test went quickly and well.  Internal exam revealed the baby is at 0 or +1 station meaning he is way, way down low.  I’m between 2-3 centimeters dilated and the midwife (this time Dawn, last week Jennifer) swept my membranes really, really well. Around and around 5 or 6 times she went.  She also said my cervix “melted” when she was in there doing her thing.  I guess that means it’s soft and pliable and willing to open more?  And she got a bloody show which she said was encouraging.  She felt the baby from the outside and estimates that he weighs 8.5 pounds, maybe closer to 9.  Great.  Seeing as the baby can gain a 1/2 pound a week at this point I think I’d like him out sooner rather than later please!  And with that she hoped to see me in the hospital Thursday morning when she does rounds.  I’d like that too!  And ever since that appointment I’ve been having lots and lots of contractions and cramping.  I’ve had up to 7 contractions an hour.  Of course they’ve been very irregular so who knows if they’ll turn into anything or not.  But they are getting more intense.  They don’t hurt exactly but I do have to stop sometimes what I’m doing because they are letting me know they’re around.  I guess we’ll see if they fizzle out overnight.  If they don’t, I’ll probably work from home tomorrow just in case this turns into the real thing.  Think “go-into-labor” thoughts for me, OK?

No News Around Here

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Friday night when I got home from work I was exhausted so after dinner the kids picked out a movie to watch in their room (on my very old laptop which Annika now calls “her TV in her room”) and I laid down on the bed by them.  I told them I was tired and needed to rest.  Every time I’d close my eyes Annika would lovingly stroke my forehead.  And James would continually ask me questions and then Annika would shush him. It was cute.  We decided Kris would go to St. Louis since the odds were pretty stacked that I was not going to go into labor.  He came up and kissed us all good-bye and we continued to watch our movie.

Saturday morning we all got up, ate breakfast, took showers and got ready for our day.  So far, so good!  We had a big day planned too.  We went to Robyn’s house for a play date.  Laura, Michelle, Mindy and Pam were all able to make it.  We had quite a few kids running around!  Annika took a few minutes to warm up but then she was in heaven playing with Jessica, Emily and Brianna. I don’t think we had any fighting between the girls either, at least not that I heard. Instead there was lots of imaginative play and giggling and shrieking.  And James, while still doing mostly independent play instead of group play, had a great time too.  All these new toys to play with!  And a huge sandbox with lots of trucks and tractors!  And swings!  And both kids found they really like clementines.  We usually just have oranges at our house but Michelle had brought a box of clementines and both kids ate multiple pieces of the fruit.  It was a fun day spent with great friends and their terrific kids.  Win win!

Saturday night was low key at our house.  I was tired from the day so out came another movie.  (Stellar mother, aren’t I?)  And then it was bedtime.

Sunday morning was another controlled experiment in single parenting.  Again we had breakfast, baths and prepared for church in an orderly fashion.  I win!  And at church while the kids were in their Sunday school classes I was in the adult education hour.  We talked about church and politics.  It was a very interesting discussion and lots of interesting viewpoints were shared.  I really like our two pastors, especially our lead pastor, as he shared his thoughts and the history of church and state separation in our country and Europe.  After Sunday school was over we went to worship.  Last week Annika picked where we were going to sit (the very last row) so this week I told James he could pick.  He picked the very first row.  So that’s where we sat.  Yikes!  Luckily both kids were very well behaved so I didn’t have to be completely embarrassed by misbehaving kids in the front row of church!

After church we made a trip to Target and while there Kris called to say he was almost home.  Yay!  And Grandpa Dan called to say he was going to take a motorcycle ride and wanted to stop by.  Yay!  So when we got home from our quick shopping trip we had two treats waiting for us – Daddy and Grandpa!  And it was a beautiful day too.  So we had lunch outside on the deck, visited with Grandpa and played.  Grandpa is a good sport and played Annika’s princess dress-up game.  He looks so nice in purple plastic necklaces and rings!  We also got out the new baseball tee and bat and Annika showed Grandpa how she can hit the ball.  She hit it three times off the tee before moving that to the side and just throwing the ball up in the air and trying to hit it.  I was surprised at how well she did at that!

After Grandpa left we got to work cleaning out the garage.  We swept out all the dirt, sand, etc. that accumulated over the winter and we rearranged the front section where we store all the kids toys in the summer.  That’s also where we tend to accumulate stuff over the winter so it was time to clean it out and reorganize it for the summer.  I didn’t want to be tripping over toys while holding a baby carrier.  It’s much better now even if the process wasn’t exactly fun or exciting.  It was a nice day to be outside though.  The kids had a great time running and playing from the front yard to the backyard.  And after we were done cleaning Kris and I pulled up lawn chairs in the backyard and watched the kids ride the Tonka dump trucks down the hill over and over and over again.  The giggles were never ending!  Then I went on another Target run (got some cute warm weather outfits for baby since all James’ teeny baby clothes are cold weather outfits) and when I got back Kris went on a bike ride.  By the time we were all inside and ate dinner it was after 7pm!  The day just flew away from us.  So we ate, let the kids play inside for a little bit and then we put them to bed, relaxed and fell asleep early ourselves.  The sun and fresh air will do that to you!

And now here we are.  Tomorrow I’m 39 weeks and have another doctor appointment tomorrow morning.  Krystle, my kid watcher while I’m in the hospital, is on a business trip now until Wednesday about 9pm so it would be nice to not go into labor until Thursday.  If I did, I’ll have to scramble to find someone else to watch the kids (and maybe have them take time off work).  But, if I did go into labor I wouldn’t try to stop it either!  I’m done.  I’m ready to have this baby and get to the snuggling, not sleeping part.


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Once again I’ve gone too long without updating. And I have a whole agenda of stuff to record! I’ll list it out for you so you can skip to the paragraphs that you want to hear about:

  1. Gramme’s Birthday
  2. 1st Minnesota Machine game of the season
  3. Kris’s grandfather
  4. 38 week appointment
  5. Sick Jamesy
  6. Potty training

OK, up first is Gramme’s birthday.  Her birthday was Saturday and Krystle and the kids and I had lunch with her to celebrate.  The kids insisted that she sit in between them of course which I don’t think Gramme minded.  After lunch we took a walk around our hometown, checking out some of the local shops and stopping at the city park for some play time.  The kids loved the play time of course.  A new park to play at is always fun!  And this park has a merry-go-round which none of the parks near our house have.  Krystle was spinning the kids on there when James started sliding off.  Krystle was trying to slow it down when off he went flying, rolling onto the ground.  He jumped up and said “I’m OK!” and wanted back on.  I watched this all unfold from a nearby park bench and could not stop laughing.  I know, I’m a great mother.  It was just all so funny!  Of course I was only laughing because he was obviously fine.  A while later Gramme went over and gave all three of them a ride.  Krystle was naueseous and dizzy after that!  And then the kids wanted one more ride.  Krystle had them sitting cross-legged around a pole with their arms around the pole too to make sure there would be no more flying around.  And then she got them going pretty fast.  Of course that’s when James said “all done!” and let go!!  Luckily Krystle and Gramme got it slowed down fast enough that James didn’t tumble off again.  That was enough park time after that and we walked back to our vehicles and said our good-byes.  It was a great afternoon.

Saturday night was the first Minnesota Machine game of the season.  The kids were excited to see Daddy out on the football field and had to point him out as soon as they spotted him.  We found seats on the home team side next to friends of ours (Mike’s mom Kathy, Erica and Mike’s wife Sarah).  The kids liked sitting high up in the bleachers.  They made me a little nervous of course.  There was no chance they’d fall through them but they could still fall down them, especially when they insisted on standing on the edge of them.  I was constantly pulling them back, having them sit, etc.  It was a good game and the Machine won 50-0!  The kids actually watched some of the game.  Annika decided #25 was her favorite player and had to know where she was at all times.  The kids were most interested in the tackling though, especially if a player was slow to get up.  James thought the player was hurt whenever she was tackled but I told him she was only hurt if she stayed on the ground after everyone else got up.  There were a few instances of that.  One machine player tore her ACL and meniscus while another has a high ankle sprain.  The other team didn’t fare too well either as their players always seemed to be on the ground!  At half time we made a bathroom and concession stand run.  The kids were excited to have a little bag of popcorn and a small bag of chips to munch on.  They got a little squirrelly during the second half but that half was much faster too since the Machine were running the ball a lot more often to eat up clock.  After the game I let the kids loose on the field telling them they could run all over the whole thing.  And they did.  They’d be on opposite sides, in opposite end zones and sprinting all over the place.  When they did meet, they had to tackle each other.  They both had blades of artificial turf grass all over them.  Pretty soon I’d had enough and Kris helped me wrangle them back to the truck and we headed home while he went to the after party.  I hate missing the fun stuff.  Boo!  Ah well, at least the kids fell asleep on the way home so it was a quiet drive.  Of course then I had to carry them both from the truck upstairs to their beds.  They’re heavy for this nine month pregnant lady!   The next Machine game is this weekend in St. Louis.  We’re on the fence if Kris is going to go or not.  Past experience tell us I won’t be having a baby this weekend or at all until I’m induced, but if I did go into labor he’d be a 10 hour drive away with no access to a car (a team bus is bringing them down).  Of course he doesn’t want to miss the game but you know, he’d rather not miss the birth either.  Decisions, decisions…

Right as the Machine game ended Saturday night Nana called us to tell us Kris’s grandfather (Papa’s dad) had a stroke and was being airlifted to St. Mary’s in Rochester.  They were on their way there and would call us with news later.  Yikes!  The news later was a little better – he was OK, being moved to the ICU, monitored, etc.  Sunday morning Kris rode down to Rochester with Dusty while I took the kids to Sunday school and church.  We weren’t sure if we should bring the kids down or not but when I called Kris after church he said to come down.  Carrie and Adam and Isak had driven up from Iowa and we could at least see them.  We got to Rochester about 2:30pm that afternoon and went up to see Great Grandpa.  He was awake, alert (having already told the nurses his best “most believable” Army stories) but of course tired and weak and he was having some difficulty with his left side.  We spent most of the day at the hospital in and out of his room and the family waiting rooms.  When we left later that evening he was calming down and we hoped he’d get some sleep that night (which ultimately was not to be after a bad reaction to some Ambien).  It sounds like he’s doing a bit better now and has started some physical therapy.  I’m not sure what this will mean long term.  He lives alone after Great Grandma died last summer.  I’m not sure if that’s an option for him any longer or not, or at least not without some home health support maybe.  It was nice to see Carrie and Adam and some of the extended family though.  We don’t get to see them often.  It’s too bad it took a tragedy to bring us together.

Yesterday was my 38 week doctor appointment.  All’s good there.  Feel free to skip this if you don’t want to know the details.  Blood pressure is excellent at 108/58.  Weight was steady.  She looked at my swelling in my ankles and said that’s normal for someone carrying as low as I am.  (The baby is super, super low this time around.)  She did an internal check and found that I was 2 cm dilated and she swept my membranes.  Only 10-20% of the time does that put women into labor however.  She said if it will, it would be in the next 24-48 hours.  So far, not in labor.  It didn’t work with either of my other pregnancies so I’m going to assume that won’t work this time either.  We did another non-stress test and that was good too.  Pretty uneventful.  I’m controlling my gestational diabetes quiet well with diet so I’ll probably avoid insulin at this point.  I go back again next Tuesday morning for my 39 week appointment.

Last night I heard Annika crying out from her room around 2am.  I thought she was yelling something about Dagur but when I went investigating I found she was yelling that Jamesy was sick and throwing up.  On his bed.  Yuck.  I called for Kris to bring a towel and while I held and comforted and wiped up James, Kris took care of changing the bedding.  James seemed to be OK, not feverish, so I rocked him for a bit and put him back in his bed.  Sure enough about an hour later he came into our room and as we were headed back to the rocking chair he started throwing up again.  This time it was on me as I was carrying him.  Great.  I changed my pajamas, cleaned him up again with another towel and brought him into bed with me (and a towel) so I could keep an eye on him.  He was up again one more time throwing up but then slept peacefully the rest of the night (which wasn’t long of course as it was getting late the last time he was up).  I was exhausted though.  I don’t sleep well with a wiggly child next to me or the constant awakenings.  So when my alarm went off this morning I turned it off, called my car pool buddy and told him I was working from home today and then I went back to bed.  And this morning James was just fine.  He ate a huge breakfast, is busy playing and seems no worse for wear.  Hopefully it was a very temporary stomach bug.

And one last Jamesy update.  He’s about 95% potty trained!  Yay Jamesy!  He’s pretty much day trained and now only wears underwear during the day.  There’s still an accident here or there when he gets too busy playing to stop and go to the bathroom but those are becoming more infrequent.  It’s so nice not having to change his diapers anymore!  I’m still diligent about bringing a change of clothes with me and leaving it in the truck just in case.  So far it hasn’t been needed.  And while he still wears diapers at night more often than not they are dry too when he wakes up.   We’ve started re-using them rather than throwing them away.  We still have half a jumbo pack of unused diapers that we’ll either give away or save for the new baby.  I’m so proud of my little man!  He’s not too far past 3 and potty trained.  Right on track for a boy I suppose.  Now I’m just hoping he doesn’t regress when the baby is born.

OK, this is one long update.  I better stop here.  Maybe next time I shouldn’t wait so long, huh?

Happy Easter

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Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I actually had Friday off (company holiday) so I had a nice three day weekend.

Friday we went to the Good Friday childrens service at church. The kids enjoyed that especially the treats and Easter egg hunt at the end. Well, James enjoyed the Easter egg hunt. Annika’s room (it was indoors) for 5-6 year olds was short on eggs and she was only able to find 1 egg out if 8 allowed to her before all the eggs were gone. She was directed to a second room to find another egg and then able to turn in all her eggs for her good-bag anyway. She enjoyed the good-bag at least! After that service we stopped at Target for Easter treats (hmm, candy – wish I could eat some of it!) and a couple other items before heading back home. We didn’t do much the rest of the day or Saturday. The kids played outside, we did some laundry, we dyed our Easter eggs, we hung out with Emerson and I did some grocery shopping.

Sunday morning the kids were excited to find out the Easter bunny had come to our house. They found the dozen eggs the bunny had hid along with the three Easter baskets (one for Annika, one for James and one for Mommy and Daddy). Next was Easter service at church, a relatively speedy service that we were a bit surprised about. I guess when you have that many extra people to get through communion you have to cut down on some other aspects or risk going long. And since they’d added a third service to the morning they couldn’t risk going to long or you’d have a mess in the parking lot and narthex.

After church we drove out to Grandpa Dan and Marcia’s house. That took a bit longer than usual due to some of the local bridges and roads still closed due to flooding. When we finally got there we walked up to the house and spotted a few rogue Easter eggs out on the lawn. Hmm! Sure enough – another Easter egg hunt for the kids! This time they had 16 little eggs to find. They were excited and ran around the yard finding them all. Then they didn’t want to come in yet so James went around “hiding” them all again and Annika followed him finding them. James was hilarious. Annika started finding them before James was all done hiding them. He was so upset and exclaimed “Now we have to start all over!” We didn’t though because at that time Marcia called us all inside for lunch. Good timing because I was afraid we were heading to meltdown mode! Lunch was delicious as usual and then there was playing school and trucks and other toys. It was so nice out though that we had to go outside again. This time the kids “helped” Grandpa move the snowmobiles from the garage to the shed and the lawn tractors and four-wheeler from the shed to the garage. They each got a quick, slow snowmobile ride across the grass and a quick ride on the four-wheeler too. Even James got a ride this time. During the winter we took Annika out on a slow snowmobile ride around the yard and in the fields in the back but James was too scared of the loud noise to go then. Growing up before my eyes! It was time to go after all the outdoor fun. The kids were not happy about that but we had to get home to let Emerson out of his kennel. James fell asleep on the way home which made for a late night last night. He wasn’t tired at bedtime and made a couple attempts to get up and play instead of stay in bed and sleep.

Annika had a big milestone yesterday. She’s mastered the art of buckling herself into her booster seat so Kris moved her booster seat into the 3rd row yesterday afternoon. She’s excited to sit back there. That means the middle seat is open for an infant car seat base! I’ve put the installation of that base on Kris’s to-do list for this week. We’re getting close!

Speaking of baby, everything continues to go well. I’m still feeling pretty good. My pelvis is getting quite sore because this baby is sitting so low. That means by the end of the day I’m pretty sore and moving pretty slowly. My blood sugars have been pretty good. I’ve had a couple high readings that I can usually attribute to what I ate. My fasting levels have all been very good and that’s usually where women get into trouble and start needing insulin. I’m hoping to avoid that if possible. At this point I’ll be surprised if I go early but I’m not opposed to it either! Tomorrow I’m officially full term (37 weeks) so if he decides to come now, that would be A-OK!

No Baby Today Please

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Dear God – Please don’t let me have this baby today. I do not want to saddle this precious baby boy with an April Fools birthday. Thank you.

All else is good. Kris and the kids spent the entire day yesterday at the huge city park. The kids were filthy dirty last night and still wondered why they had to take a bath.

Emerson (Krystle and Pierce’s dog) is staying with us until Monday night. So far, so good. He’s a barker which we’re not used to so our sleep is a little disturbed. That I think we can handle. Emerson and Dagur get along great and Annika adores Emerson. She gave me a big hug last night and thanked me for having Emerson over for five days. She’s on spring break this week and Monday and she expressed gratitude for that too so she’d be home the whole day every day to play with him. Hopefully we’ll tire Emerson out enough each day that he’ll sleep better at night.

The Life and Times

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I’m disabling comments on older posts for a while on this site.  This site and Sweat are both being continually attacked by a virus and I’m not sure how it’s making its way in.  I’ve cleaned everything out (again) and have disabled comments and have turned off some other features and we’ll see if I can keep it clean for a while.


So, what’s been happening lately?  Last Friday I took Krystle as my date to the Timberwolves game.  We had fun and it was cool to be so close to the court.  The men are, of course, huge and the game seems so much faster and the court so much smaller when you’re that close.  Gramme came over to babysit and the kids were so excited to see her.  When I got home from work that night instead of my usual warm greeting from Annika I got a disgusted look instead because I was not Gramme.  I told her Gramme would be there in a little while and suggested she draw Gramme a picture in the mean time.  She thought that was a great idea and not only drew a picture for Gramme from herself but also drew a picture for Gramme from James.  As soon as Gramme arrived Krystle and I and Kris (who was going to football practice) were completely free to leave.  I did get good-bye kisses before they raced back to Gramme.  And it sounds like they had a good night.  They watched a movie and snuggled, talked with Uncle Mathias on the phone and enjoyed having Gramme read them books at bedtime.  Annika enjoyed telling Gramme what the routine was at bedtime.  Annika is very into routine and structure and follows rules very well.  Oh sure she has her moments where she doesn’t want to listen but every kid does.  For the most part she really likes structure.  She used to get so mad when they changed the schedule at preschool and instead of having gym time in the middle of the day they had outdoor play time (in the snow with boots and snowpants) at the end of the day.  Then we’d pick her up from outside.  That changing of the schedule would make her so mad!  Anyway, Friday night was fun for everybody!

Saturday was a lazy day at home.  I did some laundry, did some baby stuff (got the carseat out of the basement and cleaned up, washed the new going home from the hospital outfit, etc.) and we generally took it easy.  I think it was that night that Kris and I argued (I mean discussed) about how to spell the baby’s middle name.  Kris is a fan of a spelling popular in Europe (Scandinavia in particular – OF COURSE) and I am a big no on that.  I want a more traditional (meaning American) spelling.  We’ll see who wins this one (hint: me – heh).  At least we have it narrowed down to one name!  Spelling we can compromise on.

Sunday was a fun day.  We got up early and went to church then we did a bit of shopping (a couple more baby related items to pick up) and then went to brunch with Grandpa Dan, Marcia, Krystle and Pierce.  We arrived at the restaurant first and Annika and James picked places at the table to sit such that Grandpa was between them (of course!) and Marcia was on the other side of Annika.  Luckily both Grandpa and Marcia were amenable to this arrangement (again – of course!).  The rest of us were afterthoughts.  We could have sat at a different table or even in a different restaurant and the kids would not have cared.  Rotten kids! Heh.  Anyway, we were there to celebrate Pierce’s birthday (in February) and Krystle’s birthday (today!).  The food was yummy and we had a really nice time.  I told Grandpa and Marcia about my baby dream and completely freaked Marcia out – goosebumps and all.  Heh.  That was fun!

After brunch Kris and the kids and I went to a fundraiser for the football team.  It was at a sports restaurant/bar not too far away.  Kris chatted with the head coach and some of the players while the kids and I sat at a table and played with a couple toys from the truck.  Kris’s friend Jon and Jon’s friend came and it was nice to talk with Jon.  I haven’t seen him in a while which is sad.  Kris never sees his friends.  We should make it a point to see Jon and Mike (his other close friend) much more often than we do.  Sure he coaches with Mike but that’s different.  Krystle and Pierce stopped by too which was really nice.  We watched the Gophers get badly beaten by Ohio State in the Big Ten tournament.  Boo!  The kids were getting pretty squirrelly (we had been there for 2.5 hours!) so I took them on a drive and to a store and then back to pick up Kris so we could waste some time.  Kris stayed until the event was over and then we went home.

Tuesday was my 34 week doctor appointment.  Everything is going well so far!  Blood pressure was really good (104/60), weight crept up 1 pound, baby’s heartbeat was 150ish and I was told to come back in two weeks.  I told her about my weird 326 dream and she said she hoped she didn’t see me on that day!  It’s still a bit early (35.5weeks on that day) to be having the baby.  But she also said that if I did, the baby would be fine.  Concerns would include jaundice, breathing (maybe a little oxygen to get the lungs going), holding a constant temperature and sucking.  And since I have gestational diabetes they’re going to want me to breastfeed as much as possible as quickly as possible after the birth to make sure the baby’s glucose levels don’t plummet.  If he’s early and has problems sucking then well, that could be a problem.  Let’s just hope this baby comes in April, not March and is healthy and has none of the problems listed above.  Or, let’s hope that if he is born on 3/26 (that would be so freaky!) that he doesn’t have any of the problems listed above.  Just in case, I might work from home next Friday.  If something strange does happen (like my water spontaneously breaking) I’d rather be one mile from the hospital rather than 30 miles away at work!  Am I a little paranoid?  YES.  But that dream was just so weird that I’ve freaked myself out a little bit.  I’ll be packing my hospital bag this weekend and everything at home is ready so if the strange does come true, we’ll be ready.  And if it doesn’t then I’ll laugh at myself (feel free to join me!) but still be ready for when he does come.

Tonight is Annika’s kindergarten orientation.  She is super excited.  I’ll report back tomorrow with how it went!