1 in 8 years

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That is my running voting record if you do not count Judges. I finally elected an official to office. Not only did I not get the Ammendment right (not that I hate the environment, but just the idea of an ammendment) I did not even get the Soil Commissioner right. I even know that I got the Senate race wrong and we do not even know who won. I guess that it is votes like that that do me in. I could be at 3 in 8 years. I need to move.

My label crisis

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So I am having a bit of an identity crisis. I grew up in what I would consider a somewhat rural area, so I am a “real” American. I have a college degree, so I am an “elitist”. I received a Perkins grant to help pay for that education, so I am a “socialist”. The school and my church are both part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, so guess I am an “Evangelical”. I only get my news from The Daily Show and am not sure if that is the “leftist MSM” or not. I would like government to spend about what it takes in, so I am a “fiscal conservative”. I think that EVERYONE should rights under the law, so I am an “extreme liberal”. So I am very confused. I wish there was an elected official that would look at what I believe and tell me my standing within the country. If only…

Oh the Hypocrisy…

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It’s election season. You know what that means. Complete 180s for everyone. Here is a little nugget from when the Daily Show was in town.

I think I need to stop paying attention. It makes me want to throw things at the TV.

Also from the land of unreality, we went to Augsburg’s homecoming this weekend. We beat up on the Oles and now join the ranks of the MIAC unbeatens along with perennial favorites Concordia and Carleton?! Weird.

Don’t tell Kristina I stole her blog. It’s a secret. But you can tell her that she did great in her 10 mile run Sunday.