OK, that was like way too easy

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I’m loving this! That was super easy to do. Before I go all crazy updating the theme and adding links and such, let’s give you the big news from around here:

Annika has fractured her left wrist. It’s not broken, as in two, but her left radial wrist bone is fractured. And she has a cast that she will have for another three weeks or so. It’s neon pink, of course. How did this happen? Last Thursday she went into our master bathroom, locked the door, climbed up on the counter to get into the cabinet so she could get out her toothbrush and toothpaste. She lost her balance somehow and fell. I wasn’t home from work yet and Kris couldn’t get to her right away because, well, she had locked the door, remember? So, he iced it right away and we wrapped it up in an Ace bandage. We weren’t sure if it was sprained or what as it was hardly swollen and there was no bruising. We decided to give it a couple days. A couple days went by and she was still telling us it hurt so we took her in and sure enough, it’s fractured. Man, did I ever feel guilty for not taking her in immediately! But, as her doctor said, there was no reason to think it was broken, only sprained and that we did nothing wrong. She obviously wasn’t in any real pain, only occasionally telling us that it hurt and so that is that. My baby is broken! Believe me, if this blog had been up on Monday you would have found a weeping mess. Now though that I know she is just fine I’ve composed myself. So – any big news from you guys? Oh wait – I should probably tell you all the new URL! OK, off to do that now!

The First Official Post

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I’m here! We’re live! I’ve successfully managed to create my first WordPress blog. OK, so switching from Yahoo hosting to DreamHost made that process infinitely easier but still – we’re here and live! And there’s so much catching up to do! And links to fix and people to notify and such. First, let’s publish this and see if we’re really live, mkay?