James is Brilliant!

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First – a big congratulations to John and Jeanette on the birth of their son Evan. He’s adorable and I can’t wait to see and hear more of him. Congrats guys! Welcome to parenthood!

Now, I think the title says it all but I’ll elaborate for those that need it. James is brilliant because on Saturday morning, as we were lounging in bed cuddling and watching cartoons, James slid off the end, squatted and pooped. I know, brilliant, right? Um, no. The brilliant part is next. He walked to my side of the bed, yelled “Mama!” and when I responded he said “Poop.” I asked if he had poop in his diaper and he said yeah so then I asked if he wanted me to change his diaper and he said yeah again and then took off for his room. 17 months people and he’s already recognizing and verbalizing these things! My boy is brilliant. Yessirree. He also likes to “go potty” which basically means sitting on the toilet while naked. Nothing ever comes out but he thinks it’s a blast anyway.

We had a lovely weekend around here, thanks for asking. :) Saturday we lounged and played and ran errands. Seriously, Lowe’s is like a Saturday staple around here. There always seems to be something we “need.” This last Saturday it was stakes for our poor little trees out back. Our 4 ft tall maple tree broke in half last Wednesday night during a thunderstorm. Poor little thing. We pulled that out of the ground and hacked off the broken part and are hoping the little seedlings at the base will grow into something. But not all was lost (although I was unusually sad about the maple) as we still have three 4 ft tall poplars and while only one was in the ground last week with the other two in pots, not sure where to put them, now all three are safely in the ground and staked to give them strength should any more wind/thunderstorms come through.  Whew!  I know you were worried.

Yesterday was more lounging and playing. Last night we went to dinner with Grandpa and Marcia and had a great time. As soon as they walked in Annika got up from her chair to give them both a hug and kiss. And while we were waiting Annika pulled the empty chair next to her as close to her as she could. The chairs were literally touching. When I asked why she was doing that she said it was because she wanted Grandpa to sit right by her. Shortly after they sat down James demanded to be released from his high chair. As soon as he was free he boogied it over to Grandpa too and ended up eating most of his meal from Grandpa’s lap. That Grandpa sure is a popular guy! This particular restaurant has balloons it gives to kids as they leave. Well, there was much fun, squealing, giggles (and the occasional yell of fighting) when we got home. The kids loved their balloons. Jamesy just laughed as he pulled the string all over making the balloon jerk up and down. And Annika just rain like a maniac around the house pulling her balloon behind her. Every once in a while she would grab James’ or their strings would get entwined and that’s when the yelling started.  Ah, those kids.  They are such a joy. :)