Oh the Hypocrisy…

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It’s election season. You know what that means. Complete 180s for everyone. Here is a little nugget from when the Daily Show was in town.

I think I need to stop paying attention. It makes me want to throw things at the TV.

Also from the land of unreality, we went to Augsburg’s homecoming this weekend. We beat up on the Oles and now join the ranks of the MIAC unbeatens along with perennial favorites Concordia and Carleton?! Weird.

Don’t tell Kristina I stole her blog. It’s a secret. But you can tell her that she did great in her 10 mile run Sunday.

Overheard in Our House

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Friday night.  Annika playing with dolls on floor of living room.  Me cleaning in kitchen.

Annika: “One of you will be in.  And one of you will be out!”

Monday night.  Bedtime routine done (brush teeth, potty for both, pajamas on, 2 books read – one picked out each).  Kris is home early so he takes Nika to her room, per her request, where he has to stay until she falls asleep (don’t ask).  I take James to his room to rock him and put him to bed.

James:  “Daddy.  Daaaaaaddddddddyyyyyyy.  Cry.  Cry.  Cry.  Daaaaddddddyyyyy.”  And then he goes to sleep.

Our weekend looked like this: Sleep as late as the children (and wife) will allow.  I go for a run while Kris stays with kids.  I shower.  We make and eat lunch.  I put James down for a nap while Annika plays on the computer and Kris reads a book.  Then I collapse in bed and fall asleep for a nap.  I wake up to Kris reading his book next to me.  Back to sleep.  I wake to Jamesy next to my bed, trying to climb in.  Time to get up.  Get everyone dressed and out the door to run some errands and have some dinner.  Home.  Play.  Bed.  Sunday.  I get up at 6:30am to exercise.  Kids wake up at 7am, much to Kris’s, ah, delight.  I come up at 8am from the basement.  We eat breakfast, shower (the kids and I – we did this Saturday too after my run – they think it’s great fun to bring the bath toys into the shower) and get ready for church and Sunday school.  Home.  Lunch.  Krystle comes over.  Bridal fair!  A quick, small one.  Get best price for DJ of choice.  Check!  Home.  Watch Vikings game (yay for DVRs!).  Play.  Play.  Eat.  Play.  Play.  Bed.  We weren’t very busy and yet it was a full two days.  And most of that play was punctuated with outbursts of fight!  discipline!  cry!  time out!  Annika and her bossiness over James. James and his wanting whatever Nika has.  Nika and her not wanting to share.  Jamesy and his squealing to get his way.  Ah.  They are such a joy.  Too bad they’re so damn cute.

Yummy, yummy cookies

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Last night the kids and I made a batch of cookies. Before dinner I asked Annika if she wanted to play outside tonight or make cookies. She said cookies. I asked her if she was sure and she told me it wasn’t a play outside day. It was a cookie day. I reminded her that she had to eat all of her dinner or there would be no cookies. She was okay with that. (We tried this on Tuesday and she didn’t eat all her dinner so there was no cookie making). Sure enough, both she and James ate all of their dinner last night. James balked at first, trying to climb out of his chair (he’d been a little whiny all day Kris said) but he eventually sat down and ate a ton of chicken and all of his beans too. So, after dinner we got out all of the ingredients and a stool for Annika. She really likes to help measure, crack eggs and stir. I hold the measuring cup while she scoops. She cracks the egg and I open it over the bowl, sometimes with her help. She unwraps the butter. And she loves to help stir. It was fun! Jamesy wanted in on the act though so I had to distract him with a few M&M’s. And cartoons. Heh. #1 Mom. After they were in the oven Annika asked if they were done yet. I told her no and that she had to wait. She responded that waiting was boring. I agreed with her but told her it would help her learn patience. She still wasn’t impressed. Jamesy was very interested in the cookies while they were baking too. He’d crouch down next to the oven (despite repeated requests to please move away from the hot oven), point to the cookies baking inside and should “Cookies!” Yes, James, cookies. As soon as they were out Annika wanted one. I told her she had to wait a little bit for them to cool. She was again not impressed with the waiting. She did get her cookie though, still warm and Jamesy had one too. Amazingly enough, I did not. Not sure how that happened either. I think it was because as soon as the last pan was on the cooling rack I put them in the pantry to cool and then ushered the kids upstairs for bath time. And then forgot about them until this morning!

New Bridge

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I was on the new 35W bridge this morning. New as in it opened less than two hours previously. It was fairly anticlimactic, except for the two news helicopters circling above us. This route did shave 10 minutes off my morning commute which is nice. And I didn’t have to go through downtown and deal with the stoplights too which was also nice. I guess we’ll see how the afternoon drive goes.

Who’s Ready for some Football!

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First – a couple cute videos of Annika dancing from Sunday night.  She was really getting her groove on.  Once she realized I was capturing it then she would play the song and dance and as soon as it finished she would come over and want to see me play it back.  The quality isn’t the best since I took them on my digital camera’s video feature.  But I think they’re cute anyway.  Enjoy!

Cute, huh?  OK.  Back to my normal rambling.  Let’s start with Saturday.  Saturday was fun!  I love days like Saturday!  It started a bit early for a weekend (7am) but Kris and I had to get up and get ready!  To run!  By 7:30am Krystle was over to watch the kids (who were still sleeping) and Kris and I were on the road to Waconia.  We both ran in the Nickle Dickle Day runs.  Kris and Dusty (with friends Katie and Kris) ran the 5K race and I did the 10K.  After an all uphill course, I finished an hour and ten minutes later to cheers.  How nice!  (I just love doing these races with Kris.  We don’t do very many together unfortunately.)  Then we hustled out to Grandpa Dan’s house to shower and change our clothes.  We had a football game to get to!  Krystle and Pierce drove the kids to St. Peter where Grandpa Dan, Kris and I met them and ate lunch.  Then we hurried down to Mankato and got there just as the national anthem was being played.  Nice timing!  I couldn’t wait to see my cousin Ryan in his football home opener.  The sky was overcast with spurts of sunshine and was a nice afternoon, right up until it rained.  There was plenty of jackets, umbrellas and ponchos to go around though (Thanks Auntie Shelly!) so watching the game in the rain was kinda fun.  The kids didn’t mind either.  Annika was on Cousin Lindsay’s lap enjoying her cotton candy. (Which she had after her M&M’s.  Girl was having a fabulous time!)  James spent the whole game shuffling between Grandpa Dan, Kris, me, Auntie Krystle, Cousin Lindsay, Uncle Dale and Auntie Shelly’s laps.  He was a busy little boy.  And all he really wanted to do was go out on the field and play too.  He kept pointing to the ball, saying “ball” and “too” (meaning me too) and “down” all afternoon.  Then there was the dance team.  Uncle Dale, in an effort to distract him from wanting to go down to the field, pointed out the dance team.  James when answering Uncle Dale’s question of “Do you see the girls down there?” let out a suggestive “Yeah!”  Oh, Jamesy, you crack me up!  Uncle Dale took him for a walk down by the field to get a closer look at the game and the girls.  Hee.  It was a good game too.  Of course, Ryan’s team won 40-0 so it couldn’t have gone much better.  After the game we talked to Ryan for a few minutes.  We handed him Jamesy so I could take a picture of them.  Annika didn’t want to be in that photo op.  Silly girl and her shyness.  Then someone handed Ryan his helmet, which he put on James.  Of course there is a photo of that too!  Look for new photos uploaded before the end of the week, that one included.  Then it was off the to bar!  I mean restaurant.  OK, it was actually more of a bar than a restaurant but they did have a full menu so…Anyway, we all went, kids included.  Jamesy was so tired that he actually fell asleep on Ryan’s shoulder in the noisy bar (yes, there is a picture of that and can I just get an AMEN to the smoking ban???) and then slept in Grandpa Dan’s arms for a while.  We ended up laying him on the floor next to me on some blankets for a while.  Grandpa needed hands to eat you know!  Jamesy woke up just as we were finishing up our dinner so he at least got a little snack in.  Annika didn’t eat too much (at least when by Kris and I) while there.  She was too busy playing with the balloon Uncle Dale got her.  Kris tied it to her belt loop and she was running around the dance floor in circles with it.  She fell on it and broke it and was so sad and pouty.  Of course, it didn’t take long for her to get another balloon, this time courtesy of Auntie Shelly.  Someone loved much?

Sunday morning was Annika’s second day of Sunday School.  After church when we were all piled back into the truck I asked her house class went.  She resonded with “Fantastic!”  Kris and I both laughed.  What a silly munchkin.  We spent the rest of the day just kind of doing this and that.  After church I dropped Kris off at work then picked up Krystle and did some shopping.  Then dropped her back off and picked Kris up.  Then we had lunch (late) and watched the Vikings game (disappointing).  After the game I exercised while Kris worked and Annika played and James slept.  When I came up from the basement after exercising though they were all gone.  Turns out Kris needed to run into work for something and took the kids with him.  Then it was dinner and playtime for me and the kids and more work for Kris.  He’s been so busy lately!  I hope it settles down for him soon.

Have I told you that Jamesy has started an ECFE class?  It’s for kids 17-23 months and includes some parent separation time.  I just love it that Jamesy now brings home pieces of art!  And he doesn’t seem to mind it when Kris leaves him with the teacher while he goes off to parent education time.  He even waved good-bye yesterday and then went back to playing.  When I got home yesterday I asked Jamesy if he went to school that day.  He exclaimed “Yeah!”  Then I asked him if he liked school and got the same response.  A hearty “Yeah!”  Annika goes to “sibling care” during James’ class time.  She likes that too because there is another little 4 year old girl there for her to play with plus they do crafts and art work during that too.  It does lead to a busy week for Kris though with Annika in school M-W-F and James in ECFE Tues.  Thursdays are the only days they can just play and relax the whole day.  That’s OK though.  It will stave off the winter boredom, right?

Happy Birthday Annika!

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It’s taken me a week to write this.  Argh!  I hate that because then I forget all the cute little stuff – anyway – here ya go!

So many exciting things happening!  First last Saturday was the sunday school orientation party.  Kris stayed home with Jamesy while I took Annika there.  Annika and the other little kids were shown the various classrooms they would be in and met their teacher(s).  They had a little snack and a little talk by the pastor.  Annika was her usual quiet, reserved self.  The only time she really got into it was when we were in the fellowship hall and she was able to play in the kid-sized Ark with giant stuffed animals.  Then she and the other kids went nuts for a few minutes before we reigned them back in to see their classroom.

After that we headed home to clean the house.  Woo-hoo!  Not.  But we had a party to get ready for so everything had to be cleaned!  I swear.  I’d love a housekeeper.  Maybe just once a month or so?  Must figure out how to work that into the budget.  Either way Annika kept asking me to play this with her or that and I felt terrible for having to say no all the time.  I’d stop every once in a while to dance with her or whatever else she was asking.  Eventually though she decided she needed to help clean so I handed her a clorox wipe and let her have at it.  She cleaned walls, doors, etc with that wipe.  Quite handy!  I’m going to have to train her in on other tasks too!

After the house was clean and James was down for his nap I took off for a 6 mile run.  Two loops around our neighborhood (and too many minutes later – man, am I slow!) I was back and as I was walking back into the house I noticed Krystle and Bailey walking up.  Krystle was out for a walk with him (to try and get him tired for the evening) and stopped by our house on her way.  Well, Bailey didn’t need anymore walking when he was done at our house!  The kids wore him out!  And then Dagur got in on the act too!  Bailey and Dagur played and played and played!  Bailey would try and take Dagur’s bone (As if! – he couldn’t even get it in his wee little mouth if he tried!) or they would chase, then Bailey would submit and lie on his back.  When he did that Dagur would put his head down on Bailey’s stomach to “pin” him to the floor.  Dagur’s head was as big as Bailey’s body!  Hilarious!  It wasn’t too long though and Kris was pushing me to get into the shower.  We had things to do!  Namely – go to Sears and purchase a water softener.  Fun times!  When I got out of the shower though I was so weak and nauseous and stayed that way through our trip to the mall and until we got our appetizer at Buffalo Wild Wings.  That run really took all my energy and I needed to replenish!  And we “had” to go out to dinner at a sports bar because we couldn’t get the Gopher game at home.  What is this ESPU business?  Krystle and Pierce met us there.  We all watched the first half together.  By then the kids were getting squirrelly (that is to a word!) and we needed to run to Target yet before heading home.  Well, Kris and Pierce didn’t want to leave so Krystle and I left them there (with Krystle’s car) and took the kids to Target and then home.  (Quick side story about Target – Krystle took the kids to the toy section so I could get Annika a birthday card.  When I was walking back towards them I see this little ball go rolling out of a toy aisle and across the main aisle.  Two seconds later I see a little Jamesy go running after it.  It was too cute.  And luckily late at night so there weren’t too many other people in the store.)  Kris doesn’t go out very often so I didn’t mind that he stayed.  I often think he needs to get out more and we’re not very good about scheduling dates for the two of us so this “no kid time” was definitely warranted.  As long as he still got his chores for the evening done of course. :)   You see, he still had to go to the grocery store!  After I got the kids to bed I hauled Annika’s birthday present out of the trunk of the car and started assembling it.  It was a big doll house and I wanted her to be able to play with it right away.  I was about half way done with that when Kris got home.  He immediately grabbed the car keys and headed back out again.  When he got home from the grocery store I was just cleaning up my doll house assembly mess.  It was almost midnight by this time and as soon as the mess and the groceries were put away we fell into bed.  Man that was a long day!

Sunday morning I got up and got started on food prep while Kris ran in to work quickly and then picked up the birthday cake.  Before we knew it, it was time to leave for church.  Sunday was Rally Sunday at church to kick off Sunday school for the year.  The kids stayed in church with us and then they had a little ceremony before dismissing them to class.  I think Annika liked her little class.  There’s only 5 other little kids in there with her so that’s good since there’s only one teacher.  They did little crafts and Annika was still putting stickers on her book she made when we got there.  Her teacher, Lori, said Annika was quiet (yeah – she’s shy and won’t talk to anybody until she warms up) but did tell her how to say her name (Why do people always call her Ah-NEEK-ah – I don’t get it!) and did all the activites like she was asked.

We rushed home and started finishing up the food right away.  The part was starting in one hour!  Krystle and Pierce came over to help which was SO appreciated.  Krystle helped with food and Pierce played with the kids and the dogs to keep them distracted.  Then it was party time!  We had a full house of grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends.  All of Annika’s friends that we invited (6 little kids plus siblings and parents) were able to make it!  I thought for sure some of them wouldn’t be able to make it.  We even got to meet Katie, Michelle’s new daughter, for the first time!  She’s a little cutie!  And so cuddly and small.  Well, giant for Michelle but teeny for me. :)   After everyone had a snack it was cake time.  Of course we took pictures and then lit the candles and sang.  I was glad Annika was sitting on a stool at the kitchen island with her back to most people.  She hates being the center of attention and she had this horrified look on her face when everyone was singing to her.  Then I told her she had to blow out her candles and she refused so I put my face down by hers and we blew them out “together” which was really just me blowing them out.  She was all over the cake though.  Her little friend Madalyn was too.  They both sat up on the stools just drooling until I was finished cutting and served them their pieces.  A while later I was outside on the deck talking with friends when Annika came and crawled in my lap and snuggled in.  Unusual I thought until she then whispered to me “I want to open my presents now.”  It was too cute.  So we went inside and opened them up.  She was excited by all the toys but quickly dismissed the clothes.  Even though they were super cute!  She got two new Barbie dolls, a magnetic paper doll set, a spelling game (which we played that night and once again she amazed me by sound out words!),  a toy food set for her kitchen (I have been served more “food” in the last week ever and we’ve had that toy kitchen since last Christmas!), a Snow White doll set and finally her doll house.  The kids there just squealed along with Annika when that was brought out!  All of them loved it.  I quickly released her two new Barbie’s and her Snow White doll from their packages and those along with the one Barbie she already had were quickly put to use in the doll house.  Jamesy, amazingly slept through all of this.  Nana put him down for a nap mid way through the party and he slept until everyone was gone that afternoon.  After everyone left Annika was quietly playing with her doll house while Kris and his parents were gone picking up the water softener (it wouldn’t fit in our truck with the car seats in it).  When Jamesy woke up from his nap he immediately wanted to play with the new toys, especially the doll house.  And Annika would stand in front of it with her arms spread to block him.  *sigh*  I told her she had to share by letting Jamesy have one of the dolls.  So she’d give him one of the little dwarfs that came with the Snow White doll and then she’d keep the rest for himself.  That was fine with him though.  He just wanted in on the action.  I moved the doll house to her room that night so if she wants to play “in privacy” then she can shut her door to keep Jamesy out.

This week we met some new cousins!  It was under sad circumstances though, Gma’s wake and funeral.  Monday night Kris and the kids picked me up from work and we went to the wake.  There Natashya and Josh came with their three new children, Gabriella, Anthony and Adrianna.  They are so cute!  Gabriella is 4 and while it took a little while for Annika to warm up (surprise!) eventually she and Gabby were sitting at a table, having a snack and talking like cute little friends.  I heard Annika tell her that she had a new doll house at home.  She must really like that doll house.  I held Adrianna for a while.  She’s only slightly younger than James (she’s 17 months) but she’s a peanut in size compared to my big monster boy.  I was holding her and cuddling her and James came over.  He must have been jealous because he bit my arm!  He’s never bit anyone ever before so I was so shocked!  I broke his bite and told him sternly “No bite” and then he crumpled.  My poor little baby.  I wanted to give Adrianna to someone else and cuddle him and tell him it was all right but Nana scooped him up and made sure he was taken care of.  He hasn’t bit since so he must have just been jealous.  Poor baby!

Annika has spent more time in her room this week playing with her doll house!  It’s been actually pretty quiet in the house!  OK, one more cute Jamesy story before I wrap this up.  Wednesday night Annika was up in her room so it was just Jamesy and I downstairs.  He was playing with a cinderella dressed stuffed bear.  He brought it to the sit ‘n spin, sat it down, crawled on himself and then asked the bear if it was “Ready?”  and then he responded with “YEAH!”  Too cute!  Of course as soon as he started going the bear fell off so he grabbed it and held it on while they spun together. Oh, OK, one more cute story.  Jamesy loves “dancing” with me now.  Whenever there is music on he pulls me off my chair/couch/whatever and asks me to dance.  So I stand up and hold him and he puts his head down on my shoulder and we “dance”.  It is just the most precious thing ever.

Classes are in session!

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I meant to write last night here and at Sweat but I’ve been busy listening to political speeches and reading political news articles. I won’t get into politics here (ask me in person or by e-mail how I feel and I’ll give you an earful) but let me just say Gah! And also Argh! The pair I will not be voting for is seriously stressing me out. At least Kris and I agree so we can complain and worry together.

OK, so yesterday morning Annika had her 4 year well child check up. She weighed in at 35.5 pounds and 40″ (59 and 60% respectively). And she still has a heart murmur but the pediatrician said it was of no concern, something she will outgrow, and only wanted to be sure we knew about it in case we ever ended up in the emergency room for an unrelated reason and the ER doc heard it. Otherwise she checked out physically healthy (well, except for a patch of eczema on her left ring finger – doc thinks she might suck on it while she sleeps or something). And I filled out the developmental form for the 3.5 – 6 year old range. You’re supposed to keep answering questions until you get to three no’s. I filled out the whole form with only 2 no answers. This means Annika developmentally acts like a 6 year old. Seriously, she answered every question on there but two correctly. Of course she’s socially not even close to 6 but she is one smart little girl!

After her appointment we stopped at Target to pick up some milk (and lotion for her poor finger) and we passed by the card aisles. Annika had to stop and pick out a birthday card for herself. First she picked a Dora card and then one with an animal on it. I told her she doesn’t get to pick out her own card and pulled her away. Silly girl.

Yesterday afternoon Annika started preschool for the year. School starts at 12:30pm and ends at 3:00pm. We finished lunch, brushed her hair and put her back pack on. Then she hammed it up by the door so I could get some pictures (of course!) before she kissed her dad and brother good-bye and out the door we went. It’s so nice to be able to walk her one block to school. I walked her inside, she found which cubby she wanted to claim for her backpack and sweater and then she was off without a backwards glance. I called her back to give me a proper hug and kiss goodbye and then she was off again. She was so excited to play and be at school. I walked home alone. Then I worked yesterday afternoon some more before it was time to go pick her up again. I waited in the hallway outside her room with the other parents while her class finished up inside. Usually the teacher will dismiss the kids one by one as a parent claims them but today her teacher had us all come inside so she could give us some information for the upcoming school year. Annika was excited to see me but not all that excited to go home. She wanted me to stay there with her while she went to school. I told her that only kids and teachers go to school (no need to get into parent volunteers just yet). I promised her she could come back in two days to play some more. She played with the dollhouse and the kitchen. She colored a picture and she read books. Sounds like she had a full and fun afternoon.

When we got home Kris and Jamesy were sitting on the couch. Jamesy was wearing a long sleeved shirt and starting making jokes. He would pull his sleeve down over his hand and exclaim “Where’d it go?” Then he’d shove his hand out and squeal “There it is!” Over and over and over again he would play this same game. We were all laughing so hard and Jamesy was so cute, hiding his hand, asking us where it was and then “finding” it again.

Pretty soon it was time for dinner, Kris to go to work and us to go to gymnastics. Annika is taking a gymnastics class on Wednesday evenings this fall. We’ll see how she likes it and then decide if we continue. She really liked her first night. She stretched with the other kids (not so great at following directions yet – hopefully that gets better) and then her class went to the obstacle course. There she swung on a rope, climbed up structures and jumped down the other side. After the obstacle course they went to the foam pit. There they swung on long ropes into the foam pit. Annika said this was her favorite part. After the foam pit came the trampoline. I thought this would be her favorite but I was wrong. She seemed to be having a good time on them. Just not as much as the foam pit I guess. She’s excited to go back next week. Hopefully she’ll continue to learn new skills (she’s excited to learn how to do a cartwheel) and not get bored. If she does, we’ll quit going.

Tonight I told Annika that her birthday was in three days and that we were going to have a party! And that I was going to give her a present! She was excited for her birthday and party but she quite seriously looked at me and said “Mommy, I need a Target present.” I about died laughing but told her that I already had a present for her. She wanted it then of course but I told her she had to wait for her birthday. When she says Target present she means a toy. We always walk down the toy aisle at Target and the kids get to press as many buttons on the toys as they want. But we never come home with them. So Annika was basically saying – I want to go to Target and come home with something this time! Silly girl. Don’t worry – the grandparents and aunts and uncles will spoil her enough on Sunday with presents that we certainly won’t need to go to Target to get any more. We even invited a bunch of little kids over on Sunday too to play and specifically told them not to bring gifts. She doesn’t need that many presents! And she’ll just be happy to have friends to play with that are not her brother. She’ll love it.

Labor Day Weekend

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Ours was a fun filled Labor Day weekend.  I hope yours was too.  Saturday was a fairly low key day.  There was a little cleaning and a little playing.  At lunch we sat down to the table with college football playing in the background.  Jamesy turned, looked at the TV and said “football!”  I looked at Kris and he asked Jamesy to repeat it.  It wasn’t quite as clear the second time (maybe because he was thinking about it too much this time?) but he said it again.  Kris was pretty proud that his 18 month old son could recognize, say and get excited about football.  OK, I was a little too.  :)

Saturday afternoon we had Annika’s four year pictures taken at Target.  We’ve always gone to Sadie’s in the Mall of America in the past but they unexpectedly closed August 15th.  I scrambled to find a new place and decided to try Target on the advice of my friend Lisa.  There were pros and cons to Target, of course, just like there would have been for any other place.  Cons: No pictures for two weeks (I pick them up on September 12th) and the lack of “props” during the sitting.  The pictures turned out cute but it was just Annika and a back drop.  The pros outweighed the cons though.  #1 – it cost less.  Always a good thing.  #2 – there is only one studio that is in a separate room so it’s private and you can spread out.  #3 – there is no limit on poses.  I got five different poses plus two collages as part of my package plus a free 8×10 as part of an on-going promotion.  Nice!  At Sadie’s unless you went for the ultra expensive package (as if!) then you were limited to three poses.  I like this better.  Although now it will be hard to choose which ones to part with and which ones to keep!  All in all I think we’ll go back there for James’ two year pictures in February.  And I’d like to get a family picture taken, maybe for our Christmas card.  We haven’t had a family picture taken since May of last year.  The kids have grown so much since then!

Sunday was Mary’s son, Logan’s first birthday party.  We headed to that after church so we were a little late.  We got there just as lunch was served though so maybe we were right on time!  :)   Logan sure is a little cutie.  Even Annika thought so.  (When she was in the pink bathroom going potty – and done exclaiming “Mommy!  Mary has a pink bathroom!  I love this bathroom!” – she said that Logan was a cutie)  We ate lunch outside on the patio and shortly after that it was pool time!  Mary’s parents have an in-ground pool so of course we brought swimming suits and life jackets.  The kids had a great time in the pool with Kris, Mary, Logan (brave little man!) and Mary’s brother and nephews.  They both even went off the diving board!  OK, so Jamesy was lowered off the diving board into Kris’s arms.  But Annika jumped off herself.  It was really nice to see Mary too even if we didn’t get to talk that much.  She was busy entertaining her whole family plus friends and Logan.  She had lots to do other than sit and talk with me.  Amanda and Dean were there too though so I did get to spend some time talking with them.  And Amanda had her wedding photos there finally!  Their zook book turned out beautifully!  And Amanda gave me three really nice photos (one of her and Dean, one of her and I and one of the wedding party).  Lucky me!  Before too long it was close to 4pm and Annika was beginning to melt down.  Our cue to leave!  She ended up falling asleep in the truck and then taking a two hour nap.  Let’s just say she went to bed a little late that night.  Naps always screw up her bedtime.

Saturday night we had our little firepit going in the backyard.  Andrew and Katie came over to join us.  It was a fun evening even if it was spent mostly talking about politics.  At least it was a civil discussion and we’re still friends because boy, are we on complete opposite sides on some issues!  :)   Really though it was a lot of fun and I hope we can do it again this fall before it gets too cold outside.

Yesterday Dusty and Melanie had a Labor Day BBQ.  That didn’t start until 2pm though so we spent the morning running errands (me) and working (Kris).  Kris had to go in for about three hours yesterday.  Kinda sucky but what are you going to do when you’re up against deadlines?  While he was there, the kids and I went cell phone shopping.  Our phones are pretty bad – our batteries last a day, maybe – so it was definitely time for new ones.  Then we headed to Target (and spent double what I shoud have) before heading home for lunch.  At Target we were in the toy aisle and Jamesy would not, WOULD NOT, let me leave the aisle with the trucks and airplanes in it.  The boy is obsessed.  Each night lately we have to read the truck book – it doesn’t have words – just pictures of cars and trucks.  He has to point out each vehicle and say car, bus, van or truck for each one.  Anyway, home, lunch and then a nap for James.  We got a bit of a late start for the BBQ because James slept for so long.  We were there by 3pm though and then I didn’t see a whole lot of the kids after that.  Finding Nemo was playing in the theater in the basement so both kids and Nana were down there with the other kids (Salix, Acer, Talie) watching that.  Jamesy wasn’t so much watching the movie though as he was running around screaming.  Weird child.  The rest of the adults were outside enjoying the nice weather or inside enjoying the nice company.  (Another political discussion for Kris with Jon and Michelle – they agree with us on most issues though so this one was quite different than Saturday night’s discussion!)

Today I was at work like a normal day.  And tomorrow I’m working from home so I can take Annika to her 4 year doctor appt in the morning and then to her first day of preschool in the afternoon.  I’m very fortunate to work for a company and with people who understand the need for work/life balance.  And then Thursday/Friday it’s back in the office for a nice short week!  And man is there a lot to get done before then!