Monday, Monday

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I can’t believe it’s Monday already again. The weekends just fly by so fast. This one was no different. Annika is feeling better. She never really acted sick to begin with. We only took her in because she had been complaining for 4 days that her ear hurt. And now that we’re giving her the ear drops, she only complains when we put the drops in and massage her ear a little bit. Then she’s off running and playing again.

Saturday morning we impulse bought gutters. Isn’t that a strange statement? Actually we had an appointment to get an estimate on gutters for our house. We had no intention of buying. We want and need gutters and were hoping to do them someday, we just didn’t know someday meant November. But, we got a fair price so we decided to go ahead and do it. I’ll have to juggle some budget items, scale back some others and take a couple dollars out of savings and then we’ll have credit-free gutters! Perfect! It will also be nice to have them before the winter. A poor house design coupled with the house being north-facing equals ice on our front step and driveway the whole winter long. We’d spend a fortune on ice melter or hours scraping to get through it all. And that poor house design means we have a trench from the porch, 2nd story roof and garage all dumping water into a tiny area that then goes right to our basement. While we haven’t had water in the basement (yet) we have had wet walls. Since we want to start finishing our basement in the next year, we really needed gutters up before then. Fun fun! Gutters combined with our new water softener means we’ve really had some home ownership fun recently! Ha!

Saturday evening Dusty and Melanie’s wedding reception. It was fun getting the whole family dressed up. Annika was in her fancy Christmas dress and James was adorable in his cords and red sweater vest. Kris always looks good in his suit and I even got some compliments on my dress and hair. You can’t ask for more! The reception was at a restaurant in Uptown and the kids behaved wonderfully. They were bored out of their minds so we kept supplying them with juice and food and they stayed occupied. Plus there was Nana and Papa and Uncle Adam and Aunt Carrie to distract them along with Kris and I. Dusty and Melanie looked beautiful together and it was great to meet some of Melanie’s family. Even my old friends Katie and Jeff were there and it was so nice to chat with them a little bit too.

Yesterday it snowed. Snowed! Auntie Carrie and Uncle Adam came over for a visit before taking off for home. We shoved as much baby stuff in their car as we could – swing, boppy pillow, mini co-sleeper, etc. I have so much more to lend them! High chair and clothes and blankets and exersaucers and more toys – I could basically outfit them entirely if they’d want me to! Either way it was nice to just sit back and relax with them. OK, so Kris did have the TV on all the morning news programs so we had our fill of political talk over bagels and cinnamon rolls. They left in the early afternoon. It’s a long drive home and with the sleety-snow coming down they wanted to get on the road. Can’t say I blame them.

It wasn’t too much after they were gone that it was time for me to go too. Krystle and I were meeting other people in Krystle’s wedding party at the bridesmaid dress shop. We all tried on the dress options again and ended up choosing one and ordering them! Krystle is so excited to have the decision made. I really like the dress she chose. They’re going to look great!

Last night Kris ran into work for a couple hours. While he did the kids and I were playing. I made them a fort in the living room with the coffee table, some pillows from the couch and a big blanket from the closet. They had a great time going in and out and playing under it.

Swimmer’s Ear

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Annika’s been complaining that her ear hurt for a few days now.  Late last week she came down with the same fever that James had the week before last.  Same m.o. – fever for two days, no other symptoms and done.  She was a little congested last weekend, waking up at night because she couldn’t breathe through her nose.  That cleared up within a couple days too.  Then Monday or Tuesday she started complaining about her ear.  She said it hurt on the outside and when Kris would press on her cheek or under her ear she would say that didn’t hurt.  We figured she bumped it and it would get better even though there was no visible marks or bruises.  Today, for the 4th day in a row, she said her ear hurt.  When I got home from work I called the pediatrician and got an appointment for an hour later (which I thought was pretty darn amazing – I called at 4:30pm and was offered appointments for 5pm, 5:30pm or 6pm that very same night – love my peds office!).  We went in, she examined Annika’s ear and pronounced it free and clear.  Then I explained that she keeps saying it hurts on the outside so the doc poked around, and if you touch Annika’s ear itself she’ll yelp in pain.  Sure enough, the doctor looked again, not as deep in the ear and found the infection – towards the outside – commonly referred to as Swimmer’s Ear.  Could be from laying in the bath water too long (she loves to lay in the water) or from her congestion late last week.  Either way, she now has ear drops for the next five days.  We did the first ones tonight and she was so good about it!  I told her to lay down on the couch and she did, on her side.  I put the drops in and gently rubbed her ear as directed by the doctor.  She whimpered a little through that but then we were done and she was off playing again.  And then she and James went to bed early – he didn’t take a nap today and she’s got a bum ear.  Hopefully she starts feeling better soon!

Isn’t he cute!?!

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Did you see Kris’s post below?  I have to admit that when I brought up the blog tonight I was surprised to see a new post up.  I didn’t have to log in for him this time!  He’s so cute.

I’ve been meaning to write here all weekend.  I wanted to wait though until I had the pictures sorted and posted (done – click on the left to see them) and the video of James’ first haircut up on YouTube.  I tried last night to upload it and it got to 96% complete before it hung there.  Tonight it seems to be stuck at 64% complete.  Argh!  I’m trying Vimeo instead.

James’ First Haircut from Kristina Froyum on Vimeo.

So, yes, haircut.  Last Monday night Krystle, the kids and I went to the mall and got James’ first haircut.  His hair was getting pretty long.  It was time.  I almost backed out that night but in the end went through with it.  He’s my baby though!  I didn’t want him to grow up and look like a little boy!  At first he didn’t want to sit in the big chair AT ALL.  But the stylist gave him a sucker and turned on Winnie the Pooh and then he sat quietly the rest of the time.  In fact, he was so into the tv that he didn’t barely move, much less blink.  He didn’t care when she wet his hair.  Or when she started combing or cutting.  Or when she blew it dry a bit.  Or when she got out the electric razor for around his ear and neck.  He just sat there.  It was completely adorable.

Not much else went on last week.  Saturday Annika and I were up bright and early and out the door before Daddy and James were even awake.  We had important things to do that day!  First we met a florist at a coffee shop with Gramme and Auntie Krystle and we talked wedding flowers for one and a half hours!  Annika was so good during that time.  There were toys available for her to play with and she did so.  She asked for more to eat at one point so she ate some more muffin.  She was starting to get antsy, asking to go when we were wrapping things up.  Great timing.  Next it was time for bridesmaid dress shopping!  I tried on every dress that was even close to what Krystle was thinking.  We narrowed it down to three choices and then two.  Neither was “the one” though I don’t think.  Annika tried on a few flower girl dresses too.  So cute!  We had some time before our appointment at the next bridesmaid dress shop so we went to JoAnn Fabric where I picked up some supplies.  I’m almost done with Kris’s Christmas stocking (which I’ve cross-stitched) and needed some felt for the back and some white material for inside.  I picked up enough to cover James’ and my stocking too.  Annika’s is already done.  I’m hoping to finish James’ by Christmas 2009 and mine by Christmas 2010.  It takes a long time for me to get these finished!  I’m also working on a Christmas tree skirt that I have about half complete.  That will be finished last though.

After the fabric store and lunch we went to our next store.  Once again I tried on a whole slew of dresses and once again we narrowed it down to three dresses.  These are “the ones” though.  I have a favorite but we’re leaving it up to all the bridesmaids to decide which one it is.  So exciting!  It’s really pretty and even though I have a picture of it, I can’t share that with you.  Krystle would not be happy with me if I did!  We had some time before we had to head home and since we were so close, we headed over to the Mill City Museum to take a look around.  That’s Krystle and Pierce’s wedding and reception site and Gramme and I had never seen it.  After taking a look around and envisioning where tables, etc. would go I have to say that it is going to be fantastic!  I can hardly wait!

Once back at home Gramme helped alter a dress for me and then it was getting late and time for her to go.  Kris and Jamesy were having a boy day, going to the Augsburg football game together with Nana and Papa.  They went out for dinner after the game and by the time they got home, Gramme had already gone.  Bummer for Gramme but that’s okay.  Gramme got to see Jamesy on Sunday.  Dean’s father passed away on Friday (So, so sad but I think they’re taking solace that there is no known treatment for the disease Dean’s father had.  They let him go peacefully.  It still just isn’t fair!) and the wake was Sunday night.  Kris and I dropped the kids off at Gramme’s house so we could attend.  The kids had a great time and didn’t want to come home.  When I walked in the door both came around the entryway corner and bolted over to me.  They were wearing t-shirts of Gramme’s like dresses.  It was quite the sight!  Apparently the dolls and trucks and cartoons weren’t enough.  Annika said they were stinky so they took an hour long bath in Gramme’s tub!  And when they were done they didn’t want to put their clothes back on so they put Gramme’s t-shirts on instead!   Hilarious!  They also decided they needed to brush their teeth so Gramme got out a couple of new toothbrushes and let them have at it.  She put water on James’ and as he was spitting into the sink Gramme turned around to see Annika spitting into the bathtub!  Weirdo!

Yesterday was dentist day in our house.  I went in at 8:20 (yay – no cavities!) and then Annika and Kris went in at 10am.  Well, we all went in at 10am.  Jamesy sat on my lap while I was in with Annika and Kris was in the next room.  Annika did so well.  She opened her mouth wide, let them clean her teeth and floss, let them do a flouride treatment, let the dentist poke around with the metal pick, etc.  I was so proud!  She wouldn’t talk to anybody, nodding once as her only form of communication, but she did everything they asked her to do.  That is progress my friends.  Six months ago when we were in she would barely open her mouth.  She just sat their like a stone statue.  Maybe six months from now she might even utter a word!  She doesn’t have any cavities and everything looked good.  Jamesy was so curious to see what was going on!  He kept looking from multiple angles to get the best view.  And he was very patient, sitting on my lapt the whole time.  They each got a sticker for being so good (along with their toothbrush and floss “prizes”) and then played with the toys in the lobby while we waited for Kris to finish.  And that’s pretty much been our week.

My label crisis

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So I am having a bit of an identity crisis. I grew up in what I would consider a somewhat rural area, so I am a “real” American. I have a college degree, so I am an “elitist”. I received a Perkins grant to help pay for that education, so I am a “socialist”. The school and my church are both part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, so guess I am an “Evangelical”. I only get my news from The Daily Show and am not sure if that is the “leftist MSM” or not. I would like government to spend about what it takes in, so I am a “fiscal conservative”. I think that EVERYONE should rights under the law, so I am an “extreme liberal”. So I am very confused. I wish there was an elected official that would look at what I believe and tell me my standing within the country. If only…

On the mend

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Jamesy’s fever broke Thursday night and then a little congestion set in. He’s on the mend now as his congestion seems to be clearing up too. I just wish his attitude would get better as well! He’s so crabby and whiny and clingy and well, he must not be feeling 100% yet. Any little thing will set him off into tears. Poor baby.

Friday night Krystle hosted a CAbi party at my house. It was so much fun! I always fall in love with their clothes and the Fall/Winter 2008 line is no different. Krystle let me snag one of her half price items as a thank you for using my house. (Our consultant is really allergic to animals and now that Krystle has a dog and a carpeted house there will be no more CAbi parties there whereas even though I have a dog, I also have laminate floors and can clean well enough that she’s OK at my house.) I ended up buying two items on Friday, reserving three more items and have two or three more still on my wish list for the two upcoming CAbi parties I still have on my calendar! I love getting new clothes! And at least I can spread the cost over three months so that’s great too.

Saturday after lazing about in the morning we all got dressed and went for a bike ride. It wasn’t that long of a ride (~8 miles total) but boy was it beautiful! We rode from our part of town to another part and took the paved bike trail to do so. The trail goes through a wooded area and the leaves were outstanding! I was so enjoying my ride. Once over to the other side we did a little shopping at Michael’s, Once Upon a Child, Best Buy (Buying nothing! Amazing!) before having lunch and heading home. Back at home there was naps and football and playing.

Sunday Annika was back in Sunday School after a two week absence (10 mile race then a weekend at Nana and Papa’s). She was happy to be back. After church we went home to have lunch and put Jamesy down for a nap. As soon as he was asleep Annika and I headed out to go shopping. There’s a big party coming up in two weeks (Uncle Dusty and Auntie Melanie’s wedding reception!) and us girls needed new dresses. I found on on clearance at Macy’s (what luck!) and we found two really pretty ones for Annika at JCPenney (neither available online so just trust me when I say they’re adorable!). I couldn’t decide between the two so I bought them both for her! One will be for the party and Christmas and the other could be for Easter since it’s cream colored. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll take it back. Doubt it! It was such a special afternoon though. Annika and I had such fun together. We held hands while walking around and she had a great time telling me which dresses she liked and didn’t like at each of the stores we stopped at.

Then last night we had another treat! Papa was working in St. Paul so he and Nana and us all met for dinner on his way home. When Papa got to our house Jamesy ran as fast as his little legs would carry him and jumped in Papa’s arms. Annika always plays it coy/shy at first and did the same again last night. Not too long though and she was in Papa’s lap too. Annika was having a Mommy night (maybe playing off James’ whining/clinging all weekend?) and had to sit by me and have me do things for/with her (cut her dinner, draw with her, etc.). After they ate both kids were squirrelly so Papa took them for a little walk while the rest of us finished up and chatted. What a great weekend for all of us (except maybe Jamesy?). Now it’s off to another week. Annika only has school today and then is off for the rest of the week (MEA) and Jamesy doesn’t have ECFE class tomorrow either. Kris is going to try and schedule a playdate or two for some time this week and Grandpa Dan and Marcia are coming over Wednesday to help Kris install our water softener. I’m sure the kids will have fun with all of that!

Little Jamesy is sick

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Kris said James had a bad day yesterday. He was tired and whiny. He even almost fell asleep on the couch (standing next to the couch with his head laying on it) when they got home from ECFE class. And last night James had a couple meltdowns where he would just cry when he didn’t get what he wanted. Not a tantrum, with anger, just crying. Last night during their bath I noticed that Annika was happily playing and James was just sitting there in the water, not doing anything. I asked him if he was all right. He said yes. I asked if he wanted to get out. He said no. And yet he just sat there. When I got him out he started the sad cry again. I dressed him and put him in my bed with some cartoons on while I got Annika washed and out of the tub. While she was putting on her pajamas, I laid next to James in bed and started poking around on him. He didn’t feel that warm but I thought I should take his temperature anyway. He was just so lethargic. Turns out his temp was 102.7 when taken orally. Well, that got him a nice dose of Motrin! I had him stay in my bed while I put Annika to sleep and when I came back, he had fallen to his side, rolled to his stomach and fell asleep. Passed out. He was up a bunch during the night. Not really awake most of the time, just whimpering and calling for Mommy in his sleep. I’d go in there, cover him up, pat his back and go back to bed. At 2:30am I woke up to him in my bed. Kris must have got him sometime. He was still warm and it had been 6 1/2 hours since his last dose so we took his temp again (101.0 this time) and gave him some more medicine. Annika had been sleeping on the floor next to our bed (of course). I told Kris “he’s burning up” because James felt so hot and Annika shot up and in a panicked voice asked “What Mommy?” I explained to her that it was just an expression. Jamesy was not actually on fire. He just had a fever making him hot. It’s fire safety week in preschool so I’m sure that has her on heightened awareness of all things fire related this week. I had to giggle a little bit at her response. Anyway, after his medication Jamesy laid back down next to me and Annika crawled into bed with us too. Our queen size bed just is not big enough for our entire family to sleep in. Eventually I rocked Jamesy back to sleep (he just is not used to sleeping next to anyone) and put him back in his crib. Then I moved Annika down by our feet and we all went back to sleep. I’ll be calling home here in a little bit to check on my baby. Hopefully he’s feeling better this morning. If not, we’ll keep an eye on him looking for more symptoms of what this could be. And hopefully Annika doesn’t get whatever it is. I’d hate for her to miss school.

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OK, fine, it was a good weekend

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Yes, Kris and I had a very nice weekend.  I was sad to see my babies leave on Friday night with Nana and Papa.  They were a little sad too (at least for the 10 seconds after I left that I could hear them crying for me then when Kris called a little while later they were happy as can be with Annika telling James to repeat a word she just said – we all get a kick out of hearing James pronounce words).  I continued to be a little sad all Friday night.  The house is way too quiet and empty with them gone.  We kept pretty busy though which kept my mind off the quiet.  Saturday we went out for breakfast, watched a movie (Ironman), watched the Gopher game, went to the basement where Kris showed me how to lift weights properly with the weights/bars/bench that we have, then we went for a 2.4 mile run together before coming home, showering and getting ready for our dinner out.  Kris took me to the Bloomington Chop House and it was delicious. We had the Carpaccio appetizer and then I had prime rib and Kris had scallops for dinner. We also shared crab legs and grilled asparagus. Yummy. My glass of Pinot Noir was also yummy. The place is fairly new and the restaurant was fairly empty. It was good though and I’m sure we’ll go back. After dinner we stopped at the liquor store and then home to start a bonfire. Me with my hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps and Kris with his beer and we were good to go. Oh, I also had some Halloween Peeps that I roasted over the fire. Caramelized sugar. Yum. Our neighbors Andrew and Katie joined us for a while and it was fun talking with them. We were back inside just in time to watch the opening SNL skit. They didn’t hold back any punches with Palin, did they? Kris and I let out a big whistle about the teenage marriage comment. Youch.

Sunday morning we slept in really late before wasting some time at home. Around noon we set out for some shopping. We didn’t end up buying a thing but we hit about two dozen stores anyway. I was itching to get my babies back but first they were at church, then they were eating lunch, then James was napping. Ugh! (Darn kids and their needs!) We finally saw them close to 5pm at dinner. Jamesy dove right for me but Annika had to act all coy and sit by Papa. Silly girl. Before too long they were both on my lap though. I swear James grew two inches while he was gone. And Annika’s hair grew about the same! We got home last night just in time to put away some laundry and clean their rooms. I’m sure they were SO happy to be back. Nana and Papa had a tough time getting them in the truck to meet us for dinner. They both ran in opposite directions through the yard avoiding going home. They had a great time helping with horse chores, playing on the swingset, riding in the golf cart and just generally being spoiled. Who would want to come home from a weekend like that! I didn’t blame them.

Today is back to the routine. Annika had preschool and started learning about fire safety. They took their sweet time picking up toys tonight and played in the bathtub an extra long time. Tomorrow is ECFE class for James and it goes on from there. I’m so happy to have them back. But I’m sure we’ll send them away for a weekend again some time. Kris and I did really enjoy our time together. We’re a whole lot nicer to one another when the stress of the children is removed. Funny that. Huh.

No Kid Weekend

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Kris and I are having a no kid weekend. He’s excited. I’m having second thoughts, cold feed, DON’T WANT TO DO IT! It’s just that when I’m at work I miss my babies so much! I just want to go home and play with them. Of course by bedtime I’m usually willing them to sleep but still – so cute! OK, so the fighting and hitting and pushing and squealing isn’t so cute. Annika has had her fair share of timeouts lately for being a toy tyrant, bossy big sis, all around pain. And whenever James doesn’t get what he wants (or when Annika is beating him about the head and shoulders with toys) he squeals this godawful squeal. Now, contrary to popular belief, my children are not perfect. I mean, sure, they’re close. :) But then when I’m away from them I miss them so much and constantly think about all the cute things they do. Jamesy was singing in the bathtub last night. Just sitting there, cross-legged, while Annika played around him and he just sang away. No discernible words, just a pretty little melody. The next time he does that I’m diving for the camera of course. And he LOVES to cuddle. He does this adorable thing where I have to hug him with my face on one side, then he moves my face to the other side of his and we have to hug again. Then he kisses me and we repeat. Two hugs, one on each side and kiss. Over and over again. And Annika is absolutely precious as well. This morning she woke up around 5:15am and came into our room. I told her she could sleep on the floor (on the pillows by the dog, heh) next to the bed and she laid down and did that. Around 5:45am James woke up and Kris went in to put his blankets back on him. While he did that, Annika got up, came to the bed, patted my cheek to make sure I was still there and then went and laid back down and went back to sleep. And when she isn’t testing her boundaries, she sings and dances and tries to tell jokes and riddles. And did you know she has a “best friend” now? A girl at preschool named Reagen is her “best friend” and they even sat next to each other on the bus on Wednesday to the apple orchard. (Funnily enough, Reagen’s dad is a high school classmate of Kris’s!). And she told me all about the apples and how you are supposed to twist them off the tree, not pull. And she does this thing where when she asks for something nicely, saying please, she cocks her head to one side and grins.

Anyway, I’m sad my babies are going away tonight and that I won’t see them until Sunday. So, I’m going to list the good things about this weekend:

1 – Annika is super excited to go to Nana and Papa’s house without Mommy and Daddy
2 – Jamesy will love it as well although I’ll worry about him more, especially at night
3 – I’ll get to sleep in (and all night – still a rare occurrence around here) both Saturday and Sunday mornings
4 – Kris and I will get to spend a lot of time with each other (this should actually be #1 as we don’t do this nearly enough and it’s really important to both of us)
5 – Kris is taking me out to dinner on Saturday night (to a place that accepts reservations! – we rarely go to nice places anymore) to celebrate our 15 years together (Oct. 4th is our dating anniversary) and won’t tell me where we’re going
6 – The time away from the kids will refresh me, making me a better, more patient, parent

So, you see, there are good things, lots of good things about this weekend. I just am going to miss the kids. A lot. And will probably be down to Nana and Papa’s house by noon on Sunday to see them again, earlier if I can drag Kris out of bed and shove him into the car. Heh.

Isn’t he cute?

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Ah, isn’t my hubby cute? OK, so he didn’t really steal my (our) blog. I did have to log in for him. I think he should write more, don’t you? I’ve even started a Kris Says… category for his posts.

It’s been a long time since my last update. I meant to write last Friday. Then Sunday. Then last night. And well, here we are this morning. There has just been so much going on! Mathias flew in last Tuesday. He was incredibly busy seeing everyone he possibly could. I managed to see him Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Not enough for me but probably more than enough for him! What 23 year old single guy wants to hang out with his (much) older sister? We had fun too. Wednesday Krystle and I went over to Dad’s house. There we cleaned all day! Kris was like, uh, you’re taking a day off work to go clean your dad’s house? YES! What Kris clearly doesn’t understand is that we have FUN cleaning out closets over there. I have some hilarious pictures of Mathias in a goofy outfit and Krystle with a purse on her head. Heh. I’ll be uploading those to Flickr this week. Dad wanted all Mathias’ stuff (and some of Krystle’s too) out of the closets and decisions made – keep, sell, donate. We found baby blankets, cabbage patch dolls, high school dance costumes (uh, Krystle’s, not Mathias’ – tee hee), really old cassette tapes and CDs. It was fun. And when we were finished Krystle had a car full of stuff to bring to her house, Mathias had a pile of goodwill donations and he was all packed up to leave. We left there around 4pm so I could get home in time for Kris to get to work and Annika to get to gymnastics. Thursday I worked a couple hours in the morning from home (didn’t want to use all my vacation if I didn’t have to!) and then Mathias came over around 11am. The kids got to see and play with him (which was my goal for the day) and we played a bunch of Wii. Wednesday, Krystle and I gave Mathias a Wii with Wii Play and MarioKart for his graduation from Alex Tech, his birthday in June and then his Border Patrol graduation too. Mathias brought his games over to our house on Thursday so we could try them out. Krystle and I? Not so good at shooting pool or racing on the Wii. Heh. It was fun though. Friday I took off from work too. I just played with the kids in the morning. I took Annika to preschool in the afternoon, came home, put James down for a nap, kissed Kris good-bye so he could go into work early, worked for a couple hours, woke James up, picked up Annika from school and came home where we played outside. It was so nice Friday! We played outside for a long time. The three of us were coloring with chalk on the driveway when all of a sudden Dagur took off across the lawn! Usually if someone is walking on the sidewalk outside our house he’ll stand up, on guard, until they pass. This time he bolted over there. I was shocked until it registered who was there – Krystle, Pierce and Bailey! They were out for a walk (to tire Bailey out) and Dagur ran over to them. No wonder. They ended up staying for a while and Dagur and Bailey played and ran and played. No need for more walking! Dagur tired him out enough! Eventually they went home and I ushered the kids inside so we could have some dinner. It was a fun day.

Saturday afternoon, as Kris said, we went to the Augsburg homecoming game. We actually went a little early to partake in their alumni lunch before the game. Uncle Dusty, Nana and Papa were there too. (Uncle Dusty, Nana and Papa are all also alumni!) They had a gigantic bounce house set up, complete with slide, and the kids had a great time playing in there before the game. Nana and I had to bribe them out of there to go into the game. We had great seats, right on the 50 yard line, near the top of the bleachers and the kids did pretty well throughout the game. James was a little squirrelly, going back and forth between me and Papa, who were of course on opposite sides of our group. Annika stayed generally by me and Nana. And Nana was of course prepared with some treats to keep them busy. James does love watching football games though, always pointing to the ball and players. Annika could really care less. I told her that Daddy used to play there and that I would show her some pictures when we got home. I haven’t done that yet. Must remember to do that tonight! She’ll love it. Papa took them on a “walk” during half time. Of course they each ran opposite directions for him. Poor Papa. After the game we stopped by the homecoming block party for a little while. It was getting cold out though so we didn’t stay long. Plus Papa wanted to see the end of the Twins game so we headed to a sports restaurant instead.

Sunday morning was my 10 mile run! You can read all about it at Sweat. It went fairly well but I was pretty tired and sore the rest of the day! Sunday evening we went back over to Dad’s house so we could help Mathias load up his (new) truck for his long drive. He managed to get everything he wanted to take in the club cab and bed of his truck. Then Krystle and I said good-bye (without tears – I’m so amazed!) and we all headed home around 10pm. Mathias had to get to bed so he could get up really early to head out. He left home around 4:15am, stopped by a friend’s house to say good-bye and was heading out of the cities by 5:30am. He pulled in to his town house in El Paso at 6:30am yesterday. It took him a little longer than he expected but he had to stop for food/gas, of course, but also to wake himself up! He drove straight through and got pretty tired the last few hours. I’m glad he made it safely there. He starts work this morning, in about 45 minutes actually, and I’m so excited for him! He seems to happy and content in his life now. I miss him like crazy too of course and hate that he lives so far away now. He’s not sure when he’ll be able to come home next, maybe not even for Christmas, so Dad and Krystle floated the idea of Christmas in El Paso this year. We’ll see if that happens but I do think we need to plan some trips for if not then, then maybe spring break or something. I need to see my brother!

For us, life is back to the routine. Today, Annika and her preschool class go to an apple orchard for a field trip. She’s so excited to ride on the big yellow bus!