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We just got back from a quick trip to Iowa to visit baby Isak. First of all, what a cutie he is! Second of all, Annika has officially hit the stage where she wants to know if we’re there yet…every three seconds.

We took off Friday afternoon after a few false starts. After I got home from errands I hurried everybody to get packed. I didn’t want to show up at midnight when they have a brand new baby in the house – how rude! So we hustled and got out of the house shortly after 4pm. Kris had to stop by work for a bit so the kids and I grabbed some quick dinner and then went back and picked up Kris. On our way! Kind of. We still needed to drop off Dagur and Nana and Papa’s (Papa very nicely met us part way so it wasn’t really out of our way – just a brief pause in our journey.). Finally, on our way! From there it was just three movies later that we took a wrong turn, almost got lost and showed up just after 9pm in their driveway. Ha! Last week we found a deal at Target – a portable DVD player with second screen on clearance for $80. Great timing since our portable DVD player’s power plug was intermittent and frustrating. Sure, the new one is an off brand but who cares – it works just fine for our use! So the kids were watching movies the whole way down. We took a wrong turn somewhere in Waterloo (we always seem to do that!) but it didn’t take us too far out of our way. Baby Isak was already sleeping when we got there so we took turns sneaking into the bedroom to get a look at him. Then we gave congratulations and good night hugs to Adam and Carrie and went downstairs to #1 – be quiet and #2 – get the kids to bed!

Saturday morning after breakfast Carrie handed Isak over to Uncle Kris. Kris cuddled for a few seconds and then handed Isak over to me. Kris isn’t so much into babies. He likes the 2 year olds (they can tell you what they want, feed themselves and still like cuddling). Me though? I like babies. A lot. So I held Isak for the next couple hours while he napped and his mommy napped. We all had a lovely time I think. Annika was very interested in the baby. She wanted to pet his head and give him kisses on his forehead. Then she’d go off and play again for a while until she wanted to give him some more attention again. She spent the rest of the weekend loving her baby doll that she brought with (cradling it like a real baby) and nursing her doll too! Jamesy, on the other hand, was not quite as keen on me holding the baby. He wanted his mommy to hold him. At one point he told me to “Put that baby down and hold me.” He was placated by me holding the baby in one arm and holding him with the other (he often has to share my lap with Annika so I guess he was OK with this too). Once he got his cuddles in then he was off playing again.

After lunch Kris had to take off. He went to Des Moines for the Machine game that night. The rest of us stayed back and kept it relaxed in the afternoon. The kids were downstairs playing, I was working on a project for Annika’s preschool and Carrie and Adam were doing typical newborn parenting things (like you know, sleeping and feeding and stuff). In the afternoon Annika came to me complaining of a headache and she felt warm. Sure enough she had a slight fever. I put James down for a nap and cuddled with Annika. After the movie was over that we were watching I brought my lethargic, feverish girl downstairs and we cuddled up for a nap together. When we woke up , she was burning up at 103.0. Off to the nearest drugstore I went for some children’s medication! Did I not just say in my last post to not get my kids sick so I could bring them with us??!! Sure enough, I brought a sick kid to a house with a newborn. What an awful thing to do! The medicine kicked in though and my girl got her energy back and her temp went down. Still though after dinner I took the kids downstairs where they could play, watch movies and cartoons and STAY AWAY FROM THE BABY!

Sunday we woke up to a normal Annika. No fever, no headache (well until the drive home that night when she complained of her headache again). We had a nice breakfast together and then we made, MADE, Kris hold Isak again (after a good hand-washing to help ward off kid germs). I took pictures of this because of the aforementioned baby disliking. Right after lunch we took off for home. It’s a long drive and Kris had some work he had to get to that night as well. We purposely kept the DVD players off at the start of the drive, turned up the heat and lulled both kids to sleep. Ah, a peaceful drive! Of course then I had to keep Kris awake too. When they woke up we put in a movie and they were occupied until we were just a couple miles away from Nana and Papa’s house. (They also had fun finding all the big, big tractors out working in the fields when driving to and from Adam and Carrie’s house. There sure is a lot of farming going on along the country roads we were taking!)

We had a quick visit at Nana and Papa’s house. We took a trip to the barn where Annika and James were introduced to their new pony, Nada. Yes, my kids have a pony (well, Isak does too but I’m guessing it will be a few years before he’s riding it!). Doesn’t every extremely spoiled child!?! Annika was too scared to pet both the new pony Nada and the new stud Papa just got (what a nice looking horse!). Jamesy wasn’t though! He even sat on his new pony and went for a quick jaunt around the barn (with Papa leading the horse and Nana standing right next to him holding him in place). He thought that was great! Then each child had to find their respective buckets (pink for Annika and blue for James of course). Feeding time! Each child got a scoop of grain in their bucket and then they had to go feed each horse. Jamesy was totally into the grain feeding. Annika was too but was too self-conscious to really let it show through. (Poor girl. I so wish I could help her!) After chores were done, Annika and James got a quick ride in the golf cart around the house a couple times (had to check out their swing set to make sure it was still there ya know and then race Dagur back to the rest of us – Dagur won) and then back into the truck they went. Jamesy so did not want to leave. He cried and cried and cried. We assured him that he could come back soon (maybe even next weekend?) and then he was OK.

Once back at home we ate a quick dinner, kissed Daddy good-bye so he could go to work and then it was bath time. We decided it was bubble bath night and so we filled that bathtub with bubbles as high as I could. They loved it! Right up until Jamesy pooped in the tub and it was a mad scramble to get out. Yuck. Pajamas, books and cuddles later and off to sleep they went. Not a bad weekend if you ask me!

Isak Walter

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I’m an aunt!  Congratulations Carrie and Adam on the birth of your son, Isak Walter!!!  Kris and I are so excited to become an aunt and uncle.  The kids are less excited about having a cousin, mostly because they have no idea what that means.  This is their first cousin!  Their first first cousin!  Yay!


Isak is a big boy too, weighing in at 9 pounds, 2.4 ounces.  What’s crazy is that Annika was exactly 9 pounds 2.4 ounces too!  And there’s pictures of the scale from both babies to prove it!  How coincidental!

We’re planning a trip next weekend to visit the new family of three.  It works out quite nicely that Kris and the Machine have a game in Des Moines next weekend so we’ll be able to go see baby Isak and Kris can coach too.  I hope Adam and Carrie are OK with us coming!  Now nobody get my kids sick so they can come too!

Grass Fire

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There was a small grass fire near our home today.  It backed up traffic on the nearby highway as the fire was right up near the road.  And the sky was thick with black smoke.  Annika was very concerned about the fire.  She was asking all sorts of questions like do we need to leave the house and where is it and did the other people get out of their houses?  We had to make a Target trip before dinner so we took a little detour and I drove over towards the fire.  We stopped at the end of a long street and I pointed out the fire trucks and smoke in the sky.  I assured her that the fire was out now, the firefighters were there taking care of it, that it was a long way from our house and that there was nothing to worry about.  She seemed fine after that, not asking too many other questions.

I went to the doctor yesterday for my annual physical.  One of the questions I asked her is why am I always tired.  I can sleep 10 hours a night and still take a two hour nap.  I never feel rested.  My eyes always burn with tiredness.  My legs always feel heavy.  I used to say I was the type of person that just needed a lot of sleep.  I used to blame this on the kids not sleeping well even though I’ve felt this way as long as I can remember, well before kids came along. But the kids sleep pretty well now.  I’m up 0-2 times a night on average.  I’m going to bed and getting on average 7 hours of sleep a night.  I shouldn’t always be this tired.  The doc is checking my thyroid (TSH and T4) since my mom has thyroid problems and is on medication.  I’ve had this checked in the past and it’s always come back in the normal range.  She’s also checking my hemoglobin and ferritin levels.  She’s trying to rule out anemia as well.  I already take a prenatal vitamin every day which as 156% of my daily iron needs.  I sure hope I’m not anemic!  I have been turned down in the past from giving blood due to low hemoglobin levels so I guess it’s not totally out of the question.  I’m of course hoping all the tests come back normal.  Maybe I just need to get 8 hours of sleep instead of 7.  Maybe I just need to eat healthier foods.  Maybe I just need to not work all day then parent all night then find time for exercise in there too.  I always feel like a slacker but maybe I’m doing too much?

And why, oh why, won’t Jamesy go to sleep tonight?  He’s up an hour past his bedtime and has come out of his room a dozen times already.  Just stay in bed kid and go to sleep!  Who thought this toddler bed was a good idea anyway??

Happy Easter – one day late

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Easter! Hope you had a good Easter (if you celebrate)! Let’s back up to Friday. That’s when we kicked off our Easter activities. We went to our church’s Children’s Service in the morning. It was a cute little service complete with a “cross walk” to four different stations throughout the church. At each station there was a “shepherd” who read the kids a quick story and then had an activity for them. Then we finished the service with some songs and prayers and headed for the egg hunt! First there was cookies and juice in the gathering room. Then they broke out the kids by age group and we headed off for the hunt. Each child could find five eggs and the kids found those in about 4 seconds flat. Then they turned in those plastic eggs for a little goodie bags with animal crackers, cheez-its and a juice box. No candy in sight. I appreciated that. We certainly have enough candy at home that we didn’t need more!

After the hunt we went home for lunch and a quick Gramme visit. The kids were excited to see her and very upset when I left with Gramme to go dress shopping. Gramme, Krystle and I first went to David’s Bridal and picked out half a dozen dresses for Gramme to try on. We were looking for a dress for her to wear to Krystle’s wedding. She tried the first one on and that was it! The dress! It’s perfect! We selected a different color for her, tried that dress on and ta-da(!), dress shopping is done!< Gramme loves it, Krystle loves it and I love it too! We still wanted to find shoes and a bag for her so we went to the Mall of America next. It took a fair bit of shopping but we did find shoes for her that are going to work smashingly. (Think super cute strappy heels!) We couldn’t find an evening bag to save our lives though. We hit every anchor store, most shoes stores, some accessory stores and couldn’t find one that we liked. We ran out of time though and will have to save that search for another day.

When I got home later that afternoon I walked into the house to see Annika sitting on the couch. Usually when I get home she’s super excited to see me. Friday though she gave me her biggest scowl ever. She was so mad that I came home by myself. She wanted Gramme to come back with me! She wanted Gramme to play with her and she was not happy at all that Gramme went home. We will be scheduling a very special Gramme playdate in the future. Gramme – you’ve been warned.

Friday night Krystle came over and we made her bridal shower invitations. To keep the kids occupied I put on a Barbie movie for them (best mother ever!) upstairs in my bedroom while Krystle and I worked downstairs. We heard thumping and then crying and the kids were jumping on the bed (and then off onto the floor) and Jamesy bonked his head. Shocker. After settling down the kids each brought in a little chair to sit in and sat back to relax with blankets on their laps for the movie. Then a little while later I heard more crying. I went upstairs to investigate and I found Jamesy crying while watching the movie. He was scared of an ogre in the movie (pleading to make the bad man go away). I quickly moved the DVD ahead a chapter, comforted my scared little boy and then everything was all right again. Poor baby! Awful mother! After the movie was over I put James to bed and then Annika joined Krystle and I downstairs where she “helped” us finish up the invitations. She had fun taking the paper off the stickers. Who wouldn’t?! The invitations turned out cute. A couple finishing touches and then they’ll be ready to stuff into envelopes and mail out. That’s my project this week – get those in the mail!

Saturday was kind of a hodge podge day. We did a little of this and a little of that. After being lazy in the morning (me pretending to sleep while the kids crawled all over me pretending to watch cartoons) we got up and had breakfast. Then I left to do a bit of shoe shopping (two new pairs for me! Woo-hoo!), came home and packed up the fam. We went to Target to find me a bike helmet and ended up spending 1 ½ hours there. We of course had to go through every toy aisle and push all the buttons. We left the store with the helmet and a water bottle holder for Kris’s bike. A cheap Target run! However, when we were leaving the parking lot I noticed that one of the pads in the helmet were missing. Damn it! I wanted to wear it that afternoon! Anyway, after a quick grocery store run we went home and had lunch and then I took the helmet and went to a different Target (knowing that the original one didn’t’ have another one that fit me). I got back to find Kris and the kids playing outside. It was way past Jamesy’s nap time so I put him down for a nap and then it was training time! First I ran almost two miles and then I biked almost 13. It was my first outdoor combined workout in preparation for the duathlon. (Duathlon is May 9th in Oakdale – you’re all welcome to come cheer on Kris and I!) My legs were shot when I was done. I, um, still have some work to do.

Saturday night we dyed our Easter eggs at home. I had boiled them earlier in the day so now that they were cool, we got everything out. First we put the newspaper down then we got out the mugs and water and vinegar. The kids were very interested in the process. Our kit had five colors so the kids each picked their two favorites (leaving yellow as the left over color for me) and we dyed our eggs. They thought it was pretty cool. After the eggs were dry then the kids were very busy putting stickers all over them.

Yesterday was a busy day for us. Of course the first business of the day was to find the baskets and eggs the Easter bunny had hidden for us. Every time they’d find one, they would exclaim “I found one!” and rush over to put it on the kitchen counter. A quick change into our dress up clothes and we were off to church. I must say, we clean up nicely! Our church is apparently pretty casual because there were not many little girls in Easter dresses. I saw a lot of what I would consider business casual dress. Kris in his suit and I in my skirt might have been a tad overdressed. Oh well. I’d rather be overdressed than underdressed.

After church we hurried down to Nana and Papa’s house. We got there just before they returned from church so the kids made themselves at home, tearing into the toys. As soon as Nana and Papa were home though they put down the toys and came rushing over to say hello. We took a few pictures of the kids dressed up and then got them changed out of their dressy clothes. And then they went outside and went for a golf cart ride with Papa. The farm is so fun! There are horses to see and golf carts to ride! As soon as they got back we sat down and had a fabulous Easter dinner complete with at least six different kinds of root beer! Everything was fabulous and James had his fair share of ham and potatoes. That’s my boy! Nana had some baby plants she wanted to share with us so after dinner Nana, Kris and Annika took another golf cart ride over to the garden. While they were gone Jamesy had a grand time playing with Papa reading books. At one point Jamesy had a sippy cup of milk and just followed Papa wherever he went. Jamesy even stopped one time, took the cup out of his mouth and told Papa “I’m following you!” and then went back to drinking and following. Somebody has a mini-me! And then I fell asleep on the couch. I am the life of the party. Or the kids had me up 4 times within 5 hours on Saturday night. You know. Either one.

Before I knew it (see: sleeping) it was time to leave and head to our next celebration. After an hour and a half drive we arrived at Grandpa Dan and Marcia’s house. And promptly jumped into an egg and play-doh hunt. They had hidden 10 candy-filled plastic eggs and 10 mini play-dohs around the yard. The kids loved running around looking for them. After the hunt was over we went inside to get dinner started. Grandpa went outside to grill some hamburgers and Jamesy, playing the mini-me role again, followed him outside, then inside, then outside, then inside, well, you get it. He had to follow Grandpa around wherever he went. After dinner the kids and Grandpa and Marcia were in the living room playing while Krystle and Pierce and Kris and I talked in the dining room. After a little while we joined them in the living room where Annika promptly told us that we could leave. Seems she wanted Grandpa and Marcia all to herself thankyouverymuch. Later that evening though Annika really came out of her shell. She improvised some drums (plastic jump rope ends pounding on a puzzle box) and found the maraca. Then we took turns playing the “instruments” while Marcia or Pierce “announced” her then she’d come into the room and dance for us. After each dance she went back out into the foyer or dining room to practice her next dance. Pretty soon she had stage names (Lily, Peaches, Sarah)! She loved being the center of attention. Who knew?! At 9pm we finally drug the kids out of the house (it took a little cajoling) and into the truck to go home. They were both so tired and needed to get to bed. It was a fun and busy Easter. I hope yours was good too!

Rug burn

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If you see Annika in the near future, or see a picture of her from this time or Easter, don’t be alarmed.  It’s just a little rug burn, all over her nose.  The girl decided to give herself and her brother a ride down the stairs in a laundry basket on Tuesday.  It didn’t work out so well.  Jamesy got a bonk on his head and Annika took the brunt of it on her nose.  It looks worse than it is.  Really.  Silly kids.

Paper shopping, again!?!

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How is it Wednesday again already??? It’s been a fun few days! Friday night was my CAbi party. There were a ton of people who were able to make it. It was fun to see everyone again. And after talking with Lisa on Monday she made me realize I have such a diverse groups of friends! I have the liberal hippies, the very much so right wing conservatives, the even keeled and the drama queens, the outright funny and the dry senses of humor. It makes for an interesting gathering! That’s great though! I love all my peeps! And no, I’m not naming names. Heh. :) The wine was flowing (except for the two pregnant ladies of course!), the food was almost gone by the end of the night and the clothes were great! I ended up with 10 pieces total and I cannot wait until they arrive. Of course, I also ended the night by sending my consultant to the hospital. She’s very allergic to dogs and cats. Usually I can clean my house well enough that she’s fine but this time she came with her lungs already compromised (show the night before at a house with pets) so by the end of the night she was wheezing and having an asthma attack. Poor Deb! She’s back home and hopefully on the mend. I have yet to talk to her (after three phone calls) but I’ve talked to her Mom and to Lisa, who’s spoken with her, and she’s fine, just working off the side effects of the asthma medication and healing her lungs. Hopefully I hear from her soon. What a mess!

Saturday was a fun day too. Kris was gone most of the day at football practice (creating controversy and stress of course!) The kids and I played and had a good lunch and then Annika played on the computer while I tried and tried and tried to put James down for a nap. It took an hour for that little bugger to finally go to sleep. Twice I found him up, out of bed and playing with cars in his room. Once I turned around to find him grinning at me from behind the computer chair. Little rascal. Saturday night we went to Dean and Amanda’s house to “celebrate spring.” Or so the invite said. Too bad it snowed. We were really there to celebrate Amanda’s pregnancy! Yay for babies! She’s due in late September and I’m so excited! She looks so cute in her maternity clothes! :) You can really tell that our group of friends is growing older. Instead of parties that start at 8pm and go to midnight or 1am, more often than not our parties are starting earlier (this one at 4pm) and ending much earlier (we were one of the last to leave at 9pm). That’s of course when the kids are with us. Ah, kids. Ruining all the parents fun! Heh. Annika and James had a great time at the party though. For not having any kids (yet!), Dean and Amanda have some fun toys to play with! Like an exercise ball – that provided lots of fun. And a laser pointer (for the cats) which turns out to be a great preschooler toy as well (they chase the red dot just like a cat would, who knew?)! And just having other kids to play with keeps the kids entertained. Nothing got broke and there was minimal crying or fighting. A complete success!

And Sunday was our low key day of the weekend. First there was church. Then there was home and lunch and a nap for James, computer time for Annika (while James napped), reading time for Kris and exercise time for me. It was a quiet house for a few hours! In the late afternoon the neighbors invited Annika over to play on their new Rainbow (huge, gigantic) play system for the first time. Even though it was cold out and they didn’t last out there very long, she had a great time! After they were done outside they went inside and played for a while until the dinner bell called her back home. She wasn’t really excited to come back home but came willingly just the same. Of course, she’s whined every day since that she didn’t get to go outside and play with them that day. I foresee a summer of playing on that playground. She’s going to be in heaven! Jamesy too.

Tonight’s plans include paper shopping with Auntie Krystle for wedding shower invitation supplies. I asked Annika last night if she wanted to go shopping with Auntie Krystle tomorrow. She said “For paper?” I said yes and she exclaimed “But we always go shopping for paper with her!” Uh oh. Busted! Thursday night Krystle is going to come over so we can work on shower invitations and wedding invitations together. And Friday is the Good Friday Children’s Service at church, followed by the annual Easter egg hunt – the kids are going to love that! Then in the afternoon I have a shopping date with my Mom and Sister for a dress for Gramme for the wedding. I CAN NOT WAIT for this. Yay! Time with my mommy and sister! I’m hoping Kris can take Friday night off so we can spend an evening together as a family. Saturday is a low key family day which will probably contain egg dyeing for Easter. And Sunday is of course Easter complete with church, a celebration with Nana and Papa and a celebration with Grandpa Dan and Marcia. Whew! I have a busy few days coming up! Ah, what else is new…


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I still have a job. That is the good news of the day. The bad news is my pay is being cut by 10% from April 20th through the end of the 3rd quarter. Basically instead of saying 80 hours on my paychecks, it’s going to say 72 hours. (Not sure yet if I have to work 80 but get paid for 72 or if we’re going to work 72 hours in instead.  Details are TBD.)  That is a large chunk of money we’ll be missing each month. Kris and I will have to sit down and figure out what we want to adjust to account for this. Luckily, we’ve made some great progress with our finances in the last 18-21 months so we can still pay all our bills, still do fun things here or there and still save money each month. We’re fine. And at least I still have a job.

Tonight we had the news on while we were finishing up dinner.  Kris was upstairs getting ready for work.  Annika was playing in the living room.  I was at the dining room table working on our 3000 piece puzzle and James was at the kitchen island finishing his dinner.  President Obama came on the evening news and James turned around to face the television and then said “That’s Obama.”  I asked him if he just said that was Obama and he said yes.  He knows who President Obama is!  I went upstairs and told Kris and he didn’t believe me.  We went back downstairs and Obama was still on tv talking about the G20 summit.  Kris asked him who that was and Jamesy knew he was being put on the spot.  He still said it though, “that’s Obama.”  We asked Annika (oblivious to the conversation taking place) who that was on tv and she gave us a blank stare and then said “I don’t know.”  Oh well.  1 for 2.  We’ll work on Annika!

This week at school Annika’s class is learning about the letter T.  Tonight Annika asked for a pencil and a piece of paper and then I had to spell every “t” word she could think of and she wrote them down.  (television, tv, toothbrush, tooth fairy)  Then she had to write For Mrs. K (her teacher) and sign it Annika.  Then we had to fold it up (it was a big piece of paper) and get it ready to put in her back pack for tomorrow.

Happy April

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First up – pictures are updated.  This will make the grandparents very happy.  Have fun perusing our trip to Breezy Point, the Daddy/Daughter dance, the Children’s Museum and lots of fun times.

I think Jamesy was playing some April Fool’s jokes on us this morning. He’s usually our good sleeper and doesn’t wake during the night. This morning though he woke at 4:15am so I went in and put him back to bed. Then I woke up at 5:20am to a strange noise. I wondered if it was James trying to open his bedroom door (jiggling the doorknob maybe?). I walk out into the hallway to find James’ bedroom door open, his bedroom light on and him in the hallway playing with the diaper champ. What! So I scoop him up, turn off his light, rock him for a couple minutes and put him back in bed. Then he wakes up again at 5:45am (while I’m ignoring my alarm clock). This time Kris goes in and puts him back to bed. When I left for work at 6:25am he was still sleeping. Hopefully he stayed sleeping for a little while longer too. Wonder what got into him! If he’s going to start getting up during the night and wandering the house we’ll have to look into some more safety things I think.

It’s already Wednesday and I haven’t told you about our weekend yet! It was one busy weekend! Friday night I went out to dinner with Amanda while Krystle and Pierce watched the kids. It was great to get some girlfriend time in. I don’t get enough of that. I hadn’t seen Amanda in a while so I was really happy to spend time with her. We talked and talked and talked. Then when I got home from dinner Kris was already home from work so we hopped in the car and headed out for the evening together. Our friend George’s band was playing at a local bar/restaurant and it was his birthday the next day so we went out to hear some live music and see George. It was a good time! George’s band is pretty good and we got to see other friends too like Mike (George’s brother) and Sarah (Mike’s wife). I don’t get to spend enough time with them (Kris sees Mike every weekend at Machine football practice) so I liked that. Maybe one of these days we can schedule a dinner together. We keep saying that at least. More than likely I’ll see them this spring at a Machine game or two.

Saturday was just as busy. The kids and I headed out in the morning for a baby shower. First we met up with Krystle and then Gramme. The kids had a great time at the shower. Lots of attention from Gramme always makes them happy. Top that with cupcakes and well, could the day get better? It did only because there were other kids to play with too! First they all banged on the piano together, creating “lovely” music. Then they sat very quietly in a corner playing with one child’s animal toys. They shared nicely and there was no fighting. It was great! Then they found some balloons and ran around chasing the balloons and one girl who was a “bear”. Must stay away from the bear! Annika, my shy child, was in the middle of it all too. But not without her little brother leading the way. James took my hand at one point and led me over to the piano. Annika followed us. I got them set up with the other kids. (One little girl was so kind saying James could sit between them on the piano and then Annika stood on one end with a little patch of keys all to herself.) Later Annika came over to me and asked if she could play with the other girls animal toys. I told her she could if the other little girl said it was OK. Annika said the other little girl already said it was OK so I told her to go for it. Annika came back to me another time that afternoon and asked if she could play with the girls down the hall (the bear sighting) and I told her of course, go play! It was kind of cute that she asked permission to do each of these things but I also want her to just go play sometimes without being timid. They both had a great time though.

After the shower we went back to Gramme’s house to have a wedding dress rehearsal. Krystle’s wedding dress, my bridesmaid dress, Annika’s flower girl dress and James’ ring bearer suit were donned and pictures taken. We all need some alterations but it was great to see it all together. We look smashing! (I need some alterations to take in my chest area – how in the world did that happen?) Krystle and I are both losing some weight so we may need some additional alterations before the wedding. That’s wait and see right now. Now isn’t that just awful! Ha! Annika’s dress is too big and Nana has agreed to alter that for us. She doesn’t really like wearing it now but I think that’s because it’s way too big and it’s not pink. Her dress for the rehearsal dinner is pink and she LOVES that dress. Imagine that.

When we got home from all that on Saturday I was tired. And crabby. And then I got a facebook invitation from Robyn for dinner out. So Kris pushed me out the door and said go have a night out with the girls. So I hemmed and hawed and then put on my coat, kissed them good-bye and raced out. Robyn, Jeanette and I had dinner and margaritas and talked for hours. It was awesome. I haven’t had a drink in a while so that one drink, with food, had me a little loopy. Good thing we sat at the restaurant for almost five hours talking! Pam and her date met up with us halfway through which is partly why we were there so long. Kris wondered why we didn’t just go back to someone’s house. We didn’t even think of that honestly. We just talked and talked and talked.

Sunday morning after church we raced over to brunch (still late of course) so we could celebrate Krystle’s birthday with Pierce, Grandpa Dan and Marcia. Hmm. Yummy brunch. The food was very good. The conversation was good. And the kids were very happy to see everyone. We had just sat down and Jamesy asked to go sit on Grandpa’s lap. We let him until it was time to hit the buffet. Then he was happy to sit in his highchair and eat and eat and eat. Annika found a new favorite food while we were there too – bagels with strawberry cream cheese. The waitress was so smitten with Annika that she gave us two little to-go containers of strawberry cream cheese. She said the buffet was almost over and it would just be thrown out anyway so… Annika was delighted. And I went to the grocery store that night and bought bagels. Annika and James each ate two bagels with cream cheese for breakfast yesterday morning! And then they each had another last night after dinner! I’m going to have to go to the grocery store and get more bagels for them!

Sunday afternoon Nana and Papa came over to visit. I was napping so I missed part of their visit. So did James as he was napping too. Annika didn’t though. She had them both all to herself for a little while. They did puzzles and had a tea party and lots of fun things.

This week has been pretty low key. Monday night the kids played with play-doh for over an hour while I worked on a puzzle. Last night they ran around the house wreaking havoc and creating noise before going upstairs and playing for a while. I got lots done (smirk) putting a couple picture frames together and then sitting down for some TV (always have to watch Biggest Loser!). The next two nights will be busier. Not for the kids. They’ll continue to play like usual. I’ll just be busier cleaning the house, making a bit of food, shopping for wine – getting ready for my CAbi party on Friday. More time with the girls! I’m downright spoiled lately!