Pumpkin Names

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I’ve figured out the name for this baby. Girl? Tabitha. Boy? Napoleon.

You know those names, right? If not then you need to watch more So You Think You Can Dance! They are choreographers on the show, a husband and wife team actually. OK, so I’m kidding about the names. I don’t think I could get Kris on board with either of those even if I wanted to. But, if you’ve got name suggestions, fire ‘em at us! Annika wants Sarah for a girl and James wants James for a boy. Heh. Or Jason. He like Jason too. I don’t think it’s going to be any of those names either. Help! (I have a girl and boy name picked out but Kris has vetoed my girl name and I’m not sure he’s on board with my boy name. This name stuff is hard!)

Back to SYTYCD. Have a favorite dancer? Kris’s early favorite is Billy the contemporary dancer. (I started writing this on Monday and then Tuesday night it was announced that Billy was dropping out of the competition due to illness – Bummer!) I’m personally smitten with the Krumper, Russell. I also like Nathan (but why do I keep wanting to call him Danny?).

Anyway, enough reality television talk. Let’s talk pumpkins instead! Saturday we went to the local pumpkin patch with our neighbors Andrew and Katie and our other neighbors, Krystle and Pierce! We kind of thought ahead and put us all in boots that could get muddy. And muddy we did get! We tromped around the fields and picked out three pumpkins. Well, Annika picked out three pumpkins. If it wasn’t rotting and was semi good-looking we put it in the wagon and hauled it away. Between the mud and the pumpkin vines, it looked like we were all trailing toilet paper from our shoes. Pretty hilarious. Also hilarious was James. He fell down a couple times and landed with his knees and hands in the mud. Oh. My. God. You should have seen his face. He had this look of pure disgust on this face when he looked at his dirty hands. He wasn’t as concerned about his dirty pants, only the mud on his hands. We wiped them off as best we could but he walked around with his hands up in the air for a little while, still obviously disgusted. My boy. So much like his daddy. Kris also hates getting dirty. Me? I made mud pie after mud pie when I was a little girl. That’s OK, Annika and I will go play in the mud while the silly boys stay inside with their clean hands. Heh.

After the pumpkin patch we all came back to our house where we ordered pizza and watched the Gopher game together. What a bummer that we didn’t do better and make it a closer game. Ah well. We still have a fun day together.

Sunday after church I was over picking out names for the Christmas giving program. As I was choosing my last name Annika came over and asked if we were going to go to the mall. I hadn’t planned a trip anywhere but back home so I looked up at Kris and saw a big grin spread across his face. Apparently we’re going to the mall then, the Mall of America that is! After a yummy lunch at Famous Dave’s we went to the Rotunda to see the cake decorating competition. There are some talented bakers in the area! Then we went to the Lego store and picked out a present for one of the kids gifts chosen at church that morning. Of course we had to stop and play for a bit at the Lego store too. Then it was a quick swing through Children’s Place to buy more pants for James (all his 2T’s are too short but the 3T’s are still a bit too long – we bought 4 new pairs of 3T’s anyway). And then we went home and watched the Vikings game. Another disappointing loss.

Last night the kids and I went over to Amanda’s house to visit with her and Dean and Erek and pick up some maternity clothes. Erek is just such a little cutie! I swear he gets cuter and cuter every time I see him! I held him for a while as we were chatting. The kids played with a big exercise ball and Dean – they had fun. At one point I told them we were leaving in a little bit and Annika just said “No.” and kept playing. OK then. Not long after that though we did pack up and head out. I was exhausted last night and needed to get the kids home and in bed so I could veg out and go to sleep myself. But I have to thank Amanda and Pam for lending me their clothing! I’ll be carving out some time in the next few days to overhaul my closet. Remove all the summer and non-maternity clothes I can’t wear right now and bring in all the winter and maternity clothing I can wear. Then I’ll have to take an inventory and do a bit of shopping to fill in the gaps. I already know I need more long sleeve tops for this winter. I’m probably set with pants, fortunately unless as I try things on their too short or something. I have a $25 gift card from Macy’s (from MyPoints, have you heard of MyPoints) that I can use plus $15 in Amazon gift certificates (from Swagbucks, have you heard of SwagBucks?) so I should be able to get a couple pieces without spending a lot of money. Score!

And here we are at the back end of the week. We’re going to be social butterflies in the next few days with a Halloween party Friday night, Trick or Treating with neighbors on Saturday night and a Vikings/Packer party on Sunday with other neighbors Jeff and Kari! I’m sure by Sunday evening I’ll be falling asleep early on the couch and making Kris put the kids to bed by himself. We’ll have fun until then though!

(And pictures – I know I’m obscenely behind on uploading pictures. I will make that a priority in the next few days.)

Way Behind Again

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I’m way behind on posting again. This time I’m going to blame the baby. I’ve been so tired in the evenings that after I get the kids in bed I usually veg out in front of the computer or tv or head straight to bed. There is no energy left by then. Sorry Gramme! (She’s lovingly bugged me several times for an update…)

A couple weeks ago Annika and I had a Mommy/Daughter day. First she and I went with her preschool class on a field trip to the Apple Orchard. She was so excited to have me with her. She was smily and giggly and made me read a bunch of books to her in her classroom before we boarded the big yellow bus. Boy is that big yellow bus an exciting thing for those little kids. She oscillated between sitting right next to the window so she could look out and make designs on the condensation and then snuggling up to me as closely as she possibly could. At the apple orchard it was a bit chilly (thank you cold and wet October!) but we still had fun. First we had a demonstration of the apple peeler/corer machine then we went to the sorting room and got a tutorial there. After that it was time to board the wagons for a tractor ride out to the orchard. Each person go to pick two apples from the trees. After that we went back to the main building for fresh, warm apple donuts and cider. Yum! On the way back to school Annika insisted on sitting in the very back of the bus. Apparently that’s cool even with the preschool set. It was a great morning together.

I let Annika pick where she wanted to go for lunch and of course she picked her favorite restaurant, McDonald’s. Fine by me. So Mickey D’s it was. After our highly nutritious lunch (ha!) we went and bought movie tickets at the mall. We had a couple hours before the movie started so we shopped a little bit and she played in the kids play area for a while too. Then we went and saw “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” together. We had a big bag of popcorn and pop together. I think that was treat enough for her! She also liked the movie too and sat for most of it on the edge of her seat, practically standing.

After the movie we went home. I was asking James if he had a fun day alone with Daddy. His response? “No. Not at all.” Oh my God, he is so precious and adorable. I busted a gut and Kris just shrugged his shoulders. I guess Daddy’s not fun. At all. (Not true of course.)

Speaking of Jamesy, he’s been adorable in other ways too. We were in Kohl’s one day and we had Annika and James in separate carts (it’s easier when we keep them corralled!). They were near each other while Kris and I were looking at rugs and this is what we overheard from James “You be the bad guy and I’ll be the superhero.” Kris takes full credit for this. Apparently they’re watching superheroes during the day like The Incredibles. My hilarious little boy.

James has also been using his thumb and forefinger shaped like a gun and “pughing” Annika. “Pughing” is what he says when he shoots his gun. I asked him what he was doing and what his hand was. He looked at me like I was crazy and said “It’s my pugh’er.” Duh mama. I guess he doesn’t exactly know what guns are yet but he’s already make-believing with them. I’m not sure how I feel about that. The liberal in me is like “No! No guns! Bad! Go play with trucks or trains or balls if you must be a boy!” On the other hand I’m like “Chill out, he’s fine, I played with guns when I was little too, it’s not that big of a deal!” Kris thinks he picked up the gun thing from the little neighbor boy. He’s a few years older than James so that definitely could be where it’s from. Or it could be from those superhero cartoons their watching sometimes too.

This weekend I had Kris take the kids outside to play so I could clean Annika’s room. Usually we have the kids clean their own rooms and pick up their own toys but this time was different. I needed to organize and purge a little bit and that needed to be a covert operation! I threw out a bunch of ripped, torn, destroyed books and some other toys past their prime. then I was able to clean off some of the closet shelf space to put some of the blankets up and out of the way too. When I was done Annika came up to her room and exclaimed “Mom! My room is too clean!” Ha! They’ve done a pretty good job of keeping it clean the past couple of days though.

Time for baby #3 update! I’m almost done with the first trimester (12w3d) and am definitely starting to feel better. Less nauseous for sure. Still tired though. I came home from work today and laid down for an hour and a half. I do that 1-2 times per week it seems. I just get to that point where I need to lie down because I am so, so exhausted. Lucky for me Kris is awesome about that and let’s me lay down. And he expects me to take a nap on the weekends too. Last Friday Kris and I went to the doctor for the nuchal translucency test. It’s an ultrasound and a finger prick blood test. I don’t have the results yet from the blood test but the ultrasound looked good. All measurements were well within the normal ranges. Yay! And we confirmed there was only one baby in there too. Whew! We got a few cute profile pictures. It actually looked like a baby! For being a fairly early ultrasound (the earliest I’ve ever had) I wasn’t sure exactly what it was going to look like. At this point the hands and feet are just starting to flex and such. But there was a definite cute profile to gaze at. And it was a good thing I could see it’s little heart fluttering away (150bpm) because it was sleeping and not moving. The not moving would have freaked me out otherwise! It was also funny because the baby was laying on a blood vessel in my uterus that was pumping blood. So every time my heart would beat the vessel would pulse and the baby’s head would bounce up. Maybe that rhythm was what put the baby to sleep. After a while the baby woke up from all that poking and prodding and moved a bit for us. And he looked like he was doing stomach crunches. Hilarious. I looked at Kris and said “Look! He’s an athlete already!” Next doctor’s appointment is Monday the 26th. Next ultrasound is scheduled for December 4th. Keep growing little baby!

Number Three

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I have a secret to tell you! Kris and I are expecting our third baby!

I know. Some of you are shocked. Others already knew. And I’m sure some of you are excited for us. I’m pretty excited too. We told the kids today and they’re also excited, especially Annika. Kris? Well, I wouldn’t call him excited per se. It took a fair bit of negotiating and convincing to get him on board with having a third baby in the first place. And he was pretty shocked when I showed him the positive test. I think his exact reaction was “Shut up!” Um, not exactly the reaction I was looking for. I think I cried about that. It’s not that he didn’t know it could happen so fast, given our history. I think he was just shocked that it did. Again. We are very lucky (or unlucky – depends who you’re talking to) that pregnancy is very easy for us to achieve.

So far I’ve been feeling very nauseous. The good thing is that I haven’t been throwing up like that last two times. Then I was losing my lunch multiple times a day. I have yet to do that, just a lot of feeling very icky. Like right now. Yuck. And I’m having a lot more heartburn this time. Tums and I are very good friends right now. Otherwise, I’m feeling fine.

I went to the doctor last Monday for the first time and I was able to hear the heartbeat. Yay! It was loud and strong and in the mid 150′s. Next up is the nuchal translucency screening on the 16th and then my next prenatal appointment is Monday the 26th.

Back to the kids. When we told the kids today Annika jumped up and down yelling “Yay!” James, not really understanding, gave out a half-hearted yay and continued playing. Annika then said she hoped it was going to be a girl. James, of course, said he hoped it was going to be a boy. Kris asked each of them if it was OK if it was the other and both were fine with that too. Then you could see Annika’s mind whirling. She started with all sorts of questions. Where would the baby sleep? We said eventually either she or James would share their room with the baby but that at first it would sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s room so Mommy could get up during the night to feed it. Then Annika asked “What about work days?” I said I would be tired those days and would need to go to sleep early. Then she said “What if it’s twins!” I said that would be amazing and Kris snorted. Well, what should I have said? That would be terrifying? That would be less than ideal? That would be stressful, scary, exhausting, and perhaps wonderfull all at the same time!?! Annika decided if it was twins that it was going to be one girl and one boy and that the girl would sleep in her room and the boy would sleep in James’ room. She then wanted to know why my tummy wasn’t big. I told her it was because the baby was still very small and that as it grew, so would my tummy. Finally, she wanted to know how the baby was going to come out. I asked Kris to field that one and he told her truthfully, using the clinical word and everything. Her eyes got real wide and looked to me to see if he was joking. I explained it a tiny bit more (it would get bigger, the baby would come out and then it would get smaller again) and she was still in a little bit of disbelief but left it at that. Whew! I wonder what other questions we’re going to have to answer soon!

My official due date? May 2nd, 2010.