Sleepless (Not!) in Seattle

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It’s been a while since my last update again. At least I got the pictures updated last week! There was a bunch. I hadn’t updated those since August so no wonder there was a bunch! I need to get the camera out more though. My picture taking has dwindled recently.

On the 21st I went to Pioneer Woman’s cookbook signing at the Mall of America. I don’t talk much here about other blogs that I read but I have over 60 of them that I check in on. They cover a range of topics (fitness, personal finance, “mommy b logs”, etc.). Anyway, Pioneer Woman is one of those blogs. And I was excited to get her cookbook and meet her in person. She seems a little larger than life even though her writing is very down to earth. I waited in line for six hours to see her. That…was a long time!

When I was finally done waiting in line and met Ree and got my book signed then I rushed to meet Kris and the kids so we could go to Pam’s housewarming party. Kris and the kids had been out and about all day too. They had been at Dusty and Mel’s house all day. The kids were having fun playing while Kris went to a Machine practice and meeting. The kids just love hanging out with Dusty and Mel. We met up though and had a quick dinner before heading over to Pam’s. Pam’s new place is very nice and the food was yummy and it was great to see our friends again. The kids watched a couple movies there. One was the Mike Myer’s version of “The Cat in the Hat.” Annika loved it and now wants that movie at home. We were busy catching up with everyone. So fun. We stayed a bit too long though and poor Jamesy melted down as we were leaving. He was fine once we got in the truck though.

Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving with Kris’ family at Dusty and Mel’s house. There was so much good food! And there was football of course. Carrie and Adam were there with Isak and Annika was all over him. She wanted to hold him and sit by him and play with him and just generally be with the baby all the time. She’d sit on the couch by him while he played and just lay her arm around his shoulders. She is baby crazy. Since then she’s been telling me how excited she is (while hugging my belly) to have a baby in our house. She even thanks me. Most of us took naps in the afternoon (hey – there was turkey! And I’m pregnant!) while others watched TV or movies. Later that night at home Annika asked us where Dusty and Mel were going to sleep that night. Puzzled we answered that they were going to sleep at home, in their house, in their bed. Annika got a surprised look on her face and exclaimed “They live in that hotel?!? With that movie theater in the basement?!?” Um yes honey. They do. It’s a little different from our house, isn’t it? She comes up with the funniest stuff sometimes. We told her we’d save our money so we could put a really big TV in our basement too someday (maybe not the enormous projector/screen combo that Dusty has…) and she was OK with that.

Friday morning Kris and the kids and I all trekked up to the clinic for my doctor appointment. I wanted the kids to hear the baby’s heartbeat via the Doppler. I figured this was a good appointment to go to as it should be fairly quick (weight, blood pressure, standard questions, heartbeat, any questions from me, done). It was fairly quick and very routine. Baby’s heartbeat was in the 140’s. Annika was awed by the sound. All good.

After the appointment we went home and while Kris went to his last day at work (boo!) the kids and I set up the Christmas tree and put out all the decorations. The kids LOVED helping with that. By the time Kris was home we had everything done but the ornaments on the tree. We did that later that night and the kids loved that too. They had fun putting all the non-breakable ornaments on the tree. I put the breakable ones up top of course while they did the lower half.

That night Dusty and Mel and Carrie and Adam called and invited us out to dinner with them. We declined. I HATED having to decline. But we didn’t have a sitter, it was already dinner time, the restaurant was about 40 minutes away and well, our budget wouldn’t allow another meal out. Boo to tight budgets! They called back later though and invited us to Dusty and Mel’s house for game night. I called Krystle and asked her to pretty please come to my house as a huge favor and watch my kids for me so we could go. Krystle obliged – because she wuvs me – and we were off. It was fun! We played 4-5 games and by 11pm I was falling asleep at the table. Oh, there was also food. Lots and lots of snacks. I indulged in those too, yes I did. Then I had to drive home because in the 4 hours we were there Kris had 3-4 alcoholic drinks. So we had one very tired pregnant woman driving one not-even-tipsy man home. I made sure Kris kept me awake.

Saturday was another family day. After having a lazy morning at home (I worked on James’ Christmas stocking) we ate some lunch and then went shopping. We weren’t looking for anything in particular, maybe some Christmas gifts if we found some, maybe some twin bedding for James if we saw something. I think the only thing we bought was a small Christmas gifts for James. That’s a funny story. We were in Toys ‘R Us and James and I were in one area of the store while Kris and Annika were in another. They picked out a small toy for James and we met each other in an aisle. Kris snuck the toy in the cart and covered it with a jacket while Annika stood next to him and grinned like a fool with the occasional giggle slipping out. I guess on their way back to us Annika was concerned James would see the gift so she told Kris to make sure he hid it. Then she started unbuttoning her cardigan (she had an undershirt on) and told Kris she’d hide it in there so James wouldn’t see it. Instead Kris told her he’d just hide it behind his back. I’m sure store security would have loved it if she had hidden it in her clothing.

After our bit of shopping was done we met Nana and Papa and Carrie and Adam and Isak down at Macy’s so we could see the 8th floor display. Unfortunately the line was all the way down to the 5th floor with an hour and a half wait. We decided instead to go to the basement to get some dinner. Kris and James had gone down there to use the bathroom and James had seen the food. He must have been hungry because every time someone brought up where we should eat, what restaurant, etc. Jamesy had to remind us that there was food in the basement. He was excited to take our hand and go down there to actually get some. After dinner we thought we’d try the 8th floor again. By this time the Holidazzle parade was almost ready to start and we hoped maybe it would clear out a little bit. No luck on that one though. Oh well. We’ll go back down in a couple weeks. I think we’re going to go to the Macy’s 8th floor display on the 12th and then the Holidazzle on the 19th. If you want to join us, put those dates on your calendar!

Sunday was another Thanksgiving celebration, this time with my family. We started with brunch with Grandpa Dan and Marcia and Krystle and Pierce. I was surprised that James was OK sitting next to me at brunch instead of next to Grandpa. We filled the kids’ bellies pretty full. James kept asking for eggs. Annika really liked the cheesecake for dessert. After brunch we went to Grandpa and Marcia’s house and of course started watching football. And playing puzzles. And lounging around. It was a nice afternoon. The corn field behind their house still had corn in it and the farmer was there with his combine to take it all in. Jamesy loved it. He and Grandpa had to go outside (but not too close per Jamesy’s request) to see the combine and wagon. And James was back over at the window over and over again to see the combine in the field or unloading in the wagon. Whenever we wanted to distract him from something we’d say “Hey look! That combine is back!” and off he’d go to check it out again. It was a really nice laid back afternoon.

I started writing this on Thursday I think. Now it’s Sunday and I’m on a plane flying to Seattle. I’ll be here through Wednesday, flying back Thursday during the day. I had Friday off as a vacation day. While Annika was at school Kris, James and I did some Christmas shopping. We were scoring deals left and right! I love that! After we picked up Annika we stopped at a couple more stores around town. The kids behaved too which is also nice. Friday night was our town’s tree lighting ceremony. It was a bit chilly for us (we don’t really like the cold) so we were only there for 20 minutes or so. Long enough to see Santa, see the tree be lighted, shake Santa’s hand (James of course, Annika was too busy hiding behind me) and then get out of there! We did stop at the grocery store on the way home for a couple things and we picked up some candy canes while we were there. Then when we got home we made hot chocolate and stuck a little candy cane in each mug. Yummy!

Saturday we went to Great Grandma’s house for a visit. Gramme was there as well as Aunt Colleen and Krystle and Pierce. We spent some time chatting and looking at pictures and the kids played with their new toys. Gramme had brought a small gift for each of them. I think she’s feeling guilty for planning a trip over Christmas! Then Great Grandma treated us all to lunch at a nearby pizza restaurant. Yum! We gorged ourselves at the buffet and then stayed there for hours talking. Good thing there were empty tables all around us so we could spend time chatting some more. The kids loved the oreo pudding (James called it ice cream) and Annika went back for second and third helpings of peas. Peas! From the salad bar! For some reason she’s on a pea kick lately. I do think we’ll be purchasing some bags of frozen peas to have in the freezer. If the girl is craving peas I do think we’ll indulge her!

Today (Sunday) was a lazy day at home. Jamesy might be getting pink eye (we’ve started medicating with eye drops from the medicine cabinet from his last bout of pink eye in January and Kris may be making doctor appointments for the kids tomorrow) so we didn’t want to go and do too much. The kids and I made cookies (Our day 6 activity on our advent envelope calendar) and I packed and we read books and played. Then we walked around the Mall of America for an hour or so, ate a quick dinner together and then they dropped me off at the airport. Annika was a little upset I was going but she was more upset that she couldn’t come with me. She wanted to at least come see the plane, maybe check out the inside. I promised her that I would take her on a plane ride as soon as I could. I have no idea when that will be but I’m sure she’ll be reminding me of my promise quite a bit.

This entry has grown enormous once again. Yikes!