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James came into our room tonight holding the pony-on-a-stick.  He tells me he’s lifting weights and then he holds the stick like a bar and lifts it from his waist to over his head. Then he presses it from his shoulders to over his head over and over again.  I think we’re doing something right with that one!


I told Annika tonight that when the baby was ready to sleep in the crib that the baby would sleep in James’ room and we would put bunk beds in her room for her and James.  Then I told her that James doesn’t sleep with a lamp on like she does so we’ll have to work on sleeping with a small night light instead so that James can sleep.  She is very concerned about this and is worried she won’t be able to see the night light from the top bunk bed.  So we talked about imagination making things scarier than they are and giants and how they do not, in fact, live in this world with us, not even in the clouds like that story about the beanstalk. We have a book that is helping her with this though.  It’s a Berenstain Bears book (from Auntie Shelly and Uncle Dale and was actually my cousin Laura’s book when she was little!) that talks about the dark and imagination and working through that fear.

Babies:  The baby must not like the pants I’m wearing today which are a little bit tighter on my tummy because he has been kicking me hard all day long.  He’s been going crazy in there!  I like it, of course, but on the other hand settle down – that hurts! Oh, and names?  We could use more name ideas please!

Update: My three hour glucose test is scheduled for Friday morning.  Ugh.  Hopefully I’ll have results early next week and I can go from there.

Excitement:  Uncle Mathias flies home on Friday for a long vacation!  I’m picking him up at the airport and we’re all going out to dinner that night with Krystle and Pierce.  Then I’ll get to see him next week and next weekend before he has to fly back to Texas.  I’m so excited!  The kids are very excited too.  They both adore Uncle Mathias!  (Who wouldn’t!)


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I found out this afternoon that I failed the 1 hour glucose tolerance test.  Here’s more information on that test.  A passing score is 139 or less.  My score?  152.  So, it wasn’t outrageous I suppose but still alarming.  I didn’t fail with Annika or James and they were big babies.  I wonder if I was borderline with each of them.  Anyway, I have to call the lab in the morning and make an appointment for 5-6 days from now to take the three hour test.  That should be fun!  If I fail that one then I’ll be diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I’ll have to really watch my eating.  And I’ll be at a higher risk for Type II diabetes later.  Yay.  More to worry about.   Let’s just hope I pass the three hour test!

When I got home from work this afternoon we had visitors.  Nana and Dr. Gary were here!  It was a veterinarian house call!  Dagur needed his vaccinations updated.  And an ear cleaning, shots, nail clipping, a very small amount of money later – they were done!  Talk about service!  Kris made us dinner and Annika got in some cuddling time with Nana.  Jamesy was having a mommy afternoon and spent quite a bit of time cuddling with me.

I slipped on the icy sidewalk last night while walking to the neighbors house.  I pulled a muscle and today it is hurting!  I pulled this same muscle when I was pregnant with James.  Then my doctor was mostly unconcerned, just telling me to take it easy.  So, that’s what I’m doing this time too.  I’m spending the evening lounging on the couch.  Hopefully it will feel better in a day or two.


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Well, that was a bummer!  The Vikes were so close.  But, when you play a sloppy game (holy turnovers Batman!) then I guess you can’t be too shocked when you lose.  Maybe in another 10 years we can be back in the NFC title game again.  Anyone wanna take bets if Favre will be back next year?  Kris says no way.

Other than football, football, football it was a normal Sunday.  Church followed by a bit of shopping followed by lunch and football.  A perfect Sunday if you ask me!  We attended the adult education hour at church this morning while Annika was in Sunday School and we talked about sustainable farming and buying food locally and high fructose corn syrup and other interesting food related items.  I now have some books to read – Omnivore’s Dilemma, In Defense of Food and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle as well as The Unhealthy Truth.  Anyone ever read any of those books?  I’ll be reserving them at the library in just a minute.

We went over to the neighbor’s tonight to watch the Vikes game.  I stayed upstairs with the womenfolk while Kris went downstairs with the guys.  It was really  nice to see the neighbor’s.  We get into hibernation ruts sometimes and can go for weeks, sometimes months without seeing them.  It’s so nice to have such nice neighbors.  Annika had to give Ryan and Erin each a hug and kiss good-bye.  I think Ryan, being in kindergarten and all, is getting a little over the kissing thing.  He used to be all in.  I’m sure in a few years ( like 10 – better be more than 10!) that he’ll be into it again!  Ha!  And Erin just loves playing mother hen to Jamesy, bending over to get in his face and talk to him, helping him do things, patting his head.  She just turned four in December so she’s about 13 months older than him.  It’s very cute though.  Pretty soon he’ll be bigger than she is though.

And now the kids are in bed, I’ll be heading there shortly and so begins another week…

Picture Day

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This morning we had James’ three year pictures taken.  He is such a ham and so cute!  He did everything the photographer asked, giggled and smiled at the “silly bear” the photographer used and worked so hard to do just as the photographer asked (cross your arms, put your feet here, look here, etc.).  I was so proud of him!  We had to work a little harder to get Annika to smile but she did and I got a cute picture of both of them together. The pictures will be ready for pick up on the 4th of February which is perfect!   We’re having James’ birthday party on the 6th and I can hand out the pictures then.

After pictures we walked through the mall a bit and ate lunch.  On the way home Annika asked when we were going to Breezy Point (annual trip with Nana and Papa).  I said in about five weeks and she sighed.  She is so looking forward to that.  Then she reminded us, again, that she was going to sleep on the couch up in Nana and Papa’s room.  They pull it up to the side of their bed and she likes that.  In years past James has slept in the pack ‘n play in our room but he’s outgrown that this year.  Annika said he could sleep in the closet in Nana and Papa’s room.  Kris remarked that actually that might work if we put a pillow and blankets down for him and make it like a nest.  Then I talked about how next year we’ll have to bring a baby gate as we’ll have an almost one year old trying to scale the stairs.  And that both James and Annika could sleep upstairs because we’ll have the baby in our room in the pack ‘n play.  Annika piped up from the back seat “Mom, it’s going to be so fun to have three kids.”  I agreed and told her it was going to be so fun.  Then Annika said “Yeah, but Daddy doesn’t think so.”  I cracked up and looked at Kris.  He was smirking and said in his defense “I’ve never said anything like that to her!”  He isn’t so excited for the baby part.  I think know he’d prefer they came out walking and talking and able to feed themselves.  We always remark how intuitive (scary) Annika is.  She hears everything you say, remembers everything you say and has a weird sense of just knowing things.

And we had #2 success today!  James was being a pill (his cold is running him down but he still refused a nap today) so he had a time out in his room.  At the time he was naked from the waste down (he, uh, likes letting his butt hang out – must be a little kid thing) at the time which made me a little nervous.  Ten minutes later he came downstairs and had underwear on.  And his attitude was better (sometimes he just needs to be alone for a few minutes to calm himself back down).  But, well, he smelled.  Turns out he had to go while in his room so he went to our bathroom, went #2, tried to clean himself up (and did a pretty good job), put on new underwear and came downstairs.  I put him back on the potty and he went #2 some more and and then we cleaned him up.  I was so proud!  Instead of having an accident on the floor he made it to the bathroom and went there.  Progress!  Good job James!  He’s getting the hang of this.  That’s my boy!


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Again I didn’t update yesterday.  This has been a bad week for that.  If I hadn’t fallen asleep on the couch at 7:30pm last night (again) then I would have updated.  I promise.  Poor Kris did bedtime by himself again.  What a great guy though to just let me sleep and do it himself.  I woke up at 10:30 and went upstairs to bed.  I am one worn out and tired mama.

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and did the always fun 1 hour glucose screening test.  I should have results by Monday.  Here’s hoping I pass again like I did the last two times!  I also met with the midwives and everything continues to go well.  The baby’s heartbeat was going crazy fast from all the sugar and he was moving around a lot too.  He reacted quite well to the glucose infusion!  I go back again on the 16th of February at 30 weeks (26w3d now) and will go every two weeks after that until 36 weeks when I start weekly appointments.  Time is really going to fly now!  I suppose I should actually think about getting all the baby gear up from the basement and washed and put away.  Maybe in February I’ll start that.

I’ve been having some Braxton-Hicks contractions lately.  Nothing to worry about as I’m only getting 4-6 a day and they worry when you’re having 4-6 an hour.  And while they are not painful, they do make me stop what I’m doing and pay attention to them.  This should be fun for the next ~14 weeks!

My appointment was this morning so I was still home when the kids woke up.  They think that is such a treat when Mom is home to have breakfast with them.  It’s a treat for me too!

Potty training continues to go well, kind of.  If we’re diligent and make James use the potty every 2 hours or so then we haven’t had any #1 accidents.  But that’s if we’re diligent.  He has yet to tell us that he needs to go.  And #2 is hit or miss.  We’ve had a few #2 accidents.  We’ll keep working on it though and hopefully it will all click into place one of these days.


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This afternoon James asked Kris to get him a glass of milk.  On his way over to his dad I reminded James to ask nicely.  So James asked Kris to “Get me a glass of milk, pwease.”  Kris laughed and asked him if he could say the “l” sound.  Then Kris told him to say “please”, not “pwease”.  James laughed back at him and said “That’s not the word Daddy!  It’s pwease!”

Tonight the kids were either extremely well-behaved and played nicely together or they were crazy running around singing at the top of their lungs or fighting or otherwise driving me crazy.  I finally threw in the towel, made them scoot upstairs and get ready for bed.  By the time they were ready for their books (pajamas on, teeth brushed) Kris got home from training and he took one while I read to the other.  Teamwork.  I’m going to miss having him around in the evenings when he’s working again.

It’s been a bit of a busy week for us.  Kris had a meeting with Rasmussen Technical college on Monday.  Tuesday he had Machine football practice.  Tonight was training at Kris’s new job.  Tomorrow is more training and Friday is football practice again.  Hey, wait.  I just realized I’m not busy this week, Kris is!  And next week will be more of the same – training on Monday, football practice on Tuesday, training on Wednesday, Wine night with the girls on Thursday (hey – a night for me!) and then dinner out with Krystle, Pierce and Mathias (Yay!) and then more football practice.  I guess the kids and I are going to have to find some of those old routines again if Kris is going to be gone again most nights.  What did we used to do when Kris was working every night?!?

Missed a Day

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I missed a day!  You all noticed too, right?  If I had posted yesterday this is what I would have said:

Got up and went to early church.  Listened to the adult education hour on this year’s church budget while Annika was in Sunday school and James was in the church daycare.  Good things in the budget…makes me wish we could give more.

After church we met Nana and Papa at our house and the six of us drove over to Grandpa and Marcia’s house to watch the Vikes completely destroy the Cowboys.  That was sweet!  Auntie Krystle and Uncle Pierce were there as was Uncle Mathias!  Lots of yummy food, silly kids and cheering.

After the game was over Grandpa took the kids outside to give them a slow ride on the snowmobiles.  James got scared of the loud noise and declined the ride but Annika, my scaredy cat, was game!  She loved it!  They went all over and she giggled and grinned and “whee’d” the whole time.  So glad!  Nana and Papa went outside with James and took him sledding down the driveway.  He doesn’t know yet how to steer so he kept going off the sides into the snowbanks.  Annika, when done with her snowmobile ride, went sledding too.  She picked up on the leaning as steering and managed to avoid the snowbanks at least some of the time.

We watched half of the Jets/Chargers game and then headed home.  Nana and Papa went home and the kids played.  I wasn’t feeling well so I laid on the couch and vegged out.  Kris put the kids to bed and I fell asleep on the couch.  I woke up around 10:30pm and came upstairs and went to bed for the night.  And that is why you didn’t get an update yesterday.

Today was back to work for me.  Annika had the day off from school (MLK Day) so Kris and the kids hung out at home.  Annika informed me tonight that she is bored every day.  Every day!  Because she doesn’t have a park (swingset) in her backyard.  She likes to lay that guilt trip on us regularly.  We keep telling her that we can’t have one at our house (against association rules) and that we’d have to move before we could have one.  She doesn’t really like that answer.  But she always comes up with alternatives…like we could move into the house next to Ryan and Erin’s and then we could have a playset!  Or we could move and Ryan and Erin and their mommy and daddy could come with us!  You see, we can’t move away from Ryan and Erin but she is OK with moving in general.  Goofy kid.

The baby is kicking away all the time now!  And they’re big kicks too.  I’ve been feeling some braxton-hicks contractions, usually one every 1-3 hours.  This is about how many I felt last time too.  I keep an eye on them and drink more water if needed.  Tomorrow I’ll be 26 weeks.  We’re viable now but still way, way too early for this baby to come.  The funniest thing though is when I curl up with Kris at night and the baby kicks him in the butt!  That his hilarious!  Well, it is for me anyway!


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It’s been a long day.  A very long day.  It started out with my Aunt Denise’s funeral.  Wow, what a mess we all were for that.  I’d be fine and then look over and see a picture of Denise with her grandchildren – her infant grandchildren – and lose it.  Then during the service her daughter Stacy would lose it and start sobbing so I’d follow along.  Then my Grandma, sitting next to me, would lose it so again, I would too.  Then my Aunt Ann would lose it in the pew behind me so once again I’d be crying too.  Whew.  Lots and lots of tears.  Of course there were though – 54?  That is just not right.  Denise had so much more living to do.  We miss you Denise.  Obviously you were loved as shown by the 300+ people that packed the church for you today.

After the service, internment and luncheon we drove down the road to go to my cousin Anna’s bridal shower (opposite side of my family).  Many of my family were there and it was great to see them all again.  We watched football and watched Anna and Jason open their gifts.  And we watched the kids play with their second cousins (first cousins twice removed?  My dad’s cousin’s kids?).  They were having a great time.  The men started a huge bonfire outside and all the kids had chairs lined up by the window so they could see the fire.  When we decided it was time to go we put their coats and shoes on so they could go out by the fire for a little bit.  They loved that!  And then when I’d had enough (my fingers were getting cold!) we put them in the truck and started the long drive home.

And now here we are at home.  Kris is downstairs watching football.  The kids are asleep.  And I’m so exhausted from the long, emotionally-draining day, that I, too am going to crawl in bed early and crash.

Happy Birthday Nana!  We’re sorry we couldn’t see you today and hope we can see you tomorrow to celebrate!

The Good and the Bad

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Tonight was my Aunt Denise’s wake.  Her funeral is tomorrow.  You could tell just how loved she was by the enormous number of people streaming through the church tonight to pay their respects.  It was nice to see so much of my family too.  I missed the Christmas celebration for that side of the family this year (I slept through it actually – I was completely exhausted that day!) so I haven’t seen many of them since either last Christmas or Krystle’s wedding.  And Mathias flew in for the weekend as they asked him to be a pallbearer tomorrow.  So it was very nice to spend some time with him today. In between tears (there were many of those) there were good times too.  Gramme and Krystle took turns poking my belly, trying to get the baby to kick.  And Gramme kept giving me baby name ideas.  Brett?  No.  Brent?  No.  Keifer?  NO.  Patrick?  No.  Anton?  No.  Unfortunately I had to veto each and every one of her ideas.  Keep ‘em coming though Gramme!  My cousin Steve delivered a very nice eulogy written by my Aunt Sue.  I was holding it together pretty well at that point…until Steve choked up and barely got through the end.  Then I was a goner.  So were Krystle and Gramme.  New tissues were handed out to all.  Ugh.  Tomorrow is going to be another sad day.  I just keep praying for her husband and children and grandchildren.  I’m hoping they can find peace in the new few days, weeks, months, years.  And that the acute pain they feel now will dull with time. They’ll never stop missing their wife, mother, grandmother though.  I’m so sorry for their loss.  Oh, and I’ve officially banned my parents from getting sick for a very long time.  They better listen to me too.  Or else.  Dying of cancer at 54?  That is not OK.  Not OK at all.

Change of subject. This morning I helped James use the potty.  We had stripped him down out of his pajamas and he was getting himself set up to go potty (stools in place, potty insert on potty, etc.) when I noticed just how much of a little boy he’s becoming.  Gone is his poochy baby belly.  Gone are any sign of pudginess on his legs.  He is a little boy now.  I can’t believe how much he’s grown in the past year, the past six months.  Sniff.  It’s a good thing he loves to jump into my arms and snuggle up for a good long time.

Whatever You Want

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James had ECFE class again today.  During the parent education section the parents were supposed to write down something nice they do/will do for their children.  This is what Kris wrote:

“You can do whatever makes you happy with my support, even if sports are not involved.”

Is he not the cutest?  We read it to Annika tonight and she didn’t understand what he was trying to say and asked me to read it to her again, this time in English.  She cracks me up.