36 Weeks, Soccer, Swimming and Piano

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I had my 36 week doctor’s appointment this morning. Short version – everything is fine – see you next week. Long version next – if you don’t want to know the specifics, skip to the next paragraph! OK, blood pressure was 122/65 – good. Weight was up exactly 1 pound – good. Next I had a Non-Stress Test. I’ll be having these at each doctor’s appointment from here on out to make sure the baby is OK – another additional test due to having gestational diabetes. I was hooked up to a monitor to record the baby’s heart beat and another to monitor contractions. I had one contraction during the test and the test took about a half hour. During the test they are looking for the baby to move and to have corresponding accelerations in his heart rate. It took a bit of poking and prodding to get him to move and a glass of ice cold water. The morning is not usually his active time so that didn’t surprise me much. I passed the non stress test and we moved on to the other parts of the 36 week appointment. First was the Group B strep test. I’ll get the results of that at the next appointment. If I’m positive I’ll have to have IV antibiotics during labor. I believe I had this with both previous pregnancies. No big deal. And lastly was my first internal exam. I’m officially a fingertip dilated and 60% effaced and she confirmed that the baby is head down (good boy!). Guess those contractions I’m having are doing something. And with that I was released. Next appointment is next Tuesday. I have an appointment every Tuesday morning from now until April 27th.

OK, enough appointment talk. Today registration opened for summer activities through community education and the parks and rec department. Kris and I talked with the kids at dinner a couple nights ago. James is a bit young yet for activities but Annika has definite plans of her own as to what she’s going to do. Together we made a plan for summer and fall. This morning I registered Annika for soccer. She’ll have soccer twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for an hour each time. This will be during June and July. She will also have swimming lessons on Wednesday evenings for a half hour. James will have swimming lessons on Sunday evenings as well. It will be his first swimming lesson where he goes into the water by himself. I’m sure he’ll love it.

Annika has plans for this fall too. After the June/July soccer program is over and if she liked it, then we’ll sign her up for an August – September soccer program that has actual games. The June – July program is more about the basics of soccer and skill building. We don’t need to register for the August program until the middle of July so we’ll wait to see if she likes it and then if she does we’ll sign her up. Annika is also insistent that she take dance class again. I told her that she’ll be learning a dance that she then has to perform in front of people. She hesitated for a second but then said OK, she still wanted to do it. This will be our first foray into the dance world with costumes and recitals and stuff. Yikes! But this summer I’ll sign her up so she can start dance class this fall. I hope she likes it! She also had great fun last Friday night/Saturday morning at Auntie Shelly and Uncle Dale’s house and especially liked “playing” on the piano. She’s insistent that she “knows” how to play the piano. Well, sure, she knows how to hit the keys but admitted she doesn’t know how to play any songs. I asked her if she wanted to learn? She does. I’m going to see if our neighbor across the street (Kari) – who is a music teacher at a school and does the childrens choirs at our church and has expressed interest in starting lessons in her home – would be willing to give Annika piano lessons starting this fall. Not sure how much that will cost, how often she’d need to go, how much she’d have to practice, etc. but we have time to figure that out. Is six years old/kindergarten even the appropriate time to start piano lessons? I don’t know. I don’t know how to play! Hey, maybe I can learn alongside Annika. That might be fun! Anyway, I’ll talk to Kari and see what she thinks.

And speaking of Dale and Shelly, the kids were over there Friday night and Saturday morning until about mid afternoon. I dropped them off and they were completely done with me the moment we walked in the door. I had to ask each of them to come back and give me a hug and kiss good-bye before they disappeared downstairs to play. And the reports I got the next morning was everyone was doing well and having fun. I wasn’t there to pick them up because I was at a baby shower for my neighbor Katie (with Krystle) but Kris picked them up and I guess Annika wasn’t really very excited to see him. Not a big surprise there. The kids adore Dale and Shelly. Lucky kids they are! (I adore Dale and Shelly too. Who wouldn’t!)

Kid Vacation

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The kids have been asking to stay overnight at Uncle Dale and Auntie Shelly’s house for a while. And back in February at my cousin’s wedding, Shelly asked if the kids could stay over too. Well, doesn’t that work out nicely! This weekend the stars (i.e. schedules) are aligning and we’re making plans now. Last night as I was finishing up bath time, I said “Kids. Kids. Kids. Stop and look at me.” It sometimes takes a minute for them to stop singing, splashing and playing to give me their attention. Rugrats. Anyway, once I had their attention I asked if they would like to go visit Uncle Dale and Auntie Shelly this weekend. James immediately shouted “Yes!” while Annika just stared at me. Waiting. So then I completed my sentence by saying “and staying overnight at their house.” And that’s when she erupted into “Yes’s” and then flopped down in the tub in excitement. They’re both very excited. Duh.

Months ago, before Christmas, Dale and Shelly were watching the kids for me one night. Annika brought along a small Lego doll. At the end of the night we forgot the doll at their house when we left. Annika has been stressed out about this doll ever since. Last night when I told her about the visit, after she was done flopping and rejoicing, she sat up and said “Now I can get my doll back!” In her e-mail Shelly had told me where she found the doll. I asked Annika if she remembered where her doll was. She said her doll was on the couch in the living room of the doll house. Know what? That’s exactly where Shelly found it. That girls memory is incredible.

I wonder what Kris and I should do this weekend while the kids are away! It’s probably our last chance at a “date” before the baby comes! (As he gives me a ginormous kick to let me know that he’s still in there…)

It’s Gone!

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Last night Annika lost her first tooth! It’s been loose for a while (as I think I’ve mentioned here) and last night as I was in the bathroom brushing James’ teeth Annika came in and asked what was wrong with her tooth. It was bothering her. She opened her mouth and I was able to move it almost 90 degrees! The tooth was pointing basically out of her mouth. I asked her if she wanted me to pull it out. I fully expected her to say no. She’s kind of my wussy girl once in a while. But it must have been bothering her because she said yes and then asked if it was going to hurt. I told her that if it hurt, we’d stop. I tried pulling it out with my fingers but the tooth was too small and slippery for me to get a good grip. Being in the bathroom already I grabbed my tweezers, got a good hold of the tooth and plunk! out it came. Easy peasy. There was a tiny bit of blood but Annika was generally unphased by the whole procedure. She was excited to hold her tooth and we had to take pictures of her holding her tooth, her new grin, etc. She was very excited that the tooth fairy was going to come too.

Annika has a small stuffed animal that was mine when I was a child. It’s a floral teddy bear with a small lace pouch at the bottom. In the pouch she placed her tooth and then she put the bear under her pillow. Back when I was little a quarter or two fit perfectly in the little pouch. That’s how much teeth were going for in those days. The tooth fairy is a bigger spender these days though. The tooth fairy brought Annika a half dollar coin and a paper dollar. Last night Annika was very insistent that the tooth fairy bring her a coin. She loves coins. Or Polly Pocket shoes as they are definitely small enough to fit in the little lace pouch.

So, where did the Tooth Fairy get the half dollar? Well, the tooth fairy has a Great Uncle Joe (coincidentally whose birthday is also September 7th – just like Annika! – only 70 years different!) who used to give the tooth fairy a half dollar sometimes when the tooth fairy visited her uncle’s house. The tooth fairy has a little stash of about 10-15 half dollars from that time. Then, the tooth fairy had a dollar bill in her purse and she combined the two to give Annika.

And how did the tooth fairy give Annika her loot? Well, after Annika went to sleep the tooth fairy snuck into her room, found the teddy bear and took the tooth out of it and set the tooth on the top of the dresser. Then the tooth fairy put the coin and bill in the little pouch but just barely. That little pouch was built for quarters, not half dollars, which are bigger than quarters you know. The tooth fairy had to struggle a bit to get the coin in the pouch and then slide the bill in behind it. But she did and then she snuck the bear back under the pillow and turned to pick up the tooth and make her smooth getaway. Except that the tooth was gone. Um, the tooth fairy must have knocked the tooth off the dresser and onto the floor with the bear stuffed animal. Oops. So, the tooth fairy dropped to her hands and knees and swept the carpet looking for the tooth. Luckily she found it and was able to make a quick exit without either Annika or James even twitching in their sleep. Success!

Kindergarten Round Up

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Last night was Kindergarten Round Up for Annika. She was so excited to go see her new school. Grandpa Dan and Marcia came over to play with James so Kris and I could take Annika and focus on her and the information. Annika was anxiously looking out the window on the drive there and exclaimed “there it is!” when the school came into sight. We parked and walked in together. First there was a line to hand in our paperwork. That was in the cafeteria so we explained where we were and that she wouldn’t be eating lunch at school (we have ½ day kindergarten in our district) but that other kids, the first through fifth graders would. Then we went to the gym and waited for the short presentation to start. Annika got a little impatient during this part. She wanted to see the classrooms and go on the bus ride – let’s get to the good part Mom! First the principal spoke and gave us some information then each of the three kindergarten teachers talked and gave us more information. Next was finally the good part. We walked through each of the three kindergarten classrooms and met all the teachers. Annika was excited that the circle time rug on the floor was the same one as in her preschool classroom. And she was really excited to see a small table with 6-7 dolls sitting around it next to the play kitchen. After the classroom tour we walked through the building, seeing the media center (they start with computer learning in kindergarten too), the administration office, the music classroom and the nurse’s office. Then we went on a short bus ride and got information from the bus company. The last part was to pick up a completed registration form showing that all paperwork was complete and she was ready to go! There’s another open house in August where Annika will be able to meet her teacher and see her classroom (none of that has been assigned yet). She also got to play for a little bit on the playground while I waited in line at the end for the completed registration form. She didn’t want to leave there because she hadn’t tried every new thing (but I didn’t get to go on the swings or this or that!). On the way home Kris asked her something about school tomorrow (meaning preschool) and Annika responded by telling us that she was going to the new school tomorrow. We told her no, she wouldn’t be going there until the end of summer. She was very insistent that she start kindergarten immediately. She is five you know and five year olds go to kindergarten. It took some convincing and finally just telling her No – you will start at this school at the end of summer before she simmered down. I’m sure she’s having fun at preschool now. She always does. But boy is she ready to start kindergarten!

Now I just need to figure out if we should ask her to be assigned to morning or afternoon kindergarten. James is in afternoon preschool and I need to figure out if bus schedules and such will work with that.

While we were gone James had an awesome time with Grandpa and Marcia. They went for a walk and played at the park and ate some M&M’s. He even stayed dry and went #2 in the potty for them! Clearly it was a successful evening. At the park they saw Krystle and Pierce coming back from a walk. James now had four people at his disposal! He had people catching him on the slide, helping him up the ladders, giving him 100% attention. Lucky boy!

The Life and Times

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I’m disabling comments on older posts for a while on this site.  This site and Sweat are both being continually attacked by a virus and I’m not sure how it’s making its way in.  I’ve cleaned everything out (again) and have disabled comments and have turned off some other features and we’ll see if I can keep it clean for a while.


So, what’s been happening lately?  Last Friday I took Krystle as my date to the Timberwolves game.  We had fun and it was cool to be so close to the court.  The men are, of course, huge and the game seems so much faster and the court so much smaller when you’re that close.  Gramme came over to babysit and the kids were so excited to see her.  When I got home from work that night instead of my usual warm greeting from Annika I got a disgusted look instead because I was not Gramme.  I told her Gramme would be there in a little while and suggested she draw Gramme a picture in the mean time.  She thought that was a great idea and not only drew a picture for Gramme from herself but also drew a picture for Gramme from James.  As soon as Gramme arrived Krystle and I and Kris (who was going to football practice) were completely free to leave.  I did get good-bye kisses before they raced back to Gramme.  And it sounds like they had a good night.  They watched a movie and snuggled, talked with Uncle Mathias on the phone and enjoyed having Gramme read them books at bedtime.  Annika enjoyed telling Gramme what the routine was at bedtime.  Annika is very into routine and structure and follows rules very well.  Oh sure she has her moments where she doesn’t want to listen but every kid does.  For the most part she really likes structure.  She used to get so mad when they changed the schedule at preschool and instead of having gym time in the middle of the day they had outdoor play time (in the snow with boots and snowpants) at the end of the day.  Then we’d pick her up from outside.  That changing of the schedule would make her so mad!  Anyway, Friday night was fun for everybody!

Saturday was a lazy day at home.  I did some laundry, did some baby stuff (got the carseat out of the basement and cleaned up, washed the new going home from the hospital outfit, etc.) and we generally took it easy.  I think it was that night that Kris and I argued (I mean discussed) about how to spell the baby’s middle name.  Kris is a fan of a spelling popular in Europe (Scandinavia in particular – OF COURSE) and I am a big no on that.  I want a more traditional (meaning American) spelling.  We’ll see who wins this one (hint: me – heh).  At least we have it narrowed down to one name!  Spelling we can compromise on.

Sunday was a fun day.  We got up early and went to church then we did a bit of shopping (a couple more baby related items to pick up) and then went to brunch with Grandpa Dan, Marcia, Krystle and Pierce.  We arrived at the restaurant first and Annika and James picked places at the table to sit such that Grandpa was between them (of course!) and Marcia was on the other side of Annika.  Luckily both Grandpa and Marcia were amenable to this arrangement (again – of course!).  The rest of us were afterthoughts.  We could have sat at a different table or even in a different restaurant and the kids would not have cared.  Rotten kids! Heh.  Anyway, we were there to celebrate Pierce’s birthday (in February) and Krystle’s birthday (today!).  The food was yummy and we had a really nice time.  I told Grandpa and Marcia about my baby dream and completely freaked Marcia out – goosebumps and all.  Heh.  That was fun!

After brunch Kris and the kids and I went to a fundraiser for the football team.  It was at a sports restaurant/bar not too far away.  Kris chatted with the head coach and some of the players while the kids and I sat at a table and played with a couple toys from the truck.  Kris’s friend Jon and Jon’s friend came and it was nice to talk with Jon.  I haven’t seen him in a while which is sad.  Kris never sees his friends.  We should make it a point to see Jon and Mike (his other close friend) much more often than we do.  Sure he coaches with Mike but that’s different.  Krystle and Pierce stopped by too which was really nice.  We watched the Gophers get badly beaten by Ohio State in the Big Ten tournament.  Boo!  The kids were getting pretty squirrelly (we had been there for 2.5 hours!) so I took them on a drive and to a store and then back to pick up Kris so we could waste some time.  Kris stayed until the event was over and then we went home.

Tuesday was my 34 week doctor appointment.  Everything is going well so far!  Blood pressure was really good (104/60), weight crept up 1 pound, baby’s heartbeat was 150ish and I was told to come back in two weeks.  I told her about my weird 326 dream and she said she hoped she didn’t see me on that day!  It’s still a bit early (35.5weeks on that day) to be having the baby.  But she also said that if I did, the baby would be fine.  Concerns would include jaundice, breathing (maybe a little oxygen to get the lungs going), holding a constant temperature and sucking.  And since I have gestational diabetes they’re going to want me to breastfeed as much as possible as quickly as possible after the birth to make sure the baby’s glucose levels don’t plummet.  If he’s early and has problems sucking then well, that could be a problem.  Let’s just hope this baby comes in April, not March and is healthy and has none of the problems listed above.  Or, let’s hope that if he is born on 3/26 (that would be so freaky!) that he doesn’t have any of the problems listed above.  Just in case, I might work from home next Friday.  If something strange does happen (like my water spontaneously breaking) I’d rather be one mile from the hospital rather than 30 miles away at work!  Am I a little paranoid?  YES.  But that dream was just so weird that I’ve freaked myself out a little bit.  I’ll be packing my hospital bag this weekend and everything at home is ready so if the strange does come true, we’ll be ready.  And if it doesn’t then I’ll laugh at myself (feel free to join me!) but still be ready for when he does come.

Tonight is Annika’s kindergarten orientation.  She is super excited.  I’ll report back tomorrow with how it went!


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Pictures have been updated.  Pretty soon I’ll have to download the camera and do another upload.  Time goes so fast!

Just a couple things tonight.  #1 – Annika has decided lately that she’s going to be a detective when she grows up.  This is a change from her standard zookeeper answer.  I just tell her that sounds fantastic to whatever she says at the time.  Oh, and a mom.  Don’t forget that.  Whatever she says she wants to be when she grows up she is always quick to add that she’s going to be X and a mom.  She is going to do both.  Again, sounds fantastic to me!

And put this in the “my husband loves me but not THAT much” camp:  Today I was given Timberwolves tickets for Friday night.  These are the really great company seats – Section 112, Row 1.  Row 1!  But Kris won’t go with me.  He would rather go to football practice than to the Timberwolves game on a date with me.  He dislikes basketball and the Timberwolves that much!  I only told him once or twice that I didn’t really appreciate his choice. :)   So now I have to find a babysitter and a date!

Annika’s Big News

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I was going to title this just “Big News” but didn’t want to alarm anybody thinking anything really dramatic was going on over here like premature babies or anything.

But in Annika’s world she has BIG news.  A loose tooth!  Last night at dinner she said her tooth hurt.  Kris poked around and told her that’s because it was loose, very nonchalantly and went back to eating.  Annika and I stopped dead in our tracks and stared at each other.  A loose tooth!  She’s been wanting a loose tooth for months.  Some of her preschool friends have lost teeth or have loose teeth and she’s been envious.  Of course then she had to play with her wiggly tooth for a while.  And she had lots of questions about if it was going to hurt when it came out and if it was going to come out today or tomorrow.  We told her it wouldn’t hurt because we’d wait until the tooth was ready to come out before pulling on it and that it would be a while, maybe even after the baby was born before it would fall out.  Every once in a while I’ll see her playing with it a bit.

And for those curious, it’s the bottom, middle tooth on the left (right when looking at her) that is loose.

She’s Home!

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Annika is home again!  It feels so good to have my whole family back together.  I’m not sure she’s entirely excited to be back but who cares?  I am!  OK, so she did tell me last night that a week was a little too long to be away from me but I’m 100% sure she’d do it again in a heartbeat if it meant going on another vacation.  Now we’re working on getting back into routines though and discipline.  A whole week with grandparents whose job it is to spoil you rotten?  Yeah, she’s had to come back to reality a bit.  She has been super bossy with James.  She’s been ripping toys right out of his hands just because she wants them.  She’s not listening to us AT ALL.  It’s like she had 100% attention the last five days or something! :)   Anyway, a few time outs, a couple talks and I think she’s starting to behave a bit better.  She helped very well this morning when I said it was time to pick up all the toys so I could vacuum and sweep the downstairs.

And I think James is happy to have her back also.  He’d tell me at least once a day that he missed Annika and I don’t think Kris and I have the huge imaginations those two do so they’ve been having fun together making up worlds for them to play in.  Sometimes Annika is the mom, sometimes she’s the sister, sometimes she’s the baby and James has different roles too.  There was a game this morning with crystals and jewels that involved running all over the place.  Not entirely sure what the plot was there…but it was loud!  James is starting to use his imagination more and more though so sometimes Annika will come up with the next game for them to play and James will want to tweak it.  (I’ll be the baby James and you be the brother.  But I don’t want to be the brother!  I want to be the Daddy! Etc.)

This morning Kris put the crib back together and put the bedding on it too.  One more task complete.  We’ll get the co-sleeper out of the basement today so I can wash the mattress pad on that and get it set up and in our bedroom.  I’ve got the bottles out and in the dishwasher for a good cleaning before they go back in the cupboard.  And I’ve got a mental list (soon to be written down) of all the stuff I want to run out today and buy (new nipples for the bottles, diapers, wipes, changing pad, going home from the hospital outfit, itty bitty socks, etc.).

On a not much talked about financial front – Kris has been at his new job for three weeks now, is still enjoying it and received his first paycheck yesterday!  And, apparently he still qualifies for unemployment because his new job is pretty low hours or something.  So while his unemployment benefits are reduced, he’s still bringing home more with the job and benefits than just the benefits alone.  Score!  We’re still on the look out though for any other jobs that would pay more or have some more hours.  We have to be if we want to keep claiming benefits so if you hear of something, let us know!  (And can I just say how proud I am of my hubby?  He was only out of work for less than two months in this dreadful economy.  What a guy!)

32 Weeks

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This morning I had my 32 week doctor’s appointment.  If you don’t want to hear all about it, skip to the next paragraph.  OK, so first up: weight – I lost 1 pound in the last two weeks.  That’s generally not good at this stage of the game so I’ll have to be more diligent about getting enough calories in to ensure that doesn’t happen.  Blood pressure: very good at 120/50.  Talked about my gestational diabetes.  My numbers are very good, especially my fasting (morning) numbers.  I need to be under 95 and I’m usually under 85.  My midwife said this is a good indication I’ll be able to control this with diet the whole pregnancy.  That is good news.  Also, starting at 36 weeks they’ll start doing Non-Stress Tests (NSTs) at each weekly appointment.  It will make my weekly appointments a bit longer but they can be done right in the clinic during my normal appointments.  No problem!  I don’t think I’ll mind listening to the heart beat a little more often!  Next up: ketones.  As part of my gestational diabetes monitoring, I’m also checking my ketones each morning with a simple urine test.  The last two mornings I’ve spilled trace to small amounts and I asked my midwife about that this morning.  We quickly reviewed my diet and she said most likely, even though I’m not hungry, I should be eating a small evening snack before going to bed.  My body is most likely burning fat instead of glucose during the night because I haven’t eaten since dinner.  So, from now on, even if I’m not hungry, I’ll have a glass of milk or some other healthy evening snack.  She didn’t seem overly concerned.  I have a follow up appointment on Friday with the nutritionist and will ask her about it too.

OK, appointment talk complete.  I have one last baby related item to share though.  Last night I had a dream that I had the baby and he was 5.5 pounds.  And while I was holding him I wrote down 326 and his name (Side note: Kris and I have decided on a name!  And no, we’re not doing to share!).  Also, at first he was a girl (dressed in pink) but I still wrote down the boy name we’ve chosen.  Anyway, what does 326 mean?  Well, it could mean 3/26.  At that point I’ll be 35 weeks 3 days.  I’d be early but 5.5 pounds is probably about what the baby would weigh at that point.  Or it could be 3:26, as in time.  Maybe the baby will be born at either 3:26AM or 3:26PM.  I’ve been pondering this all morning, especially on my drive in to work.  Mark your calendars for 3/26 and keep an eye on me!  Then, I got to work and found out a co-worker had her baby this morning!  This is a baby that she had been told at two ultrasounds was a girl (pink nursery and everything) only to find out two weeks ago at a third ultrasound it was a boy.  And he was born this morning (3/2) at 6:57AM.  Hmm….anyone else see the 326 in that date/time?  I wonder if I could have been dreaming about her and her girl, nope boy! who was born at 3/2 6:57?  Weird, huh!  Now, a name hasn’t been announced for their little guy.  If they choose the name Kris and I have chose, well, that would be extra weird but it would make my dream make sense!

Jamesy update:  Messy diaper last night but no puking since yesterday morning.  Hopefully this virus (after a chat with the nurses yesterday we’re going off the virus theory) will clear up for him soon.  Otherwise we spent lots of time last night cuddling and playing Legos.  I was so happy to have him home!  We cuddled at bedtime and he asked if he could sleep with us.  I told him it wasn’t Mommy’s bedtime yet so he went to bed in his own bed and then when Kris came to bed he brought James with us.  Big mistake!  James tosses and turns and wiggles and squirms and kicks and elbows all night long. More than once I had to remove his blanket from my face.  It was not the most restful night of sleep ever.  But he was happy to snuggle up next to me.  Hopefully tonight he’ll be satisfied to sleep in his own bed.

Annika talked to me for ten minutes last night on the phone!  I think that’s a record!  She told me about going swimming, her new doll Nana made for her, ice-skating, gym time today, watching a movie and lots of other things.  It was such a good talk but of course I still miss her like crazy.  Even James remarked this morning that he misses Nika.  The house is still pretty quiet without her here.  Jamesy plays alone very nicely but also very quietly!

Quiet and Fun and Bodily Fluids, Oh My!

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Wow.  What a weekend.  Friday night I did a kid/car exchange with Nana and Papa and they all went up to Breezy Point.  When they were in Brainerd they called to tell me they were almost there and that James had thrown up three times.  Oh no!  My baby!  He’s never sick and both my kids very rarely throw up.  I felt so bad for him and wanted desperately to cuddle him and take care of him.  Kris arrived home from a football meeting not too long after that phone call and I told him James’ status and all my worries.  Kris, being just how he is, basically dismissed me and was like “he’ll be fine.”  Men. Humph!

Saturday morning I got up and started preparing food.  I had three recipes to make for Krystle that day.  The guacamole and the crab dip were both pretty fast and done quickly.  The roll-ups, while SO, SO delicious take a really long time.  It was three hours later that I was done with all the food prep!  Of course in between all that I also ate lunch and poked my finger so it wasn’t 100% work the whole time.  And after that was done I had to run to the pharmacy (to get more diabetic supplies) and the grocery store (to stock up on protein snacks as well as regular groceries).  Then it was home for a quick nap, shower and then party time!  (Side note: All finger pokes to date have been within my limits.  Yay!  So far I am controlling this nicely with diet changes alone.)

Saturday Krystle arranged a surprise 30th birthday party for Pierce.  And it worked!  He was surprised!  It was a fun evening and I got to see both my mom and my dad so I was a happy girl.  But all day I worried about my Jamesy.  I heard again from Nana and Papa in the morning that he had kept his breakfast down so I was hoping that he’d just had a bad night and was OK again.  Saturday night Kris got another update saying that he’d taken a long nap on Saturday so he was obviously still trying to fight something off.  Poor kid.

Yesterday Kris left in the morning to drive up to Breezy Point too.  I stayed home (had to take care of the dog) and did oodles of baby prep.  I washed five loads of baby laundry and put all of it away in the nursery.  Little by little we’re getting prepared.  Kris needs to put he crib back together (it’s currently in toddler bed form) then I need to put the freshly washed bedding on it.  I need to wash up all the bottles and find cupboard space for those.  I need to buy some itty bitty diapers and a going home from the hospital outfit.  And we may need some seasonally appropriate outfits.  I have boy outfits but Jamesy was born in February when I needed more long sleeve outfits and this baby will be born at the end of April when I may need more shorter leave outfits or at least not all the fleece I currently have!  We’ll see.

I talked with Kris a couple times yesterday while he was at Breezy Point and found out that Jamesy was still throwing up and was having pretty nasty diapers too.  I just want him home!  I have this overwhelming need to take care of him.  Kris is driving home today with James.  All James ate yesterday was soup and water so hopefully he can keep that down.  I’ll assess the situation with Kris today and we’ll see if I need to make any doctors appointments.

Annika is staying up there though.  When Kris arrived there yesterday she was so mad to see him!  She didn’t want him to bring her home.  Who wouldn’t want to stay on vacation!  Kris and I talked about it and while I miss her like crazy (I DO NOT LIKE the house being so quiet – yesterday was actually kind of awful!) this was actually a good time for her to stay.  She’ll miss some preschool but that’s OK.  I won’t want her missing kindergarten next year so this is good timing.  Unfortunately Week 8 (Nana and Papa’s week at Breezy) is never going to line up with spring break so it’s probably going to be weekend trips to Breezy from here on out.  She’s excited to stay.  Kris had to ask me multiple times if it was OK that he was only bringing one baby home.  It’s funny how different we are.  If Jamesy hadn’t been sick I’m sure he would have been just fine leaving them both up there all week.  Me though?  This is the longest Annika will have ever been away from me and I’m not excited about it.  She certainly is though and I’m happy she’s having such a good time.  I can suck it up and learn to separate a little bit!  And I’m glad Jamesy is coming home today so I can take care of him and snuggle with him.  And I’m happy to have Kris back home too.  That was one big bed I had to sleep in all by myself last night!  I didn’t like that either!

One exciting thing for Annika was that she went ice skating for the first time yesterday (pushed a chair around the ice)!  I’m super bummed I missed it and I hope there were pictures taken for me to see.  I’ll have to ask her all about it when she gets home.  She’s not too excited to talk on the phone with me – there are more important things to do than talk to me!

Man, am I co-dependent on my family or what!