Two Months

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Happy two month birthday Levi!  You are so loved!

Our day at the MN Zoo – 6/25/10

Jamesy cuddling with Levi 6/23/10

A rare Mommy and Levi picture – 6/23/10

Daddy and Levi with Daddy showing his human pacifier trick – 6/23/10

Levi on his two month birthday – 6/28/10

Annika cuddling with Levi – 6/28/10

Levi meeting Great Grandpa Wally for the first time – 6/27/10

Wednesday is his two month check up.  I’ll report back with his official stats then.

More Firsts

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First, let’s just all agree that my head is filled with haze.  OK?  I can’t remember the funny things the kids say five minutes after they say them.  I am constantly going up and down the stairs forgetting what I went up or down for and making endless trips.  I think the constant interrupted sleep is catching up with me.

And that is why I forget to tell you three very important “firsts” that have happened in the last couple weeks at our house.

#1 – James is now officially potty trained!  He’s been trained during the day for a little while now but we were still using diapers at night on him.  Then, a little over a week ago we ran out of diapers and I didn’t want to buy more so I put him in a pair of underwear with a plastic diaper cover over them and sent him to bed.  And he woke up dry!  Since then he’s been dry every night but one!  And that one night he had more than normal to drink before bed.  Another first was the last two nights he’s woke up during the night to use the potty.  I’m so proud of my big boy!  A little over three and fully trained!

#2 – Laughing!  We have laughing!  Levi has started to laugh.  He started a little over a week ago.  His laugh right now sounds like a backwards “Ha.”  What do I mean?  Well, instead of saying “Ha, ha” and exhaling on the h, he’s inhaling.  I know that sounds strange but do it yourself.  He gets really excited and repeatedly inhales ha-has and flails his arms and legs and smiles.  It’s definitely his primitive form of laughing.  And I absolutely love it when he does it!  My happy little guy.  He’s napping now, in his crib like a good baby and all I want to do is go sweep him up and cuddle him and take a nap with him!

#3 – Bike riding – Annika has learned to ride her bike without training wheels!  We tried this last summer and last fall and she just wasn’t ready yet.  But last week I took her training wheels off and Kris and I took turns helping her around the driveway and in the grass.  At first she didn’t have very good balance and it was a lot of work to keep her upright on the bike!  But with practice she learned and on Sunday she was able to go from our garage door to the neighbors (in our T-shaped driveway) completely on her own!  Kris was out on a bike ride with Dusty most of the day and while Levi took a three hour nap in his crib, the kids and I played outside.  It was then that it clicked for Annika.  When Kris got home we had to show him what we could do and when Krystle and Pierce stopped over later she had to show them too.  And when Nana and Papa stopped over Monday evening she had to show them too.  And Monday she was even able to make the tight U-turn and go back to our garage door without my help!  I’m so proud of my big girl.  She’s gaining more confidence with each bike ride.  If it stops raining today, I’m hoping we can take a family walk this afternoon/evening with Annika on her bike.  She still needs a little practice so she can start and stop on her own.


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The past couple weeks have been filled with firsts.  Annika and James each had their first swimming lessons of the summer.  Annika’s are on Thursday nights.  She has a grand total of 3 kids in her class, including her.  That means a lot more individualized attention and hopefully some big strides in what she learns in this course.  The lessons are at the outdoor water park in town and Annika keeps complaining that the water is too cold.  Both times she’s had lessons so far have been on days when it’s been cooler outside.  I’m sure that didn’t make the water feel any warmer.  She was excited to tell me that at her last lesson she went under water to pick up the toy at the bottom.  And that she “swam” using her arms and legs.

James has started lessons too but his are on Sunday nights.  There are seven kids in his class and two teachers.  During last nights lesson they got to all go down the smallest waterslide.  James was very excited about that, telling me he only got to go down once but he went under the water at the bottom.  Now is that not cool or what, Mommy?

Another first has Annika starting an organized sport!  She is playing soccer this summer.  It’s times like this when I want to go into mama bear mode and protect her while also “coaching” her to run faster, try harder, be more aggressive.  Annika’s timidness is inhibiting her soccer I’m afraid.  She dribbles the ball oh so slowly and carefully.  She’s doing it all correctly, but not with any real effort.  And when they play sharks and minnows (sharks try to steal the ball from the minnows) or practice dribbling down and shooting goals she is timid around the other kids, never aggressive to go after the ball.  In just the couple practices she’s had so far I do see her improving though.  When she’s a shark, she will go towards the other kids and get the ball away from them and at the last practice she even went after one of the boys on the team who is aggressive and quick and has obviously played before and she did indeed get the ball from him.  I hope the continued twice weekly practices will build her confidence.  She can do it.  She just has to believe she can, let loose a little bit, have some fun and go for it.

Here’s another first for James – his first dentist appointment.  Now that he’s three we’re going to start the every six months regular check ups for him too.  He had his first one last Friday and I was so proud of my little boy!  He sat in that big chair and let them take x-rays, clean his teeth and let the dentist poke and prod a little bit too!  And he, unlike his sister, spoke to all the adults with no problems.  He received a new toothbrush, dental floss and hourglass sand timer and is so proud of those items.  It was a very successful first visit.  Annika had a check up too and received another clean bill of health – no cavities!  Yay!  Score one for the nightly teeth brushing!

I’m not sure if Levi’s had any noteworthy firsts in the last couple weeks.  He is such a good little baby though.  He takes great naps during the day if he’s swaddled and in his sleep positioner and either in his crib or in the bassinet.  He’ll sleep for three to four hours some times!  I hope he keeps that up for Kris when I’m back at work.  Next week he has his two month well baby check up and first round of shots.  Poor baby!  He’s on a pretty consistent schedule right now though, at least at night.  He goes down around 9pm and gets up between 1 and 2am to eat then goes back to sleep and gets up again between 4 and 5am to eat.  I try to put him back in his bassinet after this feeding but he usually wakes back up again in the six o’clock hour.  That’s when I bring him into bed with me and cradle him in the crook of my arm.  He’s very happy there and usually sleeps until 8 or 8:30am that way.  With this set up I feel like I’m getting enough sleep.  However I am dreading going back to work and having to be up by 5:30am each day.

How about a cute kid sayings before I wrap this up?  Lately if Levi has some spit up (he is the child that has spit up the most for Kris and I) James will start yelling “Spit up!  Spit up!  Alert!  Alert!”  over and over again. It is tremendously cute.  James has been saying the cutest things lately.  He’s going through another language explosion I think.  I’ll try to remember what some of his more notable ones are so I can share them with you and write them down for my own benefit (I should be writing these down as my brain is a little sluggish these days and I tend to forget all the cute stuff within minutes of it happening.).

So Happy, So Sad

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It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted here.  I’ve meant to several times only to sit mindlessly at the computer doing other things, things that don’t require my brain.  Wednesday Levi will be six weeks old.  And while I’m tired, I have to say that he is an incredibly easy baby.  He sleeps very well (last night he went to bed around 9:30pm and didn’t wake up until 3am!).  He eats very well.  And for the most part he’s a happy baby, only getting crabby when he’s tired.  And he’s getting so big!  I don’t know how much he weighs but he’s got to be 11.5 pounds or so.  He’s in size 2 diapers now and his 0-3 month sleepers are getting too small.  His arms and legs are so long that he can’t fully stretch out in them anymore!  I’ve put a couple 3-6 month sleepers on him and the arms and legs fit him perfectly but they’re too big in the torso.  He’s my little monkey baby with his long arms!  Levi has started smiling and cooing too.  He’s usually happiest in the morning and will give me a big grin when he wakes up.  And I love hearing his little voice.  I can’t wait for him to talk more and more.  I am so in love and am in heaven having a tiny baby in the house again.

Today is Annika’s last day of school.  She’s ready for it to be over so she can play, play, play all day with James and Ryan and Erin.  Every single time Ryan and Erin are outside she’s begging to go over there and play.  Usually I let her because Ryan and Erin are calling for her too.  I can’t believe how big Annika is getting.  She’s getting tall but she’s also so lean.  All that running and jumping and playing and monkey bars are toning my girl in a big way.  Her upper back and shoulders are nothing but muscle.  She’s cut!  I have a picture from Memorial Day weekend when we had the slip ‘n slide out.  Here it is:

See those muscles in her shoulders and back and even her butt and thighs!  Oh, and don’t worry.  That look is actually pure joy.  I uploaded pictures last Friday and there are a bunch more from the slip ‘n slide, including some video, and she is having a great time.

Annika’s imagination continues to go at top speed.  She is constantly making up a story or song or play scenario.  She doesn’t stop talking or pulling James into her make believe world with her (and she can be quite bossy telling him what to play and do ALL THE TIME).  One time James came stomping out of their room, slammed the door and shouted “I’m not the prince anymore!”  I guess he was done playing for a little while.  Her world usually has a princess, an evil queen, a prince and some catastrophe that they must work their way out of.  Last Wednesday was her preschool graduation and family picnic at the park in town.  She spent most of the hour playing with Elyse and Grace and James.  Sometimes Grace was the monster and Annika and Elyse were the princesses and had to run away from Grace.  Basically it was a glorified game of chase.  Then James got in the act and the girls had to run away from James.  Too bad James isn’t as fast as the girls (with his cute little boy legs) so he’d have to take shortcuts in order to keep up with them.  We saw him with his little finger pointed out at them and we thought he was “pughing” them (his word for shooting – his gun is usually called a “pugher”).  Kris stopped him to tell him that there is no shooting at people, even with a play “hand” gun and James corrected him.  He wasn’t shooting, he was casting spells!  Sure enough, he was the “evil wizard” and was chasing the girls and shooting spells at them.  Um, I guess that’s OK?

And James is turning into such a little boy.  He’s not so much a toddler anymore.  He’s a big preschooler now.  He’s leaning out too with all his running and playing.  His little baby belly is thinning out and his legs are losing their baby fat.  It makes me happy and sad all at the same time.  And his vocabulary, his imagination, are exploding.  He says the funniest things!  Last week he put on the fairy wings that Annika received at Elyse’s birthday party.  Then he exclaimed excitedly “Now I can fly!”  Immediately concerned, I told him “Those wings are for pretend, right James?  Those wings are just for pretend.”  He looked up at me with a sad little face and said flatly “Oh.”  Yikes.  He likes to “fly” by jumping off the bunk bed ladder.  Or by jumping off the stairs (three or four stairs up these days).  He gets a strict reprimand whenever he does those things but he’s all boy and just can’t help himself I think.

Today is my dads birthday.  Happy Birthday Grandpa Dan!  I’ll call him at lunch time and wish him a happy day.  I just saw him on Saturday (He and Marcia and Krystle and Pierce came to the Minnesota Machine game with me as did some friends of ours – Pam, Scott, Mark, Jon, Salix and Talia!  Nana and Papa made it too!  The kids were in heaven to have so many loved ones there!) when we were celebrating my birthday.  (Yep, that’s right.  I’m 34 now.  Woo-frickin’-hoo.)

And now for some very sad news.  Papa Merv has been diagnosed with lung cancer.  He has more tests coming up to determine how bad it is and devise a treatment plan.  If you could, please keep him and Gramme in your thoughts and prayers.  We need them right now.

Let’s end this on a happy note with a couple pictures – more available at the link to the left.

Proud Gramme with two of her grandkids:

Annika made Levi a crown:

Sometimes Kris will let me snap of picture of him:

James chillin’ on the couch (while watching cartoons):

Levi in his outfit from Paris (courtesy of my coworkers Scott and Bill – thanks guys!)

Annika showing off her second lost tooth: