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I wrote the following about 1o days ago but never had a chance to post it:  We’re all sick over here. Some of us are worse off than others. Annika is doing fine and Kris seems to be OK. James has a runny nose and occasional cough. I have some sort of sinus congestion awfulness. And Levi has a runny nose with cough too. We took Levi back to the doctor on Friday to make sure his lungs and ears were still clear. His ears are fine but the doctor heard a slight wheezing in his lungs so we are now the proud owners of a nebulizer. We’ve given him a half dozen treatments so far and he hates it! I have to do my best entertainment/distraction in order to get us through a treatment without tears. Poor baby. And of course the treatment is doing nothing to help his cold, only his lungs. His nose is still a runny mess. His teeth still aren’t in but I can see and feel them through his gums. Hopefully they break through this week and he can get some relief from them. During the night he doesn’t want to suck on his pacifier. I’m guessing it’s because the rubber nipple is harder and is hurting his gums. Instead he wants to nurse back to sleep each time, I guess I’m softer. Either way, we’re both hurting in the sleeping department. It’s all temporary though, right?
Saturday we got a quick visit from Grandpa and Marcia. They stopped by to drop off some items we left at their house the last time we were there. The kids were excited to see them. They didn’t stay long though. We didn’t want to get them sick!

Saturday night we went out to dinner with Nana and Papa, Dusty and Melanie to celebrate Nana’s birthday which was yesterday. It was a nice dinner out which we haven’t done for a while. Nana is feeling better each day and is back to work now. We’re all still saying prayers of thanks that the accident was no worse than it was. Thank you air bags and seat belts!

Sunday among the laundry and other household chores we were doing, Kris took Annika out ice skating with her new skates she got for Christmas. All that roller skating has helped because she was able to pick it up quite quickly! She can fall and get back up and do some basic forward skating. We wanted to see how she did because there is a Community Ed class for beginning skaters that we want to sign the kids up for. The basic class teaches the kids how to fall and get back up and the intermediate class teaches them how to go forward and backward. It looks like Annika can go into the 2nd class and I registered her for that last night. Now we need to get James out there to see what he can do. He doesn’t have nearly the amount of roller skating hours under his belt that Annika does. I’m wondering if he shouldn’t go in the beginner class. We’ll see I guess. It was just so cold Sunday that Kris only took out Annika. Maybe on Thursday, since Kris doesn’t have to work that night, he or I can take James out to do some skating.

Yesterday, being MLK Jr. day, the kids didn’t have school. Instead Annika and James spent a good portion of the day playing with Ryan and Erin, the neighbor kids. They had a great time but last night Annika was already asking if we could invite them over to play at our house…right that minute. I told her maybe a different day and she didn’t like that answer very much. You’d think she would have had enough, but nope!

Sunday Kris took a really cute video of Annika playing peek-a-boo with Levi and him squealing in delight. He posted it to his facebook page. Go take a look if you can (friend him if you need to!). If I can figure out how to get the video off the iPod Touch, I’ll post it to my flickr page too. I’m also planning on updating pictures soon. It’s been too long again since I’ve done that. I’ll let you know when they’re ready.

And here we are, Saturday the 29th.  I can’t believe I’ve missed almost all of January on this blog.  Bad blogger!  Yesterday Levi turned nine months old.  He’s getting so big!  He had his nine month well baby check up yesterday and he is 19 pounds, 13 ounces and 30 inches tall.  That is 38% and 93% respectively.  We have a tall, lean baby on our hands.  Also, his head circumference is now in the 4th percentile, down from 12% at his six month check up.  Don’t worry, that small head of his packs big brains!

Thursday night we went to the mall to have nine month and 4 year pictures taken.  (I can’t believe James will be 4 in a week!!)  James went first and was a total ham for the photographer.  We got some great shots of him.  Levi started freaking out a little bit when the photographer would be playing with James to get him to laugh.  Next it was Levi’s turn and by then he only wanted his mommy.  We got a few shots of him sitting and a couple of him standing.  At one point he was standing by a crate with me kneeling a couple feet away.  He decided he’d had enough so he turned to face me and then took his first steps and walked to me!  The photographer even got a picture of it which OF COURSE I had to buy.  It won’t be long now before Levi abandons crawling in favor of walking.  Just this morning he took a step and fell into Annika’s arms here while we were playing on the living room floor.  Anyway, after we got a couple good shots of Levi I was hoping to get a few pictures of all three kids together.  Levi was pretty done with the picture taking though.  I have one shot of the three of them standing together holding hands with Levi in the middle.  Annika has the most hilarious face that I just had to buy it.  And then the very last shot was Levi crying these big crocodile tears while crawling towards me (and the camera) and Annika and James with their hands on their ears to block the crying noise.  It was a priceless shot that of course I bought too.  I justified all of this because I had a $50 off coupon plus a $3.99 per sheet coupon so for all the pictures I bought I only paid $17.  Not bad!

Last weekend, even though it was super cold out I took Annika and James ice skating.  Annika’s pretty good.  She can get back up after falling and can sort of glide on the ice.  James is a wreck though.  He can barely stay on his feet.  I suppose that’s about where he should be though since it was his first time on ice skates and he has very little experience on roller skates.  I signed Annika up for her class and it starts on Feb. 9th.  James’ class was full though so we’ll have to see if he can get in off the wait list.  If not, the class if for 6 weeks and then there is a second session.  I can try to get him into the second 6 week course and if Annika does well then she could go into the 3rd level of classes.

Not much else is new at our house.  Everyone is getting over their colds except for Levi.  It has to, just has to be his teeth.  His front right tooth has poked through and his front left tooth is just barely beneath the surface.  Then his other two teeth on the top are not very far behind.  Sleep has been hit or miss at our house.  He is getting up a lot more.  It’s probably party because of pain and partly because he can’t breathe through his nose very well.  We’re giving him Motrin when he seems to be in pain, numbing gel on his gums and we have a humidifier in his room.  There’s not a lot else we can do for the poor baby, other than hope these teeth hurry up and come through already!

OK, this is really long now.  I promise I’ll come back and post again soon – it won’t be weeks this time!

Welcome 2011!

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I received a scary phone call at work this morning.  Nana was in a car accident this morning which sent me rushing home to take care of the kids so Kris could rush to his mother.  She was taken by ambulance to the hospital but as of Kris’s last report, she is going to be fine although she’s pretty beaten up with lots of bumps and bruises.  The car?  Didn’t fare so well.  Who cares though as long as Nana is OK.  Because our family?  We can not survive without Nana.  She is the true matriarch of her family and I fear her son and grandchildren would tailspin without her.  Thank God, thank God, thank God she is OK.

And now we segue into randomness…

We are already 1 week in to 2011.  Wow.  We’ve had a pretty routine week as we all settle back into our routines.  I had Monday off work and the baby was still congested with a horrible cough so I took him to the doctor.  Kris and I wanted to make sure it was “just” a cold and croup and nothing worse and it wasn’t.  His lungs and ears were clear.  He’s feeling better now.  James, on the other hand is heading downhill.  Today he’s coughing (dry cough) like mad and running a low grade fever (100.3).  Some meds, cartoons and snuggling on the couch for him today!

Levi still has a very runny nose but I’m not convinced it has to do with his illness of last weekend.  I’m thinking some of it at least are tied in to his teething.  He has all four top teeth about to come through.  His front tooth (on the left if you’re looking at him) is just about breaking through and the others aren’t far behind.  I’m grateful he’s getting through this with only a runny nose.  He’s generally happy and smiling and his sleeping is about as good as it’s been for him recently.  I don’t think I had to get up with him until 3am this morning although I may just not remember anything before that or Kris got up with him instead.  I’ve been wiped out this week.  A return to those 5:30am wake-ups is awful!  By 8pm, bedtime for the kids, I am ready to go to sleep myself.  My mother is laughing as she reads this because we gave her crap all those years for going to bed so early.  Sorry Gramme.

Annika is happy to be back in school.  She loves it there I think the long Christmas break had her longing to go back.  Last night James asked if I would like for him to sing me a song he learned in school.  Of course I said yes so he sang a short song, complete with choreography (front, back, side, side).  It was a short song as he couldn’t remember it all.  I didn’t care though.  He’s just too cute when he sings to me!  I’ll have to see if I can get him to do it again and get it on video this time.  Annika, never wanting to be one-upped by her brother, offered to also sing me a song.  They’ve been focusing on the letter M this week at school so she sang me a song about monkeys.  I wish I could remember all the words to it.  Maybe I can get her to do it again on video and then I’ll share both of them with you.  I might be biased but my kids are awfully cute, you know.

OK, this quick update is now over because I hear the baby waking up from his nap.  Have a good weekend everyone and stay safe!!!