There’s a Hole in your Mouth

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Ever since last night at about 8:45pm, I’ve been saying to Annika “There’s a hole in your mouth!”  That’s because she lost one of her front teeth last night!  OK, she didn’t exactly lose it.  I pulled it out and then we put it in her tooth pillow and put it under her pillow.  It was never lost.  Not lost, forcibly removed.  OK, not too forcibly as it was really loose and I was able to grip it with my fingers and pull it out.  But still, there is a hole in my daughter’s mouth and it looks very odd to me!  I have to admit that it makes me a little sad too.  She’s super excited of course and can’t wait to get back to school next week to show all her friends.  To me though it’s just another visual reminder that she’s growing up so fast!  She’ll never again have that little girl smile!  Here – see what I mean?

Right before I yanked her tooth out:

After her bath with her tooth gone and in her tooth pillow (which was mine when I was little!)

Her other front tooth is loose so we’ll see how long until that one comes out too!

Last Sunday Grandpa Dan and Marcia stopped by for a visit.  They always bring a small bag of m&ms for the kids and this time even Levi got his own bag of m&ms!  He sat on Grandpa’s lap and Grandpa fed him m&m’s one by one.  Let’s just say that Grandpa made a friend that day!  Then James decided he wanted to ride on Grandpa’s leg like he always does and this time Levi got in the act too.  They were having so much fun that I took a video so I could share it and keep it forever!  Look!

Fun with Grandpa from Kristina Froyum on Vimeo.

This week is spring break for the kids.  Monday Annika went to Ryan and Erin’s house for most of the day.  I think James was feeling a little left out but hopefully he had fun at home.  Annika sure had fun playing at the neighbor’s.  She even ate lunch there and said that she had “orange lunch.”  Kris asked what that was and Annika said it was mac ‘n cheese with carrots and oranges.  All the foods were orange!  Well, until they had watermelon with it at least.  She then told us that the mac ‘n cheese was even from a box!  That’s a big deal because at home we always make mac ‘n cheese from scratch and have stopped buying and eating it from a box.  The kids of course love the boxed kinds though so it was a treat for her to have that kind.  I asked her which one she liked better and she said “I can’t tell you that.”  Ha!  Already a politician!  She knows the homemade kind is healthier but that the boxed kind is also yummy.  Smart girl!  Tuesday Kris and the kids hung out at home.  Wednesday they all went to the Mall of America to play at LegoLand and walk around and look at new running shoes for Kris.  And today Annika and Kris spent the afternoon at Annika’s friend from school, Sargam’s house.  They’re also our neighbors, living about a block and a half away but yet we never met them until we saw her at the bus stop on the first day of school!   This time James got to go with and although he may have been bugging the girls a bit, Annika said that she really liked having him there.  It was even an unprompted declaration of love and appreciation for James!  I think that made James feel good.

And now the house is quiet.  Annika and James are at Nana and Papa’s house until Saturday celebrating the last bit of their spring break.  Levi is sleeping and I’m watching DVR’d American Idol.

Promotions, Vacations and School

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First let’s go over the exciting news, then the fun news and then the good news, mkay?

First, the exciting news – I got a promotion at work!  On April 4th I will start my new job as a technical manager.  Woo-hoo!  Some of you knew this already but I interviewed for this position last June when I was on maternity leave with Levi.  It had to go through a hefty approval process before I could officially be offered the job.  But I was approved, it was offered, I readily accepted and here we are!  I’ll get an office and everything.  I’m all growed up now!  Hah!  Anyway, that’s exciting.

And now for the fun news.  We’re planning a summer family vacation!  We’re going to be traveling to South Dakota in July with Nana and Papa.  The kids are super excited, especially about the swimming pool and dinosaur museum.  We haven’t taken a family vacation in a couple years (not since the Dells in 2009) and we all need one!

And now for the good news – Kris has been accepted at a local community and technical college.  He needs to meet with someone there and then he can start registering for classes.  We’re hoping he can complete the nursing assistant class this summer and then a few pre-reqs this summer/fall to increase his chance of being accepted to the nursing program.  His application for that is due 2/1/12 for Fall 2012 admission.  If that goes well, two years from then he could be a registered RN!    And so starts the next chapter of his professional life.

Last night I signed the kids up for summer activities.  Annika is going to play soccer and t-ball this year (soccer during the day, t-ball at night) and James is going to start his first activity called KIDS (Kids In Developmental Sports) where he’ll learn the basics of football, soccer, t-ball, etc.  They are both super excited!

How about a couple other small things before I wrap this up.  I’m convinced Levi is saying “Mama” and “Dada” now.  It’s not just mama or dada though.  He says “Mamamamamamama” and “Dadadadadadada” but I think he knows he’s referring to me and Kris because he’ll switch which one he uses when he wants one of us and he’s using the correct one when he does so.  He’s also starting to enjoy being read to although his super short attention span means the book better be short or he’ll have had enough and crawl away.

Last week with the nice weather we had, we got out the kids’ scooters they got for Christmas.  I knew Annika wouldn’t have any trouble getting the hang of it since she can ride a bike, rollerskate, ice skate, etc.  And she didn’t.  She zoomed around on her scooter right from the start.  I wasn’t sure how James would do though.  He has a little experience on his bike and got pretty good on that last fall before we put it away for the winter.  He surprised me though and took off on his scooter and rode it all over the driveway.  He’d lose his balance every once in a while but for the most part he’s pretty good!  Kris also got their bikes down from the rafters and Annika’s been riding that too.  It’s cold and snowy here again now but as soon as it warms up again we’ll get James on his bike and hopefully take some family walks/runs with Levi in the jogging stroller and Annika and James on their bikes.  Won’t that be fun!

This age is so cute!

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Levi is at such a cute age!  The other night Annika and James were having a parade through the house, each with a stuffed animal in their hand.  In fact, the animals may have been having the parade now that I think about it.  Anyway, Levi adores his older siblings so he picked up a stuffed animal of his own and followed them around the house.  Of course he is still slower in his toddling so he would be a few paces behind them, holding out his animal and talking baby talk the entire time.  It was so cute!

Other cute things Levi does?  Pout.  I know, that’s not normally cute but 10 month old’s pouting?  That’s cute!  If things just aren’t going his way he plops down on the floor on his hands and knees and and hides his face in his hands.  Then, after a few moments of boo-hoo’ing he’ll lift his head and if I ask him if he’s OK he’ll hide his face and cry again.  He’ll only be “ok” if I scoop him up and distract him.  Luckily ten months old are easily distractable.

One more cute thing Levi does – nod his head really big.  He’ll nod it so far back that he’ll almost fall backwards and then he’ll nod it so far forward that he’ll almost fall forwards.  The overly exaggerated head nodding cracks me up every time!

Last weekend we were up at Breezy Point with Nana and Papa and Uncle Dusty and Auntie Melanie.  Annika and James drove up with Nana and Papa on Friday night.  Kris had to work Friday night and Saturday morning we he, Levi and I drove up Saturday afternoon, arriving just in time  to join everyone else out to dinner.  Actually when we arrived Annika and James were down at the pool with Dusty and Melanie.  That was a recurring theme for the weekend.  Annika and James went shopping four different times over the two days.   They both love the pool so much!  Levi does too.  He went swimming twice on Sunday.  We put Levi in his infant life jacket and let him splash and float around.  He can be in the pool for an hour before he’s had enough.  At one of the pools there is a waterslide.  Annika loved it and went down over and over again.  At first she wanted someone to “catch” her at the bottom but pretty soon she was going down by herself.  James was different though.  He was scared of the watersldie.  I took him down it twice.  Both times he would walk up the stairs just fine but then he’d fight me at the top and I’d have to hold him on my lap in order to get us down.  After two times he was done.  And that’s OK.  I told him he was brave to go down it twice with me.  The rest of the time he was happy to just play in the pool with a ball or goggles or nothing at all.  His “trick” was to go down one step in the water and then jump in the rest of the way.  Annika’s “trick” was to jump from the side of the pool and do a 360 in the air.  They’re all fish.  I’ve signed up Annika and James for more swimming lessons in April and May.  If they like the water so much I’d like them to know how to swim.

Anyway, Kris, Levi, Annika and I drove home Monday morning so Annika could get home in time for school.  James stayed at Breezy Point with Nana and Papa until Wednesday.  Monday afternoon Nana and Papa took James to see the movie, Rango.  Annika was jealous so Annika and Daddy went on a daddy/daughter date Tuesday afternoon and went to see it too.   Wednesday afternoon when James arrived home Levi was so happy to see him that when James was laying on the floor Levi toddled over to him and kissed his head and face repeatedly.  It was really quite adorable!  He’d kiss James then stand up, bend back down and kiss him again.  He kissed him five or six times before he was done and toddled off to go do something else.  Brotherly love.  Can’t beat it!

Last Thursday night Kris and I went to James’ school conference.  It was a very quick conference.  James’ teacher told us that he knows all his upper case letters, most of his lower case letters, the number 1-10(+), can count objects up to 12(+), knows all his shapes and colors, plays nicely with his friends, participates in circle time, shows compassion for his friends and more.  She gave us this glowing report and then asked if we had any questions or concerns.  We don’t so we were dismissed.  I love great school conferences!  After the school conference Kris and I went on a date (out to dinner) while the kids were at Uncle Dale and Auntie Shelly’s house.  We got back to their house around 7pm, figuring we’d need to get back before Levi melted down at bed time.  Levi was fine but Annika?  Melted.  Even though she’d been there nearly three hours she was NOT ready to go home and cried and whined and begged to stay.  I think we may have to have another time at their house soon.  My girl adores them.  James wasn’t too keen on leaving either but he at least didn’t cry about it.  Kris and I were just happy to have a date!  It was our first one of the year.  Yes, it was in March.  We, uh, don’t always take time for each other like we should.  What can I say?  My babysitter went and had a baby!  And I don’t like “mooching” from our family and friends to watch my kids even though they always tell me it’s OK and that they enjoy it.  Let’s just hope our next date night is before May.  :)