And there went May!

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It’s like May just didn’t happen around here! I blog at the beginning of the month and then at the end. Did we just sit around twiddling our thumbs for three weeks? Of course not! There has been much going on! Of course there was Mother’s Day. That was a very important day! It’s so cute to see the kids get so excited to celebrate Mother’s Day. Annika gave me strict instructions to not get out of bed that day. She really wanted me to have breakfast in bed. It didn’t quite work though because Kris made Swedish pancakes for breakfast and that wasn’t very conducive for travel upstairs. Annika cried these huge crocodile tears when I had to come downstairs to eat my breakfast. I held her and assured her that it was still a very special morning and breakfast. Then we went to church, came home and had lunch and I put Levi down for a nap. Then Annika and I went shopping for a couple hours. It was fun to hang out with just her. And man is it easy to only have 1 kid with me! We stopped at the grocery store on our way home and grabbed all the fixings for a steak dinner. I went through the bakery section looking for a dessert for us and picked up a mini cheesecake for us to share. Annika gasped and said “Mommy, there are five of us in the family!” Apparently she didn’t think the mini cheesecake would be big enough for all of us. Fine, so I grabbed the big 12” cheesecake. You don’t have to twist my arm, little girl! We went home and I enjoyed my kids while Kris grilled us a wonderful and tasty dinner. And then we devoured half that cheesecake that night. Yum!

This past weekend was Kris’s birthday. Happy Birthday Kris! He didn’t get to really enjoy it though. He had to work in the morning, get the oil changed in the car and then he drove to Hudson and spent the afternoon at a memorial service comforting grieving friends. The kids and I went grocery shopping while he was gone and we made him a big pasta dinner that night. Pasta isn’t his favorite but since he had a duathlon the next morning, we needed to carb load him up! I made it as much to his liking as I could with sausage and peppers and then we had fresh from the oven brownies for dessert with ice cream. Not too bad, right? And then Kris enveloped me in his arms and told me I’m not allowed to get sick and die. He always gets very sentimental when we have to deal with young people dying way too early. I promised him I would do my best and that he had to too.

How about an update on the kids?

Annika is awesome, as usual. She has her kindergarten graduation on Tuesday. She’s expressed some concerns about going to first grade. She’s not scared of the work. She’s doing most first grade work now anyway. No, she’s scared of being small. She doesn’t want to be the little kid at school. I assured her that she wouldn’t be the smallest. There are several kids in her class alone that are miniature compared to Annika. And I tried to get her excited about having a lunch box and recess and getting to stay at school the whole day. Hopefully that helped. And last night she came inside after playing outside and told me that I was going to be so proud of her. I asked why and she told me it’s because she’s going to say something OUT LOUD at kindergarten graduation next week. She said not everyone gets to say something but she does. I told her that was awesome and that I was proud of her, just like I’m proud of her every day. Isn’t that great? Can you imagine Annika of a year ago or even six months ago getting up voluntarily to say something OUT LOUD in front of other people? I’m a little shocked I have to admit. And so super proud of her!

James is also doing awesome. I went with him on his spring field trip to a play “Pinkalicious” earlier this month. We rode on the big yellow school bus together where he pressed his face against the window the whole time to get the best view. And he sat so nicely during the play, watching intently at everything happening on stage. And he told Annika and Kris all about it at home, showing that he really was paying attention and absorbing everything. He’s really growing up right before my eyes. He loves riding his bike outside and being a stinker at night keeping his sister awake. He’s just a mover in bed. He’s constantly shifting and twitching and moving. And it drives Annika crazy! Two nights ago during the middle of the night we heard Annika yelling at him to be quiet! Annika has taken to sleeping in our master bedroom closet floor just to get away from him. That’s fine on weekends but during the week I have to be extra quiet in the mornings when I’m getting ready for work. Oh, it would be so nice to have four bedrooms! Levi isn’t quite old enough yet to share his room with James and James would probably wake him up too! I told Kris last night that I was willing to go into debt or wipe out our savings to hire a contractor to finish the basement right now so we’d have that fourth bedroom and move Annika to the basement. Who cares if we don’t have all the cash yet to do it! Start writing checks from our HELOC stat! I’m so tired of the fighting between those two at bedtime with Annika constantly “sshhing” James to be quiet. If we weren’t $20k underwater on our house, we’d probably move out of here this summer into a 4 bedroom. Either way, that doesn’t solve our immediate problem. Good thing James is so adorable otherwise and that he and Annika love and play with each other so nicely. The room sharing could be a disaster otherwise! Those two are just not compatible for room-sharing.

And now my baby. He is just the cutest thing! He now shakes and nods his head. If I ask him if he wants more food on his plate, he’ll shake his head no if he’s done. And sometimes he’ll nod in response to a question too. I do believe he’s doing it intentionally. And he ADORES his sister and brother. He’ll crawl on Annika and give her kisses and just loves being with her. They are so good together. And if James is on the floor playing then Levi must be down there with him, especially if James has his matchbox cars out. When that box of cars is opened Levi is RIGHT THERE so he can take all the cars out of the box and throw them on the floor. Then he’ll put them back in the box and take them back out again. That may just be his favorite game. He also has started making car noises and “driving” the cars around on the floor. Man, they learn that young, don’t they!?! And Levi is quite the jokester. Oh yes, that boy has a sense of humor already! If something happens that he finds funny he’ll throw his head back and let out a guffaw. And last night he was teasing me! Teasing! He adores his dad (I think he likes Kris the most of any of the three. The other two are complete mama babies but Levi has a soft spot for Kris too.) so when Kris got home last night at 7:15pm Levi scrambled down off my lap and greeted Kris at the door. Kris gave him an enthusiastic hello and together they sat down in the recliner to snuggle. At 7:30 I told Levi to come to me so I could bring him upstairs and put him to bed. He climbed down off Kris’ lap and came towards me and at the last second he turned and ran the opposite way. That little stinker! Then he crawled back up on Kris’ lap and did the whole thing another 3 or 4 times! He’d crawl down, run to me then turn at the last second and run away. Kris and I were laughing so hard at his shenanigans. What little turkey!

Sunday it was raining off and on all day. The kids would sprint outside when the sun came out and then race back in 15 minutes later complaining that it was raining again. That night around 7:30pm it was raining but the sun was shining at the same time. We raced around the house to find the rainbow. Sure enough we found it to the East right outside the master bathroom window. And we could see the whole thing from end to end too! And we could see the bottom of one side – it was in the gravel pit behind our house (no leprechauns or pots of gold visible however). I ran to get my camera and by the time I got back 30 seconds later the sun had already started to take over and the rainbow was now a half rainbow. Oh well, I snapped a few pics anyway and the kids thought it was great that they could see the whole thing.

There, how’s that for an update? No pictures this time but at least we’re all up to date. This weekend is work, house chores, neighborhood game night, hair cut for me, babysitting Ayla, a quick trip to Iowa to meet baby Hans and some great family time. It should be great!

One Year Check Up

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Yesterday Levi had his one year check up.  He is a healthy boy (I love it when our pediatrician calls him magnificient!) and is tall and lean.  I put together a quick table summarizing the twelve month stats for my three babies:

Levi is the tallest of the three but James weighed the most at 12 months!

Levi is on track developmentally and received three vaccinations in his arms.  He was not pleased to get the shots at all and sobbed in my arms afterwards.  He is my cuddly baby so he sat in my arms with his head on my shoulder and just wept after the shots.  Thank goodness babies have short memories because a few minutes  later he was dressed and smiling and happy again.  It is so sad to see your babies sad though!  And he was a perfect angel the rest of the day with little side effect from the vaccines.