Middle of June Already

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How in the world can it be the middle of June already?  This blog, this record of my children’s lives, is not being properly maintained.  I need to change that immediately!  There is so much that has been going on lately!  I’ll make this a big update and then work really hard to update more frequently from here on out.

Life is anything but slow right now.  We had a fun Memorial Day weekend.  We did some house projects on Saturday and then we babysat Ayla that Saturday night.  That was busy taking care of four munchkins!  Levi was a little jealous but Kris was there to help with them both so we were OK.  I got out Ayla’s pacifier at one point when she got a bit fussy and Levi thought that was great!  He had a pacifier too and he took his out of his mouth and put it in Ayla’s and took hers and put it in his mouth and then he’d swap them back and forth over and over again.  He thought it was great fun.

Sunday morning of Memorial Day weekend we packed up and headed out as early as we could and went to Iowa.  We got to meet baby Hans for the first time!  He’s a cute, big guy!  And Annika and James were so excited to see Isak again.  Annika declared him her favorite cousin – because he’s big enough to play with!  Of course she had just cooed the day before that Ayla was her only girl cousin and that of course is very important to my girl with no sisters.  It was a great visit with Carrie and Adam.  We went to a parade and to a couple different parks and the kids played trucks with Isak and read all of his books and we had a great dinner with them.  The kids were sad to leave so I’m hoping we can go back down again some time this summer to visit again.

The cousins - Levi, Isak, James, Hans and Annika

The day after Memorial Day Annika had her kindergarten graduation.  Gramme, Grandpa Dan and Papa were all able to make it.  First all the kids marched into the gym to pomp and circumstance one at a time.  Then the the four afternoon classes sang a few songs together.  Then they went one by one through all the kids and said their name, age, what their favorite thing to do in kindergarten is (Annika’s is coloring) and what they want to be when they grow up (Annika said a teacher).  We were giggling at some of the other kids’ responses.  We had a few “cookers” and a “rock star” and a “daddy” and some doctors, lots of teachers and a few baseball and hockey players.  After that they brought down five students, Annika being one of them, and each kid read a few words from their card which the class then responded to.  Annika was so proud of herself because she talked in front of everybody and even had to use a microphone.  I was so proud of my introverted little girl!  Then it was a few more class songs before they were dismissed and we took a few class photos.

Annika’s Graduation from Kristina Froyum on Vimeo.

Two days later James had his last day of preschool.  They had a park day with parents and siblings invited so Kris, Levi and I joined James and his classmates at the park.  Annika was at her last day of school instead of with us.  It was fun to watch James play with his classmates.  He had two “best” friends in class – a girl named Jamie and a boy named Jonah.  They were the little J-name trio!

James enjoying his snack on his last day of preschool!

Next was my birthday…ignore!  Ignore!  OK, so we didn’t totally ignore it.  I made (ha!  like I can make him do anything!) do some more house stuff like ripping up more grass, laying down my lawn edging and then more rock on the East side of our house.  And then we finally got to relax a little bit and met my family for dinner at Old Chicago.  Relax being of course not the right term because we did have 4 young children out at a restaurant.  That is never relaxing!  It was a good birthday though.

Oh yeah, in between all of that Kris start school!  His first class was on June 1st.  In fact, as I sit here typing, he’s studying the skeleton for his anatomy class because he has a quiz tomorrow.  It’s his first step towards his nursing degree.  I’m so proud of my hubby!  So far he’s had one test and one quiz and he did fantastic on both.  Keep up the good work honey!

This past weekend was more house projects (this time it was tiling the kitchen backsplash, touch up painting, general decluttering, a good scrubbing of all surfaces, etc.) then we went out to dinner with Nana and Papa, bought a house and babysat Ayla.  A full weekend!

Wait a second…a house?!?  Yep, we signed a purchase agreement on Sunday to build a new house about three miles East of where we live now.  We’re super excited but of course that means we need to sell our current house.  Anyone want a very nice little house?  The new house will have four bedrooms which the kids are very excited about.  And there is no association so we can finally put in that playset they want so badly!  (Kris has already been shopping online for one and so far he likes the Woodridge Wooden Swing Set from Sam’s Club and then something about a pirate ship???)  Anyway, our house is ready and going on the market tomorrow.  Wish us luck that we find the perfect buyer for it!

Yesterday James started his KIDS (Kids In Developmental Sports) class where he’ll learn the basics of football, baseball, soccer and how to kick, throw, catch, etc.  Yesterday they did football.  It was SO CUTE to watch him run around the field with the football tucked in his arm with all the other kids chasing him.  He’s one of the smaller kids in the class (it’s for 4-5 year olds) but that didn’t phase him.  He got in there and tried to do as his teacher asked and listened and did a great job.

Today Annika started soccer for the summer.  Tuesday and Thursday mornings are now soccer mornings.  Kris said she did well and Annika told me that when she played goalie for a while today that she even stopped the ball once.  She was so proud of herself.  I am proud of her too.  Kris says she’s still slow and cautious, not aggressive in the least.  We’ll see if she warms up or not.

I can’t forget Levi!  He hasn’t been mentioned a bunch yet.  He’s awesome.  He’s adept at stairs now so I’m hoping we can take down the gates in the coming months.  He also shakes his head for no and nods it for yes which is SO GREAT when we’re trying to communicate with him.  He makes car noises when pushing car around.  He loves to dump out the bucket holding his little people and sit inside it.  He does this funny thing where he scrunches up his whole face when I take a picture of him.  He loves to give kisses and tonight was going around kissing me, the dog, the couch, etc.  He also loves to snuggle and sometimes when he gives hugs he pats your back.  He’s a pretty awesome kid!

Coming up for this family on the go is Annika’s dress rehearsal for her dance class Wednesday night.  Then Thursday is soccer again during the day and then Annika starts t-ball Thursday evening.  Saturday Annika and James have Ryan’s birthday party and then Annika’s dance recital that night and we also plan on steam cleaning our carpets and painting the posts and trim in the front of the house.  Sunday is Father’s Day so we’ll do whatever Kris wants (I’m guessing that won’t include home projects!)  It never ends!

OK, I’ll end this with a couple pictures.  The first is of Levi because he’s not pictured anywhere yet and the second is a shot that warms my heart.

Levi playing with a straw at the restaurant. He scrunched it in his mouth and mugged for the camera.

Grandpa and three of his grandkids walk to a restaurant...