It’s a Christmas Miracle

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This post is a Christmas miracle.  I haven’t posted at all in December and here it is, the 16th already.  You’ll forgive me though won’t you?  Well, no matter.   I forgive myself.  It’s been one busy December!  On November 29th we closed on our new house and on December 3rd we moved into it.  The past three weeks have been incredibly busy with packing and then unpacking all our belongings.  We’re 99% unpacked in the new house.  The house is pretty much done.  The donate/sell pile has been neatly stacked in the corner of the garage.  And in the spring we’ll deal with shelving and bike hooks and such in the garage.  It’s way too cold to worry about that now.  Plus we have other fun things to spend our money on like blinds and water softeners.  So exciting!  The move itself went off without a hitch.  We had a large army of people helping us, two enclosed trailers and three trucks moving everything.  And we had everything out of the old house and into the new house by 2pm on that Saturday.  That turned out to be a very good thing because that afternoon/evening it snowed 3-4 inches!  We haven’t yet closed on the old house.  We were supposed to do so on the 9th of December but a financing snafu for our buyers have delayed us.  If things continue to go well, we should be closing on or before the 27th of this month.  Cross your fingers that happens!  I don’t want to have to make 2 mortgage payments on January 1st!


The kids have taken the move really, really well.  Not once have they said they missed the old house.  They seem to love having their own rooms and once we put them in bed at night we generally don’t hear a peep out of them again until morning.  OK, sometimes Levi wakes up and we need to go cover him up again and find him a pacifier but even those are OK because they’re quick and easy and he’s back sleeping again.  We’ve already had our first playdate in the new house when last weekend we watched Elyse and Liam while Krista and Scott did some Christmas shopping.  We’re trying to arrange another playdate, this time with Ryan, Erin and Charlie, our old backyard neighbors.  I definitely want to keep those friendships alive for the kids.  They were great playmates for all those years!


Kris and I finally started our Christmas shopping on Monday night, placing a rather large order with Amazon and Target.  And we hope to finish our shopping tomorrow along with having a visit to Santa for the kids.  We might just yet be ready when Christmas arrives.  It will be close and I’ll probably be wrapping gifts well into the 22nd and 23rd (since some of the gifts ordered may not arrive until the 20th or 21st!) but it is what it is.  Maybe next year we can get organized sooner like other people.


So what else is new with the kids?  Well, Annika’s teeth are finally starting to come in.  For the longest time she’s been missing 4 teeth – two on the top and two on the bottom.  Her other front tooth is coming in along with the two on the bottom.  She may just have a normal-ish looking smile again soon.  Did I ever tell you about Annika’s “boyfriend” or her “first kiss?”  A month or two ago Annika got off the bus and walked into the house on a cloud.  She was smiling from ear to ear and wouldn’t let anyone touch her cheek.  Come to find out the neighbor boy Ryan had kissed her on the cheek on the bus.  Hmm, maybe that playdate I mentioned up above isn’t such a good idea!  Heh.  It was later that week when Ryan and Erin were at our house playing that Ryan asked Kris if he knew that Annika had a boyfriend.  It turns out a boy named Ty in Annika’s class was her “boyfriend” and Ryan let us in on it.  You know Kris has had fun teasing Annika about that!


James is still my sports guy.  The other week I was helping him get dressed in the morning and he wanted to wear his Vikings shirt.  I told him they weren’t playing that day so he looked at his Wild jersey then asked me to look up if the Wild were playing that day and if they were, he’d wear their jersey and if not he’d stick with the Vikings shirt.  And his hair.  Oof.  He’s still growing out his hair “like Dave Grohl” and it’s getting pretty long.  He has hair like me meaning it has lots of body and waves so it can get a little out of control sometimes and look like a frizzy or static mess when he has to wear a hat.  It would be nice if we could cut it but so far he’s refusing.  And really, it’s just hair so I don’t worry too much about it.  maybe I should put some hair gel in it and make it all curly like mine! :)   Afro-James!


Levi is up to his usual tricks.  I found him last night on the kitchen island.  The night before that he had scaled a pile of boxes six feet high.  He also still loves technology and will spend an hour “playing” on the Touch or iPad.  He still doesn’t say much.  He prefers to get his point across with grunting and pointing.  But if I ignore him long enough I’ll get a loud, wailing “MaMa!” out of him.  He was trying to say meow and woof there for a while but now he’s back to ignoring me when I ask him what a kitty or puppy says.  He’s just not that interested in talking yet I guess.


And with that I’m over and out.  I’ll try to sneak another post in before Christmas…