Thinking Good Thoughts

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So, I did not scream at my children last night.  Go me.  However, I did scream for my children last night.  Let me explain.  When I got home from work last night Levi was still napping.  But Kris said he wasn’t feeling well that afternoon and threw up all his lunch.  That would explain the little steam cleaner sitting by the garage door when I came in.  Levi woke up, we ate dinner, we played…all seemed normal.  Until as he was sitting on my lap on the living room floor he threw up…all over his shirt, my shirt, my pants, his pants and even the carpet a bit.  I couldn’t “catch” it all there was so much.  Yeah.  So I cradled him (so no more would spill) and headed for the kitchen sink.  And that’s when I started yelling for Annika.  She and James were in my bedroom watching “Shake It Up” on Netflix.  I had to scream three times before she heard me and came down, annoyingly asking what I wanted.  (Her attitude sometimes…)  I told her Levi threw up again and I needed her to go get both him and I a new shirt and pants to wear.  She does have a little heart of gold underneath the attitude and she scampered back up the stairs as quickly as she could.  When she came back down I stripped both Levi and I in the middle of the kitchen and changed us both, hosing Levi’s feet and legs off in the sink.  Then I steam cleaned the carpet and brought the messy clothes upstairs and washed them off in our laundry tub.  That laundry tub has come in handy a couple times now!  Levi went back to acting normally – no extra clinginess or crabbiness and we had a good rest of the evening.  Right at bedtime he asked for something to eat so we gave him a couple cheese sticks and a clementine along with a little milk.  He kept it down for thirty minutes and so I put him to bed as normal.  Not 15 minutes later we heard him crying and sure enough, there was his snack all over his blankets and his face.  Poor kid.  Kris and I tag teamed the clean up (he always takes the bedding while I attend to the child – we make a great team) and got Levi settled back down again.  Luckily we didn’t hear from him again all night.  I’m hoping he’s better today.  I’m also hoping no one else gets whatever bug he has.


Kris filled out his nursing school application last night.  It’s due today and I’ll be dropping it off at lunch time.  The deadline for the application is February 1st so we won’t probably hear if he’s accepted until a few weeks after that.  I’m crossing my fingers that he gets in!