Spring Came Early

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We are having an unseasonably warm streak this week with temps in the low ’70s.  We’re seeing April’s typical weather now.  And none of us are complaining.  We’re loving the warm temps and getting lots of outdoor play time in.


Tuesday after work I took Annika and James to the park when I got home from work.  The plan was when Levi woke up from his nap, Kris would drive the two of them down to the park, we’d like Levi play too for a bit and then we’d go out to dinner and run errands as planned.  We were at the park for an hour before I called home to find out Levi had just woken up from his nap…at 5:20pm!  Instead of letting Levi play at the park, Kris just picked up Annika, James and I and we headed to dinner.  The rest of us were hungry!


Here are some pictures from our day at the park:

Annika on the rock wall.

James on the rock wall.

Annika mid-jump off the swings!

James mid-jump off the swings!

Annika at her "bakery."

Annika working very hard in her "bakery."

James concentrating very hard on building his sand mountain.


Tonight we have Annika’s science fair.  (Auntie Shelly and Uncle Dale are coming to watch the boys and Annika is so bummed she’s going to be gone!)

Tomorrow the kids and I don’t have any plans.  Kris will be helping Pierce tile the downstairs bathroom and sliding glass door entry way after working in the morning.  My current plan is to take the kids on a bike ride in the morning and then let them play at the park before lunch.  After lunch will be nap time for Levi with some house cleaning and chores for me and some more outdoor play time for Annika and James.  We have to take advantage of every nice day we can!



Hello Dentist

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Between yesterday and today Annika, James, Kris and I have all been to the dentist.  I like getting that job out of the way all at once.  Annika declared that she was big enough that she didn’t need any parents in the room with her while she was having her teeth cleaned.  I’m grateful that neither Annika nor James have any issues with going to the dentist.  So Kris escorted her in, signed the consent forms and health history forms and went back to the waiting room.  Just a few minutes later James was called back and I went with him.  Kris stayed in the waiting room with Levi until he had to leave for work and then I took Levi with me.


James was declared the perfect patient.  His teeth are amazingly clean.  The hygienist was impressed that James brushes his teeth all by himself.  She also found James’ first loose tooth!  It’s just barely wiggly but I suspect that it will become much more loose now that we know about it.  It’s on the bottom right side middle of his mouth.  I foresee many apples in his future to try and get that tooth to move.  James was declared cavity free and sent on his way.


Annika was across the hall (open concept – no doors) so I could see how she was doing even if I wasn’t “allowed” in the room with her.  She had her first full head x-ray and was also declared cavity-free.  The dentist is concerned with how her permanent teeth are growing in and gave us a referral to an orthodontist.  Fun!  Not.  We’ll go see what the orthodontist recommends though (retainer?  wait and see?  full braces in a few years?).


When it was my turn I had Levi with me in the room, strapped down in the stroller.  He was busy playing with the two new toothbrushes (still in packages) that the hygienist had given James and myself.  He dropped them both to the floor though at one point, another hygienist picked them up and then he dropped them again.  Well, we weren’t going to play that game so we told him they had to stay on the floor until it was time to go.  He leaned over to try and pick them up and tipped himself over!  He was fine.  There was no blood and maybe only a bonk on his head when he hit the wall but boy was he mad about it and cried big tears for a couple minutes.  I snuggled him as best I could (leaving him in the stroller) for a few minutes and then scooted him closer to me so he could hold my hand during the rest of my cleaning.  I, too, am cavity free thankyouverymuch. :)


Anyone have any ideas on how to get Levi to talk more?  He barely says anything, preferring to grunt and point to get what he wants.  He can say a few things like mama, daddy (called Kris daddy for the first time last night!!), uh-oh, bzzz (for a bee buzzing) and a few other near unintelligible things.  Last night I asked him to say cow, bee, frog, cat and a few other words as we were reading his bed time books and each time he attempted them, no matter what the word sounded like, I praised him and gave him a gigantic hug.  He seems quite pleased with himself and me whenever I did that.  I’m hoping lots  more positive reinforcement for each attempted word and communication will help him try more words.  And at his 2 year check up in late April that we can get a referral to get him tested.  It’s getting very frustrating to only communicate with him by his pointing, grunting and whining.

More Adventures

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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve wrote here.  Again.  I’m also failing at taking many pictures.  I intend from now on to take my camera out of my purse every night when I get home from work so that  I have it out and visible when the kids are being silly or I want to capture some smiles.  They’re growing and changing so much and I don’t want to miss documenting this time in their lives.  As usual, we’ve had more adventures lately.  Saturday, the 25th of February we finally were able to take James (and Annika) skiing like we promised James we would for his birthday.  We went to Buck Hill and stayed mostly on the bunny hill – which was a good thing for both James and I!  James did pretty well for his first time.  He relied a little too much on Kris sometimes for balance but he went down the bunny hill probably a dozen times before we all got cold and called it a night.  Annika likes skiing although she’s not one for turning or watching her speed.  She goes straight down the hill and turns at the bottom to stop.  It’s enough to make me nervous as I try to keep up with her.  At the end of the night Kris took her on the next hill up from the bunny hill.  She’d been asking to ride the ski lift and go on a different hill.  I think we’ll try to go skiing some more next winter.  This winter has been kind of a bust for outdoor winter games!


This weekend we went on our annual trip to Breezy Point with Kris’s family.  Dusty, Mel and Mabel were able to make it this time too!  And Isak!  The 2 bedroom condo is becoming a little tight for 6 adults and 5 children (5 children – Annika, James, Isak, Levi and Mabel)!  I think if we’re all able to make it next year we might have to rent a room or two in the adjoining Breezy hotel for some additional space.  Maybe we can leave Nana and Papa in the condo with all the grandkids while the parents get a room to their own!  Hee.  Annika and James were able to go swimming both days.  On Saturday we took them to the pool inside the main lodge.  It was so busy!  Maybe the lack of snow meant the usual snowmobilers, skiers, etc. were enjoying the pool instead of the outside activities.  Levi has a cold so we left him napping while all this swimming was happening.  They had a great time though and for once played together nicely in the pool.  There was a little rough-housing where Annika would grab James and I would worry about her forcing him under but it was all just play.  I get a little nervous around water and my kids.  Anyway, Saturday night Nana and I took the Annika, James and Isak plus Dusty, Mel and Mabel to see the Lorax.  The kids were a bit scared during a couple parts but I really enjoyed the movie.  Yes, it’s a bit heavy handed with the environmentalism but for this hippy tree hugger, that was OK.  We left Kris and Papa back at the condo with Levi.  There is no way he’d stay seated for a movie.  He’s way too much on the go for that!  When we got back from the movie we went out to dinner.  Thank you Dusty for treating us all to dinner!  It was getting late by the time the appetizers were gone and dinner was ordered and received.  It was getting so late that James and Levi ended up sleeping on a couple coats in the corner!  And after she was done eating, Annika curled up by the fireplace in the restaurant and fell asleep too!  I couldn’t believe it.  Don’t worry, with such a large group, the restaurant had seated us in a separate room without many other people.  James and Levi didn’t even get to eat their dinner although each had a few bites of appetizer.  I guess the traveling, swimming, cold, etc. wore them down and knocked them out.  That was OK though – it made it really easy to get them all to bed that night!


Sunday morning we started off slowly, just relaxing and hanging out together in the condo.  Papa and James went on a futile hunt for an open grocery store that was not 30 miles away.  They came home empty handed.  Apparently grocery stores in the Pelican Lake area don’t open until noon on Sundays.  About 10:30am we finally gained enough steam to get all the kids plus ourselves over to the main pool with the waterslide.  This time we brought Levi with and at first he was a little scared of the water.  He was grabbing a hold of my neck pretty tightly with his cute little toddler arms.  I sang to him though as we bopped in the water and he acclimated quickly enough.  By the time we left, almost two hours later, he was demanding trips down the water slide (over and over and over again!) and jumping off the side of the pool into the water (while wearing a life jacket).  In fact, I would stand under him while he was on the edge of the pool and instead of jumping into my arms, sometimes he would step off to one side to jump into the open water.  He’s quite the little daredevil right now!  Annika also had a great time swimming.  She didn’t wear her life jacket much.  I’ve been remiss on getting her and James into proper swimming lessons but I’ll be looking into that ASAP.  She did enjoy swimming under the water from one side of the pool to the other though and she also went down the water slide over and over and over again.  I think she’d love a trip to the Wisconsin Dells again this summer.  We’ll have to see if we can make that happen.  James, as is typical, is my more cautious child.  He did go down the water slide with me one time but that was enough for him.  He spent the rest of his time in the pool swimming around with his life jacket on or in the kiddie pool with Isak.  Isak is afraid of the water but Nana and Papa managed to get him into and enjoying the kiddie pool.  Yay Isak (and Nana and Papa!).  Sunday afternoon was more relaxing around the condo while people and kids took naps.  And then it was time for us to head out.  We left and got home right at 8pm which was perfect.  James had fallen asleep in the truck so I carried him to bed and Annika and Levi were in bed by 8:15pm which is pretty typical for Annika and just a half hour or so behind schedule for Levi.  Then I busied myself by getting things put away, caught up on a couple DVR’d tv shows and went to bed myself.


And here we are, ready for another week.  This week we have dentist appointments which should be fun.  Ha.