First Day of School 2012

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The first day of school for 2012 is complete. Annika and James were so excited to go to school this morning.  We had a yummy breakfast and then Annika got dressed for school.  She wanted pigtails today, just as she had for the first day of first grade.  So we did her hair and then got her shoes and backpack on.  Kris and Levi were still sleeping at this point so I told Kris we were leaving in five minutes for the bus.  He tried to quietly get up and dressed so he could give Annika a kiss good-bye.  As Annika, James and I were walking out the front door, we heard a little Levi saying “Mama” from the top of the steps.  And before we were even across the street there was a pajama clad Levi running out to join us, yelling “me too” the whole time.  I scooped him up and we continued our walk down the block.  Kris joined us with the stroller, just in case.  We were early so we joined the other parents and kids at the bus stop taking pictures and listening to the excited chatter.  A quick good-bye hug and Annika was running across the street to get on the bus.  Whew.  One down.  I didn’t even cry this time!  Maybe because it’s my third time sending her off on her first day?  I said a quick prayer that she’d have a good day and then we started our walk back to the house.


Annika is ready for second grade!

I got back to work when we got back to the house.  Kris did some stuff for school and ran to the store with James.  Levi played and watched Blues Clues and Thomas the Train on Netflix.  Before we knew it, it was time for lunch and then time to get James dressed for school.  I went to his room twice and both times he was in different states of undress playing with trains.  Typical Jamesy.  The third time I stayed in his room until he was dressed and hair was brushed.  Then it was shoes on and out the door the four of us went.  James was the only kid at the bus stop.  I guess there aren’t any afternoon kindergarteners in our neighborhood.  The bus came a couple minutes late and once it stopped, James ran across the street to jump on.  And as soon James boarded the bus, Levi turned around with a very sad face.  I was a bit weepy myself.  Levi was so sad that James had left to go to school.  Now who would he play with this afternoon?  His life was about to get worse because Kris had to leave to go to school and I had an afternoon of meetings ahead of me.  So Levi was left to literally play by himself (close by me of course – always very close by his mama). 


James is ready for kindergarten! And Levi insisted on posing with James too.

The afternoon went pretty quickly and when I asked him if he was ready to go pick up Annika and James from the bus stop he jumped up and ran to the door, saying “me too” again.  We walked to the bus stop and picked up our excited grade schoolers.  They both had great days.  Annika had gym but didn’t bring gym shoes so we’ll have to make sure those get put in her backpack each night.  James gave me a brief run down of his day (circle time, school rules, recess, play time, etc.).  Annika said the day went really fast and was happy she didn’t have any home work.  She does have a binder and planner that she has to bring home each day and I have to review and initial it each night. 


Levi was so sad when James got on the bus and left. I know baby. I was a bit weepy too.


Levi was very excited to fetch Annika and James from the bus stop!

Overall it was a great first day!  Now on to day 2!