Annika is 8!

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Annika is 8!


If I was a good mother, I would have written this post the day of her birthday.  Or at least the weekend of her birthday.  The month of her birthday?  Whatever, here we are five weeks after her birthday and I’m finally sitting down to write about my baby, my first baby, the one that made me a mother, turning eight years old.  Oh my God do I love that child.  I love all my children of course but she is my only daughter and I just cherish the mother-daughter bond with her.  We went shopping yesterday, just her and I, to finish up her Halloween costume and it was so great.  We held hands as we walked through the parking lot and in the stores.  When we found just the perfect items we both squealed with excitement. Pure awesome.


My daughter, my daughter.  I’m so lucky to have Annika as my daughter.  She is compassionate and loving and super intelligent (and I’m not just saying that!) and intuitive and logical and worried about doing good and following the rules at all times.  She is the first to talk about wasting electricity or water or money.  She is bossy to James, of course.  And she adores and dotes on Levi, of course.  I’m sure the adoration of Levi will wane as he gets older and more “in her way.”  She still loves to write and illustrate her own “books” or short stories.  We have paper everywhere that has been stapled together and turned into a book.  We encourage this activity as much as possible.  She is quick to make friends and has bonded better with the neighbor boy Jack than even James has even though James and Jack are about 6 months apart in age with James being older.  She is good to her friends, setting up special things for them to do when they come over.  She is an awesome kid.


Her birthday this year was on a Friday.  She originally wanted to have Elyse, Erin and Jack over for a party at our house followed by a sleepover.  We told her that Jack could sleep over but he would need to sleep in James’ room, not hers.  She, being so innocent yet, didn’t really understand why (but was appeased by us telling her that it wasn’t appropriate for her to have boys sleeping in her room) so we had a change of plans.  Instead, we had her birthday at a local bounce house place.  This way she was able to have more kids there too.  So instead of just Elyse, Erin and Jack, we also invited all their siblings Liam, Ryan, Charlie and Calvin plus of course then James and Levi could play too instead of being pushed away by Annika at home from any fun birthday things.  We had pizza and cookies for the kids.  Annika isn’t a huge fan of cake so she was very happy with cookies instead.  And it was all over at 8pm and off to home and bed we went. 


Annika’s family birthday party was the next day.  Gramme came over early (actually staying over the night before) to help us clean and prepare the food.  Annika wanted cookies again for her birthday treat but when I gave her a mock meltdown (But Annika, your mother needs to be able to stick a candle in something and sing to you so you have to have a cake!) she relented to having cheesecake instead.   Whew!  Crisis averted!  We were ready early for the party so Gramme and I snuck out and went to Dairy Queen to pick up an ice cream cake too so Annika ended up with two cakes at her party.  That second cake may have been more for Gramme and me than her though.  Hee.  Annika received some really great gifts, mostly clothes and stuff for her birthday.  She was disappointed that no one really got her any toys for her birthday (we decorated her room for her birthday – painting still needs to be done and then we can hang everything up on the walls) but I explained that her friends all got her toys so she really got a nice mix of new clothes, a new suitcase which she really needed and toys – perfect!  If anyone is reading this though – Lalaloopsy and Disney Fairies are high on her list for Christmas (especially after Elyse came over for a sleepover this weekend with a few Lalaloopsy dolls). Do we need more dolls in this house?  No!  Between the Squinkies, Cabbage Patch dolls, American Girl doll, Barbies and Polly Pockets we have more than enough variants of dolls in this house.  Spoiled much?  Good grief!


Happy Birthday baby girl!  Your mama loves you!