Happy 6th Birthday James!

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Happy 6th Birthday James!

2-5-13 38

Before I left for work today I sang James “Happy Birthday” and told him how excited I was six years ago today to go to the hospital to have him. To meet my son. My very first son. So excited. Then I gave him a donut for breakfast and dashed to work. (Dash being figurative. It actually took me 75 minutes to get to work today thanks to the snow. Boo!)

After work while Kris and I figured out which pizza place to go to for dinner (per James’ request), the kids played with a couple balloons.

2-5-13 3

After dinner at Pizza Ranch (Kids eat free on Tuesdays!) (Annika called it Pizza Heaven because she was so happy with her dinner. Very cute.) we came home and James opened his presents from us.

2-5-13 7

He received a Lego book.

2-5-13 16

And a Skylanders game for the Wii.

2-5-13 32

He may not seem very excited about that game but he and Kris went to the basement and played it for about an hour. I had to ask them three different times to come upstairs and have cupcakes please.

2-5-13 33

They finally turned the game off. James stuck six candles into his cupcake. One would just not do. Then we sang “Happy Birthday” to him and he blew out his candles.

Ah, no girlfriends for Jamesy. Hee hee. After cupcakes the boys went to the basement to play more Wii and a half hour later they finally emerged for bedtime. I think James likes his new game. I hope he had a happy birthday. I’m so lucky to have such a sweet boy as my son. (Proof of his sweetness? He’s asked for two cakes for his party on Saturday – one chocolate one for him because that’s his favorite and one confetti one for Annika because that’s the only kind she likes.)

Happy Birthday James. You mommy loves you.