Freezer Burn

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Today Kris put up our new blinds for the front room. See?

1-10-13 2

Finally! Some privacy!

The kids have spent most of the evening playing a new form of hide and seek slash freeze tag slash Annika changes the rules whenever she feels like it. It goes like this. Annika and James chase after each other. Whoever touches the other person first either gets frozen (by Annika) or burned (by James).

1-10-13 17

If frozen, James has to count to 20 or 40 or 80 (depending upon Annika’s whim) and then while he’s counting with his eyes closed Annika and Levi run away and hide. Once found it’s time to chase again. Even if James touches Annika first she usually has a “reason” why she is not burned and James is frozen and he has to count again.

1-10-13 16

It’s a good thing he’s game for it. Levi is just happy to run after Annika and hide with her. Oh, and practice his freezing technique.

1-10-13 15

These kids and their imaginations!

Tonight it’s wine/whine night – a monthly night out with my girlfriends at a local wine bar where we get together to talk and drink wine. I’m leaving in just over a half hour. I don’t always make it every month but I’m excited to go this month. Kris said my big sweatshirt I’m wearing is frumpy though and I have to go change before I go. So, this is short and quick and I am off to change!

Oh, one more thing. Tonight I had to mend James’ snow pants and one of his new pairs of gloves. Seams were ripping apart everywhere! Where are my mother and my mother-in-law when I need them? I did a hack job as I am not a gifted sewer like they are but it is done and the clothing is now wearable again. James’ pants in the above pictures? Not so much. Huge holes in those knees!

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