Saturday Adventures

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This morning while Kris took Annika and James to gymnastics, Levi and I stayed home to clean. Levi LOVES to help me clean. He gets his own cleaning cloth and he helps me wipe down sinks, walls, doors, etc. He’s actually useful sometimes too with those walls and doors!

Then it was lunch and a thorough cleaning of Annika’s room. That girl had more scraps of paper around! She loves to make lists and write stories and draw pictures. She also sets up these “stations” in her room whenever a friend is coming over to play. So she had stations set up yet from last weekend. The stations could be things she knows her friends like to do or a “fashion” station so they can have fashion shows. This time she had a “make your own doll” station set up with all her Lego friends, Disney Fairies, Polly Pockets, etc. set out so her friends could make their favorite doll to play with while at our house. It took a while to get that all cleaned up so I could vacuum in there without sucking up a toy or scrap of paper.

1-10-13 6

Tonight is an exciting night! Annika and James are at Elyse and Liam’s house for a sleepover. They have been looking forward to this all week! And they kept asking all day how much longer until they could go. First before they left though, Ayla came over!

1-12-13 4

She’s spending the night at our house and the four kids had fun playing together for an hour and a half or so before Annika and James left.

1-12-13 1

They even sat down to have a snack together before Annika and James left and it was almost a disaster.

1-12-13 10

Levi was so upset when Annika and James sat in the chairs next to Ayla. He wanted to sit next to Ayla. So we had to do some rearranging because Levi also insisted that he sit between Ayla and James. Oh, were there tears from Levi until we got all the chairs in the exact spot he wanted them! After that it was all smiles again.

After Annika and James left, Ayla and Levi played with play-doh.

1-12-13 19

And then when I dashed upstairs to write this Kris took over and let them loose to play before bedtime. Right now all I hear is squealing and laughter and running and them talking to each other. So cute! I’m going to go down and join them just as soon as I hit publish.