Sunday Surprise

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As we were sitting in church this morning waiting for the service to start I had Levi sitting on my lap and we were reading a book. Something caught my eye and I looked up over my shoulder only to see Nana and Papa walking up the aisle towards us! It was a Sunday surprise! James immediately headed out one end of the pew, around the front of church and into the other end of the pew so he could sit right next to Papa. We hadn’t seen Nana and Papa since Christmas Eve so it was a really nice surprise to get to spend some time with them today!

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After church we went to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings (football playoffs, don’t ya know). I was on the “kid side” of the table so I was unable to partake in most of the adult conversation but that’s OK. I saw Kris having a lovely conversation with his parents and just tried to make sure the kids were behaving and had what they wanted/needed.

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After lunch Nana, Annika, Levi and I ran to Target quick for some groceries while Papa and Kris waited for James to finish eating. As we were leaving I heard James say he was still hungry so Kris offered him Levi’s barely eating cheeseburger. James has got to be growing because he’s eating like crazy lately!

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Kris stopped by Target when we were almost finished and grabbed Annika so he could drop her off at a playdate with Maija. And then Nana, Levi and I met the rest of them at home. James has been asking to play Ponyopoly for a week now and has been turned down so he was very happy today when Nana and Papa said yes! They weren’t able to play a whole game (too long) so they set a time limit and the person at the end with the most money and deeds would be the winner. And the winner was…James!

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After Nana and Papa left the boys chilled with the iPad for a while until Annika got home and we had dinner. Then everyone played a bit before it was bath time. Bath time came early tonight because of the sleepover last night. Annika was up until after midnight! She has given us plenty of pouty face and whining today. An early bedtime it is! And now I must go wash some kids’ hair and get them into bed sooner rather than later.

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