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There’s not a lot new today. After I got home from work Annika and James came in from playing outside. It was cold out today (single digits) so I’m not sure why they were even out there. Crazy little kids.

Then it was normal homework, dinner, break up some arguments, etc.

After dinner we all went to Target. The kids start swimming lessons on Thursday and needed some new suits. Plus we needed a slew of other things of course. It’s Target!

Then it was home, snack and then bedtime. Whew! Busy.

The kids made a quick fort out of dining room chairs and blankets tonight. When we got home from Target Levi ran under it and yelled “hide seek!” I was so excited to hear him say that! And earlier in the evening he wanted to play with James so he looked at me and asked “Good guy?” Yep, he doesn’t have a name yet for James so he’s substituted good guy instead. And when we asked him what his name was he responded with “Me!” So, we have LaLa, Good Guy and Me. Those are some terrific kids, right there.

Picture below from last August with cousin Ayla.

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