Happy Birthday Nana!

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I didn’t write for two days and nobody said anything!

First, yesterday was Nana’s birthday. Happy Birthday Nana! I couldn’t find a good, recent picture of you (watch out for my camera the next time I see you then!) so how about a picture of your precious middle son holding up a picture from his childhood? What a cutie!

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This week we’ve been finding our new normal. Kris started his second semester at school on Monday so we all started new routines this week. Tuesday and Wednesday Kris gets the kids up and to Krista’s house by 7am so he can be to class by 8am. That’s a pretty early day for the kids. Tuesday night James was a zombie. I was tired too so he and I spent most of the evening vegging out on the couch. Last night all three kids were SO crabby. Oh my goodness the crying and whining and bad behavior was awful! Early bedtimes for all! This morning I had to get them to Krista’s by 7:30am. It wasn’t quite as early so I think everyone got enough sleep last night. We’ve had good behavior so far tonight.

Annika and James had their first swimming lesson of the session today. Kris took them so I could stay home with Levi. It’s just easier if Levi doesn’t have to sit in the bleachers for almost an hour. They both had a good time at swimming lessons.

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  1. what happen to the daily posting – I’ve noticed – and I need a Gramme update – I just love to see pictures of the grandkids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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