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So, what did happen to the daily posting? It got to be too much. Maybe 2-3 times per week posting is more realistic. I’ll try to stick with that. Since my last update we have been busy! Last weekend it was sleepover after sleepover. Friday night Annika’s friend Kyla spent the night. We dropped her off at home on our way to gymnastics Saturday morning. And then after gymnastics it was lunch and time for Annika’s friend Maija to come over and spend the night. By Sunday morning Kris and I were ready for some quiet time! Both girls were excellent but it is just a busy house when guests are over. Here are the kids on Friday night playing cowboys:

1-19-13 9

Why yes, Levi is wearing an old dance costume of Auntie Krystle’s. Isn’t that what cowboys wear? At least he has his hat and what was earlier a lasso!

This last week was normal for us. Annika and James had swimming lessons on Thursday. I was going to send Kris with them again so he could go into the boys locker room with James to help him change. But Annika said she was uncomfortable being in the girls locker room by herself so all five of us went to swimming lessons. Levi was a little “busy” in the bleachers but it wasn’t too bad. And I like seeing how good Annika and James are getting at swimming. They both have a ways to go to be proficient but I can see the progress.

Friday night was game night. Kris and I were wondering if people were growing tired of “game night.” We haven’t actually played any games in a year or so. There is just too many people and way too many little kids of the 3 and under crowd to keep an eye on. And for the last few months not many people have made it over. But this past Friday we had everybody there! And while there was no game playing there was a whole lot of catching up, laughing and wine, beer and whiskey drinking. Well, by some there was. My single glass of wine probably wasn’t what made the party. Heh. It was great though and I already can’t wait for next month. Here’s Ayla on game night sporting her first pony tail!

1-25-13 2

And here are Annika and James playing a quick game of Hobbit Lego Memory before the rest of the guests arrived.

1-25-13 11

Yesterday was gymnastics again, lunch and then off to Grandpa and Grandma’s house for the afternoon/evening. It was supposed to be a game day but we ended up only playing one game. Instead it was stand around the food and chat day. And there is nothing wrong with that!

Today was church. And after church the kids and I headed home while Kris stayed for the annual meeting. Someone at church nominated Kris for council and he was voted in today. This should be a new adventure for him! Say hello to church councilman Kris!

1-25-13 8

He seems excited.

We spent the rest of today staying as close to home as possible. I’m sure the roads were terrible with the sleeting rain which turned to snow on them. The kids were so excited to go outside and play though when they saw that it had turned to a wet snow. They tried sledding but the snow was too sticky for that. Instead they made snowmen and played on the playset with the neighbor boy Jack.

1-27-13 4

I received these cute wooden snowman pieces as a Christmas gift this year and this was our first chance to try them out. Annika’s snowman looks awesome!

1-27-13 10

And now we’re in the middle of bedtime. Levi is already sleeping, but not before he posed for some pictures while has bath water was running tonight.

1-27-13 22

And Kris and James are currently reading.

1-27-13 15

And Annika is brushing her teeth.

1-27-13 14

Within a half hour we should have a quiet house of sleeping children. Here’s to another busy week!

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