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So, I’ve been a slacker this week in writing.  It’s just that we’ve been very busy…doing not much?  I’ve been off this whole week and we’ve done a lot of playing and not a lot else.  Last weekend until Sunday morning Kris was gone coaching the Vixen.  Monday we played at home.  Same with Tuesday but that night Amanda and Dean came over for dinner.  Wednesday was more playing at home.  Thursday we went to the pool in town (an outdoor one with a zero entry, sand bottom pool) and had a great time.  Annika would “swim” around in her life jacket, kicking her feet but not really scooping with her arms.  She was having fun though dog-paddling around.  And James thought it was a blast too.  He’s kind of in the in-between stage for life vests (too big for an infant, too small for a child) so he spent most of the day without one but with a parent very, VERY, nearby.  Thank goodness it’s zero entry and very shallow for most of the way because he is one brave little boy and would try to go out farther and farther.  And then he would butt-drop (jump up and land on his butt) and end up with water up to his chin.  Or he would try to walk, fall over and end up face first in the water.  He didn’t seem to mind though.  I’d just yank him out, stand him back up and he’d grin and do it all over again.  Annika is pretty brave in her life jacket too.  She’s not afraid to go or do anything with that on.

Yesterday we took in a parade to celebrate the 4th.  We weren’t overly impressed (too many politicians, not enough bands) but it was in the right location at the right time.  I think we’ll try somewhere else next year.  Annika thought it was great though – they were giving her candy!  My shy little girl would timidly wave her hand when they would come by in order to get candy.  Her not shy mom would sit right behind her and wave her arms wildly to get their attention.  Gotta make my girl happy, ya know?  James thought it was great too and would pick up the candy and put it in the bag.  At one point all three of us were sitting on the curb together, a child on either side of me.  I’m sure we were as cute as could be.  I, uh, should have gotten a picture of that.

After the parade we headed to Nana and Papa’s house where they had a surprise waiting – a swingset!  Two swings, one for James and one for Annika.  They were in heaven and were on that thing half a dozen times yesterday.  They also loved the giraffe inflatable pool with the slide!  And James wanted to get in on the sports action too.  He wanted to play the polish golf game and get in the softball game too.  Um, swinging bats and small children are probably not good together.  He picked up the plastic bat and ball though and tried to hit it himself.  I think a teeball set might be a good birthday present for the young man.

Jamesy is using more and more words lately.  Tonight at dinner he said corn.  He’s been shouting “Mama!” every second of the day (it seems) whenever he wants anything.  And an immediate “Yes Jamesy?” only gets more shouting so I have to respond quickly.  Sometimes though he’s not sure what he wants so he yells, I respond and then he says “Ummmm.  Mama!”  Yeah, it’s fun.

Today Annika told me when she grows up she’s going to be a princess.  Big surprise.

We had some dead bushes in the front and on the side of our house and a few weeks ago the lawncare company pulled out most of them.  Today, we replaced them.  In the front we put a Pinky Winky Hydrangea bush.  I’m hoping it does well there and gives us some color!  It’s supposed to give late summer/fall color which will be nice as my flower pots are usually dead by then. :)   Then, along the side of the house we condensed the three remaining alive, fern-y, plants in the middle and put a Purple-leaf Sand Cherry bush in the back of them.  It’s supposed to get tall (7-10 feet) so that went at the end.  We both really liked the purple leaves though.  And then at the front of the five, next to the front step we put a Sunbright (bright yellow) rose bush.  More color!  I can’t for the 4-6 buds on it to bloom.  The roses smelled so heavenly at Lowe’s today that when Kris suggested we get one for that spot, I was all over it!  It took Kris a while to pick one out (yellow?  pink?  red?  purple?  is this plant sad looking?  have any buds?  etc.) that we were all getting impatient.  It wasn’t until James said “Come on!” (Well, at least it sure sounded like he said that!) that Kris and I finally decided on the yellow one and moved along.  I also got some new shade flowers (impatiens, of course) for the front step flower pots.  The ones I had in there before, uh, weren’t doing so well.  So, there you go.  More adventures in gardening.  I just love playing in the dirt!