Back to work

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My nice week long vacation is over.  Yesterday it was back to work.  It was really hard getting up and leaving my precious, sleeping family.  When I got home from work last night Annika asked me why I wasn’t in my bed that morning.  I told her I was at work and she got very sad and told me she doesn’t want me to go to work.  I know, baby, I know.   Jamesy about had a conniption when I got home too and we were back to the hold-me-immediately-and-for-as-long-as-I-require-it-thank-you-very-much routine.  After dinner I kicked them outside and we played for a while – in the sandbox they played (and got sand EVERYWHERE on their bodies) while I sifted rocks out of the sandbox.  Then when they got tired of the backyard we headed to the front where Jamesy tried to run away again.  He just loves riding on of his toys down the driveway then down the sidewalk to the street corner.  It’s all downhill (slightly) and he thinks it’s great.  That’s not so bad but he doesn’t come back!  So, I have to follow him down and then haul him and his toy back up to the house.  He then gets a different toy and does the whole thing over again.  Annika thinks this is great too and usually follows him on a toy of her own.  A few rounds of this though and I’ve had my fun.  Too bad the kids don’t feel the same way!

The kids had an exciting day today I heard.  Papa was in town getting his car serviced so Kris and the kids met him for lunch.  I’m sure they had an excellent time not only because they both like eating in restaurants (what with the crayons/paper and chocolate milk and such) plus they both adore Papa.  Kris even said that Annika cried when Papa left to go home.  She’s been pretty emotional like that lately.  She cried yesterday when Kris left for work.  Phase?  Not sure.  Anyway, tonight we had a pretty lazy night.  Jamesy wanted to color so we got out a huge piece of paper for him and some washable markers (that’s what caught his eye to begin with) and he went to town, scribbling a little bit with each marker before trying to put the cap back on, not being able to, handing the cap and marker over to me and getting himself a new one.  I’ve dated the paper and will be saving this for him.  It’s really the first time he’s “colored” for any length of time.  While Jamesy was doing that Annika was next to me on the floor writing letters.  First she wrote Annika, then I had to spell Kristina, Mommy, our last name and James for her.  She wrote each of them down and I was impressed with some of her letters!  I’m just impressed she can write all her letters, regardless of how legible they are and that she can remember how to do it since she’s been out of school (and therefore practice) for over a month now.  Go preschool!  Go Annika!  After the coloring was done we popped in a movie (Charlie and the Cholocate Factory – love Johnny Depp in that movie!) and settled in for some relaxation.  Well, as much relaxation as a 17 month old will give you!  He was up, down, read this book, read that book, get me some milk, crawl on you, etc. busy.  That kid never stops!  It was a good night though.  You need these kind every once in a while, right?