Congrats Uncle Dusty and Auntie Melanie!

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Congratulations go out to Uncle Dusty on his wedding to Auntie Melanie on Monday.  They married on the beach in Hawaii and are now enjoying a 10 day honeymoon there.  Pictures of Melanie (all I’ve seen so far) are beautiful.  Best wishes you two!

Not a whole long going on around here lately.  Annika’s being a little instigator, constantly picking on Jamesy.  I wonder where she gets that from!  And Jamesy tolerates it for only so long before he squeals and tries to get away from her.  She better watch it.  It’s not going to be long and he’s going to be bigger than she is!

Jamesy is hilarious.  He has so many words!  He asked tonight for some cheese.  He can say penis. (The boy loves diaper changes just so he can play with his!)  He can pretty much communicate at will.  Now I’m waiting for his pronunciation to become a little clearer and for him to start putting more two word phrases together.  So far his only two word phrase is thank you (ank u).

This morning Annika woke up to go potty when I was getting ready for work.  Seeing me up, there was no way she was going back to bed.  Instead she came downstairs with me and we watched some cartoons while cuddling together before my carpool ride came to pick me up.  Kris and James were still sleeping upstairs.  Well, Kris was in bed, I don’t know that he was sleeping.  Anyway, when I had to leave Annika gave me a big kiss and hug and told me again for the millionth time lately that she wants me to stay home the whole day (um, heart breaking in two!) and then went back to the couch.  I peaked in the window before getting in the car and saw her kind of wandering about the living room looking like she was trying to decide what to do now.  It broke my heart!  My poor baby was “alone” and I had to leave to go to work.  Yuck.  Some mornings I really hate going to work.  This morning was one of them.

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  1. Ya, it is tough for me to leave when one or more of them gets up just before I head out. Gavin is better able to take care of himself in the mornings, and Asher I can put back to bed fairly well. With Jessie I try to get her settled watching Caillou or something. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen too often before 6 so I’m generally safe.

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