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There has been so much going on lately!  Saturday was our annual BBQ.  We had a full house of friends and family.  It was great!  We got compliments on our food again, that’s always nice to hear.  And the kids were in heaven!  Seriously.  They had grandparents and aunts and uncles there to dote on them.  And tons of other kids to play with and they both just thought it was great.  It rained a little bit at the beginning of the BBQ but before long people were outside playing boccie ball in the backyard or in the front coloring with chalk on the driveway.  As soon as I opened the garage door there was swarm of kids into the garage to get out all the ride-on toys.  John and Jeanette came with six day old Evan.  That’s one cute kid they’ve got there!

Sunday was our 6 year anniversary!  To celebrate we dropped the kids off at the zoo with Nana and Papa and went to see a movie.  We saw the new Batman movie, Dark Knight.  It was fantastic!  And it was nice to have a little down time with just Kris too.  Annika and James had a great time at the zoo too.  They saw bears and tigers and lots of animals.  Annika said her favorite was the giraffe.  After the movie and zoo we had dinner out where the kids played musical chairs again.  Annika was sitting on Nana’s lap, then my lap then her chair, back to my lap, etc.  Then Jamesy had to get in on the action too and ended up eating dessert on Papa’s lap.  It’s not the most relaxing thing ever to eat out with children.  We haven’t got it too bad though.  While our children don’t always stay in their seats, they’re generally not too noisy or messy and they don’t run around or anything.

Jamesy has been enthralled with airplanes lately.  Whenever he hears one overhead he has to stop playing, look up until he finds it and then point it out to me.  So cute.

Annika’s been snacking on granola bars lately.  She can’t seem to say granola correctly though.  She keeps calling them granilla bars.

Last night after dinner was over the kids and I headed outside to water the garden.  After that we played chase in the backyard and then we headed to the driveway.  Annika immediately got out her bike and started riding around the driveway.  Jamesy climbed in the wagon and decided he’d like to go for a walk.  Annika wanted to go for a long walk so she could ride her bike the whole time.  So, go on a long walk we did.  1.4 miles actually according to gmap-pedometer.  That’s pretty far for a 3 year old on a bike, isn’t it?  I was impressed at least.  She’s getting more and more confident on her bike.

Thursday I leave for New Mexico with Grandpa Dan and Auntie Krystle and won’t be back until late Sunday evening.  I’m so excited to go see Uncle Mathias but I’m dreading leaving the kids.  I’m sure I’ll call a million times a day and stress and miss them terribly.  It will be the longest I’ve been without either of them ever.  The most I’ve done to date is a night, a single night, away and then I bug Kris to go get them the moment I wake up in the morning.  I’ve also practically convinced myself I’m going to die in a fiery plane crash and never see them again.  Um, to say I’m panicking would not be completely off base.  Deep breath.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! I hope you have a great trip! Gavin always called them granogurt bars. It was so cute! (yogurt, granola, so similar, ya know.)

  2. Have a great trip! We just returned from our first trip without Ada, and it was much-needed! Of course, after being away for 5 minutes, I wanted to go back home to get her… Thankfully Aaron stopped me…

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