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Tomorrow I’m going to Annika’s classroom to teach her class!  It will be my first experience teaching 24 first graders, or really any class at all since high school when I “taught” Sunday school to 3 and 4 year olds.  I’m volunteering with the Junior Achievement program and the first grade curriculum focuses on families and wants and needs.  Hopefully Annika’s class, that has been in trouble for excessive talking in the past, can focus and listen.  On a Friday afternoon at the end of the day?  Well, we’ll see.  I’m still kind of excited to do it but nervous too!  I’ll be teaching for a half hour for the next five Friday afternoons.


Last night was a disaster at home.  We sat down to eat a meal we’ve never made before.  We had chicken enchiladas with tomatoes, cheese and some cream cheese based “Santa Fe cooking creme“.  It was delicious but before Annika even took a bite she declared she didn’t like it and didn’t want to eat it.  Dinner has become such a struggle with both her and James.  James ate a few bites, declared he liked it, agreed that we should make it again and then caught wind that Annika didn’t like it or something and changed his mind to saying he didn’t like it.  And then Kris finished his dinner and left for work and I continued to battle with the kids to get them to eat.  Levi, my only remaining “good” eater, ate a bunch of his and even grabbed a few tomatoes off Annika’s plate.  My precious baby got the “good kid award” last night, that’s for sure.  I’m not proud of the yelling I did last night but sometimes my frustration runs over.  Do the kids like tortillas?  Yes.  Chicken?  Yes.  Cheese?  Yes.  Cooked tomatoes?  James Yes.  Annika No.  So why wouldn’t they eat it?  They didn’t like the “sauce.”  I made them eat a whole bunch of it anyway (maybe 1/3 of what they were served) and then sent them to the basement to play.  I was done and angry and didn’t want to see their precious faces for a while.  I’m sure they were tired of me too.  Every parent has those nights, right?  We had a pleasant bedtime routine with baths and books and kisses and hugs.  Thank goodness kids have forgiving hearts and short memories.  I love my kids.  I really do.  But I am so tired of struggling to get them to eat sometimes.  We usually use the “eat as many bites as how old you are” rule but last night I made them eat even more than that.  Just to be mean, probably, but really out of frustration.  Please tell me this is just a phase and that they won’t be this finicky forever.  They weren’t always like this.  I especially hate when they “like” a meal one time and then “dislike” a meal the next time we make it.  Or they’ll eat it in a restaurant (stir-fry with rice noodles for example) but won’t eat it at home.  Argh.  At bedtime last night Annika asked if tonight we’d make a dinner she likes.  *sigh*  We can’t have mac ‘n cheese and hot dogs or peanut butter sandwiches every night, dear daughter.  After they were in bed I went and took a relaxing, whirlpool bath.  Kris poked his head in once and I even told him I needed some “alone time.”  And then I got out of the tub and went to bed.  Today is a new day.   My patience has been renewed and hopefully tonight will be better.

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  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Kristina. Being the mom is so hard sometimes, but you are an amazing mom! Enjoy teaching class, and have a great weekend! For what it’s worth, my kids are also going through a “bad eating” phase.

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