We are Kris, Kristina, Annika, James and Levi and this is our family blog.

Our cast of characters:

Kristina – The Mom. The Wife. The CFO. The geekiest of the geeks.
Kris – The Dad. The Husband. Cool and athletic and yummy.
Annika – Daughter #1. Born September 2004. Sassy. We are in so much trouble.
James – Son #1. Born February 2007. Sweet. Also. See Trouble.
Levi – Son #2.  Born April 2010.  Adorable.  Also.  Brand New.

Gramme – Kristina’s Mom.
Papa Merv – Gramme’s husband.
Grandpa Dan – Kristina’s Dad.
Marcia – Grandpa Dan’s fiancee.
Auntie Krystle – Kristina’s sister.
Uncle Pierce – Krystle’s husband.
Uncle Mathias – Kristina’s brother.

Nana – Kris’s Mom.
Papa – Kris’s Dad.
Uncle Dusty – Kris’s brother.
Auntie Melanie – Dusty’s wife.
Auntie Carrie – Kris’s sister.
Uncle Adam – Carrie’s husband.

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