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I promised pictures of Levi on his scooter and even though I have a bit of flu (nauseau, body aches, general icky feeling) and stayed home from work today I’m going to keep my promise and write here. I even took some pictures from the comfort of the couch last night. So, Levi got this scooter for Christmas from Grandpa and Grandma and he loves it. It’s his bike and he’s fiercely protective of it. Don’t you dare even look at it. :)

1-8-13 7

He’s pretty good at riding it too. In fact, he didn’t need any teaching or coaching. Kris put it together

1-1-13 1

and Levi was off!

1-1-13 4

So last night I asked Levi if I could take some pictures of him on his bike. I wanted a few for the blog and then I wanted to go lie down. Instead, Levi insisted I take dozens and maybe a video or two. So, I took a few and then laid down and took the rest.

Anything to keep my boy happy.

1-8-13 32

Where were James and Annika during all this? Annika was outside playing.

1-8-13 3

But not before she gave her dad and I a bit of good-natured attitude.

1-8-13 4

God, I love that kid.

1-8-13 5

And after James came in from playing…

1-8-13 2

He was hiding at the table, playing with play-doh.

1-8-13 15

And that’s it. Last night in a nutshell. I may not have much blog fodder for tomorrow since I intend on spending most of the evening resting on the couch. Maybe I can tell you about James and Levi and their current activity – James picking on Levi so Levi is chasing after him. Ah, brothers. :)

Well, That Is A Hard Question

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Well, we’ve pretty much caught up to real-time. I guess I’ll have to tell the kids to do something funny. Or weird. Or blog-worthy in some way. You’d think with three silly kids at home that would be easy, right?

At Grandpa and Grandma’s house on the 22nd, Annika wrote a “play” but was too self-conscious to read it out loud. Instead, she had James read it (he did a really good job!) and then at the end she danced around which was her “part” in the play (or really a story).

12-22-12 9

Every night when we sit down to dinner we ask Annika and James how their days were. Annika usually says “fine” and then we have to ask her more to get some details. With James it’s the opposite extreme. We ask James how his day was and then he says “Well, that is a hard question.” And then he launches in to a minute by minute accounting of his day. First he got off the bus. Then he walked to his classroom. Then he took of his coat and boots and snowpants and put them in his locker. Then he sat down on his spot in the circle. Then he…well, you get the point. Details change here and there depending upon if they had centers that day or outside play time or anything else. It can take a long time for the poor child to get through his day. No wonder he is always the last one at the table eating! Not only is he a slow poke who gets distracted easily (boy is going to starve next year when he only has 20 minutes to get his lunch, eat it and clean up after it at school!) but he also spends most of dinner telling us about his day!

12-23-12 3

I haven’t grabbed the camera in a while. It is my goal tonight to take some pictures and hopefully grab some video of Levi riding his new scooter he got for Christmas. We’re letting him ride it in the house since it has not yet been outside. The rule is once it goes outside in the spring, it can’t come back inside. But he’s so cute right now riding his “bike” around the house. He even says “My bike!” if anyone else goes near it and then runs over to it to grab it away from anyone who dared touch it.

How about a picture of the puppies to end this (short) post?

12-28-12 4

Christmas 2012

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First off – a big congratulations to Kris who finished his first semester of nursing school just before Christmas! He received good grades and even was told by his Clinical instructor that he’s going to make a good nurse. Woo-hoo! Kris starts semester number 2 on January 15th. 1 semester down, 3 to go!

Christmas 2012 has come and gone. It was pretty great for us. The kids were spoiled rotten again. I don’t think they know or appreciate just how good they have it! We celebrated Christmas with Grandpa, Grandma, Krystle, Pierce, Ayla plus Mike and Elysia on Saturday the 22nd at Grandpa and Grandma’s house. First we sat down to a wonderful meal together. Super yummy! Then shortly after Grandma decided it was time to open gifts. The kids hadn’t even asked if we could do that but I think Grandma was itching to get going. :) There were squeals of delight over their gifts. There really were some big hits that day. The rest of the afternoon/early evening was spent playing with new toys. James received a pair of real drum sticks from Mike. And Mike even gave him a little impromptu drum lesson. The look of idolization on James’ face was priceless! A real drummer! Real drum sticks!

12-22-12 56

Before the evening got too late Krystle had Annika go up to get one last surprise for the kids. She came down with four more packages. Once opened we found 4 sets of matching pajamas for the cousins. Too cute! Of course we had to put them on and get a nice cousin photo.

12-22-12 78

The next day, Sunday, was another big day. This time it was Christmas with Nana, Papa, Carrie, Adam, Isak, Hans, Dusty, Melanie and Mabel! We went down right after church so we were there with plenty of time for lunch. After a yummy lunch (where we ate some of that Swedish sausage that the kids helped make the week earlier) it was time again to sit down and exchange some gifts. Wow – with that many little kids it is like a paper storm going on! We were trying to keep it somewhat organized but those little fingers just can’t wait to tear open that paper! I had a hard time keeping track of who was opening what and who is was from. More squealing over gifts, of course.

12-23-12 43

After a nice afternoon of visiting, watching football, playing games and with new toys, it was time again to change the kids into their new pajamas and try to get a picture. Unfortunately, we waited a bit too long this day and Levi was tired and not interested in participating. And there was no way we were changing his mind that night!

12-23-12 45

Shortly thereafter Kris and I bundled up Levi and got ready to head home. We had intended to leave all three kids there overnight since we were planning on coming back the next day to go visit Great Papa at the nursing home. But with Levi being so tired we thought it was best if we just took him with us. He was fine with that…until he figured out that his cherished La-La (Annika) would be staying there. He threw a gigantic fit, crying and wailing for his La-La. We said good-bye to Annika multiple times, reassured him that we would see her the next day, tomorrow, right after we wake up from sleeping, etc. but he was having none of it. We had to hold him down while we got his seat belt buckled and then he cried a good 20 minutes of the drive home. My poor baby. We tried distracting him with Christmas lights, singing songs, more reassuring explanations, etc. He eventually settled down but he didn’t fall asleep until we were almost home. And the next morning when we asked him if he was ready to go back to Nana and Papa’s house and see Annika he jumped up to get his coat and shoes on. He was SO ready.

And so that’s exactly what we did. We headed back down to Nana and Papa’s house where we had a bit of lunch and then we caravaned it down to southern Minnesota to visit Great Papa. Great Papa looked great and we had such a nice visit with him. He opened a couple gifts, got our Christmas card posted on his wall and we had some nice conversation. We even got a few pictures in of him and Kris and him and the kids.

12-24-12 23

After our visit we rushed back to Nana and Papa’s house to get ready for church. Uncle Jim was preaching that night and we wanted to make sure we were on time. Annika was wearing her new dress from Target (from their Neiman Marcus line that went on sale 50% off right before Christmas – she was in love with that dress for weeks and never thought she’d get it because I’m too frugal to buy her a $100 dress but then at 50% off plus some other discounts and she was in dress heaven!) and the rest of us tried to look good too. :) It was a nice service with Nana and Papa being up in the choir. A nice surprise was one of Kris’ cousins was there too attending with her husband and family. We don’t see them often so that was really nice! After the service we took a couple pictures in front of the Christmas tree and then we headed for home. We were all hungry for dinner and managed to find a Taco Bell open on the way home. We had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner of tacos in the truck. :)

12-24-12 34

Then it was home and into bed for the kids. That wasn’t too hard! They knew Santa might make a visit so off to bed they went. And Santa did make a visit to our house! I knew the presents were down there by the tree so when I woke up the next morning after hearing the kids up and about I just laid there and listened. Surely they would come bounding into our room any minute now asking us to get up so they could open presents, right? Nope. I laid there for an hour before I finally got up at 8am. I had just heard James exclaim “Oh boy!” downstairs and thought I should go investigate. Turns out Levi was still sleeping and James and Annika were having fun playing together with their new toys they’d received on Saturday and Sunday. They were playing right next to the tree and the Santa presents but left everything alone. Wow! What great kids! Kris and Levi stumbled downstairs not too long after and we settled down to open the gift they each received from Santa. Here is Annika. She was pretty excited to get Olivia’s House from the Lego Friends collection.

12-25-12 15

After the Santa gifts were opened we had our traditional Swedish pancake breakfast. And then we sat down together again to open the gifts that we gave each other. The kids had a whole other pile of presents to open from us. By this time I could already see the present fatigue setting in. They’d already received so much that they really didn’t even want or need anything else. We could have ended Christmas there and they would have been just fine.

12-25-12 65

After our presents were opened we let them play again for another couple hours. We had no plans for this day so everyone just stayed in their pajamas and played with their new toys. Just after lunch I lured them all into the living room so we could open our stockings. Yes, even more presents. There are just little gifts in the stockings though…plus candy. :)

12-25-12 80

Then the kids settled in for a few more hours of play. I wasn’t feeling too hot that day so I spent most of the day sitting on the couch cross-stitching. You can see the kids and Kris’ stockings in some of the pictures. It’s about time I finish one for me! Later that afternoon we skyped with Gramme so she could see the kids open their gifts from her. Yep, our fourth gift opening of the day! Gramme really got the kids some great gifts though and they were so excited! And they love seeing Gramme on skype too. A bonus this time was that Krystle, Pierce and Ayla were there too so we got to skype with them too!

12-25-12 110

And that was our Christmas 2012. It was so great! James said it was his best Christmas ever. And it really was awesome!

The rest of Christmas break from school was spent being lazy at home. We had a few playdates with friends but for the most part we just stayed in. It was nice to have some extended downtime. Of course now we’re back to our normal life of work and school. I’m sure we’ll throw a few adventures in there too!

12-30-12 2

12-28-12 8


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Today was a pretty normal Sunday for us. Kris and I slept as late as we could then scrambled to get the kids fed and clothed so we could get to church on time. At church they announced that two kids were going to have their first communions that day. Previously at our church first communion was part of the 5th grade Sunday school curriculum. This year our church changed to have an open communion policy meaning anyone – anyone – who is baptized as Christian (not just ELCA) can receive communion. This means young kids can have communion too. One of the kids having their first communion today is in second grade with Annika. She and I discussed it and she thinks she is ready to receive communion. Kris and I aren’t so sure. She still doesn’t pay attention very much during service. I guess Kris and I will have to talk about it again. I told Annika that she would have to start paying attention and participating a bit during service before Daddy and I will think about her receiving communion. How about a picture of my girl from her birthday? She requested powdered sugar donuts and strawberries for her birthday breakfast so that is what she had.

9-7-12 5

After church we came home to have a quick leftovers lunch and then we all headed out again for a bit of shopping. The kids running shoes were disintegrating and needed to be replaced. And James has two pairs of jeans that have suddenly sprouted huge holes in the knees. He also is suddenly low on long sleeve shirts because I had to purge a bunch where all the sleeves must have shrunk – they were too small! And then Annika reminded us that a lot of her shirts have shrunk too. :) So, we ended up with 2 new pairs of sneakers, one new pair of jeans, 2 shirts for Annika and 2 shirts for James. Oh, plus new gloves for Annika and James. Annika’s sprouted a hole in one finger and James’ have disappeared. That will tide us over for this month I think. Next month we’ll have to re-evaluate Levi’s closet plus Annika’s shoe collection again. Plus more pants for James and probably some more shirts for both. These kids and their growing!

The picture below was taken at the Como Zoo in late September.

9-30-12 42

And when we got home from shopping Kris got a few free hours to himself and went to go see The Hobbit. In fact I’m still waiting for the movie to be over and him to get back home. So how am I finding time to blog? Put the kids in the bathtub! At least they’re contained that way. James is telling me he’s done though so I must go wash his hair and get back to parenting. How about one more picture from November and then we’ll call this post done for today.

11-23-12 5

Missing My Brother

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6-30-12 4 by Ninabina
6-30-12 4, a photo by Ninabina on Flickr.

Not much time today to post (too busy going to gymnastics with the kids then Target then cross-stitching, then a nap and now getting ready for dinner and Vikings playoff football with friends) but I’ve been missing my brother lately. So, I’ve decided to post this picture of him, me and Gramme from our trip to see him last summer. Last week I uploaded pictures from June through December so most people probably haven’t seen these pictures. There are lots more good ones too so go check them out! And I think tomorrow I’ll call Uncle Mathias to say hi.

The First Half of December

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First, before we delve into December, I have to tell you a funny James-ism.

Last night James, Annika and I were playing Sequence for Kids at the kitchen table. It was James’ turn and very seriously he held up a card and said “I am going to play this very, very, very, very, very, very fierce giraffe” and then laid down his card. I burst out laughing and Annika joined me. You see, at the end of his very serious sentence, James gave us his trademark “gotcha” grin letting us know he was joking. A very fierce giraffe. Get it? To a five year old (and his mom and sister) that is hilarious. And it was. His delivery was fierce if you ask me.

So, December. Of course December was busy with tons going on both holiday related and not. So, in order to not make this a novel, I’m going to cut December in half and tell you about the first half today. The very first thing of note that happened in December is that James lost his first tooth! And then a mere 3 days later he lost another one! Gone are the two bottom middle teeth, just like that. No fuss, just yanked them out. And while this was a big deal for James and he was super excited, the tooth fairy part of it wasn’t all that important to him. Sure, the first time he made sure to put the tooth under his pillow but he nearly forgot the next morning to look if it was still there (of course it wasn’t). And the second time, he forgot to look for days until the little “tooth fairy pillow” that was holding his loot nearly fell off his bed from under his pillow. Silly kid. Either way, my baby is growing up. Are you proud of me that I didn’t even cry when he lost his first tooth? I am.

12-6-12 5

The first weekend of December was really mild weather. We took advantage of that by going to the Holidazzle parade with Krystle, Pierce and Ayla. We found a street corner to claim as our own and enjoyed some hot chocolate while waiting for the parade. We also took a few pictures. The kids enjoyed the parade and it was cute to see them all lined up on the blanket for a short while.

12-2-12 39

The second weekend of December we were walloped with a big, heavy snowstorm. I think we got about 10″ from it. The kids thought it was the best thing ever and immediately headed outside to go sledding in the backyard. Unfortunately the snow was a little too wet and sticky so sledding was difficult. Annika and James gave it a good try though. After Kris and I were done shoveling the driveway I gathered the kids and we had a good old-fashioned family snowball fight. It was Mom and kids against Dad. We even had some neighbor kids outside with us join in too. It was hilarious and the highlight of the outside time for James.

12-9-12 3

In early December we finished up Levi’s second speech evaluation. He once again failed to qualify for services. In fact, he had made so much progress in the 4-5 months since his last evaluation that he was even further from qualifying than before. Great news! He really is saying so much more now. However, he is just starting to put two word phrases together with a simple noun and verb. And he still refuses to say too much. He still doesn’t have a name for James but he adores his “la la” (Annika). “Mommy help” or “with you” is about as close to a sentence as we come. And he doesn’t point to things and say “airplane” or “tree” like so many kids his age or younger do. Maybe he’s just on his own timeline though. It’s really hard to know. The speech therapist is going to check on us monthly and when he turns three she advised us to get his early childhood screening done right away with the school district. That way if he is still delayed they may be able to help him with an IEP. We could always go to a private practice to get speech therapy too and see if insurance would cover it. Right now we’re just working with him at home and hoping that the strides he is making continue. My silly little boy.

12-5-12 39

The third weekend of December we shipped the kids off to Nana and Papa’s house on Saturday morning. Before that though was Friday afternoon and James’ kindergarten performance. It was so cute to see the three kindergarten classes up on risers singing holiday songs. They sang Christmas, Hannakuh, Kwanzaa songs and even a song for Diwali along with non-denominational “winter” songs. So cute.

12-14-12 3

That Saturday night we were hosting my work group over at our house for a holiday party. I think we had 10 people total and we sat around the table eating and talking the whole night. It was a nice time. Sunday morning I spent the whole time wrapping gifts (so many gifts!) and then after lunch we finally made our way to Nana and Papa’s house to pick up our munchkins. I missed them so. I don’t like them being gone for so long. The house is very quiet without them. And while that is nice for a short while, I tend to want them back before long. When we got there Levi was very happy to see us and Annika and James were very busy helping Nana make swedish sausage. In fact, James did most of the cranking of the sausage stuffer that afternoon. Just like with the lefsa, he was right in the middle of the action the whole time. He just loves helping in the kitchen like that. Both were disappointed they couldn’t stay another night but were super excited to bring home some of the fruit of their labors.

This post has been heavy on the James and Levi pictures so let’s throw this silly Annika picture in here just to even things out a bit. :)

12-5-12 41

And that was the first half of December for us. Tomorrow we’ll delve into Christmas and our long break from school and work.

What Happened in November?

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Do you like the new layout here? Pretty, no?

According to my pictures (link to the right), nothing happened in November until Thanksgiving. Sure, there was school and work but apparently nothing photo-worthy. How can that be? Another resolution – take more pictures and not just of the “important” stuff.

Here is a picture from Thanksgiving though. At least I didn’t completely flake out on pictures that day!

11-22-12 13

Aren’t we a handsome bunch? That was taken at Auntie Krystle’s house where we spent the afternoon on Thanksgiving. She and Uncle Pierce created a beautiful dinner for us.

11-22-12 24

It was so much fun to spend the afternoon there with Krystle, Pierce, Ayla, Grandpa, Grandma, and Pierce’s parents, sister, brother and his family. It was especially fun to see cousin Ayla with all her cousins there! We tried to get a picture of Ayla with all her cousins and well, you heard a bunch of cats (I mean children plus their fathers) and tell me how that goes! This was only the third take. Not bad!

11-22-12 18

Annika loves playing at Ayla’s house. It’s fun because there are all these new toys to play with! And she also enjoys that as Ayla gets older, there is more girly stuff to play with.

Later that afternoon we went to Uncle Dusty and Auntie Melanie’s house for more celebrating. No big dinner at this one but plenty of treats to munch on. And the kids got to help Nana make a big batch of lefsa. They loved that! James was a master at helping roll the balls of dough and having them ready for Nana.

11-22-12 44

Also in November we painted Annika’s room. She hasn’t decided on exactly how she wants her furntire placed so the final touches (wall art mainly) haven’t been put up yet. That means I don’t have any “after” pictures but in this one you can at least see the new wall color.

11-30-12 70

That photo was taken during November’s game night when Elyse and Liam stayed overnight. The girls were having a dance party at that time and Annika even let James have some fun too.

We rounded out November by buying some new toys for ourselves. Kris got a new 55″ tv for the living room. How does a 46″ tv look small? Move it to a new house with a bigger living room, dining room and kitchen and then stand in the kitchen, making dinner and realize that it’s a long way to the tv. That’s how. (Aren’t we spoiled? Why yes, yes we are.) So, we found a good deal on Black Friday and took the plunge. We also purchased a new treadmill for me. I love running but have found it difficult to find and/or make time to run outside with Kris working evenings and now in school and busy with homework. but I have made use of the treadmill! We also purchased blinds for the front windows finally but haven’t put those up yet. We’re waiting for our 1 year walk through repairs to be made before we do that as one side of the window casing has some deep scratches in it and we’ve asked for that to be replaced.

And that was basically November. Not on to December tomorrow!

Bloggy Break

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I took a little bloggy break there for a while.  I’ve decided January will be when I make my triumphant return!  I am resolved (Get it?  January?  New year?  Resolve?  Heh) to post every day in January.  I’m hoping this will become more of a habit then and I can start posting regularly again thereafter.  I like posting.  I like going back and reading past entries and smiling at the memories.  I need to make sure I keep writing them down.  For me.  For my children.  For Gramme who is pestering me to write more.  Hee.  Let’s start with a picture though, OK?  Here is Levi from 12/31/12 after he found Annika’s play make up and decided to give himself a makeover. He is just about the cutest thing ever.

12-31-12 15

So, what have we been doing these past few months!  Well a lot and a little of course. Annika completed her first official gymnastics class (outside of toddler tumbling that she used to do). She loved it and is starting another session this Saturday 1/5/13. She’s in level 1. It was really fun to watch her make progress each week. And now James wants in on the action too so he’s going to start level 1 boys gymnastics on Saturday too.

12-5-12 31

Annika and James both went on field trips with their classes. And I was lucky enough to chaperone them both. Annika’s class went to The Landing where they learned all about the late 1800′s and what life was like then for kids and adults. It was a bit cold that day but the kids didn’t seem to mind the outdoor field trip. James’ class went to Cal’s Market where they got to learn about pumpkins and other gourds and take turns feeding and petting some calves, goats and rabbits.

In October we made our annual pilgrimage to the local pumpkin patch. And per tradition, the Harringtons and Nelsons joined us. It was a really nice day out thankfully. After picking pumpkins everyone was free and joined us back at our house for an impromptu pizza party. The neighbors are about the only thing we miss about our old house. We’ve tried to keep the friendships alive but with kids and busy schedules, that can sometimes be difficult. We’ll keep trying in 2013.

Of course there was Halloween. Halloween was a bit of a letdown this year for me personally. Why? Because we were all sick with strep throat that week and were all just feeling crummy. OK, not all. Kris was spared antibiotics but the rest of us were down. I haven’t been that sick in a while. We rallied though and got the kids out trick-or-treating while I stayed back to hand out candy. Annika was Fawn, a Disney fairy (think Tinkerbell). Fawn is the autumn fairy and has auburn hair. So we dyed Annika’s hair auburn. It’s still auburn even though we did a “wash out after 28 washes” dye. Yeah, I miss her blond hair. Kris loves the new reddish-brown though. She looked spectacular on Halloween night though! James was Dave Grohl from The Foo Fighters. The whole reason James has long hair is because he wants to be a rock star drummer like Dave Grohl so of course he has to have long hair. His blond hair wasn’t quite right though either so we dyed his hair too. His hair is also still brown and I also miss his blond hair. Oh well, just hair, right? It was fun for James though. We got him a Foo Fighters long sleeve t-shirt to wear, drew whiskers on his face with eyeliner and gave him a Guitar Hero guitar to take out trick-or-treating and he was set. Levi was Yoda for the third year in a row. Hey, when you have the cute costume and it still fits you take advantage of it! The kids came back with a ton of candy and had a fun time trick-or-treating with ayla and our new neighbors Jack and Calvin. Kris dropped Levi off with me and then took Annika and James back to the old neighborhood for a quick neighborhood visit there too.

10-31-12 3

One last October highlight and then we’ll call this post done and start with November tomorrow.

In October Kris and I went to see The Red Hot Chili Peppers in concert. It was great (even if I was sick with yet undiagnosed strep) and Kris and I had a nice time together. We don’t get out on many dates, especially middle of the week dates. Maybe that should also be a 2013 resolution – date my husband more. :) He’s a cutie and a keeper and I wuv him.

10-30-12 8

Annika is 8!

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Annika is 8!


If I was a good mother, I would have written this post the day of her birthday.  Or at least the weekend of her birthday.  The month of her birthday?  Whatever, here we are five weeks after her birthday and I’m finally sitting down to write about my baby, my first baby, the one that made me a mother, turning eight years old.  Oh my God do I love that child.  I love all my children of course but she is my only daughter and I just cherish the mother-daughter bond with her.  We went shopping yesterday, just her and I, to finish up her Halloween costume and it was so great.  We held hands as we walked through the parking lot and in the stores.  When we found just the perfect items we both squealed with excitement. Pure awesome.


My daughter, my daughter.  I’m so lucky to have Annika as my daughter.  She is compassionate and loving and super intelligent (and I’m not just saying that!) and intuitive and logical and worried about doing good and following the rules at all times.  She is the first to talk about wasting electricity or water or money.  She is bossy to James, of course.  And she adores and dotes on Levi, of course.  I’m sure the adoration of Levi will wane as he gets older and more “in her way.”  She still loves to write and illustrate her own “books” or short stories.  We have paper everywhere that has been stapled together and turned into a book.  We encourage this activity as much as possible.  She is quick to make friends and has bonded better with the neighbor boy Jack than even James has even though James and Jack are about 6 months apart in age with James being older.  She is good to her friends, setting up special things for them to do when they come over.  She is an awesome kid.


Her birthday this year was on a Friday.  She originally wanted to have Elyse, Erin and Jack over for a party at our house followed by a sleepover.  We told her that Jack could sleep over but he would need to sleep in James’ room, not hers.  She, being so innocent yet, didn’t really understand why (but was appeased by us telling her that it wasn’t appropriate for her to have boys sleeping in her room) so we had a change of plans.  Instead, we had her birthday at a local bounce house place.  This way she was able to have more kids there too.  So instead of just Elyse, Erin and Jack, we also invited all their siblings Liam, Ryan, Charlie and Calvin plus of course then James and Levi could play too instead of being pushed away by Annika at home from any fun birthday things.  We had pizza and cookies for the kids.  Annika isn’t a huge fan of cake so she was very happy with cookies instead.  And it was all over at 8pm and off to home and bed we went. 


Annika’s family birthday party was the next day.  Gramme came over early (actually staying over the night before) to help us clean and prepare the food.  Annika wanted cookies again for her birthday treat but when I gave her a mock meltdown (But Annika, your mother needs to be able to stick a candle in something and sing to you so you have to have a cake!) she relented to having cheesecake instead.   Whew!  Crisis averted!  We were ready early for the party so Gramme and I snuck out and went to Dairy Queen to pick up an ice cream cake too so Annika ended up with two cakes at her party.  That second cake may have been more for Gramme and me than her though.  Hee.  Annika received some really great gifts, mostly clothes and stuff for her birthday.  She was disappointed that no one really got her any toys for her birthday (we decorated her room for her birthday – painting still needs to be done and then we can hang everything up on the walls) but I explained that her friends all got her toys so she really got a nice mix of new clothes, a new suitcase which she really needed and toys – perfect!  If anyone is reading this though – Lalaloopsy and Disney Fairies are high on her list for Christmas (especially after Elyse came over for a sleepover this weekend with a few Lalaloopsy dolls). Do we need more dolls in this house?  No!  Between the Squinkies, Cabbage Patch dolls, American Girl doll, Barbies and Polly Pockets we have more than enough variants of dolls in this house.  Spoiled much?  Good grief!


Happy Birthday baby girl!  Your mama loves you!