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Getting my run on.

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Exercising for Body Shape

Over at Bodies in Motivation, Karen posted her first entry to start her blog last week. In her first entry she mentioned that her doctor told her that for her pear body shape she should focus on 20% cardio and 80% strength during her workouts. A few of us in the comments were intrigued by that. Should you really change up your workouts based on your body type? Since I’m an apple shape (I carry all my weight in my stomach. My hips and thighs are relatively slim and trim. No saddlebags here. Just hideous belly fat.) I was wondering if that ratio would be different for me and what that ratio should be.

Of course I had to go off and google the crap out of that! I found a few articles that verified the claim that apples and pears (and other body shapes) should exercise differently. Interesting. To summarize:


  • Stairclimbing
  • Walking on an incline
  • Running (Hey – I do that!)
  • Leg Squats, Leg Presses, Deadlifts


  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Elliptical training
  • Leg lifts and dips
  • Push-ups, chin ups and shoulder presses

Why do this? Why vary your exercise for your body shape? I guess it depends on the results you want. Me? I want to avoid all the health issues that apples are more susceptible to like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and others. (To be fair, there is also this article saying body shape is not a factor – what do you believe?  Either way, who wants a fatty liver?  I don’t want a fatty anything!)  This is even more important to me given that my paternal grandmother died of a stroke at age 64. And that my father is on medication for high cholesterol. It’s important to me to decrease my waist measurement and it’s not all vanity. OK, there’s a lot of vanity in that desire, but there’s a fair amount of health concern too.

In order to lose this awful belly fat the fastest and most effective way, I’ll continue running and put in some leg squats now and then.

How about you? Are you an apple or a pear and do you care? Does it influence your exercise routines?

Week 8 – 10×10 almost over!

Only two more weeks. I, uh, doubt I’m going to make that 10 pounds lost goal. I KNOW I’m not going to make the 10 inches lost goal. Today I weighed in at 159.4. No worries though. I was 157.6 for four days before that. Then, yesterday, I had three alcoholic drinks (after not drinking anything for over a month!) along with pizza and cookies (that were fresh out of the oven – hey Day 1 will do that to you, ya know?), quesadillas, etc. Let’s just say the eating was definitely over the top. Today though I’m back at it. Calories are being tracked and I’m sure that 159 is temporary. Plus – I have my work out clothes on! And I’m going to be putting in at least 20 minutes (either elliptical, bike or 30 Day Shred) before bed tonight. I will. New page being turned here people. It’s time to get both nutrition and exercise back on track!

Week 7 (late)

OK, so I’m late in posting this. It’s not as bad as you think though. OK, so my brother was in town over the weekend and there was lots of snacking and not much careful dieting. I know, I know. Bad. Anyway. Monday I was at 158.8 pounds. Not too bad. Only up about a 1/2 pound. I’m back to tracking calories and working my way back down. Food is all good.

Now exercise? I just can’t seem to get it together. I want to exercise. I need to exercise. I feel better when I do exercise. And yet? I’m not exercising. All my weight loss these past weeks has been due to my nutrition. But even if I can diet my way down to 145 I’m still going to be squishy.

I don’t want to be squishy.

And Grandma’s Half Marathon registration opens on February 18th. I need to start cardio training now so I can work on endurance and speed and getting miles in starting in March.

This is it February. Time to get back to it.

Week 1 Update

Week 1 -

Weight: still 162.2 pounds even though I was as low as 160.4 during the week

Measurements – (OK I measured myself today – maybe I’ll do this every week instead of every other) – same except for waist which was down 1/2″

Exericise – 1 day (out of goal of 4) Boo!

So far, a slow start to my 10×10 challenge.  That’s OK though.  I can feel progress being made.  Exericse is again a priority.  My eating is healthier and better controlled.  My attitude is changing.  All these are good.  And that is the path I need to take my life.

My trainer fantasy

Often, I fantasize about having a personal trainer.  I really, really, really want someone to kick my butt.  I’m a big fan of The Biggest Loser and would LOVE to have Bob or Jillian (really Jillian) whip me into shape.  I let myself get away with too much.  I make excuses to not exercise (I’m tired!  I went to bed late!  The kids (or Kris) woke me up too much last night!).  I don’t push myself very hard while I am exercising.  Training for a run?  I focus on getting miles in but not on improving speed by doing fartlicks or sprints.  I know a well balanced fitness routine should include weights.  I now have weights in my basement.  I have yet to lift weights.  See? I need a trainer!  But.  We are focused on getting out of debt right now.  I have curbed my CAbi clothing addiction.  I have cut back on new shoes, eating out, a lot of “extras” right now.  And it’s working.  We’re making great progress.  And until we’re debt free, there is no money in the budget for things like gym memberships or personal training fees.  Especially not when I have all the tools I need right in my home (elliptical, Trek road bike, weight bench, yoga DVDs, etc.).  I need help.  What are your tips or tricks for getting your exercise in?  For staying on your eating plan?  For kicking your own butt?

Multisport website found!

In my search for duathlons last night I found Midwest Multisport.  So far only 2008 races are listed but I’m sure this will be updated for 2009 before too long.  I’m thinking the Gear West Duathlon, usually held in May, might be my race!  The distances aren’t too long I don’t think and it’s fairly close to home.  It’s in the right price range and I might even be able to talk Kris into doing it with me!  How fun would that be!  Anyway, Pam or others, if you’re interested in this race, let me know!  We can keep an eye out for registration deadlines together!

3.2 miles down

I did 3.2 miles this morning in a personal best 36:53 (11:31 pace).  Still not blazing fast but I’m out there doing it.  Yay!  Tomorrow I have 5 miles planned.  And my body felt good.  It was a beautiful clear morning.  It was perfect.  A great way to start the long weekend.

Excited To Run

I’m actually kind of excited to get three running days in a row!  Since weekends are now for running, and this is a long weekend, I’m going to bang out 11 miles over the three days.  That’s the plan at least.  Woo-hoo!  Running in daylight – here I come!

I have to make this quick

I have to make this quick before the kids start crying and fighting again. Too late. OK – so 5 miles this morning. No pain. Did you hear that? No knee pain. (Lots of oh my god this sucks I hate this internal whining but no knee pain!) Love the new shoes. Although my toes did go numb towards the end. Is that weird? Time was 58:00 or a 11:36 pace – my 5 mile personal best so far. I’ll take it. And then keep improving it. Now I have to go pack for our weekend cabin getaway. See you peeps later.

Ugly Shoes

I just bought the most hideous $120 pair of shoes ever. However, they feel awesome on my feet and I can’t wait to test them out on the road tomorrow morning. They are ASICS Gel-Nimbus 10 in Petal Pink. The pink is hideous. I don’t care though. I tried on Nike’s and Adidas and these were by far the most comfortable. They fit my (relatively high) arch comfortably unlike the Nike’s and my heel didn’t feel like it was slipping around like in the Adidas’. I went to Marathon Sports in Minneapolis and the sales lady (obviously a runner herself) watched me walk. Apparently I superpronate and when I told her about my knee problems she went straight for the “comfort” line of shoes. I have to say that the Nimbus 10 shoes are super comfortable. And so, so much more cushion than my current shoes. Wish me luck tomorrow morning!