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Getting my run on.

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Fail, Fail, Fail

Well, this is new. I have been formally diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. I didn’t fail the 1 hour test with my first two pregnancies but this one had to be different I guess. I’ll go in tomorrow or Wednesday to meet with a nutritional counselor and find out what I have to do. For sure there will be a new diet to follow. And probably multiple finger pokes a day to check blood sugars. I’ll probably be told to exercise (at least walking). I’ve already got a coworker/friend offering to do laps in our large building during the day with me. I can do that at least until the sidewalks around my house aren’t covered with 4 feet of snow because, well, I don’t want to walk in the street.

After that though I’m not sure. Hopefully I don’t have to do insulin injections. And hopefully this is the only hiccup in my otherwise complication free pregnancy.

Anyone have any diet/exercise tips for this new gestationally diabetic person over here?

Feeling Old

I can definitely tell that I’m 33 during this pregnancy rather than 28 like with Annika or 30 with James. My body gets tired and worn out much quicker this time. I take a lot more naps. My back is killing me almost every day. The baby’s kicks and rolls and punches are either more violent this time or I just can’t handle them as well. They hurt! I’m so very happy to be pregnant but at the same time I am feeling old!

It’s About Time

I sort of fell off the cliff there, didn’t I? Yeah…

But now that I’m 30 weeks pregnant (today) and spring is around the corner (shut up, it is) I’m starting to think about my body post pregnancy and getting outside again to exercise. Post baby, I want to exercise and be healthy, have a positive body image while also not starving myself (I plan on breastfeeding and need to make sure I have adequate calories each day) or not beat myself up for “not doing enough.”

I’ve registered for the Minneapolis Duathlon as I told you last fall. Earlier this week I received my confirmation post card from them with my registration number: 1204. It’s official. I have my comeback race. Now I need to formulate a plan for what my goals will be when I reach that six week postpartum milestone. What will my calorie goals be? What will my exercise goals be? I plan on having no weight goals at all for the first six months. I’ll eat healthy, exercise and let my body figure the rest out.

Most of all, I want to maintain a healthy attitude.

Please Return My Motivation

Can someone please return my motivation? I seem to have lost it. I’m feeling much better, still pretty tired in the evenings, but otherwise OK. I don’t really have an excuse for being such a lazy bum. And yet I am. A lazy bum. So, I’m going to start kicking myself in the butt and getting down to the basement to get a workout in a few times a week. I’ll report back my progress.

I’ve done it. I’ve got a new goal. Well, several actually.

Goal #1 – Don’t go completely jello-like during this pregnancy. Get back to exercising regularly so cardiovascular health and stamina is kept at tolerable levels.

Goal #2 – Make time for myself after the baby is born to get exercise in. This is of course easier said than done when you have two children wanting your attention plus a third infant child who demands your attention. Luckily with Kris home during the days on my 12 week maternity leave I should be able to carve out 1/2-1 hour 3-4 times a week for myself. It’s when I go back to work after the 12 weeks that it will really be a struggle. Ugh.

Goal #3 – Get into good enough shape to race in the 2010 Minneapolis Duathlon on August 29th, 2010. I officially signed up yesterday. (Use the code Champ2 by 11/6/09 and get $4 off the registration fee plus a free bike jersey!!) Kris has a bike jersey already and they are super cool. They’re pretty and I want one too! So now I have one. Well, I’ll have one after they ship it to me. Plus I ordered a medium which is what I fit into in August when I tried one on at packet pick up for the 2009 Minneapolis Duathlon. Now, I’m not going to kill myself to lose enough baby weight to get back down in my medium jersey by the duathlon next summer. But it will be a goal of mine to eventually lose the baby weight and be back in it for the 2011 duathlon. It’s good to have goals, right?

So, those are my goals. Now go sign up for the race so we can all do this together! (A couple friends have already signed up. Kris will sign up and my brother is excited to come to Minnesota to do it as well. The more the merrier! Come on! Do it! Peer pressure!!!)

Quit Slacking!

I did it! 30 minutes on the elliptical that is! After a 9 week hiatus (ouch!) I finally exercised last night. The last time I did anything? The duathlon on August 30th at 5 weeks. Yesterday I was 14w2d and finally did something. Yes, I could blame that on first trimester woes but honestly? I’ve also been lazy and using the pregnancy as an excuse. Blah, blah tired, nauseous, blah, blah. So, now that I’m back you have to help keep me accountable, OK? I’ve asked Kris to keep Mondays and Wednesdays as Kristina’s work out days and he can have Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays after work. Then we can each do our thing on the weekends as schedules/bodies/motivation allows. I’m sure he’ll keep me on my Mon/Wed routine because otherwise he’ll be annoyed that he couldn’t work out that day and then neither did I.

So, about that workout? I took it fairly slow. I wasn’t wearing the heart rate monitor so I’m not sure where that was at. I’ll wear that from now on. I made sure to not get out of breath (on orders of my midwife) but I could feel my pulse rise and I was sweaty afterward (although not as sweaty as when I’m going all-out running). Having the heart rate monitor will help me next time I think. I’m probably being to cautious but whatever.

Oh, and I hate the elliptical. I would so rather be running outside! I probably could have done that yesterday but pretty soon it will be too cold or icy for me to be doing that. Wuss out I will! So the trainer and the elliptical will have to do for a while. It may be time to update the Netflix queue with movies/shows I can watch while on the elliptical.

It feels good to be back though. I gained another 2 pounds and promptly freaked out. The baby is the size of a lemon, why have I gained 8 pounds already?!? *Breathe* *Breathe* *It will come back off, calm down!*

Weight Gain Is Hard

I’m having a hard time with this pregnancy. And it’s not because of the nausea or the heartburn or the exhaustion. It’s because of my weight gain. Today I’m 11 weeks 4 days along. According to Babycenter’s week 11 information most women gain 2-5 pounds during the first trimester. Me? At a week and a half left in this trimester, I’ve gained about six pounds. I started around 148 (give or take a half pound) and this morning I was at 154.2. It’s stressing me out people. And I know it shouldn’t. But I’m still so tired in the evenings that I fall asleep early (last night around 8pm on the couch) and have no inclination to work out. And sometimes I’m still a bit nauseous (like tonight) and have no inclination to work out either. And while I haven’t been throwing up this time (yay!) I have been eating ALL THE TIME. I have to keep food in my stomach at all times in order to make the nausea less severe. Of course all that food and no exercise is causing me to gain weight. So, what am I going to do? Try and make good food choices. Yes there was ice cream tonight but that was my only indulgence today (and ice cream always calms my stomach). Otherwise it’s been cheese and oatmeal and granola bars and grilled chicken.

And I’m going to start exercising again. I have an ultrasound on Friday (the nuchal translucency screening) and I plan on taking the afternoon off after it. If I need to, I’ll take a nap and then it will be time to hit the elliptical. And it will be my goal to work out at least 2 times each work week plus at least 1 weekend day. That’s a minimum of three days/week. I think that should be manageable. And even if I continue to gain a little too much weight at least I’ll feel better about it because I’m not being a complete slacker. Because that’s what I feel like right now.