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Getting my run on.

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Starting Over Again

I didn’t want to come back here until I’d done something.  Sure, Sunday I went for a short “run” but it was extremely hot out and about 1.85 miles into it I started feeling light headed and nauseous so I packed it in and went home for a total of two miles.  It was not my best effort.  But Tuesday night, after several days of bad eating (more on that) I kicked my butt (Kris kicked it too) into gear and went to the basement.  I got on the elliptical, streamed a British comedy (IT Crowd) on Netflix, set the timer for 40 minutes and started ellipting.  There were so many times when I gave myself permission to stop short but I didn’t.  I did the full 40 minutes.  Sure, my legs were tired but I wasn’t exhausted.  I did it.  I did something at least.  That duathlon is rapidly approaching and I am anything but prepared for it.

Now about the eating…I was doing so well!  And I still am during the day at work.  Of course that’s only because I bring all my food with me so I can’t screw it up too badly.  And I’ve done a respectable job at avoiding all the “free food” traps set out around the building.  But at night lately I haven’t done as well.  Some of it is emotional eating.  When I’m upset it’s easier to finish the kids’ uneaten dinners, snack on the now gone bag of chocolate chips, etc.  But I don’t need to sabotage myself.  I’m unhappy with my current weight and body shape.  Exercising and watching my nutrition are the only ways I’m going to be happy again with my weight and body shape.  Last summer Kris told me he liked my back.  It was starting to show some muscle.  I’ve lost that with the baby weight gain.  I want it back.  So, I’m starting over again.  Back to exercising regularly and back to watching my nutrition and holding my calories to under 2200.

Back To Calorie Counting

So, long time no write, huh? Unfortunately, it’s also long time no work out either. Bad me. Bad, bad me. My last week home was spent with the children as much as possible and then we did some home improvement projects that took some time too. It’s all excuses but it is what it is. Also unfortunately, I still haven’t been able to get my eating under control. A couple weeks back I joined an eating log with a few friends. It’s a simple Google docs spreadsheet where I log what I’m eating. The others do as well and there we can commiserate on how we’re doing, hold each other accountable (always friendly) and praise each other for good days or meals. Even this though isn’t helping much. I’ve been honest with that I’m eating but the others are having bad days here and there too and I take that as a “pass” to have bad days as well. Stupid of me, huh? The culmination of not working out and eating poorly is weight gain. Shocking, right? My weight this morning was up to 168.4. It’s time to get serious. Yes, I’m only 12 weeks out from having a baby but still chips, chocolate, soda and large quantities of food in general are really not necessary.

So, starting today I’m going to start counting calories again. In my eating log I’ve included a weight column to track my morning weight and also a column to track my daily calories. Since I’m breastfeeding I don’t want my calories to get too low but I also don’t want them to be too high either. Breastfeeding can burn between 250-500 calories per day. It’s hard to know which end of the spectrum I personally fall. But if I want to have 1500 calories for me plus 250-500 calories for Levi then I need to consume between 1750-2000 calories overall, not including workout out. I’m OK with a slow weight loss because my number one priority is maintaining my milk supply. So, my goal range for calories is going to be 2000-2200. It’s time to get the eating under control. Next up – figuring out how to get my workouts in now that I’m back to work.


36.3.  That doesn’t look like such an awful number, now does it?  It’s symmetrical.  It’s a fine number.  There’s nothing wrong with it…unless that is your body fat percentage.  Then that number is awful, no good, downright evil.  Guess what my body fat percentage is?  36.3.  Kris and I had our body composition tested today at Augsburg’s Bod Pod.  The professor running the test smiled at me and said I was cheating.  I asked if my nursing would throw off the numbers but he said just being this close to having a baby is enough to throw the numbers off.  Of course my number is going to be high.  He said he measured a volleyball coach at the school a couple months after her baby was born and she was in the thirties as well.  That comforted me because of course she was in pretty good condition before her pregnancy started.  He said I should come back in a couple months and he’d re-test me and we could see all the progress I’m sure to make.  Isn’t he sweet?  And apparently totally willing to re-measure me any time.  Awesome!  So, what’s in my body composition report?

Body Mass (Weight): 162.193 pounds (this is much better than the 165.2 the scale at home has been giving me for over a week now!)

% Fat: 36.3%

% Fat Mass: 58.886 pounds

% Fat Free Mass (Lean muscle tissues and such): 103.306 pounds

This means I’m 58 pounds of fat.  58!  Yuck!  Double Yuck!  Holy moly yuckola!  Well, that is icky and is bound to produce some goals, now isn’t it?

Oh, and my 36.3% puts me in the “Excess Fat” category.  Nice.  31-40% for women is “Excess Fat” which “indicates an excess accumulation of fat over time.”  Yeah, about nine months time.  Heh.

OK, goal time.  Back when I was a freshmen in college and at one of my lowest weights I had a caliper body mass test done (highly inaccurate, BTW – up to 8 percentage points off!) and was told my body fat percentage was 18%.  I weighed 125 pounds at the time which calculates out to 102.5 pounds of lean body tissue.  That’s very comparable with my lean body tissue I have now so that test was probably about right.  Of course now I have bigger boobs, wider hips (thank you child birth!) and all around more padding pretty much everywhere.  Last summer I had set my goal weight at 145 pounds and when I got down to 147 pounds I could definitely tell that 145 was not going to be low enough.  I still had more than enough extra stomach fat and while happier (much happier) with my appearance, I wanted to go lower.  And now with this information I want to shoot for a body fat percentage of 25%.  Why 25?  The scale for women is 23-30% is the “Moderately Lean” category which says “Fat level is generally acceptable for good health.”  It would be totally awesome to get down to 20% and be in the “Lean” category with this description “Lower body fat levels than many people.  This range is generally excellent for health and longevity.”  Maybe I should just shoot for something 22 or under.  Kris was happy with my goal of 25 so maybe I’ll stick with that as my “must meet this” goal and add 22 or lower as my stretch goal.  I think this means I should shoot for a weight goal of 135-140 pounds which puts me in the 101-109 pound range for lean body tissue (140 = 105 for 25% and 109 for 22% and 135 = 101 for 25% and 105 for 22%).  I’m not an expert so I don’t know if those are good numbers or not.  But I think 135-140 pounds for my stature is an OK range to shoot for.  And I think I’ll go back and ask to be re-tested when I hit 150 pounds and again when I get lower than that.

Kris was also tested and said it was OK if I shared his numbers too.  His body fat percentage was 17.1%  He weighed in at 166.494 pounds which gives him 28.523 pounds of fat and 137.972 pounds of lean body tissue.  This puts him in the “Moderately Lean” category for men which is between 13-20%.  To go down to the “Lean” category he’d have to drop down to a range of 9-12% body fat.  I think he’d like to ideally be in the 12-14% range so I’m sure he’ll keep running and biking and maybe occasionally lifting weights to help him get down there.

The professor who measured Kris and I today was completely open to measuring other people (I told him I had friends interested in it).  It was completely free and took less than 15 minutes for both Kris and I to be measured.  It was very simple.  I wore a swimsuit and sat in the machine.  It took 30 seconds to measure me and he did that twice to make sure the numbers matched and the readings were reliable.  The computer then computed and spit out my readings and he printed them and gave me a copy.  The test itself was a simple as could be – sit still in the egg shaped chamber, breathe normally, don’t move around and that was it.  If you want more details on how the test is preformed, what it’s like or the contact info for the professor, leave me a comment or drop me an e-mail.  I don’t want to publish his info here on the big, ol’ internet but I’m happy to share it with anybody.

ETA: I should probably note that this is just the test.  There is no fitness evaluation included in this measurement.  If you want any sort of “qualified individual” like a personal trainer to interpret the results you’d have to do that on your own time and dime.

Good-bye Maternity Clothes and Hello Bod Pod?

Levi is four weeks old today.  And yesterday I started packing up all the maternity clothes.  I had boxes lined up on the bed and I began sorting between all my borrowed clothes (thank you Pam, Amanda, Laura and Carrie!).  There’s still a few items in the laundry so I can call myself officially “free” of maternity clothes yet.  And I’m not really back into my regular clothes yet either.  I have a couple items I can wear but most of it is still too tight.  Starting Friday though (the next couple days have plans) I’m going to start walking.  I’m feeling perfectly normal physically so I don’t think some light impact walking is a big no-no.  I’ll lay off the running and biking until I get the doctor OK.

Bod Pod.  Ever heard of it?  There’s one at Kris’s college and they’re open to measuring the general public with the device.  What is it?  “It’s a high-tech apparatus that provides fast, safe and accurate measurements of body composition, detailing fat and lean body mass.  It provides useful information for measuring the effectiveness of exercise and nutrition, fine-tuning top athletic performance, and tracking the progress of obesity and disease.”  I’m going to contact them to see if I can get measured.  Maybe it will tell me what my ideal body weight is so I have a true goal weight to strive for.

Fracking Media!

Anyone else notice how celebrities tend to lose all their baby weight in just a few months time? Heidi Klum had a baby last August and by December she was back to her supermodel frame again. (And I think she looks healthy, not stick thin like some others. *cough* Gisele *cough*) I usually give them a pass because it’s part of their job to look good and I’m sure they feel enormous pressure to get back there. And they have the money to spend on trainers and nutritionists that a lot of “regular folk” don’t.

Kourtney Kardashian had a baby recently and she was put on a magazine cover just a couple weeks afterwards looking really good! I didn’t think much of it until I saw the original picture side by side with the altered, cover picture here at Bounce Back. Now that is just plain ridiculous and insulting! First of all Kourtney was not model thin to begin with. She had great womanly curves that she was proud of. That we should all be proud of. And for the magazine to chop all those off, to even photoshop the baby himself(!) is just wrong, so very, very wrong. I’m glad I don’t buy any of those magazines. At least I’m not helping their bottom line.

If you want to see true pictures of mothers: while pregnant, after the birth, after living, then go visit Shape of a Mother and skip all those gossip rags. Maybe if more people did we could embrace what our bodies really look like, stretch marks, and all. It is my goal after the birth of my baby to lose my baby weight in a healthy way and in a reasonable timeframe, to reach my goal weight of 145 (or less), to stay healthy through healthy diet and exercise and to enjoy my life with my husband and children. I will wear a bikini even though my stomach is covered in stretch marks and I will not feel ashamed. This is my body. It has done amazing things and I am proud of it.

It’s About Time

I sort of fell off the cliff there, didn’t I? Yeah…

But now that I’m 30 weeks pregnant (today) and spring is around the corner (shut up, it is) I’m starting to think about my body post pregnancy and getting outside again to exercise. Post baby, I want to exercise and be healthy, have a positive body image while also not starving myself (I plan on breastfeeding and need to make sure I have adequate calories each day) or not beat myself up for “not doing enough.”

I’ve registered for the Minneapolis Duathlon as I told you last fall. Earlier this week I received my confirmation post card from them with my registration number: 1204. It’s official. I have my comeback race. Now I need to formulate a plan for what my goals will be when I reach that six week postpartum milestone. What will my calorie goals be? What will my exercise goals be? I plan on having no weight goals at all for the first six months. I’ll eat healthy, exercise and let my body figure the rest out.

Most of all, I want to maintain a healthy attitude.

I’ve done it. I’ve got a new goal. Well, several actually.

Goal #1 – Don’t go completely jello-like during this pregnancy. Get back to exercising regularly so cardiovascular health and stamina is kept at tolerable levels.

Goal #2 – Make time for myself after the baby is born to get exercise in. This is of course easier said than done when you have two children wanting your attention plus a third infant child who demands your attention. Luckily with Kris home during the days on my 12 week maternity leave I should be able to carve out 1/2-1 hour 3-4 times a week for myself. It’s when I go back to work after the 12 weeks that it will really be a struggle. Ugh.

Goal #3 – Get into good enough shape to race in the 2010 Minneapolis Duathlon on August 29th, 2010. I officially signed up yesterday. (Use the code Champ2 by 11/6/09 and get $4 off the registration fee plus a free bike jersey!!) Kris has a bike jersey already and they are super cool. They’re pretty and I want one too! So now I have one. Well, I’ll have one after they ship it to me. Plus I ordered a medium which is what I fit into in August when I tried one on at packet pick up for the 2009 Minneapolis Duathlon. Now, I’m not going to kill myself to lose enough baby weight to get back down in my medium jersey by the duathlon next summer. But it will be a goal of mine to eventually lose the baby weight and be back in it for the 2011 duathlon. It’s good to have goals, right?

So, those are my goals. Now go sign up for the race so we can all do this together! (A couple friends have already signed up. Kris will sign up and my brother is excited to come to Minnesota to do it as well. The more the merrier! Come on! Do it! Peer pressure!!!)

Bad Ass

Today was the Urban Wildland 1/2 Marathon. I woke up this morning before my alarm went off. I was nervous. I got up and jumped in the shower (can’t run a race with hairy legs you know!), brushed my teeth, put my hair in silly ponytails, ate breakfast, gathered the last of my things, kissed Kris good-bye and good luck (he was doing the Tour de Tonka 38 mile ride today) and drove to the race. On the way I drank Gatorade, worried about what to do with my car keys and if I would find my friends. I stressed. It’s what I do.

Once there I managed to find the gang without any trouble.

l-r: me, Jen, Pam, Jeanette – The ASK runners!halfmarathon

(picture stolen from Jeanette’s facebook album – thanks Jeanette!)

This was all Jen’s fault.  She peer pressured Jeanette and I into running the 1/2 marathon.  Pam was going to run it too but battled a hamstring and ran the 5k race instead.  Next time Pam.

Once I found them I, you know, stressed some more.  I fidgeted, I ate a gu, I neglected to really warm up in any way (jumping in place and a couple dynamic stretches do not equal proper warm-up).  There wasn’t much time until the race started so I didn’t have too much time to get my stomach all worked up.  A couple pre-race announcements and then we were off.

For the first two miles I ran with Jen and Jeanette.  We fluctuated in our pace due to having so many people around us plus the adrenaline of the beginning of the race.  When we hit the two mile mark Jeanette said she wanted to go a little faster.  I didn’t want to blow my chance at running the whole race by going too fast so I cheered them on and told them to go on without me.  I don’t mind running by myself.  I just let my competitiveness take over, my mind wander, and off I go.

This time was no different.  I occasionally checked Scarlett (I had the 305 for this race – I called dibs over a month ago!).  I wanted my pace to be under a 10:45 so if I was going slower than that then I picked it up a bit.  If I was going faster than that then I’d check myself (lungs – check, knees – check, hip flexors – check) and I’d continue on if everything felt OK.

I have to say I thought this race was really well run.  There were tons of water stops, every 1.5-2 miles in the last half of the race.  Most water stops also had PowerAde and the second to last one had orange slices too.  There were race marshals all over the place to guide runners and the whole race was mapped out with cones every 10-15 feet.  You couldn’t have gotten lost on this course if you tried!  Plus the course is in a residential area and some parks and there are tons of mature trees everywhere.  No need to fight the sun on this course!  Well done Urban Wildland!

OK, back to my race.  At the 5 mile mark I felt remarkably well.  My body felt fine.  My lungs were fine.  It was a beautiful mid-60′s morning.  A-OK.  At mile 9 I could tell my knee caps and hip flexors were starting to get sore.  I hadn’t done anything over 6 miles since June 28th so it makes sense that my body would be getting tired.  I told myself that I only had 4 miles to go.  4 miles is nothing.  I can do 4 miles no problem!  That was kind of my motto for the last half of the race.  5 miles to go.  I can do that!  4 miles to go.  Cake!  5k to go.  A short run!  2 miles to go. Etc.

I also did my typical competitive cat and mouse game.  A few times I picked somebody ahead of me and made them my goal.  There was one skinny bitch early on that I needed to take out.  And I did.  I passed her at a water stop and didn’t see her again.  Later in the race I set my sights on a man in front of me.  Always feels good to pass a man!  So I set my sights on him and passed him too.  These little mini races always help keep my pace up.

Hitting mile 12 was exciting.  I was still running.  I only had a mile to go.  My body was feeling better than expected.  I compared myself to the 10 mile race from last fall and realized I felt so much better than at mile 9 of that race.  I’ve really come a long way since then.

Mile 13.  0.1 miles to go.  I was almost there and yet I couldn’t see the finish line anywhere!  I had to clear the trees first and then the finish line was still around a corner.  I didn’t see it until I was basically on top of it!  I caught sight of my friends cheering for me.  They are so great!  They cheered me across the finish line and I stopped my watch.  Official time?

2:19:13 – 10:38 pace

I am more of a bad ass than I give myself credit for sometimes!

My goal was sub 2:20 – around a 10:45 pace.

And I did it.  I fell short of my training goals in July and I still made my goal.  Yay me!

Jen and Jeanette did great too – finishing in 2:16:17.  See?  We’re all awesome!

1/2 marathon complete.  Goals met.  I couldn’t have asked for a better result!

Ready? No.

First I want to whine. I’ve had a headache for four days now. I’ve been sucking down as much water as possible. I’ve been getting as much sleep as I can (which hasn’t been enough thanks to a late night spent working and kids who don’t want to go to bed). I’m also going to start taking ibuprofen like candy if this thing doesn’t go away. It’s making me crabby. My poor kids.

Second, I’m stressed. (I wonder if #1 and #2 are linked?) The ½ marathon is this weekend and I’m feeling unprepared. Why do I seem to always go into races feeling unprepared! My longest run has been 10 miles and that was way back on 6/28/09. Over a month ago! I’ve done lots of shorter runs since then ranging from 4-6 miles. I hope that’s enough. I’m confident that I’ll finish the race. I’m just worried I won’t do as well as I wanted to. Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on myself again. Maybe I just sucked it up in July. (We were busy! Vacation! Wedding! Random things that were “more important” at the time!)

I think after this race is over I should focus on just getting some running in and doing it for fun and my love of running instead of some goal or race or something.

That said, there is this Minneapolis Duathlon (3, 18, 3) coming up at the end of August that I think Kris and I would like to do and then there’s the Women Run the Cities 10 mile race on September 27th…

(Weight? Back down to 148 this morning after a weekend of indulgences made their way on through…Yay!)

Training Like I Am

So, I’m still fence sitting.  And I’m still being peer pressured.  (Hi Jen!)  I’d really like to do the 1/2 marathon on August 1st but I’m scared I can’t get my body to cooperate.

So in order to make up my mind I’m training like I’m doing it and then when I feel confident, I’ll sign up.  So far, everything is going well.  The training schedule Jen sent me had us doing a 5 mile run this weekend (instead of long runs being on Saturdays I moved the entire schedule one day to the right so my long runs will be on Sundays – there’s too much scheduled for Saturdays this summer to plop that on top of everything).  And I did it.  I ran 5 miles on Sunday morning.  Granted it wasn’t the fastest five miles ever (averaged about an 11:30 pace) but I did it.  And you know what?

I sprinted to the end.  I could have gone farther – a mile or two.  My legs were fine.  My lungs were fine.  It was all good.

I was so happy!  Then I biked for 5 miles, got cold (it was misting out and in the 50′s) and went inside.  So much for that brick workout.

Today I had to do three miles according to the schedule.  Done!  I finished them with a 10:35 pace.  Not too bad!  I even threw in some sprints in there a couple times, sprinting for a block or a block and a half.  I was going as fast as a 7:08 mile at one point!  Too bad my heart rate was 180 during that!  I figure I have to add some fartleks into my training if I want to get faster.  I hate fartleks.  But, hopefully they and some other speed work will get me to those coveted sub 10:00 miles.  One can hope.

Bike day tomorrow (on the trainer) then 4 miles on Thursday then my second duathlon on Saturday!  If you’re not busy, I’d love some cheerleaders!