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Getting my run on.

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Map My Run!

A friend, Sara, commented on another friend, Robyn’s, blog and in the process gave me a cool new little website tool! Have you heard of Map My Run? I’ve always used Gmap-pedometer to map out running routes around my neighborhood. The only problem is I could never save the routes. Map My Run seems to use the same gmap-pedometer strategy but allows you to save the course, annotate the course with info (steep hill, stoplight, beware of dog, etc). Plus, you can use it as a training log if you want and record your performance on each route you save. I already have three routes saved to my profile – my 3.2, 4, and 5 miles routes. I’m going to add another 5 mile route today, the one with the massive, steep hill, and then see if I can map out a 6 mile course too. I don’t want to have to drive in order to run. I want to be able to run straight from my house. I also only want to run on paved paths, not cement sidewalks. Since I know where those trails are around my house, I can create routes and save them, to complete my training program! Another cool features is you can search public routes to find one that works for you! I put in my zip code and came up with over 100 routes ranging from 1 mile to 11 miles. Now, not all are in my section of town but it’s still cool there was that many! I’m wondering if I could even use this tool to find a running partner? Anyway, I think it’s cool. Check it out!

And if you want to see my runs, go to the site and search my zip code and my name and you’ll find mine!

To Gu or Not To Gu

So, pretty soon I’ll be starting my longer runs and I’m thinking it might be nice to have something other than water with me. I have this nifty little fanny pack thing (from my marathon days – the TTES folks gave it me) that holds a water bottle and then has two small side zippered pockets. I usually put my cell phone in one pocket and my shuffle clipped on to the other. However, on longer runs I’m thinking I could put a little pick-me-up in one of the pockets. So, do you gu? Power Bar? Candy? (My TTES coach told us to suck on a jolly rancher type candy during long runs so our mouths wouldn’t get dry and it would give us a little sugar boost and we could keep them in the little pocket of our running shorts if we didn’t plan on bringing the fanny pack thing with us.) Gum? Sports drinks instead of plain water? Other? None of the above? During my only other long distance training (once again, wait for it, the marathon!) we had water stations set up for us along the training runs and were given the choice of gel or bars at the stops along with water or Gatorade. They treated us pretty well! So, all you runner type people out there, what do you do? And why?