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Eating “clean”

Thanks for your comments yesterday on nutrition.  Nutrition is something I struggle with daily.  When I said yesterday I was going to “eat clean” that basically meant I wasn’t going to stuff my face.  (see the tortilla chips and cheese dip I inhaled Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday!)  It was my goal to eat a low calorie diet yesterday.  And I did.  So there’s that.  However, I totally understand the criticism of my diet and the lack of fruits and vegetables.  I will say the lasagna I had for lunch was a veggie lasagna so it did have spinach and zucchini in it (and was yummy).

I’m not too worried about the balance of carbs/protein/fat in my normal diet.  When I was tracking religiously with fitday I routinely came in around a 40/30/30 carb/fat/protein mix.  I think that’s a healthy mix.  Maybe I should up the protein a bit as Pam mentioned but I don’t have a trainer to tell me that! :)   Maybe I should start tracking again to make sure my carbs aren’t going up?

Now, about those fruits and veggies.  I always try to have fresh fruit in the house and am pretty good about feeding it to the kids.  Myself though?  Fail.  I did have watermelon with my lunch yesterday so I guess there’s something.  And veggies?  I try to have veggies in my lunch (like yesterday) and in my dinner (does the tomato sauce on the pizza we had for dinner last night count!?).  So I do try to have fruits and veggies in my diet but I don’t always succeed and I’m certainly not getting enough of either one.  I’ll will work to correct that.  Because you’re right.