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Getting my run on.

Archives for July, 2008

The Excuse

Um, I didn’t get up and run this morning.  And here’s my excuse (notice I didn’t say it was a good one): I’m hurting.  I have no idea what I did but last night at 2am I awoke to Annika crawling in my bed with me and noticed that my upper right back (just down and left from my right shoulder blade) was HURTING.  Eventually I had to get up and take two ibuprofen before I could fall back asleep.  There was no position that made it hurt any less.  And this morning it’s still there.  I can’t take a deep breath because it hurts too badly.  I took two more ibuprofen with breakfast this morning.  Is it just a really large knot in my muscle?  Did I pull a muscle?  I have no idea.  I’m hoping when I get home from work tonight that Kris can do a little poking around/massage in that area to try and break loose whatever it is.  Either way, I skipped running this morning.  If I can’t even take a deep breath, I didn’t think running was going to work.  Argh.  I am such a slacker.  Feel free to yell at me in the comments.  I feel like I deserve it.  I will get back in the swing of things – Saturday morning I will do five miles.

Treadmill running

So, Saturday was the first time I had run on a treadmill in a very long time.  And now that I’ve become accustomed to running outside, I have to say that I hate the treadmill!  I was so bored!  There was nothing to look at except myself in the mirror – um, yeah, no thanks.  There was a TV but I was listening to my iPod so the TV was basically useless.  And apparently I can’t just run at one pace because I was constantly bumping it up a few notches then down, then I’d run into the front of the treadmill and bump it up again.  And I had to cover the display with a towel otherwise I was stats watching the whole time.  Really?  The whole thing was awful.  I’ll take running outside over the treadmill each and every time I can.  That said I still want a treadmill.  I live in Minnesota people.  I am not looking forward to a winter of making this choice – use the elliptical inside or run outside in freezing temperatures (especially at 5am in the pitch black with temps in the 0′s, 10′s or 20′s).  I will get bored very quickly with just the elliptical.  There is no gym membership in my future so I think it might be time to go treadmill shopping.  I need to price some things out so I know how much money I need to get saved up.  Anyone out there have a treadmill at home?  Any good at-home brands?  Models?

Oh, and can someone please kick my ass please?  I have slept in the past two days.  That 5am wake up call is just so early.  And I haven’t been getting to bed by 10pm like I’m supposed to either.  So, if I don’t get outside tomorrow morning and run I want you all to question me, motivate me, yell at me if necessary.  Thanks in advance.

Artesia’s Treadmill

So, I’m down here in Artesia, New Mexico, soaking up the sun and time with my brother. It’s so awesome to see him again! I’ve been trying to be a good little fitness girl. Yesterday, on my “rest day” Krystle and I did 20 laps in the hotel pool. I’m guessing that was about 400 yards total. We did a rotation of backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke, crawl five times. All I have to say is this – I hate the breast stroke. I felt like I got no where with each stroke and it absolutely killed my arms. It was fun to do something different though, especially doing it with Krystle.

So, funny story about this morning exercise escapade. I got up early, got my running clothes on and headed to the hotel exercise room. I put my key in the door and nothing. My key card wouldn’t work. So, I went to the front desk where she gave me a new one. Tried it. Nope. Back to the front desk. She gives me another new card and this time comes with me to the room. Nope, still won’t work! So she calls over two housekeeping people and their universal keys won’t work either. The door’s broke. Great. I head back to my room while they call maintenance. I was so bummed! I wanted to run! An hour later we all head down to the continental breakfast going right by the exercise room so I try my key again. Now it works. Yay! After breakfast and a Walmart run, Krystle and I head to the exercise room. Finally! I got about 35 minutes in (don’t know how far mileage wise) when I take a potty break. I pause the treadmill and when I get back a minute later, it restarts on me! I lost all my info! I was so disgusted that Krystle and I stretched and called it a day. So I don’t know exactly how far I went. But, this afternoon we did do a 3 1/2 hour walking tour of the Carlsbad Caverns so I figure I probably got my miles in anyway.

I’m supposed to work out again tomorrow before we leave to go home.  Not sure what I’ll do, maybe elliptcal or treadmill again.  I have more to say about the treadmill but have to run now.  I’ll get to that tomorrow maybe.

I’ve found it!

Hey ASKRs! I’ve found us a race! How about we all do the Ragnar Relay together next summer!?! OK, so we’d need 12 people and by my counts there are six of us (if Sara wanted to travel from Illinois to join us). If we had husbands, sisters (I’m looking at you Krystle!) or friends that wanted to join us I’m sure we could come up with 12 people. I think this would be so much fun! Here is the about blurb from their website:

Think of it as a 205-mile party with 12 best friends. Teams of 12 will run along the world-famous Mississippi River as they rock out to live bands, enjoy the wacky participant costumes, and make life-long friends with teammates and competitors. The party follows the Great River Road starting in La Crosse, Wisconsin and ends in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A 205 mile party! Costumes! Live bands! Fun, fun, fun! They even have training calendars set up for you! And there’s a Runner’s Chart which shows how many miles each person would be running so you can pick and choose who runs which spot. You can schedule your team based on ability, desire, etc. Come on, who’s in?!?

Too much? Not interested? OK, I’m sure we could find a local 5K, 8K, 10K race to run together next year. This just sounded too much fun to not at least propose! And now I’m off to pack for my weekend trip to New Mexico. And yes, the running shoes will be in the suitcase. The hotel has a treadmill I plan to tackle. I’ll be interested to see how fast I can go on that!

I’m starting to require my “me” time

Whew!  The past few days have been a tad busy.  I have managed to get all my planned work outs, thankfully.  Saturday I completed my second 4 mile run.  And I shaved 4 1/2 minutes off my personal record!  I ran the 4 miles in 45:45.  Still not blazing but an appreciable difference from the 50:14 I posted just a week earlier.  I was pretty stoked and told just about anyone who would listen on Saturday that I ran 4 miles that morning!  And I did it in 45 minutes!

OK, I have to admit something here.  When I got Pam’s comments on my last post that now I can run the 10 mile race with her and Amanda I wasn’t exactly excited at first.  That’s because I instantly turned to competitive thoughts instead of “yay, run with friends!” thoughts.  I’m terrible, I know.  Friday I was actually dreading potentially coming in fourth (out of Pam, Amanda and Krystle) during the race.  I didn’t want to be last!  That’s not how I should be approaching this 10 mile run though.  Competition should be the furthest thing from my mind.  First should be – train well enough to finish and run the whole thing.  Second should be – train to run a good race at whatever pace suits me and my abilities.  Third should be – have a good time, no big deal, yay! run with friends, cheer each other on, etc.  No where in there should there be these thoughts – hmm, I wonder how hard I’d have to train to get down to sub 11 minute miles and try to beat them all!  I’m horrid.  Anyway, I’ve had a few days to reign myself in.  I’m now firmly in the Yay!  Run with friends mindset.  I want to finish this race.  I want to run the whole 10 miles without walking.  I want to cheer on my friends and I want them to do well.  And that’s it.  No competition allowed!

I have noticed that I now need to exercise.  And not only for the physical health benefits but for the mental ones too.  Sunday while Kris was at work for a little bit I was one crabby momma.  And I realized it was because I wanted to go work out so badly but couldn’t until Kris got home.  And as soon as he did and I exercised, I released a whole bunch of stress and was a much nicer person the rest of the day.  I’m now craving my work out times.  My me time.  Don’t get in the way of me and my exercise man!

We’re Not In

You guys, I just checked the website and Krystle and I didn’t get in to the TC 10 mile run. I sat there shocked for a second before a wave of nausea overcame me. I seriously wanted to puke. Then I wanted to cry. And then I had the weird feeling that I wanted to both puke and cry. Then thoughts started going through my head of giving up (why keep going – I have nothing to train for) or finding a new race or (gasp!) keep going just to get myself healthier and maybe work on my speed rather than endurance. Then Annika’s cartoon was over and it was time for bed so I had to pull myself together for 1/2 hour or so. After she was safely sleeping I came back to my desk, picked up the phone, called Kris, told him I wasn’t in and then cried. And still wanted to puke. He immediately asked me if there was a different race I could do. Little did he know I was already at checking that out. And while I was on the phone with him I found it. September 28th (1 week earlier) is the Women Run The Cities 10 mile race! I quickly got off the phone with him and called Krystle. First I spilled the news and got all depressed again. Then I told her about the new race and before long we were finding all the good things about it like 1 – it’s less expensive ($50 instead of $60) 2 – it’s a week earlier (that’s good, right?) and 3 – now all our boys can come cheer us on. You see, Krystle’s fiancee, Pierce is running the Twin Cities Marathon so he would be a tad bit busy (you know, lapping us!) to cheer us on if we ran the TC 10 mile run. Anyway, Krystle cheered me up and now I’m okay again. Holy Mood Swings Batman!

Will I or Won’t I?

Friday morning I can check the TC 10 mile race site to see if I got in to the race or not. I can’t stop thinking about it! I so want to get in. I even saved the race course pdf and starting map pdf files today and analyzed the course during a meeting at work today. :) I checked and my sister is registered with me. We registered as a team so if I’m in then so is she. I’ve never been this excited for a race before now. I think it’s because I believe I can actually do this. I can run 10 miles. I can train well enough to accomplish this. I may not be fast (that should come with practice, right?) but I do believe I can finish and run the whole thing. I don’t think I’ve actually believed that when I was training for the marathon or half-marathon. I don’t really know why this time is different. It’s like something clicked in me and, not to sound cheesy, I decided to just do it. I can do this. I can make time for myself and my health and still be a good mom, a good wife. I might even be better because I’m making time for myself now. I guess that remains to be seen. However, I’m feeling better about myself and I’m more confident in my athletic abilities if nothing else. So, two more days. Only two more days and then I will know if I’m in or not. I’m going to be so disappointed if I’m not.


Guilt! First, a sequence of events:

Last night 9:45pm: I set out my work out clothes, running belt, cell phone, iPod shuffle, watch, house key and fill my water bottle and put it in the refrigerator.
Last night 10:00pm: I’m off to bed.
This morning 4:55am: Oh my god I’m so tired. Stop. STOP! Hit snooze on alarm.
This morning 5:04am: Stop. STOP! Hit snooze on alarm. Ponder getting up. Whole body is bone-dead tired. Reset alarm. Roll over and cuddle with hubby telling him I’m sleepy.
This morning 6:04am: Roll my still tired ass out of bed and get ready for work.
This morning 6:20am: I head downstairs to grab my lunch and purse to head off to work and find a note from Kris that says: “I’m very proud of the way you have been working out. Have a good day. Love you.”

Gah! The guilt! I was already feeling guilty for sleeping in and skipping my work out and then I find this and it only tripled my guilt! My whole way to work this morning I pondered ways I could fit in a work out today. I didn’t come up with any good options. I will be up at 5:04am tomorrow morning to head to the basement to elliptical my heart out for 30 minutes. Today though? I’m just going to feel guilty and resolve to do better.

I know that may sound like excuses, and it is, but here is a typical week day for me:

5:04am – get up and work out
5:45am – hit the shower
6:15am – head off to work
7:30am – 3:30pm – work, work, work
4:20pm – arrive home, eat dinner, talk with hubby, kiss him good-bye as he leaves for work
5:00pm – solo parent the kids (sometimes I can fit in a walk here but both are restless usually and want to get out)
7:30-8:00pm – James goes to bed
8:30pm – Annika goes to bed
9:00pm – Annika is finally asleep and I can do as I please. This usually involves blogging, watching TV, calisthenics, paying bills, doing chores, updating our budget, etc.
10:00pm – time for bed or there is NO CHANCE I’m getting up at 5am

Do you see? There is no time to work out unless I do it at 5am. Ugh. Anyway, that’s my excuse today. I will do better. Not only for me but also so my husband can stay proud of me.

My new favorite read

You know how you’re supposed to surround yourself with people more successful than you are? Because success breeds success? Because you can pick up tips and tricks from them to make yourself more successful? To allow them to inspire you to do great things? Well, I found a new blog a few weeks back and have been reading through her archives (I feel so creepy stalker like when I read someone’s archives!) as quickly as my free time will allow. Maybe some of you know of her already but A.Maria at Little Miss Runner Pants is my new favorite online runner, biker, swimmer extraordinaire! I can’t remember how I found her and I guess it doesn’t really matter. You have to check her out though. She’s done two marathons, countless shorter races and even some triathlons! She went from hardly being able to run 2 miles to this Ironman 70.3 Triathlete! How awesome is that! Plus her writing style is hilarious. Yeah. So. Go check her out. Love her.

I’ve turned a corner people. This morning I was ellipticalling away, even upping my resistance level to 7 out of 16 and reading my book when I check my time. I’ve only got 1:48 minutes left! How did that happen? Usually I’m looking at the clock 2-3 times per 30 minute work out. Here, I’m almost done! And actually during the last two minutes of my work out I usually slow down to a cool down level so I had to immediately do that. It felt so weird, but good, to lose track of time during a work out.

Running Queen!

This morning was 4 mile run morning. You know, the one I was intimidated with yesterday. Well, this morning I kicked that 4 mile’s ass!!! I ran the whole thing without stopping to walk once! And I was able to drink my PowerAde while running without choking! I was (am) so proud of myself. It was a little shaky at the start. My legs felt tired and heavy and I was dreading the four miles. And there were times when I contemplated slowing down to a walk but my legs just never quit running. And when I reached a turn around point that would have had me at 3.8 miles I talked myself out of turning around. Instead I ran to the 4 mile turn around point and then the rest of the way home. My time was not super fast – 50:14 but I don’t care today. I have plenty of time to bring that down. I think a lot of it had to do with the weather. It was a breezy, low 60′s this morning, perfect running weather! I never overheated (like that awful 90+ degree run last Sunday) and the breeze kept me cool, even if it was strong sometimes right in my face. And the best of it all was that I was back and showered before anyone else in the house woke up. One of my favorite things about weekends is being there when my children wake up. I’m usually gone at work when they wake up during the week and their faces just light up when they wake up to me. I was so happy and now I have the rest of the day to do whatever I want and I don’t have to worry about fitting that run in. That’s a pretty great feeling too! And today Kris said he was proud of me and for all that I’ve been doing over the last month. It is so important to me to get that encouragement from my husband and friends. Thanks to you all! (Even though this morning when I asked if I got into the TC 10 mile race if he would bring the kids down to watch me run and he said maybe. Anyone want to kick his ass? And then watch me run it? Provided I get in of course. :) )

So, ASKRs (Alpha Sigma Kappa Runners – my college running friends), I’ve been thinking we need to do a group race together. We’ve all done or are signed up for races as individuals and sometimes as pairs. I’d like to do one where everyone is there together! Since Robyn is hoping to be pregnant soon, and Jeanette will soon not be pregnant anymore, I’m thinking this summer/fall may be out. Anyone up for a First Annual CRF race? Summer 2009? Race TBD? Anyone?