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Getting my run on.

Archives for August, 2008

3.2 miles down

I did 3.2 miles this morning in a personal best 36:53 (11:31 pace).  Still not blazing fast but I’m out there doing it.  Yay!  Tomorrow I have 5 miles planned.  And my body felt good.  It was a beautiful clear morning.  It was perfect.  A great way to start the long weekend.

Excited To Run

I’m actually kind of excited to get three running days in a row!  Since weekends are now for running, and this is a long weekend, I’m going to bang out 11 miles over the three days.  That’s the plan at least.  Woo-hoo!  Running in daylight – here I come!

Why Aren’t You Bugging Me?

Little known fact – if I’m not writing here I’m most likely sucking it up and not working out.  If that happens – if I’m silent here – I need you to bug me!  OK?  OK.  This morning, for the first time in two weeks I got up at 5am and elliptical’d for 30 minutes.  It’s a good first step toward getting my rear back in gear.  I did go for that 3 mile run last Sunday like I’d promised.  It sucked, but I did it.  I’ve also decided something – I really don’t like running in the dark.  It’s not that I’m scared (I do have Dagur, the fierce looking wuss dog, with me) but at 5am it’s pitch black outside, not just a little dark.  Sidewalks are hard to see.  I sure don’t need to be twisting an ankle any time soon.  So, I’ve decided to switch up my training a little bit.  Mon – Thurs are now cross-training days, most likely elliptical.  Friday will be a rest day and then Saturday and Sunday will be run days because I can get up later, when it is light out, and go running.  This does hamper my training a bit but for this fall, this is how I’m going to approach it.  I’m also going to look into getting a bike trainer so I can cross-train on my bike when it’s dark or cold outside.  I’m going to be saving up for that treadmill I want but that will take a few months so weekend running, and then elliptical or bike trainer during the week will have to suffice.

Get it together girl!

Last weekend at the cabin was awesome. I went tubing a bunch of times. Enough to have a terrible rug burn on my right elbow. Lovely. Also, enough that Monday and Tuesday I had a hard time lifting my arms above my head. Awesome! Now though, it’s time to get it together. My eating has been atrocious (nobody needs as many Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as I’ve eaten in the last few days) and my working out is minimal. Today I am going to focus on food. Making better decisions and watching my portion sizes. And tomorrow I’m going to hit the street again for another ~3 mile run. I’m starting to miss it! And I have felt so sluggish and tired the past few days. I’m sure that’s because of my nutrition and my lack of exercise. Oh, and I’m jealous. :) On my way to work in the morning I cross the Mississippi River at a spot that just teems with runners. Every single morning there are at least 5-10 people running on the sidewalk, coming up from the river flats. Sometimes there seems to be a group of them 25-30 strong. I often wonder what group they are – a marathon training group? A large group of friends? A local running club? Either way, they make me jealous. I want to be out running too! Tomorrow morning I will be.

I have to make this quick

I have to make this quick before the kids start crying and fighting again. Too late. OK – so 5 miles this morning. No pain. Did you hear that? No knee pain. (Lots of oh my god this sucks I hate this internal whining but no knee pain!) Love the new shoes. Although my toes did go numb towards the end. Is that weird? Time was 58:00 or a 11:36 pace – my 5 mile personal best so far. I’ll take it. And then keep improving it. Now I have to go pack for our weekend cabin getaway. See you peeps later.

Ugly Shoes

I just bought the most hideous $120 pair of shoes ever. However, they feel awesome on my feet and I can’t wait to test them out on the road tomorrow morning. They are ASICS Gel-Nimbus 10 in Petal Pink. The pink is hideous. I don’t care though. I tried on Nike’s and Adidas and these were by far the most comfortable. They fit my (relatively high) arch comfortably unlike the Nike’s and my heel didn’t feel like it was slipping around like in the Adidas’. I went to Marathon Sports in Minneapolis and the sales lady (obviously a runner herself) watched me walk. Apparently I superpronate and when I told her about my knee problems she went straight for the “comfort” line of shoes. I have to say that the Nimbus 10 shoes are super comfortable. And so, so much more cushion than my current shoes. Wish me luck tomorrow morning!

I have a plan

OK, so I have a plan in regards to my right knee pain. I rested it yesterday (meaning, no exercise) and I’m resting it today along with a little RICE added to the mix. I’m Resting it, I’m Icing it (I brought a baggie with me to work, filled it with ice and have been icing it at my desk), I’m Elevating it (box under my desk for my leg to rest upon) and tonight I’ll Compress it with an Ace bandage. I’m also going to go shopping tonight for some new shoes. And I’m treating it with ibuprofen today too since an IT Band injury is an inflammation of the IT Band at the knee. And then tomorrow morning I’m going to run 5 miles if I can. Less if my knee still acts up. I do not, DO NOT, want to get back into the IT Band saga that I was in five years ago. My knee is still sore, especially on stairs, and I’m going to try and take care of it before it gets too bad. Ugh. This sucks. Hopefully a little RICE, some ibuprofen and new shoes will help me out and get me back on the road.

5am is dark!

Yep, I was out there in the early AM again today. Go me! It was pitch black dark out when I got up so I decided it was definitely time to take Dagur out with me. When I went to wake him up from his slumber on the floor of our room I discovered Annika was there too. You see, Annika wakes up every night and wants to crawl in bed with me. We’re trying to dissuade that and often we’ll put her back in her room, think she’s asleep and then wake up with her in our room – laying on the floor cuddled up with the dog. They both seem to like it so I don’t really care. As long as we’re all getting sleep, right? Anyway, when getting Dagur up this morning I accidentally woke Annika up too so I had to spend a few minutes getting her back to sleep. That along with getting Dagur ready for his first early morning run cut into my available running time. So, I only got in 3.2 miles instead of the planned 4. It was even drizzly and rainy this morning but Dagur and I were out there anyway! It actually kept both of us pretty cool, which we appreciated. Now if only Dagur hadn’t needed to go potty about six times maybe my time wouldn’t have been quite as slow (38:37). Always time to improve that though. My only problem this morning was my knee. About 2.5 miles in and my right knee started hurting right at my IT band. I prayed, hoped, pleaded, cursed and worried about it the rest of the way home and pretty much all day today. Please, please, please don’t let my IT Band be flaring up. Of course it’s fine when not in use or when walking on flat surfaces but tends to ache when going up or down stairs. Classic IT Band symptoms. It’s time to google IT Band Syndrome and find out if it’s ice or hot and what stretches to do. I’m also going to try and get to a running store this week to get new shoes. Sunday’s run left me with blisters on my arches of all places and now knee pain. I think it may just be time to get some new sneaks. I don’t really want to go by myself though and try to wrangle two kids and try on shoes and my trusty sidekick Krystle is out of town this week and of course Kris is working his regular night shift – any of you want to go shoe shopping this week? Please join me and help kid wrangle while I shop? Please?

Not sucking quite as much

Yesterday I got out there and ran five miles. OK. I didn’t. I ran 4 1/2 miles and walked 1/2 mile (roughly 3 long city blocks). It was hot, I sucked the last two weeks and those two combined made for a pitiful run. With a pitiful time. But I was out there. I was running. I was doing it. And that counts for something, right? And this morning I got up at the crack of dawn and headed to the basement and my beloved (sic) elliptical. 30 minutes later and I had a good sweat worked up. So, things are looking up. Now I just need to get up early enough tomorrow AM to get in 4 miles before work. Considering I can’t hit the snooze and get to work 10 minutes late since I have to pick up my carpooling coworker on time, well, let’s just say I hope I get my 4 miles in tomorrow morning. It’s going to be one early wake up call, that’s for sure. And it’s going to be dark. That I really don’t like. It may be time to take Dagur, the fierce looking wimp dog, with me. I’m sure he’ll loooove being woke up that early. So, here’s an end to this rambly bunch of gobblygook – I ran. It sucked. That’s OK thought because I was out there doing it. Tomorrow will be better. The end.

OK, it’s time to get serious here. I am registered for a ten mile race on 9/28/08. I have a goal to run the entire race. No walking. Right now I know I can do 5 miles. Well, I knew that last Saturday. Today? I’m not so sure. I SUCK people. It is time for all of you to come kick my ass. Yell at me. Ask me what my deal is. Why am I sabotaging myself? Argh. You see, last week I didn’t get my lazy ass up once during the week to work out. I thought I was getting back on track though by getting up Saturday morning and running 5 miles and then ellipting an hour on Sunday. Monday came and went – no exercise. Tuesday came and went – no exercise. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, repeat. People – I have not got out of bed once in the last two weeks at 5am like I am supposed to and got my workouts in. I have no idea what my deal is! There have been a couple late nights but more often than not I’m getting to bed by 10pm (or slightly after 10) so I shouldn’t have any excuses. I’m just losing it. Whatever “it” is. Please e-mail or comment and give me some encouragement. Tell me you’ve done this too, picked it back up and no biggie. Or tell me to get over myself and just get out there and do it already! Or just tell me whatever it is you think I need to hear.

And I am making a promise to myself right now. I’m going to get up at 6am tomorrow and do another 5 miles. I have to do it then or it won’t get done tomorrow. I’ll be gone all day (from 8:30am to probably 4-5pm) and when I get home I certainly won’t want to go out and run. And Sunday I’ll do another hour of something – maybe a bike ride. And next week, I’ll get back on the bandwagon. I will follow my training schedule. I want to be successful at this ten mile run. That certainly isn’t going to happen if I follow this current trend!

Switching gears. You probably noticed the new look here. I was getting a little tired of all the pink. I like the blue much better. It’s a cleaner look and well, that just suits me. Also, I’ve added a few things to the sidebar: my goals – top right and my personal bests – middle right. I hope to be updating those personal bests on a regular basis! You’ll see one of my goals is to get down to sub 10 minute miles and run a half marathon at that pace. When I accomplish that, I’ll probably aim for a new goal of a sub 10 minute mile paced marathon. For right now though I just want to run a marathon, even if it is slow. And I want to do a sprint triathlon. Kris has done one and friends of ours do them but I’ve never done it myself. What are your goals? Are they written down? Displayed? I find myself more accountable if I say them out loud and display them for others to see.