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Getting my run on.

Archives for September, 2008

The 10 mile Race Report

Since Amanda and Pam have their race reports up, I’d better get off my lazy butt and do mine!

First off I want to congratulate my friends. They both did awesome in their first 10 mile runs! I’m so proud of both of them for the work they have put into this!

Second, pictures!

Third – I may be smiling but boy was I hurting!  OK, start at the beginning.  We line up at the start line, listen to the national anthem and then there’s this weak little horn to start us off.  If we hadn’t been near the front I doubt we would have heard it!  The mass of women started moving forward though so we started walking.  It didn’t take long for space to clear and jogging to commence.  And in that first half mile, when my legs felt tight and tired (shut up Kris – yes, I should have warmed up more – or at all – I suck and I’ll do better next time) I thought oh man, this is going to suck!  That first mile always sucks for me though.  (Maybe if I warmed up a little bit, or at all, that wouldn’t be such a problem!)  By miles 2-3 I was in my groove and feeling confident.  There was even a hill during this time that I rocked, actually gain speed.  I felt confident and powerful, remembering that hellacious 10K course two weeks ago.  I think I actually gained strength on that hill.  Next thing I knew I was at the 4 mile mark and it headed downhill.  This part of the course was a down and back jaunt so there were lots of runners coming back up the hill.  Both Pam and Amanda were ahead of me (because remember, I’m SLOW!) so the whole way down the hill I was searching faces looking for them.  Towards the bottom I saw them and made a dork out of myself cheering them on (fists pumping, etc.).  Down to the bottom, turn around and crap, now I have to go up!  Even though the hill wasn’t that steep, it was SO LONG.  Part way up I see Amanda in line for the bathroom and she gives me a big cheer as I pass by.  Mile 5 was okay but when I got to mile 6 I could feel my body starting to wear down.  Remember, the longest I’d run was the 10K – 6.2 miles.  I just kept telling myself that I can run 4 more miles.  4 miles is nothing!  I can do 4 miles any day of the week!  Well, that’s what I kept telling myself anyway.  By mile 7, I could feel both knees starting to hurt along with my hip flexors.  Just keep going I told myself.  Only three more miles.  By 8 miles my knees were really hurting.  Two miles.  I thought back to my regular route around home and about how long two miles was.  I can do this I just kept repeating.  This is all new territory!  I haven’t run this far since marathon training in 2003!  I can do this!  I kept up with the positive self talk through the mile 9 marker.  Shortly after that I quickly stopped to stretch my calves and hamstrings and took off again.  That just brief stop gave my body such respite though.  My knees and hips hurt considerably less!  So I ran for about a quater mile until the pain came back.  After that I did a 200-300 yard run followed by a 20 yard walk, rinse, repeat until I could see the finish line.  My body, specifically my knees and hip flexors, were just done and begging me to STOP MOVING.  I ran up the little hill to the finish line, complete with smiles for our cheering crowd (Kris and the kids, Krystle (because she is an awesome sister!), Dean, Mark and Jeanne) and finished with an official time of 2:00:49.  A 12:07 pace.  627/655 overall.  Crap!  I didn’t make either of my goals – run the whole thing and finish under two hours.  I was so disappointed in myself (but trying to hide it from my friends).  I was kind of bummed the whole day though.  If I had just been able to run a little bit more of that last mile I could have done it!

I’m not dwelling though.  I’m proud of my accomplishment.  10 miles.  I did it.  And next time I can do better.  No walking and a better pace.  Always room for improvement!

Next post will talk about my goals now that this race is done!

Counting Down

The “big race” is Sunday.  10 miles.  The farthest I’ve gone is 6.2.  Huh.  Wonder how this is going to go?  I went out last Saturday for a long run, up to 9.3 miles, and only put in about 5.  It was just one of those days when running just was not going to happen.  I was dehydrated, overheated and my legs felt like lead.  I eventually walked back home, making it 6.2 miles total.  I was so disappointed.  I haven’t had many days like that so maybe I was just due.  Sunday morning I got up at 6:30am to punish prepare myself and did 90 minutes on the elliptical.  I have to make sure I can exercise for at least that long!  I plan on doing the same tomorrow and then 60 minutes on Thursday before taking Friday and Saturday off.  My legs have felt so tired lately and I want them to be as fresh as possible for Sunday.  I’m also focusing on hydration this week as well as clean(er) eating.  So – any tips for race day?  Breakfast?  Rituals?  I’m trying to think back to my marathon and half marathon (in 2003) to remember what I did then.

My first 10K

So, last weekend I did 6.1 miles in 1:13:48 – a 12:03 pace.  It was in the middle of the day and it was OK.  I didn’t feel great, maybe scared of the increased mileage?  Whatever.  I did it and although I was disappointed in my time, I was proud of myself for doing it.  But my knee was hurting the rest of the day (and I was so nauseous and low on energy that I was a zombie that afternoon while running errands and devoured our appetizer when we sat down for dinner) and into the next morning.  So, I skipped my planned 5 mile run last Sunday.  Plus it was Annika’s birthday that day and there was a ton to do that morning to get ready for her party and then after the party I was too tired to do much of anything.  Excuses, excuses.  And then I only got up at 5am once this past week to exercise.  All this to lead up to my nervousness at Saturday’s 10K race.  6.2 miles.  With people I know watching me and cheering me on.  Um, yeah.  But you know what?  I did well!  Well, I did well considering what my previous 6 mile attempt looked like!  I finished the 10K race with an official time of 1:10:23 for a 11:20 pace.  See?  Improved!

This that were good about the race:

1 – I finished!

2 – My pace was decent.

3 – I didn’t suck at the end but had a nice little kick to bring me in to the finish line.  That was all to make Kris proud though.  I wanted him to think I was a rock star. :)

Things that SUCKED about the race:

1 – That f@#*king course was all uphill!  OK, fine.  It wasn’t.  I just went a little something like this:

Mile 0-1 – flat, this is good, running with others, cool!

MIle 1-2 – oh, this is one long, slow climb – man this sucks, does this hill ever end? OK, at the top.  Finally!

Mile 2-3 – Yay!  Downhill!  This is what I’m talking about!  And now it’s flat.  Ah, flat.  I like flat.

MIle 3-4 – Time for gu!  And water!  Wow!  That kicked in fast!  Look at me go!  Ah crap, another hill.  This one’s steep.  OK, at the top, turn left.  Go one block.  Turn right.  You’ve got to be kidding me!  That’s the steepest hill yet!.  OK, it’s only one block.  Turn right.  What!  It’s not over yet!  The stupid hill keep going?  For three more blocks?  Suck!  Suck!  Suck!

Mile 4-5 – OK, flat for a little while.  I like flat.  Flat is good.  Yay for flat.  Get air back in lungs.   Deep breaths.  Deep breaths.  Ignore desire to stop at friends house along course for a nice long sit on her couch and maybe a nap in her bed.

Mile 5-6 – You’ve got to be kidding me.  Uphill again?  This is even more steep than the last hill!  Did they look for the steepest hills in town to make us run on?  They’re evil!  OK, just keep running.  Hills are no problem.  Turn left, one flat block.  Turn right – home stretch.  Only 10 more blocks to go.  Too bad 6 of them are uphill.  Does this town ever go down?  Why only up?  At least this one is a gradual 6 block climb.  I can do this.  Almost done.  My body feels fine.  Ankle is sore. Why is ankle sore?  Knee sore.  Not too bad though.  Lungs, other knee all good.  Wow! I actually feel fine!  I could even run more!  Woo-hoo!  Oh, wait.  Round corner – there’s the finish.  Must make this look good!  Kick it !  Oh, there’s Kris.  He’s cheering me on!  He looks proud!  Must run even faster.  Hey – there’s Dusty and Katie and Jeff!  And other peole I know! OK, must look like this is no big deal.  Smile.  Pump arms in air.  Make fool of self.  Check.  Check.  Check.

And there ends my race report.  It was good but the course SUCKED and was literally uphill or flat the whole time.  I never realized how hilly my hometown was until I had to run it!  I should have remembered from track practice in high school.  At least they didn’t make us run cemetery hill (so named because at the top is a cemetery).  That sucker makes even the most athletic cry!  So.  I felt pretty good after my run.  I made sure I ate something right away so I didn’t run into the nausea and weakness I felt last weekend.  My body felt pretty good the rest of the day too.  I even ellipted for an hour yesterday.  My knee was sore so I didn’t want to attempt running but I wanted to get some exercise in.  I’m feeling pretty good! More workouts this week and then I’m going to attempt 8-9 miles this coming weekend.  Less than two weeks until 10 mile race day!

Half Back

I’ve been meaning to write here.  Really I have.  But at night after the kids go to bed I’ve been listening to political speeches and reading political articles online and then I’m so riled up that all I do is bitch to Kris (at least he agrees with me so it’s more like letting off some steam instead of arguing) about this, that or the other thing.  The pair that I will not be voting for this fall is seriously stressing me out.

Anyway, I’m about half back into the game.  My nutrition is atrocious.  I seriously need to get a handle on what I’m eating.  There’s been way, way too many snacks and sodas in my diet lately.  I know this.  I don’t like it.  But I haven’t changed it.  I’ll keep working to do better. Because the five pounds I’ve gained (up from 155.4 to 160.4 from mid July to now) sucks.  It sucks, sucks, sucks.  And it’s all my own fault.  Time to get a f*cking grip!

My fitness has actually been going OK.  I got up yesterday and put in 30 minutes on the elliptical.  And last night I set out my clothes for this mornings scheduled work out.  And then I woke up at 5:15am after having slept through three alarms (4:55am – 5:04am – 5:13am – must have hit the snooze button in my sleep!)  By this time there was just not enough time to get a work out in before I’d have to hit the showers.  I was disappointed in myself but really, if I’m sleeping through the alarm, maybe I just needed the sleep more?  Anyway, I plan on putting 6 miles in on Saturday and 5 miles on Sunday.  Wish me luck that my knee behaves itself.  In fact I’m going to go stretch right now.  I should be doing it more but I keep forgetting!

Nickle Dickle

Sunday I put in 4 miles. My knee was hurting so I cut it back from 5 miles to 4 miles. My knee continued to hurt all day Sunday with going down stairs being the worst. I iced and elevated it Sunday night but decided there was going to be no running on Monday. I elliptical’d for 45 minutes yesterday instead. My knee now feels fine. I’m hoping that by running only on weekends I can stave off real IT Band issues. I also need to start stretching multiple times a day. My hamstrings are tight to begin with but my right hamstring is obscenely tight and that is what is putting so much stress on my right knee. I need to get into a stretching routine multiple times a day to loosen my legs in general up. My calves have felt awfully tight lately too. I think stretching and rest periods between runs should help immensely.

In preparation for the 10 mile race on September 28th, I’m going to be signing up for a 10K race on September 13th! My hometown is celebrating Nickle Dickle Days with a 5K and 10K race. Kris is going to run the 5K. We’ll need to arrange childcare for the morning as strollers are not allowed on the race course. That’s OK – who wants to push 80 pounds of children and stroller anyway? Anyway – if you want to join me – go sign up! I’ll be signing Kris and I up tonight before the price goes up tomorrow!