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Getting my run on.

Archives for November, 2008


I missed three days in a row there!  Guess I won’t be blogging every day this month, just most of them.

Here’s a grocery store tip for you: In order to avoid purchasing unhealthy food at the grocery store, bring along your impressionable four year old daughter.  Annika and I went grocery shopping on Sunday.  I try to show her healthy eating by preparing and eating healthy meals with her, limited our snacks or snacking on healthy foods such as yogurt or granola bars.  So, Sunday at the grocery store, I completely skipped the chip/pop aisle, I ignored the cookie/cake aisle and only came home with a box of granola bars as our only snack item.  There were lots of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, healthy carbs and minimal prepared foods or at least healthier options of those purchased (i.e. less sodium, fat free, etc.).  Had I been there alone, I certainly would have been tempted to buy a little treat for us all to share or I would have got the buy one, get one free half gallon ice cream’s.  Kris was actually disappointed I passed that good deal by.  So, there’s my accountability tip for the day.  I certainly feel better that when I go to the pantry to grab a snack, there’s no bag of chips or cookies staring back at me.  And I feel better when offering Annika yogurt, string cheese, a granola bar or a handful or crackers as her snack.

Now if she just wouldn’t remind me that I haven’t worked out yet today…

The no cash rule is working!

I’ve slightly modified my no cash rule.  When I took my cash out of my wallet I had $18 (a 10, 5, 3 ones).  Since vending machines won’t take 10′s or 5′s (OK, fine – they will at my work but I refuse to get those $1 coins as my change – I hate those!) I’m OK with having those in my wallet.  So, my new strategy is that I will leave anything above a $1 bill in my wallet.  However, all the $1′s have to come out.  I’m putting them in an envelope at home, saving them up and then when I have a bunch, I can decide what to do with them (new clothes? shoes? date with husband?).  Today I went to lunch with friends and spent $7.25.  I now have $2 to put in my envelope and 3 quarters to put in the kids’ piggy banks.  I can’t have change with me either as I’ll scrounge that together to hit a vending machine too.  For me, I just have to remove the temptation entirely because if I say OK to myself to go to a vending machine – I’m getting Cheetos – not pretzels.  I just know I will.  So, now?  No cash = no vending machines!

My trainer fantasy

Often, I fantasize about having a personal trainer.  I really, really, really want someone to kick my butt.  I’m a big fan of The Biggest Loser and would LOVE to have Bob or Jillian (really Jillian) whip me into shape.  I let myself get away with too much.  I make excuses to not exercise (I’m tired!  I went to bed late!  The kids (or Kris) woke me up too much last night!).  I don’t push myself very hard while I am exercising.  Training for a run?  I focus on getting miles in but not on improving speed by doing fartlicks or sprints.  I know a well balanced fitness routine should include weights.  I now have weights in my basement.  I have yet to lift weights.  See? I need a trainer!  But.  We are focused on getting out of debt right now.  I have curbed my CAbi clothing addiction.  I have cut back on new shoes, eating out, a lot of “extras” right now.  And it’s working.  We’re making great progress.  And until we’re debt free, there is no money in the budget for things like gym memberships or personal training fees.  Especially not when I have all the tools I need right in my home (elliptical, Trek road bike, weight bench, yoga DVDs, etc.).  I need help.  What are your tips or tricks for getting your exercise in?  For staying on your eating plan?  For kicking your own butt?


I’m at a loss as to what to write today.  I did OK eating-wise.  I didn’t work out this morning.  Getting to bed late last night due to a kid being up just sent me over the sleep edge this morning.  I’ve talked about 2009.  About my plans.  My goals.  Now I just have to do it.

Part of keeping me motivated is my two new pairs of pants.  Each morning I try them on.  There’s still too much muffin top to wear them comfortably.  I wonder if putting them on when I get home at night would help me make better dinner and snack choices in the evening.  I could even wear the jeans around the house (so as to not horrify the public) to keep me honest.  Hmm.  Might just have to do that – Thursday.  Tomorrow is Annika’s gymnastics night.

Multisport website found!

In my search for duathlons last night I found Midwest Multisport.  So far only 2008 races are listed but I’m sure this will be updated for 2009 before too long.  I’m thinking the Gear West Duathlon, usually held in May, might be my race!  The distances aren’t too long I don’t think and it’s fairly close to home.  It’s in the right price range and I might even be able to talk Kris into doing it with me!  How fun would that be!  Anyway, Pam or others, if you’re interested in this race, let me know!  We can keep an eye out for registration deadlines together!

2009 Races

I’m a planner by nature so I thought maybe I’d start planning 2009.  A little ahead of myself don’t you think?  I mean, I only worked out twice all last week.  Of course I have started off this week right with a workout this morning but still….  Anyway, races.  I’m thinking from April through December next year I’d like to do one race per month.  (Why start in April?  Because I’m a wuss and don’t want to commit to running too many cold weather races.  So there.)  Here is what I was thinking:

April: Warm up with a 5K (charity race TBD)

May: Duathlon?  I can’t seem to find any around here but come on – the lakes will barely be free of ice – there has to be one somewhere, right?

June: Grandma’s Half Marathon – Duluth, MN – if I get in – registration is by lottery and starts in February – won’t know until March 5th if I’m in

July: Another 5K (charity race TBD)

August: Another Duathlon perhaps?

September: 10K race – Nickle Dickle Days again maybe?  I mean, who doesn’t love a good uphill course?

October: Twin Cities Marathon 10 Mile Run

November: Turkey Trot 5K(?)

December: Reindeer Run 5K (?)

I was thinking with the 5K’s that I could focus on time.  And that my only half marathon time is horrible (unpublishable type horrible) so I’d definitely like to improve that.  And my 10 mile time I’d really like to get better too.  (at least under 20 hours if not under 1:50:00)  So, yeah.  Races.  2009.  The year of the race.

Don’t remind me

I got my feelings hurt today.  I probably shouldn’t have.  It was an innocent comment that I’m taking out of context more than likely.  It doesn’t really matter though.  I just don’t like being reminded that I’m bigger and could stand to lose a good 20+ pounds.  Ya know?

No more cash

I took the cash out of my wallet this morning and left it at home. The cash. Not my wallet. It’s a good thing I did too because I’m cold and want a hot chocolate! Instead, I’ll put on my lab coat, get up and walk around for a bit and be just fine. Seriously. I’m a big baby.

In other news, there has been no working out since Tuesday. Suck! I slept through my alarm yesterday. I must force myself to bed earlier. Luckily we have very little planned this weekend so I should be able to get two good, long, sweaty workouts in.

In good news, that awful 3 pound overnight weight gain from a couple days ago has gone away entirely and taken some extra with it. So not sad to see that gone! Of course I’m still a good 20+ pounds over where I want to be and probably 5 pounds from wearing those new pants comfortably but still. I’ll take it so far. Now I have to work to not sabotage myself and to keep going down (this means sticking to the one Halloween candy per day rule, watching my portion sizes and those boredom cravings). No sabotage allowed!

Help Me!

I so want to hit the vending machine right now. I want chocolate. And potato chips. And Cheetos. CHEETOS. Instead, I’m coming here to write. To remember my goals. Why I’m trying to lose weight. How I feel when I look in the mirror and see a big old gut staring back at me. How pregnant I felt I looked when trying on some styles of bridesmaid dresses (empire waist is just not my friend). Cheetos certainly won’t help anything. And I ate enough for lunch that I’m certain I’m not hungry – just bored and craving Cheetos. Boredom is one of my triggers for eating. If I’m sitting in front of the TV at night I always get the munchies. I’ve been trying to find something else to do with my hands (Sudoku, cross-stitching, etc.) to keep me occupied then. I need to also do that at work during my down times. So, right now I have my glass of water and I have my blog and those two things will keep me busy and away from the vending machine this time. I think I’ll remove the cash in my wallet tonight and leave it at home. No cash means no vending machine access regardless. Sometimes you just have to remove the temptation entirely, right?

What? And How?

How? Exactly how can you gain 3+ pounds in one day? OK, yes, I did have some champagne last night. And some chips with cheese. But not 5000+ calories! Seriously. I’m thinking it must have something to do with the salt content. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. I will make better choices today (although really – champagne is such a bad choice? :) ) and tomorrow, this blip on the radar screen should be history. I will consume copious amounts of water today and one, I repeat, one piece of Halloween candy.

Seriously, 3+ pounds? That’s like fake weight, right?