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Getting my run on.

Archives for December, 2008

My first reviews

OK – review time!

First up – Wii Fit – Love it!

I’ve played for 30 minutes each of the last three days.  I always do all of the yoga that I have unlocked and then I move on and do most of the strength exercises that I have unlocked.  I’m always amazed at how hard yoga can be if you push yourself.  It seems so simple!  I’ve skipped a couple strength exercises yesterday and today only because I’m sore from being shredded (that review below).  Next I move on to the aerobic games – love the basic step even though it is super simple (Kris calls it DDR for dummies).  And lastly I play a few balance games to round out my 30 minutes.  I’m not so good at the soccer ball heading game.  Even Annika is better at me on that one.  Amazingly my balance is pretty good though!  At least I rock at all the yoga moves.  So, yeah, two thumbs up for Wii Fit.  I can’t wait to get everything unlocked and see what else there is to do!

Next up – Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred DVD – Love it!

This DVD actually has three workouts on it – Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.  All you need is some basic hand weights and you are set.  I’ve done Level 1 twice now (Friday and today).  Yesterday I was so sore it hurt to do just about anything.  Today I was less sore unless you wanted me to say get down on the floor and then get back up. That hurt.  I’m actually a little embarrassed I’m as sore as I am!  It’s not like the exercises were that hard, and it was only 20 minutes, it’s just that she makes you do them for so long!  And it’s basically circuit training – 3 minutes strength, 2 minutes cardio, 1 minute abs – repeat 3 times with a 1 min warm up and a 1 min cool down.  The first time I had to take a couple breaks along the way (no more than 5 seconds though or Jillian would get mad!).  Tonight I had to take 1 break (during push-ups).  So, two days in, two thumbs up.  I’ve seen some of the exercises that are in Level 2 and 3.  I can’t wait to be strong enough to do them!

Finally – More Choices!

Since I’m a wuss and don’t want to run outside on the slippery, snow/ice covered sidewalks/trails in the freezing temperatures and since I do not and will not in the near term have a gym membership and since we do not yet own a bike trainer (although we want one and are saving money for one), my workout choices have been limited recently.  While I love our elliptical machine, it does get a bit boring after a while, even with a good book to read (currently: Vince Flynn – Memorial Day).  So, I was super excited last night when my sister and brother gave us a Wii Fit for Christmas!  I have already done “30 minutes” on it today.  (You get minutes per activity you do and most of the intro ones are 1, 2 or 3 minutes).  I’ve done all the yoga and strength activities currently unlocked and I’ve done most of the aerobic and games as well.  Then I had to get off to eat lunch and give Kris and Annika turns.  I took the initial body test and it told me my BMI was 25.83 although I don’t know how accurate that is.  It also told me my Wii Fit age is 51 based on my BMI and some balancing tests.  It’s my goal to lower both my BMI and Wii Fit age by just playing the game.  I want to do the yoga and strength portions at least 3 times a week.  There kind of fun and I was working up a bit of a sweat doing some of them.

Also, arriving today via Netflix is Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred DVD.  I plan on doing that the next several days as well. If I like it, then I’ll purchase my own copy and incorporate that into the mix as well.

I’m just happy to have more options right now!  And I still can’t wait for spring so I can get back outside again.  Or maybe I should look into the getting some YakTrax and get outside there now…

Week 1 Update

Week 1 -

Weight: still 162.2 pounds even though I was as low as 160.4 during the week

Measurements – (OK I measured myself today – maybe I’ll do this every week instead of every other) – same except for waist which was down 1/2″

Exericise – 1 day (out of goal of 4) Boo!

So far, a slow start to my 10×10 challenge.  That’s OK though.  I can feel progress being made.  Exericse is again a priority.  My eating is healthier and better controlled.  My attitude is changing.  All these are good.  And that is the path I need to take my life.

Newest Inspiration

I’ve been spending a lot of time the past couple days at Bodies in Motivation.  From what I’ve read it’s real women – women with jobs and husbands and kids and issues – who are writing about health and fitness.  These women are at different stages – from Amanda who is re-starting her weight loss efforts after having her second child (Something I can relate too!  Too bad her second child is only 3 months old and mine is 22 months old!) to Linda who has transformed her average body (a lot like mine) to a smokin’ hot one!  She is a true inspiration.  And based on her review of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD, I might just have to pick that one up and give it a try!  So – go check it out and hopefully you can find some inspiration, ideas and tips there as well!

Time to check in again

I know it’s been a while.  I’m still trying to pull myself out of that funk.  It’s getting a little better.  I’m trying to change my attitude about things, especially little things, and that seems to be helping.  I’m not all the way back to my old self I don’t think but things aren’t as bleak as they were a couple weeks ago.

But, it’s time to re-engage with Sweat and a healthier lifestyle in general.  I can’t keep letting this slip and making promises to “exercise tomorrow morning” or Monday or during Christmas break.  I need to start now.  I’ve been thinking lately about what I really want.  Do I want to be fit and healthy and a “hobbyist” exerciser?  Or do I want to be an athlete who trains and competes?  I don’t mean compete to win necessarily but who does strive to do better with each and every race.  To have personal bests in training and in competition.  I’ve decided that long term, I want to be that athlete.  I want to race.  I want to continually push myself to do better each time.  Right now though I need to take the first steps.  I need to first get into a routine of healthy(ier) eating and exercise.  To that end I’m challenging myself – it’s the 10×10 challenge.  It’s my goal to lose 10 pounds and 10 inches by the end of February (or about 10 weeks away from now).

And I can’t do it all by dieting alone.  I’m going to have to exercise (goal is 4 times a week) in order to do this.  It’s my hope that by the end of February my exercise routine will be set (6 weeks to form a habit, right?) and I can start to focus back on training again.  Monday I weighed myself and took my chest, waist, hips and thigh measurements.  People – it’s not good.  I’m an olive on a toothpick (as Tertia always so lovingly describes herself).  My weight was 162.2 pounds.  Before I had Annika my natural weight with my no dieting or regular exercise was around 152.  After Annika, before James, that same “natural” weight was around 156.  Now after James my weight without dieting or regular exercise seems to constantly sit somewhere in the low 160′s – 160, 161, 162.  I’m not happy here though.  I hate being at this weight.  And it’s because my weight is all in my belly.  I constantly look pregnant because that is where I carry all my weight.  My measurements are: chest: 34″, waist: 41″, hips: 42″ and thigh: 23″.  Look how disproportionate I am!  It is definitely time to do something about the gut.

I remember way back in high school measuring my waist and being so disappointed that it was 29″.  Didn’t the skinny girls have a 26″ waist?  Bleh!  I was so skinny back then I could cry now!  Of course back then I was a size 6 and now I’m a solid 12.  And back then I was way active – I was a (slow) sprinter on the track team!  I was walking miles a day in marching band.  I was constantly on the go and away from the dinner table.

Anyway, back to the 10×10.  I don’t think it’s unrealistic to lose 10 pounds by the end of February.  I have no idea about losing 10 inches though.  I’ve never really kept track of my measurements.  I’ve decided to re-measure every other Monday.  Is that too often?  Not often enough?  Is 10 inches too aggressive?  Please share your wisdom.

So now it’s up to me to do it – lose 10×10 by the end of February.  Anyone want to join me?  Leave a comment to challenge yourself to a 10×10 (whatever your 10′s are – they don’t have to be the same as mine).

Whine, whine, whine

Yeah, it’s been a while. I know. Thanks for checking on my Robyn. Guys – all is not well. I’m in a funk and I can’t seem to pull myself out of it. I don’t know if it’s depression (I doubt it), Seasonal Affective Disorder (not so much sunlight around here now), hormonal (I had some issues relating to a pill I was using and I switched two months ago. The physical problems are gone but maybe new ones have arrived?) or what but I am not in a good place. I’m losing my patience with the kids (way too much yelling going on), I’m constantly irritated with the husband (and sometimes he doesn’t even deserve it!) and I am so, so tired. I’m always tired no matter how much I sleep. This morning I slept through 3 alarms before finally waking up enough the 4th time to see and recognize what time it was. Now that I’ve recognized what’s going on (and my husband has also recognized it and brought it to my attention) I need to figure out how to fix it. I’m going to give the pill one more month (maybe my body just needs to adjust?) before going back to the doctor and asking for a different one (Or go without? Would need to discuss that option with the hubby and doctor). I’m going to try and work out more often (at all) because maybe the endorphins will do me some good. I’m going to try really, really hard to not yell at the kids. (Even when they don’t listen EVER! But they are almost 2 and 4. It’s like their job to not listen, you know?) And I’m going to try and not get so irritated with the husband but try and rationally work through situations that have lately set me off. And I’m going to try to not be so sad about it all. I want to be happy. I want my family to be happy. I want to be healthy. God, this all just sucks so much.

That is all. Thank you for listening to me whine.