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Getting my run on.

Archives for January, 2009

Week 6!

OK, so week 6 is done!  Four weeks to go (until February 23rd) to lose some additional pounds and inches.  Right now, I’m at 158.2 pounds (down from 160.8 a week ago and 162.2 at the start) and I’m down 2.5″ total.  So, 4 pounds and 2.5″.  Not great but not terrible either, especially since I got up to 163.8 before getting a hold of myself. I think I can get down to 152.2, or at least close.

Even with losing a few pounds I can already tell a difference in my body.  My stomach doesn’t seem as bloated and 2nd trimester pregnancy looking as before the challenge.  And that is most definitely a good thing!

I’m feeling in a groove and ready to tackle some more pounds!  I’m hoping the inches just come along for the ride.  Heh.  Jen is the only one I know of who joined me on this 10×10 challenge.  E-mail me Jen and let me know how you’re doing!  Your last update was fantastic!

Sidebar:  Went spinning on my bike trainer for the first time on Saturday.  Haven’t rode a bike in months thanks to the snow and ice around here.  My butt bones hurt!  Still!  And I could definitely feel the burn in my quads and glutes while riding.  I guess I don’t work those muscles on the elliptical very well or at least in the same way.  It will be great to have some cross training going on!

Fitday = Thumbs Up

I must say, Fitday has really stepped up it’s game!  I’ve been an on and off user of Fitday for several, several years now.  I know there are other online resources where you can track food and exercise (Sparkpeople, Calories Count, etc.) but I’ve always stayed with Fitday.  I tried sparkpeople for a while about a year ago.  It was fine but for what I’d use it for it was no better than Fitday.  I don’t do message boards which would have been a big plus for Sparkpeople.  Plus I have a lot of custom foods created at Fitday and I didn’t like having to re-create them all at Sparkpeople.

So, back to Fitday I went.  And for the past two weeks I’ve been logging all my food and exercise again.  And it has helped so much.  SO MUCH.  I’m so much more conscious of what I eat and how much.  And Fitday now has some really cool charts and graphs – which for this nerdy engineer is PERFECT!  Wanna see?  Here is a chart of my weight for the past two weeks against my goal of 150 by the end of January (or 152.2 by the 3rd week of January according to my 10×10 challenge).


Or how about this report?   It’s my nutrition for the past two weeks, displayed as a nutrition label:

nutritionOr this one showing my nutrition as a pie chart:


And of course there’s more.  Lots more.  I just look at these routinely.  I highly recommend Fitday!  Give it a shot!

I’ve signed up for my first Duathlon

Remember my 2009 races schedule?  Well, Kris found us a Duathlon for May.  It’s the Oakdale Duathlon on May 9th.  Yay!  I’m excited!  Now that we have a bike trainer (thank you generous family members for the Christmas money!) we should be set to get started.  We have an elliptical to simulate running while the outdoors are still covered in snow and ice and bitter cold.  And we have the bike trainer.  Kris even showed me how to remove his bike and put mine on so I don’t have to mess with his (too high) seat to try and train.  Maybe I can take my first spin (no pun intended!) on it this weekend.

So, yep, Kris is doing the duathlon with me.  Anyone else want to join us?  It’ll be fun!  Dusty (Kris’s brother) is already signed up too.  Let’s make it a great big multi sport party!  We can even come back to our house afterwards for a spring BBQ or something!  C’mon internet!  Come race with me!

Week 5 Update

Week 5?  Already?  But.  But.  But.  That’s halfway!  And I’m not halfway to my goal yet!  I weighed in this morning at 160.8.  And then I was annoyed.  Because yesterday I was at 159.0.  And Saturday I was at 159.4.  But this morning I was at 160.8.  Fine.  I’ll take that.  It is like 3-4 pounds under where I was 7-10 days ago.


So – progress is being made.  I forgot to take my measurements this morning.  I’ll do that tomorrow morning instead.  But I’m working out, eating within my alloted calorie range (1200-1600 daily) and I’m making healthier food choices.

It’s all good.

How about you – are you taking care of yourself?  Working on your goals?  Achieving results?

Week 4 – Success finally!

OK, I’m a few days late posting this but that doesn’t mean things are going downhill.  Quite the opposite!  I’ve finally gotten my eating back under control thanks to logging each day’s food at Fitday.  And I’m ramping up the exercise too.  My weight on Monday was down to 161.6 and this morning was down to 160.8.  I’m hoping to kick the 160′s to the curb by Monday.

I did check my inches and as I expected they haven’t changed much.  But overall, I’m down 1″ too!  There’s still hope yet for this little challenge of mine!

Now’s not the time to start settling though.  I’m still in the 160′s.  I’m still technically overweight (I have to get to 155 pounds to get to the Healthy Weight range and a BMI under 25.). I still have goals.  I still have work to do.

I feel strong now though.  Focused.  Have to figure out how to keep this going…

Week 2-3 Update

You know what?  I have to go to work if only to stop myself from snacking all the live long day.

Today at work after I ate lunch all I wanted to do all afternoon was snack.  I was hungry and yet not really hungry.  Tonight after dinner, I snacked all night.  Must get my eating under control.

Am doing much better with the workouts.  Am doing the 30 Day Shred about every other day.  Level 1 is becoming “easy” and after 1-2 more workouts I think I’m going to try Level 2.  I’ve heard level 2 is hard because it involves a lot of balance along with the strength and cardio exercises.  I guess we’ll see!  And in the past two weeks I’ve done a fair amount of ellipticaling too – often on days I also do The Shred.

So, you see – it was with mixed emotions that I’m here to report a weight gain.  I was up to 165+ last week and today weighed in at 164.0.  Yes, exercise is good and maybe I’m building a bit of muscle and retaining water to repair those muscles.  And even though I’ve been snacking, not all of it was unhealthy.  And there has been a lot of salty foods in the mix lately.  And it’s this time of the month when I should be retaining a bit as well.

Still.  I’m not happy about gaining weight.  I now have 7 or so weeks left and 12 pounds to lose to get to 152.2 pounds.  And my inches haven’t budged.  So now I have 7 weeks to lose 10 inches.  I better get going.

I better stop snacking.  It may be time to write down my food again.  It’s much easier to stay accountable when you can see on paper exactly how much you’ve eaten in any given day.

And I better keep moving.  I have to do The Shred tonight before I go to bed.  Must.  It’s a mandate that I’ve given myself.  But I’m tired and want nothing more than to skip it.  Especially with two sick kids in the house and a guaranteed rough night of sleeping ahead of me.  Oy.

Better stop blogging and start moving – the quicker I do it, the quicker it’s over and the quicker I can get to bed.