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Getting my run on.

Archives for March, 2009

Crunch Time

It’s crunch time! If Kris’s snarky comment on Sunday did anything, it motivated me to get off my butt and get going on training! (Damn it there’s always a semblance of truth to his snarkiness.  I hate that!)  I have six and a half weeks until race day. It’s my goal to finish the race in two hours. Well, I’m not including transition times in that. It’s my goal to run the six miles in an hour and bike the 14 miles in an hour. I think those are realistic goals. It’s a stretch goal for me to complete the whole race including transition times in two hours. In order to do that I #1 – need to train! And #2 – need to get faster! I think I can do the bike part, I just need to bike for longer periods of time since my pace last Saturday was already in the 14mph range.

I need to work on the running though. Last summer I was not at a 10 minute mile pace. Anything above a 10 min mile pace is sssllllooooowww to me. Just a personal thing for me. I want to be faster than that. So, I need to get running and I need to work on running faster. Looking at the training schedule below you’ll see that I’m focusing on overall time (30 min run for example) just to get something on the calendar. However, within that work out I’ll be focusing on speed, doing some interval training, etc. It’s going to suck. SUCK! But if I want to get faster, I’m going to have to do it.


Last night’s 30 min bike was successful – sweaty – sore legs and hips – heart rate up – all good!

Jeanette invited me to join her and Pam for the Ground Pounders series this summer. I’ll have to look up the races and see if it will fit into my plans. Thanks for the invite Jeanette!

Called out

Amanda asked me Saturday night how I was doing since I hadn’t written here in a while.  I confessed.  I’ve completely sucked up my Lenten Pledge challenge.  Going straight to hell.  Damn it!  All is not lost though.  I’ve still managed to lose a pound or two.  My eating is still doing OK.  And I haven’t given up completely on exercise!  I biked for 5.2 miles (I g-map pedometer’d it Kris so I know it was at least 5 miles) on Saturday in roughly 22 minutes.  Roughly 14.2 miles per hour.  And that was with a couple stoplight/stopsign slowdowns/stops.  Not a great mph but whatever.  It was something.  I need to get outside running but it’s still too dark out in the mornings at 5am (have to leave the house at 6:20am to get to work).  It’s times like this I really wish we had a treadmill.  Later this year we’re probably going to join the YMCA.  They’re building a new one about 2 miles from our house.  So excited to be able to use a treadmill, go to a fitness class and drop the kids off in an on-site daycare.  There’s not very many of those types of gyms here in my town.

Anyway.  I have some more motivation to get cracking on this duathlon training.  First, the race is only 7 weeks away so I’d better get going!  Second, yesterday Kris was telling his friend Jon to sign up for the race.  His reasoning?  Well, you may not have a lot of time to train but even Kristina signed up.  (As in hey, if Kristina can do it then so can you with limited training!).  Yeah.  Thanks honey.  Just great for the ol’ self esteem.  Men.

New Race Plan

So I mentioned that I won’t be able to run Grandma’s Marathon this year. That’s probably a blessing in disguise. I can run 2-3 miles right now. It will take a bit of time and effort to get back up to the 10-13 mile range. And the race at the end of June may have been a bit too aggressive, especially if I want to work on speed as well as endurance.

I’ve been thinking about what my race schedule for this season should look like then if Grandma’s is out. First up is the duathlon on May 9th. That’s not changing as we’re already registered. Then we’ll run the Race for the Cure on the 10th (yes, 1 day later) per our usual routine. Then what? I’m contemplating doing the Breast Cancer 3 Day in August. I have an aunt suffering through breast cancer right now. She was diagnosed at age 50 and has been battling ever since (keep up the good work Denise!). But I don’t know if I want to commit to that event. If I had some people to do it with, that would probably sway me. Anyone want to do the 3 Day? I may ask my aunts and cousins to see if they’d be interested in forming a team.

If not the 3 Day, then I’m thinking of doing a half marathon in August (Urban ½ Marathon?), a 10K race in September (Nickle Dickle Days?) and then a 10 mile race in September/October (Women Run the Cities or Twin Cities 10 Mile?).

Kris also found a women’s only duathlon in August (?). Depending on my 3 Day vs ½ marathon plans, I may sign up for another duathlon too.

Anyone interested in any of these races? It’s always more fun to race with company!

Fit Chubby

Have you heard the term “Fat Skinny”? I read a blog named Fat Skinny on the Bodies in Motivation site.  I’d never heard the term before although I understand it’s not new.  I’m sure we all know Fat Skinny people – those people who are naturally thin but are woefully unfit. The blog I’m referring to is written by a woman who is not necessarily trying to lose weight but she is trying to improve her health. I applaud her for this.

I feel a sense of kinship with her too. Now, I’m technically overweight (just barely according to the BMI charts.) so I guess I’m not Fat Skinny. Maybe Fat Chubby? Fat Slightly Overweight? Whatever. I don’t have a ton of weight to lose. I need to lose about 12 pounds to make it to my published goal weight up there on the sidebar and only a couple pounds to get to the healthy and not overweight BMI range.

However, I feel completely out of shape. I want my belly and hip/thigh areas to be significantly more toned than they are. I want to be able to run around and play with my kids without getting winded so easily. I want to be able to run 5K’s with ease on a regular, on-going basis.  To me, that is being fit and I’m not there. It’s my goal to be Fit Skinny. Or at least Fit  Average. Or even Fit Slighly Chubby.  My main goal though was and is to be fit. And to be fit you have to exercise, right? To keep up with your fitness or it can all just disappear in the blink of an eye? Good thing I’m going strong on my Lenten pledge. I’m doing it and I’m hoping to make this a habit. For good.

I need to keep reminding myself of these goals too so I don’t get so hung up on the number on the scale. I have to remember that it’s ultimately about being fit and not about being skinny.


I hate and admire my husband all at the same time. For the last 2 ½ months I’ve been working hard to lose some weight. OK, I’ve been working kind of hard to lose some weight. And I’ve lost 4 ½ pounds. I’ve done a decent job. My husband however has in the last few weeks re-started an exercise routine by spinning (our road bikes on our bike trainer) almost daily. And he’s already lost 10 pounds. And he’s spinning up to 80 minutes at a time. And he’s looking amazing.

I hate him.

And I admire and love him.

I admire his dedication. He’s working out most weekdays while James naps. He’s set his sights on duathlons this year and he’s going for it. He’s determined. I love that about him. He did the same thing in 2004 when he trained and competed in a sprint triathlon. I was supposed to do that triathlon with him and then wound up pregnant with our daughter. He got in the best shape of his life while I ballooned up 46 pounds.

I also hate that I’m not the same way. We’re signed up for the same duathlon in May and yet last week he spun for an hour and 20 minutes while I did 25 minutes. Ugh. I still have time to get ready for the race but I’m not at the same level Kris is.

I also hate that he was able to drop weight like that so quickly. I know – men vs women, blah, blah. I can still hate it. So that’s one of the items I’m trying to focus on during this Lenten Pledge – get my exercise minutes up (way up) while keeping my nutrition in check and hopefully by Easter I’ll be down 10 pounds too.

Gone, but not forgotten

Thanks Jen for the nudge!  I didn’t forget about you all.  I just have been out of town.  Four days without an internet connection.  OK, so I had my laptop with me but without wi-fi in our timeshare and not wanting to go sit in the community center that had wi-fi, I just went internet free for a few days.  Weird!

I’m doing pretty well on my lenten pledge.  I did take Monday off but worked out all other days while on vacation.  I ran on the treadmill, elliptical’d and recumbant biked it.  Today I’m back to counting calories and logging my nutrition at Fitday.  Getting back into that was actually easy.  Maybe a habit is being formed?  Must keep that up.  It always keeps me so accountable!

So, you may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned signing up for Grandma’s Half Marathon even though registration opened the middle of February.  That’s because I won’t be able to do it this year.  It’s the same day as my sister’s bridal shower/bachelorette party and since I’m the matron of honor, I definitely can’t miss the festivities.  Bummer!  I’m thinking about re-tooling my races for this year anyway.  Maybe June was too early for a half marathon anyway.  I’m thinking the duathlon in May and then maybe a half marathon in August followed by a 10K in September, 10 miler in October and that should wrap up my races for the year.  A charity 5K thrown in here and there for good measure and I think that’ll about do me.  Anyone want to join me for some of these races?  I’ll detail out which ones I’m thinking soon to see if there’s any takers.