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Getting my run on.

Archives for April, 2009

Training continues

I know, I know. It’s been over a week again. Not all is lost though. I had a bad week last week. I didn’t work out once. I was so tired each and every night last week even though I was going to bed early or on time. I just could not drag myself outside or to the trainer/elliptical. I kept my eating in check though so the scale is still my friend. And last night I got a great, sweaty 60 min spin on the bike trainer done.

For some reason I had so much energy last night. Maybe because I never sat down the whole night so I didn’t get into that relaxed and therefore sleepy mode. Anyway, the 60 minutes went really well. My legs felt fresh and strong and I was a dripping sweaty mess at the end of the hour. Success!

Tonight I’m heading out for a run when I get home from work. Duathlon training continues.

I was worried last week that I was starting my usual bad habits of slacking off on the training right before the event. I’m actively working to not do that this time. I will get my workouts in this week and a big one this weekend and more next week before the big race. I want to be proud of myself during this race and I want to make Kris proud of me too.

A coworker told me she ran a half marathon over the weekend and was commiserating with soreness and stuff. I have no reason to be like this, but I’m completely jealous of her. I want to run too! (And be as fast as she is.) I think after the duathlon I’m going to pick up the running a bit (longer runs, work on pace, etc.). I’ll still bike as my cross-training but I really want to focus on running. I identify myself as a runner.

I hear that in order to increase pace track workouts (800’s and such) are good. Any advice for that? I’m stalking some running blogs to see what they do. Let’s just say that it sounds like it sucks. (I hated 400’s and 800’s in high school track so why would I like them now, right?) I like just going out for a long run and going as fast and hard as I can for as long as I can. No real planning or training going on there. Maybe it’s time to change that if I really want to get faster and to sub 10 min miles?

One last thing. Last night I tried on and ordered size 8 jeans from a CAbi party (the LouLou jeans). Size 8. I fit into a size 8 jean. See those goals on the upper right there? I’m close to two of them. I’m currently 8 pounds above my goal weight and I’m starting to fit into size 8 clothing. I could not be happier about this. Go me.

Promise Kept

I did it.  I ran 3 miles on Friday afternoon just like I said I would.  When I got home from work Kris was all set to go out riding so while he did that I took the kids outside to play.  Then when he got home I changed my clothes and went running.  By then I was tired and relaxed from sitting in the lawn chair while the kids played in sandbox.  I was also hungry for dinner.  But I went running anyway.  My time wasn’t great.  I had to stop and walk for a bit due to a side ache and one time when I stopped running I got dizzy and almost fell over (hunger maybe?  low blood sugar?).  But I got the miles in so I felt better.

And I got a good workout in on Saturday too.  I was gone for almost two hours.  First I ran 3 miles (much better than Friday’s experience) then I biked over 12.5 miles then I ran another 0.75 miles.  I had not yet run after biking and Kris kept lamenting how his legs were jello-like after biking and that his runs weren’t going very well.  I can now personally tell you that the man was telling the truth.  My legs did feel like jelly and I was having a hard time running.  That’s why I only did the 0.75 miles.  I’ll have to work on that.

It’s now less than three weeks to race day.  I’m confident I’ll finish the race.  I’m not confident I’ll meet my time goals.  The 10 minute mile goal is completely unrealistic.  I could still make the 14mph bike goal though.  More training to come…

Boston Marathon today – I’ll most likely never run Boston (never be fast enough I’m guessing) so I’m living vicariously through a blogger who is.  Some people amaze me.


I am here to make a confession.  I have not worked out since Tuesday.  I did a long bike ride (almost 13 miles) on Tuesday.  It was an OK ride.  My effort was OK until my legs got really tired and then I couldn’t go hard enough to keep my heart rate up.  My speed was pretty good though I think.  I don’t have the stats handy but I was probably in the 14mph range the whole time.

Here are my excuses:

Wednesday I had intentions of working out but Kris went for a run when I got home from work and then he had to get to work so my only choice would have been an elliptical work out that night after the kids went to bed.  And then James decided to not go to sleep that night until about 9:45pm.  There was just no way I was heading down for a work out then.  I was exhausted and went to bed instead.

Yesterday I was exhausted the whole day and pretty much gave up on the whole working out idea as soon as I got home – after almost falling asleep driving home.  Instead I laid on the couch most of the night then went to bed shortly after 9pm once I had confirmation that James was indeed asleep.

My promise:

I’m not going to finish this damn duathlon or do very well during it if I don’t get my training done.  So, I’m promising to you (see, public promises help!) that I will go for a run tonight when I get home from work.  And I will get a work out in tomorrow before Kris heads off for football practice.

There.  I’ve promised.  And I’ll come back later to tell you all that I’ve kept my promise too.

First outdoor combined workout

OK, in the land of duathlon training I did my first outdoor combined workout on Saturday.  I was already a little sore from Friday’s outside run so I was unsure how this was going to go.  Couple that with on-going sinus/cold issues and well, I was just hoping for the best.  First I ran almost two miles and then I biked over 12 and a half.  Overall I’m OK with my performance.  I was of course hoping to go faster but at least I got it done.  My legs were shot by the end of the biking so I, uh, have some work to do considering I have to run 3 miles, bike 14 miles and then run another 3 miles in just four short weeks.  Here’s my stats (courtesy of Scarlett – love her!) from Saturday:


See?  Not exactly blazing.    Average heart rate 161 and 150.  11:19min/mile running pace.  13.5 mph cycling pace.  I’m still striving for a 10 min/mile pace and at least 14mph on the bike.  If I keep working on it, I think I can get better.  Just have to keep going.  Tomorrow night?  Another 12.5 miles on the bike.  Wednesday?  Running.  Thursday?  More biking.  Then Saturday another combined.  Here’s hoping the stats are better then!

Who knew?

Who knew?  Diet and exercise = weight loss!  My eating has been pretty good lately (trying to get more veggies, less calories overall, drinking tons more water, need to lay off the candy more, etc.) and while I’m not exercising every day, I am doing pretty well with my new training schedule.  And the result?  I’m down to 153.2 pounds as of this morning.  Considering I was up to 165.? earlier this year I’m pretty happy with where I am now!  My lowest weight last summer before going back up again was 155.0 so I’m even lower than I was last summer!  I just need to keep going and get down to that 140-145 range that I’d like to be in.

Speaking of training (I did up there somewhere I think), I did my first combined session on Sunday.  First I biked for 35 minutes then I ellipted for 35 minutes.  My body felt great the entire time and my heart rate stayed up in the 150′s the whole time.  Of course, that was all indoors (because it was cold outside and I’m a wuss) so the real test will be this weekend when I do my first combined outside work out.  Tonight I’m going to spin for 45 minutes and tomorrow I’m going to do an outdoor run after work (must remember to tell Kris of this plan so he’s not all prepared to go running when I get home like he was yesterday and Monday) for at least 30 minutes (3 mile loop).  I’d really like to see how fast I can push myself outside.  I loaded new songs onto my Shuffle last night so I should be good to go!

Ground Pounders

Since Jeanette invited me to join her and Pam in the Ground Pounds Series this summer I’ve gone off to research the runs. Here is this year’s schedule:

May 16 – Eagan Fun Run – 2 mile or 5 mile

June 20 – Farmington Dew Run – 1 mile or 4 mile

July 4 – Apple Valley Freedom Days Fun Run – 2 mile or 5 mile

July 11 – Lakeville Pan-O-Prog – 1 mile or 4 mile

July 18 – Rosemount Run for the Gold – 1 mile or 4 mile

August 8 – Burnsville with Savage Beat the Heat – 2 mile or 4 mile

OK, time to see what fits my schedule. Right away I know July 18th is out. That’s my sister’s wedding day. June 20th might also be out since I’m hosting Krystle’s bridal shower that day and may need that morning for prep time. That leaves me with May 16, July 4, July 11 and August 8th. I may be able to make those! I won’t commit right now but I’ll put them on my calendar as maybes!


If you’ve read my family blog today then you’ll know that I’m taking a pay cut for the next five or so months. That sucks but at least I still have a job. I admit that as soon as I walked out of that meeting I wanted junk food – chocolate or chips. I didn’t have any. Instead I ate my lunch that I brought from home and drank a big glass of water. I’m certainly going to indulge in a glass or two of wine tomorrow night though at my CAbi party! And maybe a brownie. OK, for sure a brownie.

I used Scarlett last night while ellipticalling. Sure enough the elliptical machine said my heart reate was nominally in the 100-109 bpm range while Scarlett said I was in the 150-159 range the whole time. The elliptical even said my heart rate went down to 89 and up to 117 while Scarlett said it went from 149 to 159. I will not trust the elliptical machine ever for heart rate. And that’s OK. I have Scarlett now!


Ugh. I’m tired. (up late last night exercising – go me!) I’m bloated. (see enormous belly pooch) I’m irritable. (see annoyance at Kris last night over Annika’s summer activities) I’m craving chocolate and chips and all kinds of bad foods. (see Nutty Bar consumption yesterday! Damn freebies at work!) And yet the scale is holding steady and even dropped a tiny bit this morning. I’ll take that. Hopefully all these “symptoms” will resolve themselves early next week. I just wish they didn’t have to present themselves now. I have a CAbi party Friday night and I don’t want to be bloated then! Ish!

We got our Garmin 305 in the mail on Monday! I used it last night during my spinning work out. I actually had it on most of the night and would periodically check my heart rate. (total data junkie, I am) Then I used it during my workout to make sure my heart rate stayed up in the 150’s the whole time. Love it! I’ve never been able to get the heart rate monitor to work correctly for me on our elliptical machine. I can go like hell on the elliptical and it still displays my heart rate as 129 and never higher. I call bullshit on that. I’ll use the Garmin (I need a cute little name for it – we got a red one so maybe Scarlett?) again tonight during my elliptical work out. It’ll be fun to compare what the machine says my heart rate is and what Scarlett says it is. I can’t use the heart rate programs on the elliptical because of this so I have to stick with the manual, random, hill, etc profiles instead. Funny thing is Kris can use the heart rate monitor on there with no problems. He was always questioning how hard I was working that I couldn’t get my heart rate up on there (I’m guessing it has something to do with my having boobs or something so I couldn’t get a good reading with the chest strap?). Maybe now he’ll believe me! I also can’t wait to use Scarlett outside running or biking! I’m planning on outdoor exercises for Saturday if the weather clears up some. Snow on April 1st is one cruel joke Mother Nature. Not funny.