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Getting my run on.

Archives for July, 2009

Ready? No.

First I want to whine. I’ve had a headache for four days now. I’ve been sucking down as much water as possible. I’ve been getting as much sleep as I can (which hasn’t been enough thanks to a late night spent working and kids who don’t want to go to bed). I’m also going to start taking ibuprofen like candy if this thing doesn’t go away. It’s making me crabby. My poor kids.

Second, I’m stressed. (I wonder if #1 and #2 are linked?) The ½ marathon is this weekend and I’m feeling unprepared. Why do I seem to always go into races feeling unprepared! My longest run has been 10 miles and that was way back on 6/28/09. Over a month ago! I’ve done lots of shorter runs since then ranging from 4-6 miles. I hope that’s enough. I’m confident that I’ll finish the race. I’m just worried I won’t do as well as I wanted to. Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on myself again. Maybe I just sucked it up in July. (We were busy! Vacation! Wedding! Random things that were “more important” at the time!)

I think after this race is over I should focus on just getting some running in and doing it for fun and my love of running instead of some goal or race or something.

That said, there is this Minneapolis Duathlon (3, 18, 3) coming up at the end of August that I think Kris and I would like to do and then there’s the Women Run the Cities 10 mile race on September 27th…

(Weight? Back down to 148 this morning after a weekend of indulgences made their way on through…Yay!)


OK, so I got myself under control last week and was back down to 148.0 on Friday morning. Then the weekend hit and there was food and wine and more wine and still more wine. Did I mention there was wine? It was Krystle’s wedding weekend and I basically drank free all weekend. Yikes. And I didn’t really worry too much about food either. Monday morning and this morning I was back up to 150.0. Time to get back on track again.

I ran last Thursday and Friday and then took the weekend off. Again. I haven’t done my long run since Sunday, June 28th when I did a 10 mile run. I’ve done 4, 5, 6 mile runs but nothing longer in weeks. I’m supposed to be tapering now but I feel the need to get one more long run in before the half marathon. I’m unsure if I can do it now! I was so sure I could and then, well, life got busy and in the way. I’ll get 10-12 miles in this week plus 8-9 on Sunday. And I’ll get my eating back on track.

I received my newly exchanged gray Lauren trousers (CAbi of course!) last night. I exchanged my size 12′s (literally falling off my hips) for a size 8. The size 8′s fit perfectly. I need to keep that up! I also need to keep running so I can trim down this belly fat some more. I’m happier with my shape and size, but not completely satisfied.

Still sabotaging

Yep, still sabotaging. Sigh. I will work out tonight somehow to make this day not a total loss.

Anyway, my weight is holding steady at 149.4 so all is not lost. I can’t gain back all the weight I’ve lost with a couple bad days of eating. I know that. I also know that I need to get this in check pronto or I will start to gain weight. And I am NOT gaining this weight back. I like it too much down here!

To give myself a bit of a boost, I’m reviewing the last six months of my weight loss logs. I see some ups and downs in there. Of course I do. Everyone losing weight is going to have ups and downs. But over the past six months my weight has done this:

1/1/09: 165.0
2/1/09: 158.8
3/1/09: 159.8
4/1/09: 155.6
5/1/09: 153.2
6/1/09: 152.2
7/1/09: 149.4

Six months – 15.6 pounds. (or 4 months and 10 pounds) That’s slower than some people but you know what? I’ll take it! And you’ll see some months I didn’t lose very much. One month I even gained a pound. But overall, the trend is down. And my weight this morning was still 149.4. I need to get my act back together and continue that downward trend so come August 1st I’ve lost another pound or two.

And there’s no time like the present. I think I’ll do some calisthenics while watching So you Think You Can Dance and the kids are upstairs watching a Care Bears movie (again!). Jumping jacks. Lunges. Squats. Running in place. I can do that.


I’m supposed to be tapering now for the 1/2 marathon. I think my long run this weekend is supposed to be 8 or 9 miles. I think by tapering they mean run less, not don’t run at all. And yet? I haven’t run since Friday. That’s bad, right? I missed my long run on Sunday. Why? I’m going with sunburn. I burned my back on Saturday while staining the deck and I just couldn’t imagine putting a sports bra on and having that rub on my back while I was running. It still hurts a bit. Maybe I’m a wuss but I’m also pink.

Today I had planned to do 4-5 miles. Instead Kris found out he needed to get to work on time today to take some training. I couldn’t get home from work any earlier than normal so as soon as I was home, Kris left. And then I was left with the kids and couldn’t get out for a run. I guess the thunderstorm warnings and ominous clouds didn’t help a ton either. Excuses, excuses though. I think I’ll get up early tomorrow to get a run in and then do Thurs and Fri as well, take Saturday off and get a run in again on Sunday. I have to. Otherwise I’ll feel the self sabotage setting in for sure.

Speaking of self sabotage, I’m totally sabotaging my weight loss with poor nutrition choices again. Today included chips, two cookies and a can of pop. Suck! Now that I’ve written it down and put it out there though, I’ll do better tomorrow. I have to. I want to fit into that bridesmaid dress this Saturday.

Flip Side

Since January 1st, I’ve lost about 16 pounds. Yay! Go me! Just last week I finally broke the 150 barrier, landing in at 149.6 pounds. I gained a pound and a half on vacation (eating whatever the hell I wanted!) and am now back down to 149.6 as of yesterday. The scale toyed with the 148′s today before deciding I was really 149.6 again. I expect it to go down to 148.something tomorrow. I’m excited about that. I have a goal of seeing 148 (stretch goal 147) before my sister’s wedding on the 18th. It seems doable now. I’m feeling really good about my body. I cried in the bathroom of our hotel room last weekend when I put on my bikini and liked what I saw. I still have more weight to lose to get to goal (that 145 goal may change to 140) because there are still areas that could use some work (still a poochy stomach and stuff). Overall though, I actually almost like how I look for the first time in a very long time.

There’s a flip side to that though. Of course there is. The problem? My clothes don’t fit. I know. Awful problem! But it is starting to cause issues. I stood in my closet for 10 minutes this morning trying to find something to wear. Over half my pants need to be rolled over at the waist in order to get them to not be unwearable. And then of course they get shorter (also unacceptable) or bunch in odd places (like in the butt area since, well, my butt is smaller). I’m going to have to bite the bullet and buy some new clothing. Like, a lot of it. I put on a shirt this morning, a button down shirt, and could wrap it 4 inches over itself. That’s not flattering! And I love that shirt! I think I’ll be trying to sell some of my clothing that’s now too big to offset the cost of buying new clothes. Ebay, here I come!

Another flipside? I’m almost to that size 8 now! I’ve been to the Gap and Banana Republic lately and basically fit into a size 8 at both places. The size 10′s are too big but the size 8′s are a touch too small. I’m wearing my size 8 CAbi LouLou jeans today within 0 muffin top. I predict once I hit 146-147 I’ll solidly be a size 8. I’m kind of stoked about that!

Back on Track

OK, I’m here to admit that I haven’t run since last Thursday. But I was out of town! On vacation! And I tried! Thwarted! I was thwarted!

Last Thursday I did the 5 miles on my training schedule. They went well. I felt strong. I managed 10:20 miles or something like that. Then I came home and Kris left for work. When he arrived home around noon we ate a quick lunch and headed out of town.

Friday morning I put my work out clothes on and went to the hotel’s exercise room. And every piece of cardio equipment was in use except for one bike – which didn’t work. See! Thwarted! I went back to our room and we spent the day (8 hours!) at a water park. At least there was lots of walking and stairs involved! Up the 4 stories of stairs, down the water slide, up the 4 stories of stairs (while holding a raft or a child), down the water slide, repeat x 50. After the water park we went out for dinner and then we collapsed for the evening. I was too tired to go running at that point. Too much sun and water and child-chasing that day.

Saturday I also wussed out and instead spent the day with the family mini-golfing, jumping on a huge trampoline, and then, well, napping. Heh. Hey! Somebody needed to stay with James in the hotel room while he napped. I opted to be that person and Kris took Annika to the hotel pool. He is the better parent. Then there was more dinner (and dessert) and well, obviously not enough time for a quick run!

Sunday was swimming again at the hotel pool then shopping at the outlet mall, then the long drive back to MN, then a visit with the grandparents who had been dog-sitting and then finally home. It was 7:30pm at that point and Kris asked me if I was going to go run. I told him no so he went out for a bike ride instead. See – there were opportunities for me to run. I just didn’t follow through.

Last night though, I got back on track. I did 4 miserable miles. It was hot. (at least to me) I wasn’t feeling it. And well, sometimes you just have a bad run, right? Next up – at least 6 miles on Thursday.